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Good For You

Chapter 12



It has been two weeks since Jennifer officially moved into the house with us, and let me just say it’s been a beautiful two weeks. Getting up in the morning and seeing her in the kitchen preparing breakfast is so purely beautiful – her hair is usually down and slightly tangled from her sleep, her bright eyes will meet mine and those plump lips will curve into a gorgeous smile. Her body is usually clothed in a lose pajama shirt and a short pair of bottoms.

The days get better when I’m sitting in my office or on the couch and the sound of my beautiful children laughing with her fills my ears, there are literally hundreds of things that could be doing – hide and seek, tag, and the list goes on forever. Jenny takes them outside after lunch and they just enjoy the summer sun, whether they’re swinging or swimming.

It’s beautiful, I’m so grateful of her presence – it’s not helping my dreams any, only drives me crazier, but she’s just so amazing.

“Daddy, when will be there?” Gabriella’s voice invades my thoughts and I turn my attention from my lap to her pretty face. “In about twenty minutes, babe.” I answer her question with a smile. She returns the gesture before running back towards the bedroom in the back of the plane. Private flying is definitely better, especially when you have kids. New York City is just a little bit away and I’m honestly very excited about arriving.

This week is packed with interviews, appearances, talk shows, and much more. I couldn’t do this on my own, and besides I just want to spend time with Jennifer. Niall is joining us – for once reason only, well at least that he knows, to watch the kids while I take Jennifer and Natalie with me everywhere I go.

The older two angels of mine would much rather have Uncle Niall take them to the park all day then sit in a boring room with me. I’ve discussed things with Jennifer, she doesn’t mind one bit. Even if she didn’t want to do it, she was still going to do it.

I open the limo door and gesture for Gabriella and Charlie to get on in and pick a seat – they don’t hesitate to hop in. Jennifer is next, her smile is small and her cheeks are red as she glances up at me. I give her a soft wink, her face only reddens up more. She gets in next, the baby’s car seat in her hand. She already said she’d get the baby’s seat adjusted in the car, such a good person. Niall follows in behind her, he’s lucky I even let him on my plane this time – last time he went somewhere with me he left trash and dirty laundry everywhere. The driver throws in the rest of our bags, I watch closely just to make sure everything gets in the limo.

“Daddy, where are we going?” Gabriella questions me as I shut the door. I find myself sitting between the window and Jennifer, I actually didn’t plan this part. “Our hotel.” I sigh out as bring my wrist into my view, glancing down at the time. The side of Jenny’s thigh is pressed firmly against mine and I can’t help but let my pants tighten. My eyes roam, trying to distract myself from the beauty beside me.

I catch Niall’s stare and he sends me a sly smirk, shaking his head lightly from side to side in shame – he probably noticed the growing bulge in my pants, it’s not that hard to miss. I don’t really need to explain it to him, he knows I have this insane, crazy, creepy obsession with the girl.

“Mr. Styles.” Jenny’s sweet voice invades my mind. I turn my head to look at her, those beautiful eyes are starting at me now. “Yes, love?” I ask, making sure I keep a gentle smile on my face as I speak to her. “I hope you remembered to pack enough diapers for Natalie.. because I think I forgot to check the bag.” She admits with red cheeks, probably upset that she done that. “No worries, love. I grabbed a whole new box, and I can always run to the store and get some more.” I say with a light shrug, it’s really no big deal.

She nods in return before her eyes fall to her lap where her phone sits. I allow my eyes to drop there as well. She unlocks her phone and I can’t help believe my eyes as I see the home screen photo – it was a picture of her, Gabriella, Charlie, and Natalie, who was safely in her arms. “That picture is beautiful.” I whisper softly, slightly leaning on her so she would be the only one to hear me.

“Send it to me?” I insist with a smile as she glances at me. She nods her head and I watch as she hits send. Moments later my phone buzzes and I look down at it. I open the message, my eyes are met with such a beautiful sight. This girl loves my kids as if they were her own, and in my book, well, that’s the greatest thing you can do.

