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Good For You

Chapter 05



My eyes either stared at his eyes or his lips while he spoke, I can’t choose which one is better – everything about this man is perfect. “Charlie goes wild when I tell him you’re going to watch them. Gabby just.. I don’t know if it’s a girl that or what.. but she just like.. squeals and jumps up and down.” Mr. Styles laughs lightly as he carries on our conversation. “It’s a girl thing, yeah.” I smile at the thought of them being so happy to see me.

“How is everything?” The waiter comes up to our table, turning towards Mr. Styles. I try not to take it as an offense, but it’s quite hard when everyone just wants to look and speak to him. “Wonderful.” Mr. Styles replies. The man gives him a kind smile before walking away. My eyes fall to the plate of food in front of me as Mr. Styles grabs the champagne bottle, I don’t know what to do. He fills one the glass to the brim. He pours the liquid into the other glass, not as much though. He picks up the less filled glass and sits it beside my plate.

“Um..” I freeze as I look up to meet his gaze. “Everything okay, love?” He asks curiously, raising his eyebrows at me. I look away from his eyes and focus on the drink. “I’ve never had this..” I admit, I’m not ashamed, I’m just unsure about it. “Well tonight’s a good time to try it.” He insists, a devious smirk on his face. “I don’t know.. I.. I’m not really into.. alcohol.” I admit to him, he wants to talk with me then I’ll be honest with him. “Just a sip.. and if you don’t like it.. then don’t drink it.” Mr. Styles proposes with a shrug and a smile on his perfect face. I gulp gently as I return a nod to him, why in the hell did I just agree to this?

I pick up the glass and slowly bring it towards my lips. “Honey, you’re shaking.” Mr. Styles laughs gently at me, rolling his lips in just seconds later to keep from laughing at me. I feel my face heat up and my nervousness just gets worse, so does the shaking. “Just relax. It taste good.” He tells me after calming himself down. He keeps a faint smirk on his face as he watches me closely. “But.. what if I get you.. in trouble? I’m.. not twenty one.” That was the only thought I had about getting out of drinking this stuff, if that doesn’t work then I’m screwed.

“I’m buying it. And besides.. no one has to know your age.” Mr. Styles raises his eyebrows as he nods his head towards me, indicating for me to take a drink. I exhale deep and slowly, totally unsure about this. My eyes cut over to him as he picks up his glass. His eyes stay glued to mine as he brings the glass to his mouth, sipping it expertly. My heart skips a beat – here comes the anxiety. Mr. Styles lets out a satisfied sigh as he sits his glass back down.

I put the rim of the glass between my lips and I easily turn the glass up. The champagne flows past my lips and runs over my taste buds. I sit the glass down as I attempt to swallow, the substance falling down my throat. I cover my mouth, I don’t really like it. Mr. Styles arches his eyebrows, his lips forming a smile – showing me both his dimples and his teeth. “What do.. What do you think?” He says with a slight laugh. “It’s not.. I don’t like it.” I’m not even going to lie to him – it’s disgusting and I don’t see how people sit and drink this stuff.

“Now that that’s over.” He grins at me as he takes another sip of his drink before picking up his sentence, “Let me ask you a question.” I grab the glass of water beside my plate and guzzle some it down, I need to remove this taste from my mouth. “I hope your boyfriend won’t be upset that I took you out tonight.” Mr. Styles states simply. I furrow my eyebrows at his words. Boyfriend, that’s a funny joke. “Why’d you make that face?” He asks with a smile, amusement in his tone.

I place my hands in my lap, where in the world did that sentence come from. He’s got to be crazy if he thinks I have a boyfriend, I barely have friends around here. “I don’t.. have a.. boyfriend.” I roll my eyes lightly as I say the word. “Oh.. that’s a shock.” He says, taking a drink of his champagne again. “Not really.” I shrug a shoulder at his comment. Mr. Styles looks bewildered as he gazes at me – his eyes slightly narrowed, his eyebrows wrinkled, and his lips are parted in awe at my words. “W-what?” I stutter out, mentally hitting myself for allowing myself to mess up that little word.

“You’re telling me.. a girl like you isn’t in any sort of relationship?” Mr. Styles questions, folding his arms on the table, leaning a bit closer to look at me. I gulp gently, what is that supposed to mean exactly? “A girl like me?” I raise my brows at him, I’m slightly confused on what meant by that.

“Yeah. You’re.. beautiful and.. your personality is.. just.. beautiful too. It’s really shocking. I thought you.. you had a boyfriend.” Mr. Styles informs me of his statement’s meaning and purpose. I gulp gently, feeling the butterflies erupt inside of me. Beautiful? The way he pronounces that word gives me goosebumps – he says it slowly, letting each single sound flow from his mouth. “No one thinks that.” I mumble lightly, my eyes dropping to my lap. How can he just sit here and lie to my face like that? Maybe he isn’t lying – no that’s a joke itself. He’s just trying to make conversation and make me feel better about not having a relationship.

