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Good For You

Chapter 02



My entire body is aching. I feel like I just banged my head into a brick wall for an hour straight. I groan as I shut the car door and head up to the front entrance. I was running behind on schedule, I told them I’d be home in one hour five hours ago. I want to kick myself in the ass for always doing this to them, always being late and having to leave constantly. But I have to work and I have to do stuff people like me do.. I just have to.

I turn the knob and push the door open. I let out a soft sigh as I see most of the lights in the house are off. Natalie’s bassinet is in the living room, I assume Jennifer brought it down here so she could have all the kids in one area. She’s such a good person, wonderful at her job.

I walk to the living room, feeling a smile on my face as the dim light from the lamp shows me my sleeping angels cuddling on the couch with Jenny. Her arm is draped around Charlie, his head on her lap and her hand on top of his head. On the other side of her is Gabriella, her long hair pulled up into a bundle on top of her head, her body slumped against Jenny’s. My eyes roam over to the light pink bassinet. I walk over to it and look down to see my beautiful baby peacefully asleep. I swear Jennifer has magical powers, I could never get them to go sleep this well.

After a few minutes of contemplating I decide to let them all sleep for a bit longer, my kids probably wore themselves out and Jennifer too. I head into the kitchen but instead of seeing a nice cleaned up room like I normally see, I find myself staring at a disaster. The kids left food on the table, there’s a few spills here and there. The island is covered in different food containers and the juice is out.

I was about to flip my top but then I suddenly realized something – Jennifer does clean up after herself and the messes the kids make, and right now she’s asleep. There’s no telling how long they’ve been passed out, so I can’t really blame any of them. I’ll clean it, it’s no big deal for me. I cleaned up after my kids before Jennifer came along so I shouldn’t complain, and they are a handful – I don’t know how she does it.

It’s insane, really. She’s nineteen years old and instead of being out with her friends getting wasted every night, she’s sitting here at my house watching my children for me. It’s incredible that a person can be as kind as she is. I’ll never be able to be that kind hearted and nice, she’s just got a great personality and she means the world to my children. She means a pretty damn lot to me too.

She told me when we met that she’s not from California, nor am I but still – she’s from somewhere in Florida, I can’t remember the place but I do know it’s in the northern part of the state. She once said something about saving up for college, so I guess that’s why she took the job when I asked her if she was good with kids. The thing I don’t get is this: how in the world does she handle my children? I mean, sure I love them and all, but they can be little demons. We’re working on discipline, but still they can get wild, especially Charlie.

I guess she’s just young and can run after them, unlike me. I’m not calling myself old, but I’m not young either so.

"Daddy?" I turn around from the sink to find Charlie standing in the doorway. His hair is a wreck, his eyes are hardly opened. I smile at him as he comes my way, holding his arms out insisting that I pick him up. I grab him under his arms and sit him on the island. I lean to his lips and give him a kiss.

"Ew Daddy.. Stop!" he whines out with a light laugh. He doesn't really like affection that well, he'd rather me just talk to him than hug him - a little boy thing I guess. "What did you do today with Jenny?" I ask curiously, there's no telling what she has to do to make them calm down during the afternoon when they're both at the wildest.

"You're late again." Charlie reminds me with a frown on his face. His eyes look away from mine and I gulp gently, I always disappoint them. "Bud, I asked you a question." I say with a soft sigh. He huffs out and crosses his arms on his chest, this new attitude thing isn't working for me. "We colored.. And watched tv and we took a long nap." he answers my question, shrugging his shoulders at me.

"Charlie? Charlie!" I hear that sweet voice yell frantically. He giggles lightly before replying to Jennifer. "I'm in the kitchen!" he yells over his shoulder. Seconds later she appears in the doorway, her hand over her chest. "Oh gosh, you scared me Charlie. I had no clue where you were at." she breathes out, running her other hand through her long blonde hair, pushing it out of her face. "Sorry Mr. Styles, I didn't know you were here." She adds in as she enters the kitchen, she looks rather tired at the moment.

She dresses so simply – just a plain t-shirt and a pair of jeans, I'm glad she isn't one of those girls who are stuck up and all about themselves. This girl actually cares about my children, and in my book that means everything to me.

"It's fine, love. I came in about an hour ago. I didn't wanna wake you guys up though. So I just preceded to clean up." I inform her as she stands on the other side of the island. "Oh gosh, I'm so sorry about the mess! I lost track of time and feel asleep and I-" I cut off her nervous ramble off with a laugh. "It's alright, honey. No big deal." I say as I grab Charlie and put him down on the ground after pecking his forehead.