“Welcome to The Plaza Hotel, Mr. Styles! Always a pleasure to see you.” An older woman greets me as I approach the counter, I know I’ve see her before but I’m horrible at names. “Good evening. Family trip I see?” She smiles at me as Gabriella’s arms lock around my neck, she’s been asleep for the past ten minutes and I didn’t want to wake her. “Something like that.” I reply with a kind smile.

“Here, let me get you your key. I’d hate to keep you waiting all night.” She laughs lightly as she moves her attention to the computer beside her. “I see you’ve chosen the perfect suite for a family.” She informs me as she checks my booking. “Indeed I did.” I nod lightly to her, I’m ready to go to bed, despite the early evening time. “I usually go for bigger.. but uh, I won’t have much time to sit and enjoy the view from the penthouse this visit.” I say with a gentle chuckle. She laughs in return before finally handing me my two keys.

“If there is anything we can get you, please do not hesitate. Have a nice stay.” The woman gives me warm smile, yes it will be a nice stay..

“Follow me, sir.” The employee dressed in a nice tux, very professional if you ask me, gestures for me to walk behind him. My arms keep Gabriella against me as I start to walk, the rest of the crew behind me. There are two other men, each pushing a luggage cart. I can still hear the shouting from the paparazzi outside, mixed with the security guards’ demands of civil behavior. “Daddy, can we have a pizza tonight?” Charlie curiously asks as he grabs a hold of my hand, the other one was keeping Gabby against me.

“We’ll see son.” I sigh out as I give him a glance. He’s smiling as he walks beside me, his other arm swinging in the air. He’s adorable, he’s perfect. What did I ever do to deserve such beautiful kids?

The elevator carried us to floor 10. A relieved sigh left past my lips as the man opened the door for me, insisting that they would handle the bags for us. I thanked him and went on in. I took a left, making my way to the side of the suite Niall and my little ones will be staying in. I open the door and go on in. My eyes take in the pretty décor and the nice room, knowing mine will differ a little from theirs.

“Just stay there, let me lay her down.” I say over my shoulder to everyone else. They give me a share of nods and okay’s as I head towards the next door. I open the door and flick on the light. There’s two queen sized beds in the room and I’m glad, that means my plan is working so far. I pull the covers back and carefully lie my sleeping beauty down onto the mattress. She stirs a little, but once I get her teddy bear adjusted in her arms, she stops moving and continues sleeping.

Once I’ve gotten her situated and turned the light off, I head back to the main entrance. “Niall, Charlie, that way.” I say, nodding my head in the direction I came from. They both share a look before shrugging. “Race ya!” Niall says as him and Charlie cut off in that direction. “You, me, Natalie.. this way.” I tell Jennifer as her curious eyes meet mine. She gives me a soft nod before turning the handle and opening the door, taking my sweet pea with her.

“Everything on this cart goes to that side, and this goes on this side.” I tell the two men, pointing them in their correct directions. They reply kindly before heading in those desired locations. “Just sit everything in the near the closets, and don’t wake my daughter.” I add in quickly.

My plan, so far, is going well.


My eyes widen as I look around the beautiful suite, even the chairs are fancy. I furrow my eyebrows, however, at the gorgeous room. There’s only one bed, and I’m pretty sure Mr. Styles said that he, Natalie, and myself will be staying in this section. Perhaps there’s a cot? Before I could further question anything, Mr. Styles slams the door shut behind him. I flinch at the loud sound erupting in the room. My eyes fall to Natalie’s car seat, thankfully she’s still asleep.

“Damnit.” Mr. Styles utters out as he walks past me and throws himself onto one of the comfortable looking chairs placed in front of the huge flat screen television. “Is everything alright, sir?” I ask curiously as I sit down on my knees on the floor, my fingertip gently rubbing over Natalie’s small hand. I keep my eyes locked on her, I’d hate to see him get upset again. I don’t think I can handle it.

“I requested the room that had four beds, but apparently it was already booked.” He huffs lightly as I hear a thump all of a sudden. I look over my shoulder to see him removing his boot from his foot – the other one sits halfway across the room now. I assume that was the noise I heard. “I wanted this to be a nice trip. I wanted you to enjoy it, ‘cause you’ve never been here before.” He continues on as if he is just thinking out loud – perhaps he is..

