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Good For You

Chapter 04



I glance over at the clock on the nightstand, it says 6:54pm. I gulp gently, I’m so nervous. My eyes roam around the guestroom Mr. Styles is letting me stay in tonight, it’s very lovely. There’s a king size bed with an amazing set of pillows on it, I swear they feel like paradise. The room itself is just so wonderful – it’s way bigger than my own room. There’s a set of couches, a nice fireplace, and a large television mounted on the wall. It’s better than hotel or any place I’ve ever stayed in. He told me no one’s ever slept in, he said it was mine.

The vanity is nice, it’s pearly white and shiny. I look at my reflection in the mirror – I hope I look nice enough for tonight. I’d hate to embarrass him in any way, form, or fashion. I breathe out a nervous sigh, my palms are clammy, my legs are a big shaky. The dress I’ve put on is a soft blue color covered in flowers with a small, skinny white belt around my waist. I’ve paired it with simple, small heeled, white strapped sandals and the white purse I usually use every day, sometime I switch up but not often. My makeup isn’t outrageous, nor are my accessories. I just wanted to look simple, but nice at the same time.

My body jumps slightly as the door opens. “Are you dressed?” I hear that raspy voice ask, the door barely cracked. “Uh.. yes sir.” I answer him, trying to remember to be respectful to him – he’s my boss, no matter what happens tonight or what crazy thoughts go through my head.. he’s only going to be my boss, that’s all he’ll ever be to me.

The door opens and he steps into the room. The corners of his mouth lift to form a smile and I feel my cheeks fluster up at the way he’s staring at me. He walks over to me, his tongue swiping over his lips. He looks like a million dollars – and what he has on probably is a million dollars. I swallow the lump in my throat as I allow my eyes to look him up and down. He’s dressed in a jet black suit, a white button down shirt, and a navy blue silk tie. I have no clue what cologne he’s wearing, but whatever it is.. I wanna bathe in it.

“Jennifer?” He says, snapping his fingers in my face. I jerk lightly, my eyes darting up to his. “Everything okay?” He asks, cocking an eyebrow at me. “Uh..” The sound leaves my mouth before I could even think about stopping it. A smirk appears on his face as he stares down at me. “You look..” He pauses his sentence, his eyes trailing down my body. I can feel the goosebumps rising up on my skin. I shudder lightly as I realize his eyes literally just looked over every inch of me.

Beautiful.” The word flows off his pink lips so perfectly. My heart starts to beat fast, here we go with all this lust stuff again, nothing new for me though. “Th-thank you.” I mumble out, I feel like a complete fool in front of him. “I rarely see women wearing these kinds of dresses, usually they’re all just tight and skimpy. But this.. looks.. really good on you.” Mr. Styles’ words aren’t helping my heart nor my brain at the moment. My face is probably as red as an apple. My hands are sweating up more than before. “C’mon, we need to get going before we’re late.” He insists, gesturing me to follow him. I gladly take the offer and begin walking behind him towards the door.

“Our babysitter just arrived a few minutes ago.” Mr. Styles says as we walk down the hallway. Our. He’s in front of me and I my eyes can’t resist to fall to his behind. I bite my lip as I stare as he walks to the broad staircase. Suddenly my eyes are met with the button of his jacket. I stop in my tracks and lift my head up to see his eyes are looking at me. We’re only a few inches apart, his warm breath fans my face. “You seem uncomfortable.” He states, his hand touching against the bend in my arm. “Please tell me you’re okay with this. I’d hate to know you.. don’t want to do this with me.” His voice is soft and smooth, I bet his skin feels the same way. I look away from him, I can’t handle this pressure – he’s so beautiful and I just can’t-

“Jenny, I’m talking to you, love.” Mr. Styles reminds me. His index finger and thumb grab my chin and he tilts my head up. His hand falls back to my arm and I bite the inside of my cheek harder than I ever have. “Answer me, love.” He demands in a mutter, his green eyes burning holes through mine. “I’m okay with it.. just..” I stop myself from further embarrassment, you can’t tell him how you really feel – that’d be stupid. “Just.. what?” He asks curiously, his eyebrows furrowing as he intensely stares at me. “I’m a bit.. nervous.” I admit, my stomach is hurting – I’m beginning to feel queasy and sick.

