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Serendipity 2.0

Leave it Harry

“Mya, I need to ask something-” Coraline randomly interrupted our conversation as we dawdled our way to school.

I had been talking to her about possibly going to a concert at the end of the year and I knew something was a little off when she wasn’t replying with ‘oh my god’, ‘can you believe?’ or ‘shut up!’ - in fact, she wasn’t replying at all. Coraline was just aimlessly nodding at the end of every sentence.

“Yea sure, what’s up?” I looked at her a little taken back but intrigued as to what she was going to confess.

“Don’t try and deny this because I have a sixth sense with stuff, okay?” She raised a questioning brow, “You like Styles don’t you?” She states blankly.

I choked on my coffee, which caused me to go into a coughing fit, Coraline smacking my back to help, “Excuse me?” I asked, looking at her incredulously once I got the ability to talk again.

“I’ve been watching you two and I can tell that you like him. Even though I’m not particularly fond of him, he is growing on me - slowly.” She admitted, urging me to continue walking, “But-” She smirked, “he seems to be growing on your more...” She took a sip of her coffee.

“I don’t like Harry.” I said firmly, Coraline raising a doubting eyebrow at me, “I don’t! I think he’s a nice boy, but I don’t see him like that.”

“Whatever you say Mya.” Coraline shook her head, finishing off her coffee as we stepped through the front school gate.


I felt my phone buzz against my pocket as I listened to my teacher explain the class topic to us in extraneous detail. I glanced at her just to see if she was looking at the class, but with my luck, she was still reading from the same paper she started ten minutes ago. I decided it was safe to say she wouldn't notice me checking my phone, carefully taking it out and hiding it under my books.

haz I need your help!!! this girl melissa just asked me out n I don’t know what to do.

you must have some game zayn ;) i’ll c ya after class?

thx mate, c u then :)

I wonder who this Melissa bird is? I don’t remember him mentioning her before. I looked up again to see that the teacher still hadn’t taken notice of my lack of attention. I slid my phone back into my pocket and continued to jot down any relevant notes. As soon as the bell rang, I quickly packed up my things, placing books under my arm with my backpack slung on one shoulder, strolling towards the direction of where the lads would be sitting.

Laughing and friendly shoving indicated the boys were already roasting Zayn about what was yet to happen, “So, what’s up?” I asked, hopping over the metal picnic table seat and setting my bag next to me.

“Zayn’s got a date with some bird called Melissa and he’s not sure about the whole thing,” Niall answered back.

“I was ambushed lads-” Zayn confessed, “She asked me with her friends surrounding us, I didn’t have the heart to say no.”

Liam patted his shoulder, “Too nice for your own good.”

“So we were thinking of a solution-” Louis started, “and I suggested that he could take someone else.” Louis smiled.

“Like a double date.” Liam finished his sentence.

“So you’re all hoping I’ll go?” I questioned, wondering where my part to play in this was.

“Yea?” Zayn smiled nervously. I paused before I nodded, “Thanks man!” He side hugged me.

“No problem, anything for you Zayn.” I cooed.

“Now the question is, who is going to be the lucky girl?” Liam smirked.

“I think we all know that answer to that!” Niall laughed, making everyone laugh as well.

“Shut up!” I shoved him, slightly smiling, “When is it?”

“Tonight…” Zayn admitted, looking at the boys.

“Thanks for the heads up.” I scratched the back of my neck, shaking my head.


I was nervously waiting outside the school gate for the girls, kicking rocks as I paced around near the bushes. I kept psyching myself out from asking Mya. I didn’t know if she even liked me like that let alone want to go on a double date with me. I was so lost in my thoughts that I hadn’t realised immediately that Mya and Coraline were standing right next to me, talking about some youtuber they both watch.

I bit the inside of my cheek, “Ready to go?”

“You okay Styles?” Coraline asked, looking between Mya and me.

“Completely fine,” I lied.

“Kay, let’s go before I turn eighty.” She started walking ahead.

For once, we actually all got along for the walk home. We were laughing and cracking jokes with each other - just how I would’ve wanted it to be from day one. The constant conversation between the girls kept my mind off the pending possibility of the date.

