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Good For You

Chapter 03



It’s close to midnight, I’ve finally finished getting myself ready for bed. My shower was long and warm, it was exactly what I needed after a long day at the Styles residence, I love the kids but they can ware me out. I have to be up by seven so I can get ready to go over there – it’s not like I’m dressing up or anything, it’s just the house is twenty five minutes away from my apartment and I don’t want to be late.

I turn the television on and I cut the sound off, I have to sleep with some light on – it’s just something odd I’ve always done. I pull the covers up to my shoulders as I roll onto my side, facing the huge window on my bedroom wall. The apartment complex is definitely nice, but I always miss home. Florida is nothing like California, at least not in my eyes… or in my heart.

My heart skips a beat as I jump in my skin, the vibration suddenly came from nowhere and it scared the hell out of me. I pick up my phone off the pillow beside me and I see that it’s a message from Mr. Styles. I gulp gently, God I hope I haven’t screwed up anything in the house. I open the message and feel the corners of my mouth slightly curve up.

Sorry I’m bothering you so late love, but I need a favor.

My eyebrows lightly furrow at his message, the only favors he ever needs from me are requests to come over and watch his little angels – which I’m already scheduled to do in the morning. I type up my reply quickly, honestly I’m not sure what it could be. Perhaps he needs me there earlier? Or maybe later?

You’re not a bother, what do you need?

My heart fluttered lightly as I realize this conversation might not be about job related things. It would be such a blessing if Mr. Styles wanted me to do something else for him, just come over and hang out for a while – I don’t hate babysitting his kids, I actually enjoy it a lot. However, sometimes, I just wish he’d show me some appreciation, other than a thank you here and there. Stop complaining, Jenny, this man gave you a job out of nowhere and you ought to respect him for that. God.. I sounded like my mother for a minute.

I roll my eyes to myself, of course I respect Mr. Styles, I just get caught up in my fantasy thoughts about him. The man is thirty years old and has three kids, he doesn’t want some another one to watch after her, and yes I’m referring to myself. My phone buzzed in my hand and I smiled a little too quickly at the thought of him texting me back. I honestly overreact sometimes, especially when it comes to him.

I might have to go to dinner with a friend and if I do then I have to take the kids, so I would highly appreciate it if you came with us, I can’t handle them alone. So just bring something nice to wear, just in case. :)

There it came again, that feeling of butterflies trapped in my stomach. Sure, if this did happen I’d still be the babysitter, but I would be going to dinner with Harry Styles, people would see me and realize I have something to do with him, somehow we’d be connected. Stop it, just relax and give him a response. You have to be up at seven, you can dream about him longer if you go to sleep Jenny – that’s right, I definitely can! I’m so pathetic..

Alright, I’ll try to find something.

I throw the covers off my body and run over to my closet. I open the door and turn the light on, the small room holds all of my stuff perfectly. I sigh as I run my hand over the small section of dresses, I organize everything – from my sock drawer to the refrigerator.

My eyes land on the last gift my mother purchased for me before I left home. It’s so pretty and I haven’t even wore it yet. I grab it and exit the closet, making sure to turn the light off. I lay it on the lounge sectional in my room – I don’t really spend time in the living room area so I just bought a small sectional for my room. I neatly lay the dress down, hoping it doesn’t any wrinkles. I plop back on my bed and slide under the covers, my body shivering from the cold room. I bite my lip as I grab my phone, one new message from the person who’s about to feel my dreams.. I’m seriously pathetic.

Okay, thanks again for coming to keep the kids for me! Don’t forget your bag, remember you’re staying over. And you don’t have to reply to me love, you need all the rest you can get! Goodnight x

My heart jumps lightly in my chest.. this man drives me insane.

A deep huff leaves my mouth as I open my eyes, today is the day. Mr. Styles expects me at his house at exactly nine o’clock, he’ll get pissed if I show up just a minute late. I throw the covers off of me and hurry out of the bed. I added an exactly thirty minutes of sleep, my head was pounded at seven when the alarm went off so I just slept a bit late. Nothing’s wrong with that, I’ll still get there on time.

