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Serendipity 2.0 - Comments

@Prinny1321 Thanks honiii :)

This is cute :) I like it :)

Prinny1321 Prinny1321

Hey everyone! I know I've been away lately, but it is for a good reason! I've been studying for my university exams and I promise you all that a new chapter will go up by next Friday night :) Also - 1000 reads?! Thank you guys so much! :)

@Prinny1321 You'll have to wait and see ;) x

:) I want to know more about Bradley... :')

Prinny1321 Prinny1321

@Prinny1321 You are too kind! I appreciate that you read my chapters :) x

Same for the chapter just poster as well :) you're a really good writer

Prinny1321 Prinny1321

@Prinny1321 Yay! Thank you :)

I love it <3

Prinny1321 Prinny1321

Just letting you guys know, I will be updating tonight (AEST) so stay tuned! Thank you all for being patient and thanks a million for 300+ views! :)

@Prinny1321 Thanks for the feedback! :) Next chapter should be up next wednesday

Love it :)

Prinny1321 Prinny1321

Yo so I know I said I would be updating at least every day... but I've got a couple of uni assignments due this coming week. I'll update when I can, but might not be until a weeks time. Feel free to subscribe to get notified when I do :)

@Prinny1321 Thank you so much! Thank you for giving my chapters a read :) xo

Hey everyone, I'll be posting at least a chapter a day until I get to the end of editing and will have to write in real time :)

This is really good, very excited to see where this goes :)

Prinny1321 Prinny1321