He runs around the island and latches on to Jenny, her hands wrap around his head and she holds him close. "I don't want you to leave." he mumbles out, his voice shaky. "I know." she sighs out with a gentle smile, staring down at him with apologetic eyes. I bite the inside of my cheek, I know it's the right to do - I just don't know how to ask her. "Charlie, go to your room or back in the living room. I need to talk to Jenny privately." I say, raising my eyebrows high to show him I’m serious as he gives me that look. He huffs out as he lets her go and storms out of the kitchen, not pleased about leaving.

"I'm so sorry, Mr. Styles, about the mess. I was going to clean-" I cut her off by holding my hand up, I don't want her to feel bad about this. "I told you already, Jennifer.. It's fine, love. You got my rascals to sleep. So thank you." I give her a smile and she nods lightly in return, her cheeks flustering up a bit.

I reach into my pocket and grab my wallet. I open it and grab her payment for the day, she usually denies the amount I give her but she ends up accepting it when I assure her she deserves it. I hand her the three folded bills and her eyes widen up at me. "What's wrong?" I ask, even though I already the issue. "This is.. Not what you usually give me.. I.. I can't take this, Mr. Styles." Jenny says with a nervous voice, sitting the money on the counter top.

"No, take it." I state, sliding it back to her. She hesitates to speak at first, but soon she responds to me. "Mr. Styles, I don't even like taking a hundred from you.. I can take three of them. It was just one day and-" she stops as crying erupts in the house, echoing through the quiet rooms. "Stay here. I'll be right back." I sigh out as I head towards the living room. I reach the small bassinet and a smile appears on my face as I see my angel staring up at me, puffy eyes and redden skin.

I reach into the bassinet and pick her up gently. I lay her against my chest after pecking my lips against her forehead, her skin is so soft. "Hey baby girl, Stop crying now.. Daddy's got you." I mumble to Natalie, her crying has eased since I've picked her up. I reenter the kitchen to find Jenny in the same place left her. I return to my previous spot across the island from her.

"Love, the pay has increased because the number of responsibilities has increase. Natalie is a handful on her own, and Charlie and Gabriella aren't easy to keep up with." I tell her, hoping she gets the point. The reason I really increased her pay is because I know it's hard for her to be living alone. She deserves a lot for watching my children. Jennifer just shakes her head lightly from side to side, still not getting the gist.

"It's three hundred, it's not that much." I simply state, but the reaction I receive is rather shocking to me. "It's a lot of damn money to me." she snaps, a frustrated sigh coming from her mouth as her hand races through her hair, she’s not taking this well. I have never heard her use profanity before, I'm still surprised at that. "Take the damn money." I'm starting to become annoyed and I'm not a good person when I'm upset or bothered.

"Mr. Styles-" She huffs as I interrupt her, I don't have time for childish games. "I need you over at nine in the morning. And if you don't mind I really need you to stay the night. I'm not sure when I'll be back tomorrow night and I don't want you in some damn taxi at three in the morning." I inform her, pulling my wallet back out. I reach in and grab an extra fifty. I put it on top of the other money before walking to her side of the island.

"I can't.." she mumbles as I reach her. I sigh gently, she's so innocent and sweet. "Yes you can." I mumble back, not wanting Charlie to hear us speak about this, wherever he may be. "Take my car and head home." I propose to her before taking the money and grabbing her wrist. I bring her arm up and place the money in her palm. I make her hand into a fist and drop it. "Your car? No, Mr. Styles, I can get a taxi-" She stops her sentence just as I press my hand against her forearm.

She looks as if she's seen a ghost instead of me, but I know she's probably just unsure about my gesture - she probably thinks I'm a creep for touching her like this. "Take my car. Go home and get some sleep. Be here by nine, bring some extra clothes." She gives me an unsteady nod as she sticks the money in her pocket. “Drive safe.” I whisper with a soft smile as I walk past her, I don’t intend to show her out, she’s starting to feel like family to me – she doesn’t have to leave right away, but I know she will..


//sorry it's a tad short, but I'm very glad to start this story. I hope you guys like it, please leave some feedback for me! It will get heated soon, just gotta start slow! ♥♥ also please if you don't read this story I have linked below then you need to read it!!

Feedback please // updates soon! ♥


Awesome update LOVE!!!
can't wait for more of this, i love this story

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Thank You!

PerciaxXXx PerciaxXXx

OF course!!! I live for your stories, now more than ever cus I’m in bed rest for another week and half from my surgery so I need something excellent to read my love :)

Allie Miller Allie Miller

@PerciaxXXx @Historybrokemyheart
thank you for the feedback! be on the look out for updates:)

brianna.smith brianna.smith

Please continue this story! I love all of your writing, but this story really stuck out to me! I would absolutely love to continue reading it!