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Serendipity 2.0

I think you are way better than Melissa

Halfway through our deep conversation about Harry Potter, Millie got distracted by the outside surroundings. The once well lit suburban streets turned into dark long roadways, “Zayn...” Millie interrupted me, visibly confused about it.

“Yeah?” He said not moving his eyes from the road.

“Where are we?” She said with a slight crease in between her brows.

“I’m just following the directions Melissa's been giving me...” He quickly looked back, realising too that we were in the middle of nowhere.

Melissa’s response was a flick of her straight dark hair.

“Look, why don’t I sit in the front and tell Zayn the directions? I can use my phone’s GPS?” Millie asked, leaning forward.

“But-” Melissa turned in her seat, quickly shooting daggers at Millie.

“That’s a good idea, Millie you’re going in the front.” Zayn agreed as he pulled over to the curb.

The girls quickly changed seats, to Melissa disgust, “It’s okay,” Melissa finally smiled, buckling up her seat belt, “I can talk to Harry more.” She winked.

“Lucky me,” I sarcastically replied but smiled politely.

“Okay so, instead of going south we were going north so if we turn down this road-” Millie spoke, looking at the street names, “We should be on the road to the diner,” She smiled, “We just need to keep going straight for a while and we should be there.”

We arrived at the diner about fifteen minutes after the switching of navigators. The place was amazing, just like it had been cut out from one of those nineteen fifty movies. Neon lights, colours of red and white, old-fashioned gas station props and those classic diner booths made the place feel like we had traveled back in time.

I think all of us were surprised at how cool the place was, by the lack of talking and the silence when the waiter asked if we wanted a table.

“Yes, sorry-” Zayn finally replied to her, “Just for four please.”

She laughed, “No worries, just follow me.” She grabbed four menus and quickly walked towards the booths.

Looking at the menus, it was a very simple selection, mostly consisting of hamburgers, hot dogs, and milkshakes.

“I wonder if they have lobster-” Melissa smiled, looking down at her menu.

I gave a look up at Millie, who was clearly thinking the same thing as me. We shared a smile and went back to deciding what to have.

“I don’t think they have that here-” Zayn tried to be the nicer one out of the three.

“Oh...” She innocently replied with a frown.

After five minutes, the waiter comes back again, “Okay, you guys ready to order?”

“I’ll get the garden salad, no dressing-” Melissa smiled while giving her menu back, “I’m on a new diet.”

“I’m going to get the classic cheeseburger with the curly fries and a chocolate milkshake,” Zayn smiled.

“Okay-” The waiter scribbled it down quickly, “And for you?” She looked at Millie.

“The double cheeseburger with onion rings-” Millie started, getting a nod of approval from Zayn, “And a cherry cola.”

“I’ll try the Hawaiian burger, with curly fries and a chocolate milkshake,” I added, collecting the rest of the menus and handing them back to the waiter.

She read our order back before quickly taking off to the kitchen.

The conversation wasn’t really flowing with everyone as we waited for our food - mainly because Melissa wouldn’t stop talking about Australia’s Next Top Model. Zayn was trying his best to get into the topic but I could tell his heart wasn't in it.

The sight of our food slowly coming towards us lifted everyone's mood. The smell of the juicy burgers and deep fried potatoes made my stomach rumble.

I saw Melissa wrinkle her nose at the sight of our burgers and fries. I resisted rolling my eyes in response. I don’t even know why Zayn agreed to go out with her if she was going to be so judgemental.

“You never realise how hungry you are until you take the first bite-” Millie laughed, tomato sauce covering the corner of her mouth.

I thought it was a funny sight, but obviously Melissa was too high and mighty and just huffed in annoyance. I kicked Zayn’s leg under the table to get his attention and gave him a questioning eyebrow when I caught his eye. He only shrugged in response, taking another bite of his burger.

The table was once again quiet, as we were all getting way into our dinner.

“So, um, Melissa was telling me how she was on the school dance team-” Zayn decided to break the awkward silence, “and you said you had a competition coming up not this weekend but the one after?” He looked towards Melissa.

“Really?” I asked genuinely intrigued.

“Yeah, it's a contemporary routine, we’ve only been working on it for a couple weeks but we still should hopefully place.” Melissa smiled brightly, moving a piece of lettuce with her fork.

“Yeah, we’re all gonna be there to watch,” Millie added.

“Why?” Melissa asked turning to her.

“Roxy’s on the team...” She said it like it was obvious.

“Who?” She questioned.

“Roxanne Byrne-” Millie stared at her intently, “she’s been on the team since like year seven, maybe you know her?” She said a bit more sarcastically this time.

“Oh yeahhhh, Byrne,” Melissa said with a look on her face as if she’d swallowed something sour. She obviously didn’t think very highly of Roxy.

“Do you think we could come?” Zayn asked, popping a fry in his mouth.

“Yeah of course!” She excitedly replied, grabbing his forearm, “it’d be fun having more people there for me I mean the team.” Melissa quickly corrected herself.

“Yeah, of course, that’s what you meant,” Millie muttered with a smirk.

“You know what?” Melissa burst out, “I don’t have to sit through this.”

“Sit through what?” Millie asked, trying not to laugh.