“There’s no damn way Niall will give up his bed, he gets terrible jet lag. Gabriella is already asleep, I can’t wake her.” Mr. Styles throws his shoe, it lands nowhere near the other one. I sit down on my butt, the carpet was hurting my knees. Natalie begins to stir around and her eyes begin to flutter open, little cries start to escape her mouth. I’m quick to unbuckle her and get her in my arms.

I start to rock her as I look over at her angered father, he definitely isn’t happy right now. “All I want is for you to feel comfortable and.. and I know you won’t be.. Because I’m not going to force you to sleep on the floor. The only option is.. for you to sleep in the bed with me.” Mr. Styles’ main issue finally seeps into the air, so that’s what this is all about. Me. I take a deep inhale, just say it already.

“I don’t mind the sofa, Mr. Styles.” I say in a soft voice, I don’t want to upset Natalie with any more loud noises. “No. There’s no fuckin’ way I’m letting you sleep on the couch.” He raises his voice at me, his eyes staring coldly in my direction. I drop my gaze to Natalie, my arms softly rocking her from side to side. “You mean too much to me.. to us. I’m not letting you sleep on the damn couch.” Mr. Styles groans lightly as he undoes the cuffs on his nice, white shirt. He lays his arms on the arms of the chair and lets his head fall back, his eyes staring at the ceiling, his long hair hanging.

“You’re going to be sleeping with me. If you want, we can use separate blankets and I’ll turn away from you. We can put pillows between us, I move around a lot.” He begins to list all sorts of options for the sleeping arrangements. “Or I’ll put my pillow at the foot of the bed, you know the whole head-to-foot thing or whatever it’s called. Maybe I can sleep fully clothed so you don’t feel like I’m going to get in your pants.” Another huff passes through his plump, pink lips and I can’t hold back my small smile. He’s overreacting about all of this.

“Mr. Styles.. if you do insist for me to sleep with you, we can just use separate blankets. You don’t have to go out on a limb to make sure I’m alright. Besides.. you paid for the room, I didn’t. You should be at the most comfortable.” I explain as I stand from my spot on the floor, the baby securing in my arms. I sit down in the chair slighted angled towards Mr. Styles. He brings his head up, his eyes roaming over to meet my stare. “I would go to the ends of the earth to make sure you are okay.” Mr. Styles admits with a sly smile as he presses his elbows into his thighs, his hands holding up his head as he stares down at floor now.

“I don’t insist it, love, I demand it. I only want you to be happy.” He tells me with a sigh in his tone. I look down at Natalie, trying to distract myself from how amazing he looks right now. His long hair is messy, despite it looking so nice on the jet. His shirt sleeves are sort of pushed up on his forearms, but it appears that he didn’t even try to reach his elbows. His trousers are wrinkled, I’m surprised he didn’t wear any tight jeans, that’s what he normally wears on a regular day.

“You’re stressing, Mr. Styles. It’s okay, I’m fine with whatever you decide.” I inform him, my voice is soft as I speak to the beautiful man in the room. “Are you sure, love?” He asks, lifting his head and looking in my direction now. I give him a kind smile as his eyes burn into mine. “I’m sure.”

The room is mostly silent, other than the noise from the television and the running water from Mr. Styles’ current shower. The bassinet is placed in the corner of the room, Natalie is peacefully asleep in it and I’m rather surprised that she went to bed so easily. Titanic is on the t.v., I love this movie. I grab the remote from Mr. Styles’ bedside table and I turn it enough so that I could hear from my spot on the bed.

I lean my back against the headboard and pull the covers over my lap, it’s a tad cold but it doesn’t bother me one bit. I stare at the screen, glad that something good is finally playing – for the past half hour I’ve been searching the channels and thankfully I found this one. It’s at the part where Rose is walking to the back of the ship. Suicide is no answer, Rose. I smile to myself at my thought, I usually talk to myself when I watch movies, stating my opinions and what not.