“I think it.” His voice breaks our harsh silence. I lift my head and his eyes catch mine. He curves the right corner of his mouth, his dimple on display. An unsteady breath escapes between my lips as I sit and process what he just said to me. “You don’t believe me.” He states with a slow nod as if he was assuring himself this. “How can I explain?” He mumbles lightly, his eyes looking up at the ceiling as he thinks on his words.

“Well.” He begins, my heart begins to pump rapidly at the thought of his unspoken words. “I can’t really describe your outer beauty.. because you just.. put me in awe every time I lay my eyes on you.” Mr. Styles says, his eyes finding mine once again. I gulp gently, did he really just say that to me? “I think you have me confused.. with someone else.” I say with a subtle laugh. “No, honey. I’m being serious.” Mr. Styles shakes his head lightly at my sentence. He gives me a soft wink. I bite the inside of my cheek, his compliments are going to fucking kill me.

“And your.. personality. Well, it’s perfect.” He frankly states, that smile returns to his face and I can’t help but blush. “And then there’s your heart.. You are my family’s lifesaver. You.. came in at a time when everyone else left me to handle this all on my own. You picked up my responsibilities and that greatly helps me. My children love you.” Mr. Styles pauses, licking his lips before letting out a soft sigh. “They told me something the other night.. that really touched my heart. And.. it’s the reason I brought you here tonight.” He tells me with a gentle smile as he mentions the memory. I swallow harshly, only trying to find ways to control myself.

“As you know.. their mother doesn’t have any parental rights. She um.. she didn’t even care.. about them.” He stops himself, placing his index finger on his bottom lip as he closes his eyes, most likely trying to keep composure. My heart literally stops as I witness this man in front of me try to prevent himself from breaking down. His eyes open and his finger falls to his chin, his elbow on the table. Those emerald irises stare into my eyes once again, I missed their absence, even though it was just a few seconds.

“Gabriella and Charlie told me.. that they love you more than they ever.. loved their mother.” Mr. Styles confesses finally, his lips forming a gentle smile. I exhale slowly, did they really say that about me? “Jennifer, thank you for.. everything you do for my family. Those kids are my entire world..” Mr. Styles’ voice is becoming a tad shaky, I’ve never seen him like this before.

“Charlie told me he never wants to see his mother again.. instead he wants to see you every day. They both love you and.. and I can’t thank you enough for being here for them.” His eyes never leave mine as he continues to speak to me. The appreciation is honestly astonishing – I never knew I meant that much to them.

“For these past few months I’ve been having to get up and go to meetings or go to the office or the studio.. and.. and you get up early in the morning and come over to my house to watch my kids for me. And as soon as you leave they both go on and on about the amazing things you did with them.. They love you.” His lips curve into a full on smile, his eyes have a watery layer over them, I hope he doesn’t start to cry.

“I love them, too. They’re all so beautiful and loving and I can’t believe that I.. have the amazing opportunity to be in their lives.. So thank you, Mr. Styles, for allowing me to watch after them.” I pour out my thoughts to him, this conversation has been the best one I’ve ever had with him. I never knew his children loved me so much. I fold my hands on the table after sipping my water again, my heart is racing and my mind is blown – I can’t believe the words he’s saying to me. “I’m just glad I found you when I did.” He admits with a relieved sigh.

“Rebecca didn’t even care to know what their names were when they were born.. she didn’t even want to hold them.” I cringe as his voice says her name. By what I hear, she was horrible to them. Absolutely horrible. “All she wanted to do was go out and party. I only stayed with her because.. she always threatened to leave and take the kids with her.” Mr. Styles informs me of something I’ve often been curious about. “But then I spoke with my lawyer.” He smirks gently at the mention of the past moment.

“All it took was a few court dates and some evidence. I’m so happy that I have you, I honestly couldn’t do this on my own. I knew it would be hard for me, but then I reminded myself that I have you. Thank you for helping me with my kids. Thank you for stepping in and taking care of them when the woman they were supposed to depend on left them in the dust. Thank you.” Mr. Styles causes me to jump in my skin as he reaches over the table and grabs my hand, holding it between both of his. His skin is so warm and soft, his large hands engulf mine completely.

“This may seem odd at first, but I’m willing to give you time to think about it.” He says, foreshadowing his question. I nod gently, telling him to carry on. “I’ve discussed it with Gabby and Charlie.. and.. we were wondering if you would accept the offer of.. moving in with us.” I gulp gently at his offer – what the hell do I say?


So I know it's a tad short but updates are coming! ♥♥ feedback please, hope you like! ♥♥ Be honest am i rushing??


Awesome update LOVE!!!
can't wait for more of this, i love this story

Allie Miller Allie Miller

Thank You!

PerciaxXXx PerciaxXXx

OF course!!! I live for your stories, now more than ever cus I’m in bed rest for another week and half from my surgery so I need something excellent to read my love :)

Allie Miller Allie Miller

@PerciaxXXx @Historybrokemyheart
thank you for the feedback! be on the look out for updates:)

brianna.smith brianna.smith

Please continue this story! I love all of your writing, but this story really stuck out to me! I would absolutely love to continue reading it!