I grab my phone and take it to the closet with me, I need to get my back together before I do anything else. I grab my purple duffle bag from the bottom of my closet and throw it on the small couch in my room. All that’s in my closet are my shoes, pants, and my nicer clothing.

Once I’m out of the closet I go over to my large dresser and pull open the top drawer. I grab me two pairs of underwear, both with a matching bra just in case, and some socks. I hold those in one hand as my other digs through my second drawer for a t-shirt or two. I randomly pick two shirts and then head to the third drawer. I snatch up a couple pairs of shorts, nothing too extreme. I throw it all in my suitcase and sit down on the couch for a minute, my back is aching. I open my phone up and a smile comes to my face. I have received a new message. The text came in about five minutes ago, while I was in the closet I assume because I didn’t hear it go off.

Don’t forgot your nice clothes love! And I’m running a tad bit late for work, but c’mon when you’re ready :)

My heart skips an unsteady beat, I don’t know why though? Is it because he referred to me as love? No, he always calls me that. I don’t know what my issue was, but Mr. Styles’ texts aren’t making my pathetic fantasy any easier. They only give me another reason to be in lust with him. Notice I said lust, not love.

The front door opens and a smile comes to my face as Mr. Styles appears. I didn't even get the chance to knock, perhaps he heard the car pull into the driveway. A smirk grows on his face as he gestures me in the house. I walk in and within seconds I'm bombarded with hugs. "Jenny!" Gabriella and Charlie yell my name in unison. I laugh lightly as I put an arm around each of them. "Daddy said you were stayin' the night. Are you really?" Charlie asks, his big green eyes starting up at me. "I sure am." I say with a happy smile, I'm so glad I get to spend more time with them.

"Daddy.. When are you leaving?" Gabriella says as she removes her arms from around me. "In about an hour, babe. Daddy woke up late." he informs her with a slight grin as she walks past him, heading to the staircase. "I'm gonna go watch the tv in my room. Don't leave without saying bye, Daddy!" Gabby says as she hurries up the large staircase after he gives her an assuring nod.

I look down to Charlie, he's so cute. "Hold me." he mumbles, holding his arms up. I put my hands on his waist and lift him. I groan a little, "You're getting so big." He giggles a little at my comment, resting his head on my shoulder. Mr. Styles comes over to us, placing his hand on Charlie's back. "Be good, son. I'm going to take a shower." he says, pressing a kiss against Charlie's temple, dropping his hand. "Yes sir." he mutters lightly.

"Is the baby asleep?" I ask curiously, I turn my head to him, my eyes roaming to meet Mr. Styles' jade green orbs. "Mmhm." he hums, his hand gently touching the small of my back. I shudder a little, my heart nearly exploded. "Just laid her down a few minutes ago, she shouldn't need a bottle for a couple of hours." he tells me before smiling lightly, his hand falling as he walks past me to the stairs.. and yet I blame myself for having these weird dreams about him, when it’s clearly all because of what he does.. and how he looks.. and how he talks.. and how-

"I want some toast please." Charlie says in my ear, pulling me from my trance. "Sure thing buddy, I have to put you down though." I sigh with a soft smile. As soon as his feet hit the ground, Charlie runs towards the kitchen. I follow behind him, just not as fast. "I wan' some of that yummy brown stuff you out on there, Jenny." he informs me as I enter the huge kitchen. I give him a nod as I go over to the door across the kitchen, the pantry. I open the door and step into the large room. I grab a loaf of bread and make my way to the spice rack. Mr. Styles has every kind of spice anyone could imagine, I swear.

I grab the cinnamon and the sugar and go back into the kitchen. Charlie has climbed into the countertop of the island, his legs crossed and his hands in his lap, patiently waiting for me. "Charlie! Your dad would kill both of us if he saw you on the counter! Get down from there, silly." I let my self release a laugh as I grab his waist, I don't want to seem like a mean person. He just giggles in return as I put him down.

