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Sophia's Point of View

It was a long and dark night, my sister and I were driving in our 2003 Honda Accord on the way back from work, I had picked her up from her babysitting job so that we could get home, halfway home the car went to a slow stop and I sighed, hitting the wheel with my fist.

"Fuck." I curse under my breath.

"What? What happened?" Mia asks me.

"The fucking shitty engine in this stupid fucking car blew out I think."

"Oh," Mia responds. "Let's call Triple-A." She suggests.

"Yeah, I will," I say reaching in the center console and grabbing my phone out before dialing the number for Triple-A.

It took a good minute before they picked up and I told them the problem and where we were at.

"What do we do now?" Mia asks.

"We wait."

Mia and I get out of the car and lean against it waiting for Triple-A to show up.

Ten minutes went by until we saw another car start to come up to us and it stopped in front of us, a man came out of the car and he walked towards us.

"I see that you two ladies are in trouble, what seems to be the problem?" The man asks.

"The engine in this shit car blew out," I respond biting my bottom lip.

"That is shitty, do you need a ride?" He asks.

"No, my sister and I are fine, thank you."

"Ah, you two are sisters?" He asks chuckling.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I'm sure," I say.

"Okay, cool." He says walking away for a brief moment before he turns back around and he grabs me by my hair and pushes me to the ground and he starts to put a wet rag to my mouth and I fight and fight until I finally blacked out.

I woke up with a huge headache, a soft groan left my mouth and I woke up in the back of a trunk and I started to feel around to see if I was alone, to see if Mia got away and I felt someone.

"Mia?" I ask.


It was her, she was okay, thank god, but she wasn't able to get away, dammit.

"How long have you been awake?" I ask her.

"Only about ten minutes." She says.

"What happened?" I ask her, I didn't know what happened after I went unconscious

"I saw you get taken down by that man, so I screamed and I ran to go and find someone, but I couldn't get too far until he pushed me down and drugged me as well." She says.

I wasn't able to respond to that because the trunk had opened and I saw the man who had taken my sister and me.

"How lovely, you two are awake." He says.

The man grabbed me and I couldn't fight back because he had handcuffed my hands and I watched another man grab my sister and we were both brought into a large building.

My sister and I were put into a line together and the two men walked away to another room.

"What is this place?" Mia asks me.

"It looks like an auction center."

An auction center was my guess because there was a bunch of girls from the ages 12-30 all over here and they were all scared and crying.

"Oh my God, it can't be Sophia," Mia says, tears in her blue eyes.

"I think it is Sophia," I say as I walk forward and now we were in front of a woman who had long brown hair and green eyes, she smiled at us.

"Hello, girls." She says.

"I'm Linda and I am going to send you to Brenda for a makeover before we sell you off." She says.

"I'll need your names and ages." She says to us.

I thought it was in best interest to listen to this women because from what I have seen in movies, my sister and I could get killed tonight if we don't obey.

"I-I'm Sophia and this is my sister Mia. I'm eighteen and she is sixteen." I say.

"Sisters, the buyers will love that." She says, standing up from her desk and leading Mia and me to a room together and we see Brenda.

"This is Brenda, she will take good care of you," Linda says before leaving and closing the door behind her

"Hello," Brenda says.

Brenda was a short girl, she was about 5 feet tall and she had curly blonde hair and many tattoos on her and a nose piercing, she was actually quite beautiful.

"Who wants to go first?" She asks.

"I-I will," Mia says walking forward.

Brenda smiles at Mia and she grabs a key that would unlock her handcuffs and has her sit down in a chair and she starts to do her hair and makeup
"You are very beautiful." She says to Mia.

"Thanks, why do you do this?" She asks Brenda as Brenda is working on her eyebrows.

"I was like you two, I was kidnapped and they said if I don't obey that they will kill my mom and dad." She says sighing.

"You guys might be lucky and someone that doesn't work here will buy you."

"Is it really lucky if anyone just buys us?" I ask.

"No, but at least you won't have to talk to more hurt girls and you can't help them without fear that someone else will get hurt, someone I love."

I knew that she was right if anyone were to happen to Mia... It would break me, she was all I had left.

After a half hour passed by she finished up Mia and had her change into a short blue dress and some grey high heels and now it was my turn.

My handcuffs were taken off and I sat down as I let Brenda do my hair and makeup, she was done in about an hour.

I changed into a black dress an black high heels and I stood up and looked at myself in the mirror.

"I look beautiful," I say. "Thank you, Brenda," I say hugging her.

Mia nods her head, "I agree." She says.

"We both look amazing, maybe we will get good owners," Mia says, hope in her eyes.


Brenda led us to a line that led to the auctioning stage, we were next after this red-headed girl in a white dress, tears were streaming down her face and she was sold to some guy in his 30's.

It was our turn.

Mia and I walked up on to the stage, the bright lights shining in our faces and a man with a deep voice started to speak, he said our names, ages and mentioned we were sisters and the numbers started to go off and we were finally sold for twenty thousand dollars.

Two men put Mia and I in handcuffs and pushed us outside and that is when we saw our new owners.

"Hello. I'm Harry and this is my friend Niall, we are your owners." A curly haired man says to us.


Hi! I hope you enjoyed this chapter.



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