“Well, this is my stop, unfortunately.” Coraline smiled, hugging her best friend.

“Bye, I’ll see ya tomorrow - same time same place.” Mya winked.

Coraline smiled at me and for a second I thought she was going to go in for a hug, but she just simply said “See you soon Styles,” and began to walk to her front door.

“Hey!” I yelled, making her turn back around, “Don’t I get a hug?”

“I would have to get a life-saving injection if I did.” She smirked and continued to her house.

“Ouch.” I laughed, also causing Mya to let a laugh out too.

We proceeded to walk home, a lack of conversation left an awkward tone in the air as I tried to strike up the courage to bring up the double date.

“Harry?” Mya asked, looking at me in a funny way.

“Yeah babe?” I smiled and frowned.

“You seem, well off...” She told me, searching for what was keeping me so quiet.

“Why would you say that?” I awkwardly scratched the back of my neck, a habit I’ve acquired that shows when I’m nervous or uncomfortable.

“Well for starters you’re not really talking - like at all,” She laughed, “and you keep frowning and looking at the floor.”

“Well actually, I’ve been meaning to ask you something.” I finally looked at her, grabbing both of her arms to stop her from walking.

“Whatever it is we gotta hurry, I have a so much science work to do” Mya sighed, not realising how nervous I had just become.

“Well Zayn is going out on a date with a girl called Melissa-” I started to tell her.

“Melissa, like Melissa from school?” Mya asked shocked.

“Yeah, that’s what I said,” I was confused as to why she was wasn’t comprehending what I was saying.

“Oh god, I gotta tell Coraline asap.” Mya made a mental note.

“Mya,” I tried to get back on topic.

“Sorry, continue.” She nodded, determined to listen.

“So Zayn has his date but he didn’t want to go by himself and Lou had the idea of going on a double date.” I looked at her while rambling.

“And-” She wanted me to continue.

“They thought I should go with him.” I let out, “If I go with him, I need someone to take, so I was hoping that you would-” I started to smile, finally doing what I was so nervous for.

“Help you find a date? Of course!” She smiled widely, finishing off my sentences for me, “Oh my gosh, I have the perfect girl in mind!” She turned away from me, her pace quickening.

Bollocks. That wasn’t how it was supposed to go.

“Huh?” I asked shocked, still processing how me, about to ask Mya out, turned into her setting me up with someone, “No, but-” I objected, catching up with her walking.

“She will totally say yes don’t you worry, I will text her right now.” Mya smiled, grabbing her phone out.

This was NOT the plan I had imagined.

“Great.” I sarcastically said, defeated at this point.

“Come on!” She smiled, grabbing my hand and dragging me to walk.


It was about seven at night and I was getting ready for my double date. The mysterious girl Mya had set me up with confirmed she would go about an hour ago, that person being Millie. I let Zayn know asap and he was happy that the plan was working. I put on my purple jack wills hoodie, cream chinos and tied up my high top converse, slowly walking down the stairs to find Mya sitting on the couch, watching the telly. She was chilling in her ginger giraffe onesie, eating what looked like caramel popcorn and Pringles.

“Hey.” I lightly smiled, looking at her deeply. God, she looked cute.

“Hey,” She smiled back quickly, looking at me for a second before returning her attention towards the telly, “Wait, you’re not wearing that are you?” She did a double take.

“Why?” I questioned, looking down at my chosen outfit.

“You look too-” She started, “casual,” She finished, standing up from the couch and approaching me, “At least wear a nice shirt Harry” She huffed.

“We are just going to a diner for christ sake,” I argued.

“It’s a date, not a cheeky hang out with the boys,” She argued back.

“Who cares!” I answered truthy. I didn’t really want to go anyways.

“Stop being such a pain in the ass,” She sighed, trying to remain calm, “Just put on a flannel shirt or something.”

“Fine.” I simply replied walking back upstairs.

I rummaged through my washing basket and found an old flannel shirt, taking off my hoodie and buttoning it up. I headed back downstairs hoping Mya wouldn’t chop my head off, “Better?” I asked her, standing on the last step, arms out.

“No! Not like that!” She sighed, crossing her arms, “Put on a white tee, and come back with the flannel.”

“So much effort! You might as well go on the date with Millie.” I retorted.