Charlie follows behind me as I go to the toaster. I stick the bread in and turn the notch so that it results in the amount of toasting that Charlie favors. "I love your toast." he whispers as he closely watches me. "Grab the butter for me, please." I say, glancing down at him. Charlie nods rapidly before he hurries over to the refrigerator.

"Jenny!" My name is suddenly yelled as Gabriella runs into the kitchen. "What is it?" I ask, turning on my heel to face her. "Natalie is cryin'!" she says, fear swept on her pretty face. "Okay, it's okay just call down." I tell her, pressing my hand against her soft dimpled cheek. "Do not touch the toaster, I'll be right back." I tell Charlie, pointing my index finger at him a little too violently. He bites his lips and nods lightly to me as a reply.

The baby's crying gets louder as I race up the stairs, I hope she hasn't been fussing long. As I rush past the kids' rooms I can hear the television blasting in Gabriella's room, I'm beginning to wonder how she even heard Natalie cry. I pass Mr. Styles' room and I hear the sound of running water, he probably hasn't heard her - but yet he could just be waiting for me to take the responsibility. I let out a sigh of relief as enter her nursery.

"Hey baby, don't cry. I've got you now." I mumble as I pick her out of the crib. I hold her body against mine, her little hand tries to grab a hold of my shirt but she's still not able to grasp enough. I shush her a few times, bouncing lightly to calm her. "Shh.. Natalie, baby I'm right here." I try to subdue her, it's partly working.

"Thank God.. I thought my poor baby was still crying." Mr. Styles' raspy voice fills the air, I look over my shoulder just in time to see him swiftly enter the room. His body is clothed in an expensive looking charcoal colored robe. As he turns to go to the baby's closet, I notice that his long, dark hair has shampoo in it. I smile gently at my thought, he jumped out of the shower because he was afraid his baby was upset. He's such a good father to his kids. It's amazing to witness everything he does.

"Here, she spit up early this morning and I forgot to change her." He informs me as he passes me a short sleeved pink bodysuit with white stars all over it. "Okay." I mumble back as I go to the changing table. I gently place Natalie down. Mr. Styles comes to my side and lets out a sigh. "She's so precious." I breathe out as I unbutton her current onesie. "She sure is." he agrees with a chuckle, running the pads of his fingers over her soft hair, trying his best to flatten it out. She had a good bit of hair for her age, it was the same color as her father's and slightly kinky.

"I just don't understand.. how someone can just leave their children behind and.. and just not give a fu-" Mr. Styles is cut off my Natalie's giggle as I tickle her bare tummy with my fingertips. "I'm sorry that.. she left you guys." I say in a gentle voice. Mr. Styles grunts at my words, "It's nothing to be sorry about.. I'm glad she's gone now. It's so quiet and calm." I think he's just confused on the whole idea of her not wanting to be a mother to her kids. Mr. Styles is a good man, he's doing a great job a raising his children alone.

Natalie giggles a tad again as I run my fingertips down her stomach, I'm only attempting to get her happy again. It's working for now. "I love tickling her little belly. I'm so glad she started to laugh." Mr. Styles states, placing his index finger in her small palm. She grabs it and holds on tight, I can't resist the smile on my face. I look at him, his chiseled face and perfect jaw line. I gulp gently to myself, anyone would be lucky to have him.

"I was standing in here with her a few weeks ago.. I was doing exactly what you're doing now. All of a sudden this beautiful sound filled my ears and I realized it was her little laugh." Mr. Styles smiles brightly as he reminisces the day. I shift my head, my eyes going back to Natalie now. Trust me I didn't want to look away from him, but it's the appropriate thing to do. "I need to go finish my shower. I've already had to reschedule one meeting, I don't need to do the same for my second one." Mr. Styles exhales slowly.