Just as she leans over the railing to stare down at the water, the bathroom door opens and Mr. Styles enters the bedroom. I gulp gently as I see he’s only in his tight black boxers. His hair is up in a towel placed on his head. I smile lightly, I do the same thing – but I guess anyone with long hair does that. He walks past the television over to the closet. He opens the door and steps into the room, which was large in my opinion.

Mr. Styles returns quickly and I notice he has nothing in his hands. I try to ignore it and focus on the movie. It’s hard to focus though, especially while he’s just a few feet away from the t.v. and he’s shaking his hair out in the towel, trying to dry it as much as he could. My eyes eventually give up trying to watch Jack cope with Rose, they land on Mr. Styles’ almost bare body. “You’re distracting me, go away.” Mr. Styles’ says in a whiny voice.

At first I was confused, but then it hits me. I let out a soft laugh and an eye roll as I realized he was mocking Rose. “Always complaining.. the boy only tried to help your stupid ass.” Mr. Styles chuckles as he tosses the towel back into the bathroom before shutting off the light and closing the door. “You’re in love with this movie, aren’t you?” Mr. Styles raises his eyebrows as he comes to the bed. I watch him pick his phone up from the nightstand.

“Yes I am, actually.” I say proudly, placing my hands in my lap as I continue on with the movie, despite my constant glances in his direction. “Typical girl.” He mumbles – I was about to get offended by that, but the chuckle after his words told me he was just kidding around, or at least I hope so. “Did you get my little princess to sleep easily?” Mr. Styles asks as he peers over the bassinet. “Yes sir, she went right down with no trouble.” I nod lightly as he looks over his shoulder at me. “Good.” He simply replies as he brings himself back to the bed.

My eyes fall from the screen again, I can’t resist it – I have to watch him, it’s like I’m addicted to every move his body makes. I begin to chew on my lip as I watch the muscles in his arm flex as he throws the cover back. “I don’t know about you, love, but I’m tired.” Mr. Styles sighs out as he throws himself on the mattress. I let a small laugh pass my lips as the bed bounces from his rough movements. "I don’t mind if you leave the television on, darlin’. Just please don’t start sobbing at the end of the movie.” Mr. Styles says with a smirk as I look down at him.

He lays on a few inches from me, under his own separate cover of course – not that I’m glad about that, because I certainly wouldn’t mind sharing.. “I’ll try to keep my emotions together.” I give him a smile before turning my head back to the movie. I feel a warm touch on my wrist and I jump lightly in my skin, the air I was breathing in gets caught up in my throat and I start to nearly choke on it.

“Calm down, honey. You overreact.” Mr. Styles chuckles as I feel his other hand slide up my back. He gives me a few firm pats, finally I stop dying and clear my throat – he scared me, there was nothing else I could do to help my sanity. “S-sorry s-sir.” I mutter out, my eyes locked on his hand. He slides his hand down a tad, the pad of his thumb begins to rub slowly over my knuckles, his other fingers gently sit on top of my own. I gulp gently, swallowing any courage my body held, which wasn’t much I’m sure.

“I just wanted to um.. thank you for coming with us. There’s no way I could handle everything alone.” Mr. Styles carries on as if nothing ever happened, as if I wasn’t just on the verge of choking to death beside him. “It’s no problem,I’m glad.. I can help.” I say, keeping my voice soft in the room – I’d hate to disturb Natalie. Mr. Styles doesn’t reply to me, unlike I thought he would. He just lays there, both hands still on my body.

I watch his thumb stroke my knuckles, the room growing silent – the only sound is Rose and Jack’s conversation on the television screen. Carefully I move my eyes off of his hand and over in his direction, I just want to see his handsome face – he shows his emotions well, I can always tell if he’s upset or happy, just by looking at him. My eyes roam over to him, admiring every little thing he’s doing right now.

The first thing I notice is that his body is turned towards me, his side pressed into the bed. The arm that belongs to the hand that’s sitting on mine is softly resting on the covers. His other elbow is digging into the mattress, his large hand still softly rubbing my back. His lips are slightly parted, his jaw is relaxed. He’s breathing nice and slow, he’s tired I can really tell now. The rest of his body is hidden by the covers, which stopped just above his abdomen. His damp hair is laying on the pillow.