“You-” Melissa replied, shooting daggers at her, “making sarcastic little comments about me like I can’t hear them. I’m on a date, which may I add, you weren't even invited to originally, and now you're ruining it for everyone!” She finished, clearly upset.

“Melissa, calm down-” Zayn tried to reassure her, rubbing her back.

“I’m sorry okay-” Millie interrupted, weary of how upset she was.

“I’m gonna go,” Melissa threw her hands up, snatching her bag and urging Zayn to move out from their booth seat.

He reluctantly moved out of her way, letting her leave the diner in a huff. Zayn stood there for a second looking at the both of us, “Sorry guys I should go too.” He looked hurt and left with a single pat on my shoulder.

“Okay, what the hell just happened?” I asked Millie shocked, as she watched Zayn walk away from the table.

“Um, I’m not exactly sure myself-" She said turning back to me with a grimace look.

“If I’m being honest, I didn’t really vibe with her anyways, she tends to make a big deal out of everything,” I said shaking my head, slurping the rest of my shake.

“You should see her at school,” Millie rolled her eyes, “I remember last year, Roxy was telling us that she threw a tantrum because she didn’t get a spot in the front line of the group, even though the seniors basically choreographed the whole dance.” She laughed, “At our school, seniors are top dogs, everybody knows that-” She plucked her maraschino cherry from her fizzy drink, “you don’t try to pick a fight with them and you don’t get in their way.” I looked at her confused, she’s making high school sound like the food chain, “That’s just how it is and everybody respects this because they know eventually they’ll get their go when they’re a senior-” She sighed, “well everybody except the select few like Melissa who thinks they’re better than everybody else and deserve to be raised on a pedestal. Every year has at least one of them.”

“It’s like that in every school,” I say to her, “There’s always that one person that everybody just hates. Even if half of them won't admit it.”

She sighed and took another bite of her burger as I picked up a chip.

“So Harry,” She said suddenly, “Why did you ask me out tonight?”

“Well, um...I-” I didn’t know what to say. I couldn't tell her the truth.

“I see the way you look at Mya,” She smiled at me, “well when she’s not arguing with you that is. I can tell you really like her, which surprised me when you asked.”

“If you had a feeling that I liked Mya, why did you come with me tonight?” I said cocking my head to the side. Now I'm the one who’s curious.

“Um...” Millie said her eyes quickly snapping to where Zayn was sitting and back to me.

“Oh...” I said smirking, making a blush slowly rise from her neck to her face.

“Please don’t tell him!” She said in a rush, “I know it looks bad, going on a date just to see him. I just thought… I don’t know what I thought.” She became shy suddenly, “But I’m obviously not his type if he goes for girls like that.” She sighed, tossing an onion ring.

“If it makes you feel better, I think you are way better than Melissa.” I tried to reassure her.

“Thanks but I’m pretty sure that Zayn’s going to forever remember that I ruined his date,” Millie replied.

“Come on, let's talk about something else, mhm?” I nudged her.

We talked as we finished our meals, even ordering a banana split to share. Millie was a weird girl, but she also had a more serious side to her that seem to come out only in bursts. It was a perfect mix of crazy and intelligence.

The bill came and that’s when we both realised that Zayn and Melissa left without paying. I didn’t mind, as Libby had given me more than enough to pay for everyone, even with the protests coming from Millie

“It was really nice talking to you tonight Harry,” She said to me as I opened the diner doors to leave, “even though I messed it all up.”

“You too Mills. I’ll put in a good word to Zayn about you if you want.” I jokingly winked as she shoved me lightly in response.

At the same time, we both looked at the nearly empty car park, both thinking the same thing.

“Bloody Zayn took the freaking car with him,” Millie grumbled.

“What’s your opinion on walking?” I asked giving a weak smile.

“Not very fond, considering it'll take us at least half an hour on foot.” Millie frowned.

“What other option do we have?” I asked, my arms crossed as the breeze started to get heavier.

“Wait-” She said grabbing my arm, we had just begun to walk.

“What?” I started to say but she shushed me as she pulled out her phone.

She put it to her ear, it rung for quite a while until the person on the other end finally picked up, “Hey Mya, sorry for disturbing your study-”

“What?! NO,” I mouthed to her. I can't believe out of all the people she could have called, it had to be Mya.

She shooed me off, turning her back to me, “I know you can't have three people in the car after a certain time but if you came now we should be okay,” I could hear her plea, “Okay thank you, honey!” She smiled as she hung up the phone.

“Seriously? Mya?” I told her off.

“What?” She replied innocently, “No walking is required now."


Another chapter! This one and the last one were originally written as one whole chapter but I decided to break them up. I hope you ejoy this one!

xxx 'carrie' (aka maddie)


@Prinny1321 Thanks honiii :)

This is cute :) I like it :)

Prinny1321 Prinny1321

Hey everyone! I know I've been away lately, but it is for a good reason! I've been studying for my university exams and I promise you all that a new chapter will go up by next Friday night :) Also - 1000 reads?! Thank you guys so much! :)

@Prinny1321 You'll have to wait and see ;) x

:) I want to know more about Bradley... :')

Prinny1321 Prinny1321