"Take good care of my baby, Jenny." I bite the inside of my cheek as I hear him call me that. His large hand presses into the small of my back for the second time already this morning, that makes my heart flutter. Calm down, it's nothing but a friendly touch. “I don’t know why I’m telling you this, I already know you’re amazing with them.” He laughs lightly, his morning voice is something I hardly get to hear – it’s still as raspy and deep as usual, but it’s got this sexy scratchiness to it that’s just so perfect.

The kids are quiet as they eat their breakfast at the table. I fixed Gabriella some toast with strawberry jam, her absolute favorite quick morning food. And as for Charlie, well, he requested more cinnamon coated toast, so being the amazing babysitter I am, I gave him another piece – but without the sugar this time. Mr. Styles still hasn’t left and I’m beginning to wonder if he ever will.

“Daddy’s going to be so late for his meeting.” Gabriella states after taking a drink of her orange juice. I give her a smile, not really sure how to respond to that. Natalie is wide awake and happy now after I changed her clothes and her diaper upstairs about twenty minutes ago. She didn’t want the bottle when I tried to give it to her so I just put it back in the refrigerator for later.

“Daddy!” Charlie squeals out of nowhere. I look up to see Mr. Styles strolling into the kitchen. He looks entirely too happy, I thought he was running late? Natalie makes a little noise, like she was about to cry, but I started to rock myself gently from side to side, holding her tight against my chest. Mr. Styles was dressed in a sharp black suit, with a black tie and black boots – his hair is messy but it’s perfectly messy. “Good news guys.” He says as he pulls out the chair directly across from me. I swallow the lump forming in my throat, be normal for once Jennifer.. please. I’ll try, no promises though.

“What is it, Daddy?” Gabby asks, her emerald eyes lighting up as she stares over at him. “Daddy got a call and my morning meetings have been canceled.” He informs us with a grin on his face. “Yay! You don’t have to leave!” Gabriella replies excitedly, her voice loud. Natalie stirs a little, but before she could start to get upset I begin to rub my hand gently into her back, I’ve found in the recent weeks that she really likes that.

“Babe, not so loud. You might upset the baby, now calm down and finish eating.” Mr. Styles tells her, raising his eyebrows as he gives her that parent look. She pouts her lips out, sighing deeply as she continues to sip on her juice. “Love you baby.” He says, reaching over the table and grasping her small hand in his much larger one. “Princess.” He adds to his statement. She smiles gently at him as he sits her hand back on the table. He’s so sweet, such a good person..

“Looks like I always miss a good breakfast.” Mr. Styles says with a chuckle as his eyes switch from Gabby to Charlie. He’s stuffing his mouth with the toast, humming in satisfaction. “It’s not too fantastic today, I usually cook them a little something.” I inform him, only attempting to create a conversation. “I hope it’s not a bother.. but I’d like some toast, too.” Mr. Styles smirks slyly at me as he stands up, holding his hands out. Before I could reply to him, he speaks again. “Let me hold her.” I stand up from my chair and pass him his baby, I didn’t get upset – despite how much I enjoy taking care of her, she’s his baby.. not mine.

“And of course it’s not a bother. I often hear I’m a wonderful cook.” I say with a laugh as I head over to the counter. “Trust me, I hear them say you are all the time.” Mr. Styles mentions as I grab the loaf of bread – the one I still haven’t put up from earlier, I hope I remember to clean up after myself and the kids today, unlike last night. “What would you like on it?” I ask as I put the bread in the toaster. “I don’t anything on it, thank you though.” Mr. Styles gives me a smile as I look up at him from the island. “Daddy, plain toast is nasty. You always have to be borin’.. never wanna have fun.” Gabriella claims, her eyes rolling at him. He lets out a chuckle, shaking his head lightly from side to side. “Strawberry jam, please ma’am.” He corrects his sentence and I give him a nod. “Hope it’s not a hassle.” I smile to myself as I grab the jar of jam from the fridge. “It’s not.” I respond to him as I grab a knife and a plate.