I feel heat rising to my cheeks as I get the first glimpse of his eyes – the emerald green irises staring right back at me, his eyebrows slightly furrowed as he looks at me. I begin to wonder if he’s studying me the way I am him. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, his lips begin to move and words slip off his tongue.

“I could lay like this forever.. just looking at you.. You’re so beautiful, Jenny.” His words catch my attention and quickly yank me from my trance. My head drops down, my eyes staring into my lap now. I shake my head lightly, just barely moving, from side to side. “Mr. Styles.” I sigh softly, please don’t do this to me. He releases a heavy breath through his nose, “I said that.. out loud.. didn’t I?” He asks me, already knowing the answer. “Yes.. s-sir.” I reply, my nervousness washing over me. Great, I finally calm myself down around the man and he just drives me even crazier than before.

Yes, trust me Mr. Styles, you said that out loud.

I squinted my eyes at the bright sunlight invading the quiet hotel room. The lights were off, but the curtains were pulled back – letting in the blazing light. A groan fell from my lips as I lifted my head off the pillow, my elbows supporting my weight. I don’t usually sleep on my stomach, but when I did it was because I slept amazingly – so I guess I did. My dream is fuzzy to me now, yet I’m pretty sure Mr. Styles ha a major role in it.

My head turns in the opposite direction to where he was sleeping all night. A slight frown covers my face as I see he’s not there. He kept his promise to me – he didn’t roll over on me, he didn’t touch me, he didn’t try to do anything. I roll over on my back in the middle of the large bed, my eyes roaming to the ceiling. The fan is rapidly spinning, circulating the cool air from the air conditioner.

I grab the hem of the blanket I am laying under and I throw it off of me. My legs were next, I tossed them over the side of the bed and I lazily pulled myself up. My eyes are still trying to get adjusted to the blazing sun. I look down at my attire, furrowing my eyebrows lightly at my body. I don’t remember removing my pajama pants last night. As I look up, I see that they’re thrown neatly over the back of one of the chairs. Perhaps Mr. Styles picked them up off the floor for me.

My hands gather my hair the second I stand up. I wrap the hair tie that was just on my wrist seconds ago around my hair, pulling it into a bun on top of my head – it was messy and probably terrible looking, but my only intention was getting it out of my face, not looking nice. I grabbed my pants from the chair and quickly put my freezing legs in the holes, bringing them up to adjust them on my hips. I’m already warmer.

My bare feet carried to me to the door, it was opened slightly. I grab the handle and pull it open and instantly I’m hit with the aroma of coffee. I scrunch my nose at the intense smell, Mr. Styles perfect pure black coffee – I don’t see how he drinks it that way. I shake my head lightly to myself and step into the rather large kitchen. I see Mr. Styles by the counter, most likely preparing his coffee. Niall and the kids are gathered around a small dining table in the middle of the room, Natalie is resting in Niall’s arms.

The first person to lay eyes on me is Charlie, his curls a mess on his head – as usual. He gives me a lazy morning smile and waves his little hand. I return the greeting as I lean against the door frame. “Jenny, c’mere.” Charlie says loudly, patting the empty chair beside him. I give him a smile and a gentle laugh, he gets so excited over such simple things. Mr. Styles turns on his heel as my name slips into the air. I feel his stare lingering on me as I walk over to the table. I gladly accept the offer of Charlie’s and sit down beside him.

“Good mornin’.” Mr. Styles says, sitting the coffee mug down on the table in front of the empty chair beside me. I feel my muscles tense up under my skin as he sits down beside me, his foot brushing mine under the table. “Sleep well? You’re a wreck.” Niall laughs lightly before taking a bite of his bagel. I roll my eyes, sending him a kind smile as I let my gaze drop to my lap. “She never moved all night.” Harry adds into the short lived conversation.

“Jenny.. why can’t you go to the park with us?” Gabriella asks me. I look up, she’s sitting right in front of me. I part my lips, preparing my reply, but the same moment I take a breath, I’m interrupted. “Baby, I’ve told you a hundred times already.” Mr. Styles starts with a sigh. “Jenny has to help me today. Niall’s going to take you and your brother to the park.” He reminds her. She rolls her eyes at him before jumping out of her chair and heading towards the other side of the suite.