Mr. Styles shakes his head lightly from side to side, a faint chuckle leaving his mouth. “I’m more nervous than you are, sweetheart.” He says, rolling his eyes at me – I take the gesture as a joke, besides he’s laughing so why would he be rude? Sweetheart. “It’ll be alright.” He assures me with a flash of his pearly white teeth. He turns on his heel and continues down the hallway, me following behind like a pathetic lost puppy.

It wasn’t long before Mr. Styles and I were in the foyer. He pats his hand against his pockets, obviously trying to find something. “Shit.” He breathes out the word. Usually he doesn’t use profanity around his children, but I guess sometimes we all slip up. Charlie comes from the living room with big green tear filled eyes. His cheeks are red from crying and his hair is a mess, as usual. “What’s wrong, buddy?” Mr. Styles asks in a gentle voice as he kneels down to his child’s level. Charlie bites his lip and shakes his head, a sign that he’s lying.

Mr. Styles looks up so that his stare is directly into his son’s eyes. He places his hands on Charlie’s waist and pulls him a tad closer. “Tell me what’s wrong.” He whispers, a look of pure concern on his face. Charlie parts his lips, but nothing comes out other than an unsteady, shaky breath. “C’mon, son. Tell Daddy what’s wrong.” Mr. Styles says, a deep sigh following his words. Charlie cuts his eyes over at me and gives me that look he does, the one where his eyes are so big and his lips are pouted out and his eyebrows are low – the one he gives me almost every day.. when it’s time for me to go home.

His father looks up at me, furrowing his eyebrows as he gazes at me. I gulp gently, I don’t know what to do. Charlie grabs Mr. Styles’ wrist and his attention as well, both pairs of eyes leaving mine. Charlie pushes his dad’s hands down from his sides and steps over to me. I sit down on the third to last step and gesture for him to come to me. He stands between my knees and bites his lip, tears steadily flowing from his eyes.

“What’s wrong, Charlie?” I ask in a soft voice, nervous about the reply I might get. “I d-don’t w-want my D-daddy to leave.” He says, some of his words interrupted by sniffles. “Baby, I’ll be back in a few hours.” Mr. Styles tells him, sitting down on the step beside me, a little too close – but I’m not the one to complain. “I know..” Charlie mutters under his breath, his eyes dropping from my stare. “I don’t understand, baby. Why are you crying then, if you know your daddy won’t be gone long?” I question him, his eyes darting up to meet mine as he hears my voice. “Because.. him’s gonna take you. I don’t wan’ you to leave, Jenny.” Charlie confesses, his head dropping to my shoulder as his arms fly around my waist.

Mr. Styles lets out a deep breathe before leaning in closer to us, his hand on Charlie’s back. “Jenny’s coming back with me, babe. I already told you this.” He reminds his son, I can hear the sadness in his voice as he speaks. “You said you were takin’ her home!” Charlie cries out, his arms tight around me now. “No, babe. I said I’m not going to take her home tonight. She’s staying with us.” Mr. Styles exhales, his hand dropping from Charlie’s back as he stands up.

“Everything okay?” I hear a voice I’ve never heard before speak suddenly. I look over at the doorway leading to the living room and see a man standing there, his eyes staring directly at me. I gulp gently, he must be the babysitter. I squint lightly – wait a second, I know exactly who that is. “Ni, c’mon! The movie is back on.” Gabriella groans out as she appears from the living room. “I’m coming, sweetie.” He replies to her before she runs back to watch the television. “Yeah, we’re alright. Um, can you take Charlie in there? We need to go.” Mr. Styles says as his hands grab Charlie’s waist once again. However, this time he’s not so gentle with him. He yanks him from me and sits him on the ground.