“My little baby.. Daddy loves you sooo much.” Mr. Styles’ voice fills the silent room. I glance up from what I’m doing and see him with his hands on Natalie’s waist as he sits her on the table, keeping her steady and still. “I’m done.” Gabriella huffs as she gets out of her chair and goes into the living room. “Daddy, why is Gabby mad?” Charlie asks Mr. Styles, curiousness in his tone. I listen closely as I spread the jam evenly on the toast.

“She’s just upset that Daddy has Natalie, nothing serious son.” Mr. Styles’ reply was blunt and straightforward – and it was true. I see it all the time, she jet’s jealous when I have the baby, and she gets extremely upset when her father pays more attention to Natalie than to her. “Daddy..” Charlie says, I know he’s about to ask a question because, as I look up, I see that confused look on his cute face. “Yeah?” He asks.

I put the jam up, still listening in on their conversation – it doesn’t count as eavesdropping because we’re in the same room, right? I pick up the plate and head back to the table. I sit down in my previous chair and slide the plate over to the handsome man in front of me. “Why did you call Jenny.. ma’am?” Charlie’s nose scrunches up as he says the word. I laugh lightly, trying not to make it too noticeable.

Mr. Styles glances over at me, smiling gently before replying to his son. “It’s the respectful thing to do. Daddy told you to say that to her, do you?” He asks, seriousness swept across his perfectly sculpted face. “Um.. sometimes.” Charlie shrugs, looking at me for the answer. “He does, most of the time.” I tell his father, I’d hate for my little buddy to get in trouble. “You better be behaving well. Do you know what Daddy will do if you act like you don’t have any home training?” Mr. Styles questions him, I really hope Charlie isn’t getting in trouble – honestly I can’t tell if he’s getting on to him or if he’s just making sure he knows..

“Yes sir.. you’ll spank me and put me in time out ‘til I’m good again.” Charlie nods a few times as he lets the words drag out of his mouth, he doesn’t seem too excited about this talk. “And why does Daddy do that?” Mr. Styles asks, taking a bite of his toast. His eyes widen and he looks over at me. He swallows his bite and gives me a kind smile. “This toast is cooked.. perfectly. How do you do it?” He laughs slightly as he takes another bite, turning his head back to Charlie now. “To show me that bad boys get in trouble. I need to be good while Jenny is here. Is that.. right?” Charlie asks, his eyebrows lowered. “Yup, that’s exactly why. Now, go on and play for a bit. I need to speak to Jenny alone.” Mr. Styles says, motioning his hand towards the door leading to the living room.

Charlie hopes out of his chair and pushes it under the table in a quick second. He starts running towards the living room, but Mr. Styles soon stops him. “Nuh uh now, don’t go just yet. C’mere son.” Charlie freezes in his tracks as he hears his father’s voice getting a tad louder, Mr. Styles has a defined way of showing his dominance, authority, and power to his children. Charlie turns around and rushes over to his father, his eyes big and his lips poked out – he looks so cute and innocent.

“Put your dirty dishes in the sink. Throw away your napkin. Then you can go.” Mr. Styles demands, pointing towards the mess Charlie left on the dining table. He groans lightly as he goes back to his seat. I watch him with a slight grin on my face. He grabs the plate and the cup and begins his skip over to the sink. I hear him place the items down, his footsteps filling the room as he runs back this way. He appears by my side and I look over at him.

Charlie’s arms are behind his back and he’s twisting his body as he looks up at me, his eyes full and wide – this is what he does when he really wants something. “What is it?” I breathe out, keeping my smile painted on my face. The corner of his mouth curves up just a little, “Can I go play with Daisy?” He asks in a soft voice, cutting his eyes at his father for a second before focusing on me completely. “You know I don’t mind, but you need to ask your Daddy.” I suggest that good idea, or else he might get us both in trouble.

He looks over at Mr. Styles and gives him that same damn look he gave me. “Daddy.. can I go play with Daisy?” Charlie asks in his sweetest voice. He gets a smile from his father, he sighs and nods to him, “Go on, but please don’t let her drag you in the mud again. It just rained a few days ago, son. Don’t get dirty.” Mr. Styles says, wrinkling his forehead as he lists these things, most likely realizing the risks of sending his five year old son out with side with their huge English Mastiff. Charlie dashes off towards the patio door, I can’t help but let out a small laugh at his utter enthusiasm.