“I’m sure I would be the better company,” She gave me a look.

I rolled my eyes and huffed, defeatedly going back up the stairs for the third time. I grab the first white t-shirt I see, not caring how long it had been since I washed it and went back to face her.
She approached me, took the flannel out of my hand, “Fun fact Harold,” She didn’t look at me, “I dabble in fashion and know what girls like guys to wear.” She had me put the flannel on top of the white t-shirt and left it unbuttoned, making it look like a jacket. She then rolled up the sleeves halfway up my arm. I couldn’t help but look down and stare at her as she did. She was much shorter than I.

“Perfect.” She smiled as she looked me in the eye. I couldn’t help but smile too. I shifted my body slightly, seeing my reflection in the mirror that was behind Mya. I got to admit, I did look more stylish than normal, “You’re welcome.” She rolled her eyes, probably at the lack of my gratefulness. She walked off back to the couch, rewinding her show so that she wouldn’t miss any drama.

Zayn had conveniently texted me at that moment, “I gotta go.” I told her, “Tell Libby I will be back around ten-ish.”

Mya waved me to leave before saying, “Take the money in the bowl.”

I dug through the bowl that was on the entrance table, loose coins and keys mostly filled the area, “What?...” I said out loud, looking back at her confused. There was a fifty dollar note lying at the bottom, which was the equivalent to around one hundred pounds.

“Libby would have given it to you anyways,” She shrugged, eye glued to the telly, “if she was here,” Mya said the second part more quietly.

“Thanks, I’ll give you the change.” I didn’t expect any money from them.

“Go go, have fun.” She rushed me off from the couch.

I grabbed a pair of keys and my wallet, opening the wooden door and closing it carefully behind me.

“OI MATE!” Zayn voice made me look towards the road, “WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG?” He questioned, his head sticking out the window.

I quickly jogged to the car, “Uh, couldn’t find my phone...” I lied, hopping in and sitting next to a very excited Millie.

“Hey, Harry.” She shyly smiled.

“Hey, babe.” I smiled back and buckled in.

I could see Zayn in the driver's seat, looking a little anxious. It was probably due to the fact that the girl, who must be Melissa, was in the seat next to him. She had the sun visor mirror flipped down, checking her bright red lipstick.

She had caught my eye in the mirror, smirking, “So Harry, I was just saying how nice it is to see new people from different countries in our school.”

“Yea, it’s definitely a change.” I nicely replied. I didn’t have to heart to let her know that all of us come from the UK, with the exception of Niall of course.

“So what’s it like to live in London?” She continued the conversation.

“Um, we don’t actually live in London, we’re all from different areas-” Zayn laughed slightly.

“Oh well I mean Europe.” She smiled unsurely, looking back at Millie and me.

I started awkwardly laughing this time, “Um, its cold I guess?”

Melissa wasn’t sure why we were laughing so she just went with it, “I would imagine.” She nodded with a smile.

I felt Millie shift slightly from next to me, “She had to repeat junior geography - twice.” She leaned over and whispered in my ear.

I had to cover up my smirk, giving a look at Millie. I leaned forward in my seat so I was touching the back of Zayn’s, “great catch mate.” I whispered laughing.

“Leave it Harry,” Zayn hushed.

“So Zayn, do you know where you are going?” I asked him, resting back into my seat.

“Melissa is telling me the directions.” He replied as he was indicating to turn.

“I wouldn’t count on her to tell ya,” Millie said to herself, but loud enough for me to hear.

I smiled, maybe this wouldn’t be so bad.


Yeah I'm not going to lie. It's been a while. I had every intention to post new chapters but university has been a drag so I've been dealing with that. I hope you like this chapter though :)

xxx 'carrie' (aka maddie)


@Prinny1321 Thanks honiii :)

This is cute :) I like it :)

Prinny1321 Prinny1321

Hey everyone! I know I've been away lately, but it is for a good reason! I've been studying for my university exams and I promise you all that a new chapter will go up by next Friday night :) Also - 1000 reads?! Thank you guys so much! :)

@Prinny1321 You'll have to wait and see ;) x

:) I want to know more about Bradley... :')

Prinny1321 Prinny1321