“Go with Niall, now. Daddy will be back later.” Mr. Styles says, pressing a kiss to Charlie’s cheek as he leans down to him. “C’mon, bud.” Niall gestures for him to go with him. “You’re gonna bring Jenny back, right Daddy?” Charlie asks, puffy eyes and flustered cheeks. “Yes babe, Jenny’s coming back. Now go watch the movie.” Mr. Styles gives him an assuring nod as he stands up. Charlie nods back to him and follows Niall into the living room.

“Now, you.” Mr. Styles turns to me in a quick second. I raise my eyebrows, not sure what’s going to happen tonight. “Come with me.” He smiles lightly and heads towards the door, and be being the pathetic little child I am.. I follow directly behind him. He shuts the front door behind me. There sits his shiny, black Maserati. “I pulled the car up before I came upstairs, didn’t want you to get wet if it started to rain. The clouds look unflattering this evening.” Mr. Styles chuckles lightly as we go down the steps. I let out a gentle laugh, he’s so sweet.. I’ve heard bad things from news reports and magazines, but honestly he’s amazing.

He opens the passenger door for me and gives me a motion of his hand to get in. I put on a smile for him as I get into the car. He shuts the door and goes around the front. I can’t help but smirk as I see him run his hand through his hair, he does everything to perfectly and I bet he doesn’t even know that..


Driving in Los Angeles is worse than walking straight through Hell. I groan as the cars in front of me stop yet again. We’ve been in this damn car for an hour already, and I’m honestly not even certain on our location. I turn the radio volume all the way down, I just need to calm myself – I need to hear her voice.

“I’m sorry this is.. going horrible.” I sigh out as I grip the steering wheel with one hand, trying my best not to lose my cool. “It’s.. fine.” She mumbles in return. I bite the inside of my cheek, I love the way her voice sounds when it speaks to me. “Um.. we can talk I guess.” I shrug lightly, glancing over at her. She nods slowly as her head turns to look at me. She smiles gently as she meets my stare, her cheeks blushing up before she looks back out the window. I know she has a thing for me – I just know it. And to admit it, I have a thing for her to – a weird, fucked up, nasty, but beautiful, perfect, sexy thing for her.. It’s sick, I’m eleven years older than her… It’s not right, but I don’t give a damn either. She’s legal.

“The kids weren’t really upset when I told them I was leaving for a while tonight.. but when I said I was taking you with me.. they both just started crying. Made me feel really loved.” I tell her, laughing lightly at what happened. “Trust me they love you, it’s all I hear when you’re gone.” She replies, I can hear the smile on her voice. I look over at her, the car won’t be moving for a bit so why not. She’s so beautiful from this angle. Her lips are full and plump looking, they poke out perfectly. Her eyelashes are long (even when she’s not wearing any makeup). Her whole body just turns me on, leaves me wanting move every time I see her walk out of my door.

“Are you kidding? That’s all I hear when you’re gone.” She erupts into a fit of giggles as I admit this to her – her laugh is one of the sexiest things about her. She doesn’t try to hide it, she just lets it all out. I laugh gently at her, she’s adorable. “I don’t know why they like me so much.” Jennifer says, calming herself down. “Because, from what I hear, you cook better than me and you’re just amazing.” I inform her, my children are obsessed with this girl. “I suppose I can cook well.. I’ve never been judged on it.” She insists, glancing over at me – I wanted to say, don’t worry baby I’m still looking at you – but I didn’t, that’s just wrong..

“Well perhaps I can put you to a test.” I suggest, giving her a wily smirk as her eyes return to me. She locks our stare. “And may I ask how are going to do that?” Jennifer says, puckering her lips as she gives me a cute look – can’t really describe it, but it’s so hot. Her eyes narrow at me and I can’t help but chuckle at her cuteness, I bet she has no idea how adorable she is. “Cook everyone breakfast in the morning. I got everything you’ll need at home. I don’t mind a mess, as long as it’s worth eating.” I throw the challenge at her, I bet she won’t be able to comprehend the needs of my children – they’re both very picky when it comes to eating.