Once again, the kitchen is nearly silent. I’m pretty sure Natalie is asleep against her father’s chest now, she’s not making a peep. I clear my throat lightly, a tad nervous to speak to him but I remind myself he’s just like me, human – he’s just a beautiful human. “You needed to talk with me?” I bring up his previous statement, not sure if that was true or if he was just trying to rid of the kids, but yet I know that isn’t true, he loves them entirely too much.

“Yeah, so turns out I only had one meeting. I was looking at next month’s schedule.” He says, rolling his eyes to his self. “Oh.. so do I need to go, or?” I question in a soft voice, I don’t want to leave – I want him to beg me to stay, tell me he needs me, tell me- “No, it’s fine love. I’ll need you here later on anyways.” He breathes out, leaning back in his chair, the baby securing against his body.

“I know it’s early to tell you this, but I’m going to need you to get ready around seven. You can take a shower if you need to.” Mr. Styles informs me. “Oh-okay.” I stutter lightly, way to go.. You can’t be a normal human for one day. One look at the man and you can’t even remember how to speak.. “What about the kids? Do I need to help you get them ready?” I ask curiously. I grab my cup and take a sip of the ice water. Mr. Styles smirks gently at me, “That’s the thing I need to talk to you about. You see..” He pauses, his tongue running over his bottom lips. I bite the inside of my cheek, control yourself – look at his eyes, not his soft plump pink lips..

“My friend is coming over to watch the kids for me.” He states simply, his eyes looking into mine now that I’ve controlled myself a little better. I furrow my eyebrows at his words, I thought that’s why he needed me over.. to watch the kids? “I thought.. um.” I stop myself, not knowing where I might end up taking that sentence. “This may seem odd, and weird.. And I’m sorry if it’s a bit uncomfortable.. but I want to, uh.. take you for dinner.” Mr. Styles says nervously, running the hand that wasn’t holding his baby against his chest through his long, messy hair. “Would that be alright with you?” He adds in, smiling lightly at me.

I gulp, I don’t know what the hell to say. “Um.. I.. don’t.. understand why.. you want to.. do that, Mr. Styles.” The words slip past my lips before I could catch them – I sound like a stupid child. “Because I just want to talk to you.. without my rug-rats running around. And.. besides, you deserve some appreciation. Nothing serious, love. Just let me take you.. as a thank you for helping me with my children. You really mean a lot to my family and I.” Mr. Styles spoke a sentence I could hardly take in. He wants to take me to dinner to thank me for being here with them – it’s very flattering, and I’m going to accept his offer.

“So.. are you okay with it? I already have reservations made.” He says with a chuckle, his lips forming a smile as he awaits my answer. “Sure.. I guess.” I sigh out, putting on a smile for him in return. “You’re not bothered by it, are you?” Mr. Styles asks, his eyebrows furrowing lightly. “No.. it’s.. fine.” I shake my head a little, I don’t want him to say fuck it never mind – I want this, I want this so bad. “Good. I think a friendly dinner will ease my nerves, and yours too. I know how much energy and time you put in here. Thank you, Jennifer. Thank you so much.” Mr. Styles gives me one last smile before standing up.


I muster up some courage and respond to him, “It’s my pleasure. I greatly enjoy keeping them for you.” He turns around just as he reaches the door. “C’mon, I don’t want you to clean up the kitchen today. I’ll do it instead.” He gestures for me to come with him. I gladly take the chance and get out of my chair. I straighten my shirt and go towards him.

Our conversation had one word that bothers me a lot, and that word is friendly. I should’ve known.. this grown man doesn’t want me, I’m a damn child.


//this was a very long chapter, sorry for any errors! ♥ please leave me some feedback, thanks so much to the ones who have! ♥ much love for all of you xxx //

♥updates soon!♥


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