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Good For You

Chapter 01



A sigh of relief rolled out of my mouth, it’s been nearly two weeks since the last time I was here. The taxi just dropped me off at the wondrous residence of my boss. The gates were open for me already, so there was no need to call in. I smile to myself as my eyes roam all over the exterior of the huge mansion. I never thought moving to California would be this amazing, it was hard at first until I found this job. I’ve been babysitting for this family for six months now. It always makes me happy to come see these beautiful kids.

I walk up to the door and raise my hand. I take in a deep breath, I know who’s going to open the door – and when he does I’m going to lose my mind just like every other time. I know my boss will open it because his girlfriend, well you can consider her an ex now, doesn’t live here anymore. He has nothing to do with her, and that’s what’s best for the kids – even though she is their mother. I didn’t really like to get into their business, but it was obvious they didn’t love each other, they didn’t even tolerate each other. She had their third child about three months ago and then after maybe a week she decided being a mother to a little baby again wasn’t for her.

So she packed what he allowed her to and left. I think he’s working on getting full custody, and by what I know (which I mostly hear when I eavesdrop on his phone calls before he leaves and the kids tell me nearly everything) the children are quite happy she’s gone. I guess not everyone can be a good parent.

I knock my knuckles against the door a few times, knowing it won’t take but a few knocks to gain access into the house. Just as I thought, I hear the clicking of the door being unlocked and the knob turns as the door opens. My boss steps from behind the door and smiles brightly as he sees me.

“These kids are driving me crazy.” Mr. Styles laughs as he gestures me into his large house. I step through the door, glad to still be welcomed here after what I witnessed one night a few months ago – him and the woman had a falling out over their relationship, that was the same night he told her gather her things and leave without the kids. She gladly did – it angers me even now because how could someone just up and leave like that – and leave the kids behind?

“Daddy’s who’s at the door?” I hear that cute little voice belonging to his eldest child, Gabriella. Before he could answer she came running from the kitchen. She gasps as she sees me, her green eyes widen as she runs towards me. I kneel down and hold my arms out for her, I love watching these wonderful children. She wraps her arms around my neck and holds me tight. “I missed you, Jenny.” She whispers in my ear. “I missed you too, Gabby.” I reply as I peck my lips against her dimpled cheek.

“Charlie and Natalie are both asleep upstairs in their rooms.” Mr. Styles informs me as he grabs his suit jacket, sliding it on his arms. He always looked so formal and sharp – today he wore a dark navy blue suit with a white button down shirt underneath it. He adjusted the cuffs on his sleeves and ran a hand through his messy, but perfectly styled hair.

“Alright. Have they ate breakfast?” I ask curiously as I stand up, releasing Gabriella from our hug. She goes over to Mr. Styles and holds her arms to him. He gladly picks her up with a smile on his face. I couldn’t help but feel my heart flutter as I saw the way he looked at her. He’s such a good man, and a good father. She wraps her legs around his torso and begins to beg him not to leave her behind.

“Daddy.. it’s summer now.. you’re supposed to stay home and play.” She tells him, her eyes beginning to water as she realizes he’s about to leave. “I know baby girl.. but I have to go to work for a little bit. Jenny’s going to stay with you and you guys can play, okay?” Mr. Styles says as he holds her tight in his arms. “She’ll be keeping Nat all day, Daddy.. please don’t leave.” She whines out, throwing her head onto his shoulder.

“I’m not going to argue, baby. Daddy has to leave.” He sighs out as he takes her over to the couch. I watch him sit her down, kissing her forehead before standing straight up again. “I love you, call me if you need me. Emergencies only, baby.” He reminds her as he runs his fingers through her hair to comb it out some. She looks just like him, but smaller and cuter and a girl obviously. I cross my arms on my chest awkwardly, not sure what to do other than watch him comfort his daughter.

“Da-” “Gabriella, stop trying baby. Daddy can’t stay, that’s it. I’ll be back before you know it.” He huffs out as he gives her one last kiss on her temple. He hands the remote and she takes over the large television. I gulp gently as Mr. Styles approaches me, his tall, broad frame towering over me.

“She ate already, Charlie hasn’t even woke up yet. The baby was up at five so she’ll probably be up soon.” He informs me before looking at the fancy watch on his wrist. “I have two interviews before lunch, so please don’t let Gabriella bother me until after twelve. You know where the emergency money is and here.” He pauses as he reaches into his pocket. He pulls out a set of sets and hands them to me. I hold my palm out and he drops the keys into my hand. I bring my hand down and clutch them tight, they must be important if he gave them to me.