“I thought girls got attitudes when they turn thirteen, not six.” Niall states, slightly confused as he glances up over at Mr. Styles. “It’s not an attitude. She’s not a morning person.” He corrects Niall’s words with a gentle laugh. Niall’s lips tighten all of a sudden and he stands up from the table. “It seems that someone else isn’t a morning person either.” Niall sighs out as he looks down at Natalie. “You’re too pretty to smell that bad, sweetie.” He says to her before walking in the same direction that Gabby went.

Charlie taps my leg with his finger, requesting that I turn to face him. I look over at me him to see he’s smiling at me. He stands on his knees in the chair so that he his little hand could press against my cheek, the other grabbing my shoulder. “Are you still my bes’ friend?” He asks in a soft voice, his eyes big and glistening with worry. “Of course I am.” I say, my lips turning up to a form a smile. “Good.” He whispers back, presenting me with that cute smile and those dimples – they aren’t as deep as his father’s, but they are still so cute.

“Charlie, go watch t.v., son.” Mr. Styles speaks suddenly, scaring me just a tad. I swear everything he does either frightens me or puts me in a lustful trance. Charlie huffs as he hops of the chair and hurries towards his room. I gulp gently, what in the world am I supposed to do now? The door shuts – a sign that I’m not left alone with Mr. Styles.

“Would you like some breakfast? Niall went out this morning and got some stuff from a café.” Mr. Styles clears his throat as he stands from the chair, walking back to the counter. “Um.. I’m fine.” I mumble lightly. I start to pick at my fingernails, trying to keep myself calm and composed. “Please eat something, love. I’d hate for you to get sick.” Mr. Styles insists as he sits a box of donuts down in front of me. He joins me at the table once again, his chair slightly closer than before.

“The ones with the white icing are pretty good.” He tells me, a chuckle coming out between his pink, plump lips. I glance over at him, his eyes are staring directly at me. “Don’t be shy.” He murmurs, pushing the box a little closer to me. “Thank you, but.. um.. I.. I’m f-fine, Mr. S-styles.” I reply lightly, tripping over my own words again. “Charlie wanted me to save this one for you, he wouldn’t let anyone eat it.” Mr. Styles tells me, his index finger pointing to a glazed donut covered in sprinkles – Charlie knows me well, I love chocolate sprinkles.

“I guess.. it won’t hurt to.. to eat something.” I breathe out, my hand lifting towards the box. I can feel his eyes burning holes through me, he’s watching every move I make. I can’t criticize him for it – I do the exact same thing to him. I wonder if he notices all the little things on me, like how I notice every detail about him. I will see a wrinkle in his shirt and try to hold myself back, all I would want to do is run my hand over it to fix it. He deserves to always look perfect, because he is perfect.

I bring the donut to my mouth and take a bite. It’s very sweet, but I have to admit it’s very good. Mr. Styles’ hand gently sits on top of my covered thigh. Despite the fabric of my pajama pants, I can feel the heat radiating from his hand. He’s always so warm. “Eat as much as you wants. I’ll leave you alone for a while.” He says with a deep chuckle. He stands from his chair, sadly he lifts his hand off my leg and grabs his coffee instead.

It’s been an absolute joy staying with them. Every morning I wake up to giggles – either Gabriella or Charlie jumping on my bed trying to get me up, sometimes both of them. They’ll drag me downstairs and beg for me to fix breakfast. Half an hour to fifty minutes later, the kitchen door opens and a beautiful shirtless Mr. Styles enters the room. His hair is always messy, his pajama pants always hang low on his hips. He looks so cute in the morning, and then when he speaks – I literally feel the wetness between my legs.

As bad, and as wrong, as it sounds, his morning voice drives me literally crazy.


•• sorry for the long wait, I've been sick for the past few days but I'm much better now! Regular updates!! Probably some more later on tonight. Feedback on this, not sure how it's going..


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thank you for the feedback! be on the look out for updates:)

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