“Alright. That’s easy.” Jennifer smirks lightly at me. I run my tongue along my top teeth, she drives me crazy. “Traffic’s moving.” She tells me, turning her head to the road. I sigh gently as I close my mouth and bite my tongue, she’s going to be the death of me.


I couldn’t stop looking around this place. My eyes are roaming over every person sitting at these tables, they’re dressed so fancy and proper – the dresses look like they’re made from the finest material in the world, and the men look just as good – but not as good as Mr. Styles. Should’ve known this was going to happen, this night is not going to make my fantasy world sane, it’s just going to drive me insane.

“I think I under-dressed.” I mumble as Mr. Styles comes back over to me after speaking with the hostess – we were late so they canceled the reservation, but I’m sure he can fix it. At least that’s what he told me. “You look beautiful.” Mr. Styles gives me a shake of his head, as if what I said was just some nonsense. He turns to face me and his eyes drop down to meet mine. “People are looking.” I murmur lightly to him, I don’t want to make a scene. “Because you’re so beautiful.” He explains, a smirk appearing on his lips. “Because I’m with you.” I correct him with a sign, my eyes falling from his. I look at his chest, not a wrinkle on this man’s clothes, or his body.

“I’m going to..” I was about to spill my feelings about this night out to him, but I stop myself. I don’t have the courage, I really don’t. I can’t believe I almost said that shit, what the hell is wrong with me? “You’re going to what?” Mr. Styles asks, his voice soft – he probably doesn’t even want to be seen with me, he doesn’t even want these people to know he’s speaking to me. I gulp gently, might as well go ahead and ruin this for myself – make my insecurities show, make him see how I feel about this.

“Ruin your image.” I mutter the words out, biting the inside of my cheek just seconds after. “Jen-” Mr. Styles is cut off when the hostess appears next to us. “Sorry about the issue, Mr. Styles. We have you a table.” She states with a fake smile, her eyes staring just a little too hard at him.

Stop this now, he’s nothing to you but you’re boss – why do you even care about her looking at him? Because.. I just don’t like it. I sigh softly, I’m losing my mind. I’m arguing with myself in my head, this man has driven me literally insane.

“Follow me.” She says and begins walking. Mr. Styles gestures for me to start walking and I obey his command, I might not like how this night goes or maybe I will, either way I’m still going to respect him. At the end of the day, he’s still my boss. I’m still a child to him. I’m still his babysitter. It will never be more than that, it will never change.

The woman leads us through the restaurant. I keep my eyes glued on Mr. Styles’ back as I follow him – I can literally feel eyes on me. I gulp gently, I don’t care how I look or what people think about me, I’m only worried about how I’m making him look. Probably stupid – why would someone like that take someone like me out in public? I’m nothing special to look at, nothing about me is attractive.. A sigh leaves my mouth as he stops, maybe people won’t stare anymore once we’re seated – I highly doubt that though.

The hostess sits down two menus and gives Mr. Styles a kind smile before walking away, she didn’t even dare herself to throw a glance my way. I swallow the lump that’s quickly forming in my throat. Mr. Styles pulls out a chair, the one that’s facing the rest of the restaurant – this isn’t helping my insecurities at all. He gives me a smile as he motions for me to sit down. I force myself to smile back at him as I sit down. He goes to the other side of the table and takes a seat.

“Now.. what I was going to say before we got interrupted.” He starts with a sigh, placing his hands on the table and lacing his fingers together as his eyes catch mine – locking us in a stare. “You-” “Good evening.” A man walks up to our table out of nowhere. Mr. Styles licks over his lips before breaking our gaze. He looks up at the man. “Good evening.” He says, giving him a smile. “What can I get you to drink tonight, sir?” The waiter asks. Mr. Styles gives me a glance before clearing his throat. “A bottle of your finest champagne.” My eyes grow wide at his request, I’ve never even thought about tasting alcohol before.

Mr. Styles looks at me and gently curves the side of his mouth up, I just know he saw my reaction to his words. “And two waters, please.” He adds in, I mentally thank him and God for that. “Will do sir, I’ll be right back.” The waiter nods before walking away from the table. My eyes lower to the table, the fancy laced table cloth is a cream color. By the wall there’s a skinny vase with a single white rose in it, accompanied by a fancy looking candle. This place is really nice, I couldn’t catch the name because we rushed it, due to being extremely late.