“That’s the key to my Mercedes, just in case. It’s in the garage. If you have to go to the store or whatever just be safe with my babies, and the car I just got it last month.” He smiles lightly at me before pulling a piece of folded paper out his pocket. He hands it to me with a sigh. “It’s got the time I need you to give Charlie his medicine, he’s had a stomach bug for a few days. And um..” He rolls his eyes, trying to think of what’s on the paper.

He snaps his fingers as it hits him suddenly, “Nap time, how much formula to give the baby each time she eats and a few more things. I have to go, like.. now. So bye, thank you so much.” Mr. Styles says as he pats the side of my arm before walking past me out of the front door. I blush lightly at the feeling of him touching me, I just want him to put his hands on me and never stop.

Harry Styles – the musician, the celebrity, the owner of four different enterprise companies, and the father of three lovely children – is my boss, and he just touched me. I’m honestly used to feeling butterflies in my stomach when I’m around him, he just has that effect on me, and probably everyone else to.

He stands about six feet tall, his whole body is toned and muscled – I know for a fact he spends at least eight hours in the gym every week. He’s got tattoos all over his body, the dark ink looks amazing as it fades into his tanned skin. I’ve gotten the pleasure of seeing him shirtless a few times. He’s thirty years old, and so handsome. He’s perfect, and beautiful and–

“Jenny?” I heard Charlie’s voice say my name suddenly, pulling me from my trance. I notice that I’m just standing here like a dummy. “Hey, love. How’d you sleep?” I ask as I walk in his direction, meeting him as he reached the bottom of the grand stair case. “Fine I guess. Did Daddy leave already?” He asks with a slight pout. “Yeah, but he won’t be long today.” I say as I motion for him to follow me. “Why don’t you go watch the TV with Gabby for a bit and then I’ll make you some breakfast.” I insist as I guide him to the couch.

“I love it when you cook, Jenny. It’s so yummy!” He giggles as he plops down on the couch beside his older sister. They’re only a year and a few months apart. They both look so much like Mr. Styles, they really are beautiful children. “I didn’t know you were gonna cook, Jenny. Daddy made me eat cereal again.” Gabriella pouts, crossing her arms on her chest as she slouches on the couch. “I can make you something if you want.” I smile lightly as I push a few strands of her long, wavy, dark hair behind her ear. She smiles in return and nods lightly to me.

Gabriella just turned six years old back in March. Her eyes are as green as her father’s and her hair color is the same as his as well, but not as curly. It has a natural wave to it though. She’s so cute, her dimples are deep in her cheeks and laugh is the cutest thing in the world. She’s like a little sister to me and I enjoy spending time with her.

Charlie turned five years old in early May. God, he looks just like his father. Mr. Styles has shown me some of his baby pictures and compared them to his son, they are literally twins. His eyes are green like Mr. Styles’, too, and his color and texture is identical to his father’s – deep brown and curly. He always stays calm in the morning, he enjoys his sleep and likes to take things slow – but in the afternoon’s he’s wild and Mr. Styles usually has to straighten him out with a yell when he gets home.

Natalie is Mr. Styles’ newest addition and she’s so small. I remember meeting her for the first time, the day that their mother left. I held her in my arms and I was so afraid I was going to drop her. I didn’t want to hold her at first, but Mr. Styles convinced me it was going to be okay.

~ “I’m scared I’m gonna drop her.. or break her.” I mumble lightly as Mr. Styles sits down on the couch beside me, his new little baby in his arms. “It’s alright, you won’t hurt her.” He assures me with a smile as he starts to pass her over to me. “Wait.” I say suddenly and he stops moving, his eyebrows raised in question as he looks over at me.

“Will she be okay with me holding the baby?” I ask, referring to the woman throwing a pathetic tantrum upstairs as she’s getting her belongings ready to box up. “She has no say so in this. This is my baby.” Mr. Styles tells me with a stern look. I thought he was going to get upset at me for asking that question, but soon his lips change from a straight line to a smile as he looks down at the baby in his arms.

He looks up at me and sighs, probably annoyed that I won’t listen to him. I know it’s wrong to disobey your boss, but I just can’t handle the pressure of holding this little baby. “Please hold her. She’s not going to bite.” Mr. Styles chuckles lightly as he easily places the baby in my arms. I gasp at how soft she is. I let my motherly instincts take over and I begin to rock her gently as I cradle her in my arms.

“There you go.” Mr. Styles says as he places his hand against my back. I gulp quietly at the feeling of his warm touch, I can feel his hot skin against the thin fabric of my shirt. “See, you’re doing fine.” He assures me before standing up, his hand falling from my body. I stare down at the little creature in my arms – she’s so pretty.

“Get out of my way!” I hear that squeaky voice yell out of nowhere. “Shut the hell up, my baby is sleeping!” He screams back at her. I hold my breath as I hear the clicking of heels get closer behind me. “Why is this little bitch here?” She asks with a rude tone. “She has the right to be here. And besides, why do you care? Get the fuck out before I call the police.” Mr. Styles warns suddenly.

“I fucking hate you, you prick!” The woman yells back, I couldn’t care any less about what her name is. He doesn’t reply but the door slams and I flinch at the echoing in the high ceilings of the living room. Crying erupts in the room and my breathing gets unsteady as I realize Natalie is crying instead of being peacefully asleep.

Mr. Styles rushes over to me and kneels down in front of me and the baby, his hand on my arm gently. “Just rock her.. she’ll be okay.” He whispers to me as he lowers his hand from my body. I take in a deep inhale before nodding my head at him. I need to learn to take care of her since I am the babysitter. ~

These children are the sweetest kids in the whole world – I love having the opportunity to watch them for Mr. Styles, even if I’d rather have him here.. No, stop Jenny, that’s weird. He’s a grown man with three, I repeat three, kids. I begin to think about the kids in my head as I sit down on the couch beside Gabriella. Mr. Styles told me he named them all completely by himself. He also informed that their mother didn’t even care what their names were – and that’s when he said he realized he could never love or even simply tolerate that bitch.

“Lunch time!” Charlie yells as he flies into the kitchen. “Be quiet, baby. Natalie’s sleeping!” I whisper yell as he comes up to me, a sigh leaving his mouth as he notices I have the baby in my arms. “Sorry, Jenny.” He whispers back and heads over to the large dining table. He climbs into his claimed chair and happily waits on me to bring him his sandwich.

“Where’s your sister?” I ask curiously, she’s usually following me around, especially when I’m holding the baby. “You got her.” He giggles lightly. I roll my eyes with a smile as I realize he’s referring to the baby. “Hey guys.” Gabriella enters through the sliding glass doors that lead outside.

“Oh my gosh, Gabby! You didn’t even tell me you were outside!” I groan lightly, Mr. Styles would kill me if he found that I didn’t even know where his child was. “I’m sorry.. I just went to pet the dog.” She shrugs lightly as she sits down in her chair, resting her elbows on the table as she holds her head up with her hands. She looks so sad and upset, I know it’s because Harry couldn’t answer when she called earlier. Poor thing, she’s so broken over this.

I make my way to the island, securing holding Natalie with only one arm – oh God please be with me right now, I can’t risk dropping this baby. I grab one of the plates and go over to the table again. “Ham and cheese for my little monster.” I say as I sit the plate down in front of Charlie carefully. I lean down and place a kiss on top of his head. He giggles lightly before gladly picking up the sandwich.

“Wait Charlie, we have to pray.” Gabriella snaps, her index finger pointed at him sternly. He drops the sandwich and sighs, he doesn’t like to wait, especially when there’s food involved. I hurry to the island and grab the other plate, I’d hate to stall them. I reach the table and sit the plate down in front of. “And turkey and cheese for my little ladybug.” I say as I run my fingers through her soft hair, combing it out of her face.

They bow their heads in unison and Gabriella begins to speak. “Dear Jesus, thank for giving us this yummy food.” She says, I can hear the happy smile on her pretty face. “Thank you for giving us Jenny! She cooks better than Daddy, Jesus.” Charlie speaks aloud and I smile gently at his words, he’s so cute. They both say amen and begin eating. Their graces are never that long but they are sweet to witness.

“Are you gonna eat, Jenny?” Gabriella asks, her big green eyes trailing up to mine. “Not yet, baby. I’m trying to keep Natalie asleep.” I say in a soft voice, preventing myself from waking the little angel in my arms. “You’re just like Daddy.. all you do is take care of her.” Gabby pouts her lips out, pushing her plate away. “I’m not hungry.” She murmurs under her breath and I sigh to myself, please don’t be upset at me.

“Gabby, you know I love you all so much. But Natalie can’t take care of herself like you guys can. You’re a big girl, you don’t need me to rock you to sleep, now do you?” I ask as I pull out a chair and sit beside at the table. “Daddy sings to me and tells me stories.. but you don’t.” She says with a huff. “Well I can tell you a story later when we take a nap, will that be okay?” I suggest, hoping this will make her little heart feel better.

She only shrugs at me before hopping out of the chair. “I’m going to watch TV.” She informs me in a soft voice before heading towards the living room. “She’s mean.” Charlie mumbles lightly as he shoves the sandwich into his mouth again. “She’s not mean, baby. She’s just tired and misses your Daddy.” I tell him, that’s what’s bothering her – Mr. Styles never said what time he’d return from work, so every time she asks I just say I don’t know and she gets upset again. Poor thing.