“What do you mean by ruining my image?” Mr. Styles’ voice invades my thoughts and I look up at him. I gulp gently, I knew I shouldn’t have said that – I already regret even agreeing to this stupid night. “You’re.. a celebrity.. people are.. always watching you.” I say with a crackly voice, I really need some water at the moment. “Yeah.. and?” He proceeds to question me. I let out an exhale through my nose, just calm down and answer his question – stop staring at his lips every time he speaks. I stare at them when he’s not speaking too. Shut up, Jennifer. Answer his question, be normal. I’m literally insane.

“When people see.. that I’m with you.. they’re going to.. to..” A huff leaves my lips as I stop, I’m so stupid for taking his offer – and I’m not referring to the dinner, I’m talking about the babysitting. I only agreed to it because he’s fucking Harry Styles, for God’s sake. Stop saying stuff like that to yourself, you know you enjoy every minute with those kids. “Everyone will think that I’m screwing you.” He bluntly states.

My eyes close at his words, where in the hell did that come from? That’s not what I was thinking, Mr. Styles. “Is that what you’re trying to say? They’ll think we’re.. together?” He continues, still trying to figure out my unspoken words.

I shake my head lightly from side to side. “No.. not exactly. I mean.. that’s part of it, but I just don’t.. want to make you.. look bad.” I correct his suggestions, I can’t believe he said that. I gulp gently, what if he thinks about it like I do? Oh stop imagining that, it’ll never happen so just let it go. Babysitting for life, get ready for it honey. “Why do you think you’ll make me look bad?” Mr. Styles asks curiously, cocking an eyebrow at me. This conversation will not go well, I can tell already.

“I don’t.. have on an expensive dress or shoes-” He cuts me off with a grunt, I don’t even try to keep talking. “You look amazing.” Mr. Styles claims, his eyes intensely staring at me. I let out a breath, “I wish that was true.” I mumble gently, intending for that to be for me to hear only, but of course it wasn’t. “You do.. these people are staring at you, not me.” He says, giving me a gentle smile. “Because I’m with you.” I add on to his sentence, that’s how it should have ended. “No-” Mr. Styles stops himself as the waiter appears at our table once again.

“Your champagne.” He sits down a decorative bottle and two tall, skinny glasses. “And your waters.” He says as a woman passes him the two glasses of ice water, I assume he needed some help carrying all of the things. “Thank you. We’re not ready to order yet.” Mr. Styles says, most likely answering the man’s next question. “Alright, I’ll be back in a few minutes then.” He gives us a nod and a smile and steps away.

“Now, listen to me. I don’t want you downing yourself. You look amazing and.. and I know people are going to have a frenzy because you’re with me, but I don’t care. And you shouldn’t either. I intended for this night to be good.. I want you to know how much I appreciate you. You look incredible, so please.. Jenny.. please don’t worry about it.” Mr. Styles reveals his thoughts to me and I feel my heart flutter as his words repeat in my head. “I’m sorry..” I mumble lightly, I feel like a fool for doing this to him. Why did I even open my damn mouth earlier?

“It’s okay.” He whispers back to me, his green eyes full of sincerity while they gaze into mine. He honestly has no idea what he does to me, inside and out – my cheeks are flustered, my heart is rapidly beating. Even if I told him.. he would never understand it.


So.. this chapter. Let me explain why it's so long.. Well, I started writing it and i just couldn't stop! I didn't even realize I got to almost 10,000 words.. SO i split it up! ♥ chapter 05 coming soon! Love the feedback, so glad you guys are liking this.. :)

How is the pov switch? ((sorry for any spelling/grammar errors))

Updates soon! Feedback welcomed at any time ♥


Awesome update LOVE!!!
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Allie Miller Allie Miller

@PerciaxXXx @Historybrokemyheart
thank you for the feedback! be on the look out for updates:)

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