“Can you ask my Daddy when he’s comin’ home?” Charlie asks me with a half smile as I look over at him. “Sure, but wait until I get Natalie to her room, okay?” I say as I stand up from the chair, pushing it back under the table with my foot. “Okay.” He nods, continuing to eat his sandwich.

Within about two minutes I was in Natalie’s nursery. I turn on the dim light and go over to the white crib in the corner of the rather large room. I place her gently and softly into the crib and I turn on the baby monitor – Mr. Styles has them all over the house. It’s so sweet to know he cares so much about this children, he worries a lot but I guess that’s normal when you’re single parent of three little ones.

I exit the room after turning off the light, I don’t shut the door though that just bothers me. Anything could happen and I just want to make sure I can get access to her easily at any time. I make my way back towards the staircase, the house is so big and quiet. The older ones are running around playing or fighting like they usually are this time of the day. Before I even begin to worry I remind myself that Charlie has been sick the past few days and Gabriella isn’t in the best mood either.

I pull my phone out of my back pocket and create a new message to send to Mr. Styles. Charlie will be glad to know I have done what he’s requested, maybe he’ll be a good boy the rest of the afternoon and save himself a spanking one his dad returns from work, if he ever decides to come home that is.

Sorry to bother you Mr. Styles. Charlie wanted to know when you were coming home, and Gabriella has been upset since you left.

I press send and slide the phone back into my pocket as I descend down the staircase. My mind starts to drift off again, thinking about Mr. Styles always distracts me from the entire world. I bet he’s frustrated in his office right now, the interviews probably drained the coffee out of him. I bet he’s so sexy when he’s angry, tugging at his hair, swearing under his breath-

My phone buzzes and I sigh to myself, why do I let my heart and my mind get caught up around this man? He’s never going to want anything from me, just to watch his kids – which I don’t mind, at least I get to see him. I open his message and smile to myself as my eyes read over it, he’s literally the perfect father to his children.

Tell my boy I’ll be home in one hour. And my poor princess, tell her Daddy said he loves her and he’ll be home soon. I hope they haven’t been brats! How’s my Natalie?

I enter the living room and see that both of the kids are sitting there watching SpongeBob on the TV. I’m not going to lie, most of the time we all three just chill on the couch and watch that show – I probably enjoy it more than they do. I sit down in the space between them and start to type a reply to their father, but I stop when I remember what he told me to tell them.

“I just texted your Daddy. He said he’ll home in an hour. And Gabby, he told me to tell you he loves you and he’ll see you soon.” I pass the messages along to them with a light smile plastered on my face, I’m so lucky to be apart of their lives – even if it’s just a little part. Charlie’s head falls against my arm and Gabriella cuddles up against me on the other side. It feels like home when I’m with them, they make me feel warm inside and loved so much.

When I moved to California I just thought I’d get a few jobs and add to my college savings – but when I ran into Mr. Styles at a park with his kids, then it was just the two older ones, I never expected to be here now.

I just got her to sleep, she’s an angel. I’m finally getting comfortable walking around with her. She’s so tiny, I just don’t wanna break her! :)

My heart flutters as I sink further into the couch with these two lovely angels on either side of me. Charlie’s head falls to my lap and he curls his little body up, he’s tired and on top of that he’s feeling ill. Gabriella is sniffling lightly, but I know she’s just tired and wants her dad back to take care of her.

You won’t break her, just don’t drop her! ;) God, I don’t know what I’d do without you, Jennifer. Thank you so much for taking care of my family. I’ll be home soon

He referred to me as Jennifer when we privately talked or messaged, it’s formal and more business-like I guess, however when he’s around Gabby and Charlie he calls me Jenny, most people don’t call me that, just his beautiful kids. I smile to myself at the thought of the name they’ve given to me, I’d be lost without these angels in my life. My heart skips a beat as I realize the praise Mr. Styles just gave me..

I just wish he’d praise me in other ways.


//so... this is new for me. Never done one like this, so glad to start it! hope you like, feedback please! //

opinions please, feedback welcomed at any time lovelies! ... xx -B


Awesome update LOVE!!!
can't wait for more of this, i love this story

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Thank You!

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OF course!!! I live for your stories, now more than ever cus I’m in bed rest for another week and half from my surgery so I need something excellent to read my love :)

Allie Miller Allie Miller

@PerciaxXXx @Historybrokemyheart
thank you for the feedback! be on the look out for updates:)

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Please continue this story! I love all of your writing, but this story really stuck out to me! I would absolutely love to continue reading it!