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Good For You

Chapter 13



There is something sitting in the air – perhaps it’s tension, or maybe just the heaviness of the cold silence. Whatever it may be, it’s bothering me and won’t leave me alone. My eyes stare at the bed, where only a short hour ago I was laying, my eyes staring at Jenny’s peaceful sleeping body. She’d mumble something every now and then, but I couldn’t make it out. I watched her sleep, as weird as it makes me sound, I did it proudly.

For most of the time I watched her, she had the side of her head pushed into the pillow – that beautiful body facing me. I admired the way her long, dark blonde eyelashes carefully sat on her cheeks. Her eyebrows would furrow, then go back to their normal shape, and then wrinkle up again the next minute. I could tell she was having a dream, I might not know what about, but I sure did know she was deep in a sleeping state. Her beautiful pink lips were plump and sort of swollen. Her tongue stayed hidden in her mouth, though.

I remember flinching lightly as her sudden movements caught me off guard – she flopped over onto her stomach and slid her arms down, tucking both of them safely under her body. I smiled in utter awe as I watched her hair fall down her back, her pretty face against the pillow now. The cover never left her body, and those gorgeous eyes never opened to meet my gaze.

Sadly, I knew I had to get up eventually. It was nearing eight and I knew Niall would be up early. So, within the next minute or two, I stood up from the bed and rubbed my fists into my eyes, trying to wake myself up all the way. The morning wasn’t blurry to me, but the only part I wanted to remember was when I walked over to her side of the bed. I leaned down and pressed my lips against her temple, her skin soft and cold on my lips. It was that same moment when I licked my lips and got a taste of faint salt – she must have been sweating during the night.

My hand grabbed the cover and I slowly removed it from her body. She was clothed in a short sleeve shirt with matching pajama pants – poor thing probably burned up in those things. I easily side my fingers into the waistband, after softly pressing my hands on her hips. I drug the material down until it was at her ankles. I couldn’t help but smirk lightly as I saw her cute soft yellow colored underwear with a white trim. So innocent.

I took the hem of her shirt and pulled it over her bum, I wasn’t going to let myself stand there and stare at her. Quickly afterwards, I pulled the blankets back over her and kissed her temple once again, the same spot.

“Daddy!” The scream dragged me from the memory. Gabriella runs into the room, something in her hands, but I couldn’t really tell what it was. Seconds later, Charlie follows in behind her. His voice screams my name once again. “Hey, hey, hey!” I yell out, both of them freezing in their tracks. Charlie drops to his knees, pouting his lips out and crossing his arms on his chest. “What the hell is the issue?” I ask, my voice still raised louder than normal.

“She took my truck, Daddy.” Charlie huffs out, his eyes staring coldly at his sister. I look over at Gabriella, her body is pressed against the wall, her eyes looking anywhere but at me – and in her little hands is a plastic green truck. “Gabriella, why did you take his toy?” I civilly ask, my temper starting to flare up – I try my best not to flip out on them or in front of them, but sometimes being a parent is hard.

“Because he got gum stuck in Milly’s hair.” She tells me, her bottom lip just a quivering as she glares back at her brother. “Charlie.. If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times.. do not put gum, candy, or anything else on your sister’s dolls. You don’t want her coloring all over your toys, so leave her things alone. Do you understand me?” My eyes drop to look down at him. As soon as we make eye contact he looks down, I can tell he’ll cry sooner or later about this, most likely sooner.

“It was.. a’ accident, Daddy. I told her sorry.” He admits to me, his hands falling to his sides. Here come the water works. It was like it was perfectly timed – tears begin to fall by the dozen from his eyes. “It better not happen again, but just to make sure you learn your lesson, I’m putting you in time out.” I sigh lightly, I hate to be the bad guy but sometimes you just have to be.

“No, Daddy!” Charlie whines out as he looks up at me, tear stained cheeks and flustered skin. “Hush, I don’t want to hear it.” I snap suddenly, my eyebrows raising in emphasis, I only try to show them I’m serious when I do that. Most of the time they understand and don’t argue anymore. I hope today is one of those times.

“I’ll get the gum out of her hair, just give him the damn truck back.” The words come out in an annoyed sigh. Gabriella rolls her eyes at me, like I was just kidding around or something. “Do what I said. And stop fuckin’ fighting.” I give her a stern look, I can’t stand it when they fight like little brats – when they aren’t brats. They’re the sweetest kids on earth, but dammit they can’t go a week without arguing over something so stupid. They’re kids, Harry – calm the hell down.

“Stop sayin’ bad words, Daddy.” Gabriella mumbles, her green eyes brimming with big tears. Despite her attempts to win me over with her pouted lips and her sad face, I take a few steps closer to her – without getting too close, the last thing I want to do is hurt her. “Do. What. I. Said.” I say through gritted teeth, my patience is extremely low right now. It was like someone flicked a switch inside of her. Gabriella furrowed her eyebrows in anger and threw her arm in the air. Seconds later, her hand releases the plastic toy into the air.


Fuckin’ hell!” The words erupt into the suite and I literally jump in my seat. Niall’s eyes lift up from the magazine in his hand, giving me a glance before staring at the closed door. Natalie makes a little sound, but I don’t consider it as a whine. “Someone’s upset.” He mumbles with a smirk before sipping his lemonade, his eyes falling back to whatever article he was reading, or to whatever woman he was studying.

“I’m going to go check things out.” I sigh softly as I sit my water bottle down on the kitchen table before raising from my chair. “Good luck.” Niall mutters as I start in the direction of the room I’m currently sharing with Mr. Styles. The door wasn’t shut so I pushed it open, sliding myself into the room before sealing it behind me.

All I see is Gabriella’s angered face, she’s sitting on the ground with her hands on her cheeks, her elbows digging into her knees. Charlie looks over his shoulder at me, I can see tear streams and the redness in his eyes. “Is… everything..okay?” My voice trails out slowly, not sure if I should intervene or not. “Daddy’s in the bathroom.. he got.. hurt.” Charlie informs me, sniffling lightly. I give him a light nod before dragging myself nervously to the bathroom door.

As I approach it, I notice it’s partly opened – however, I can only see partial parts of the counter. I tap my knuckles against the wood a few times, signaling my request to enter. The very little force behind my knocks makes the door move back, creaking a little as it does so. I bite my lip, my body is growing very anxious right now.

“Mr. Styles?” I call out in a feathered voice, afraid that it might not be a good time. I push the door open all the way now, ignoring my nervousness. I just need to know he’s okay, it’s beginning to worry me some. There he is.. His hands are pressing hard into the counter top, his head hung low and his muscled tensed. As I step a little closer, I can see drops of blood dripping from his face – he isn’t okay.

“Mr. Styles.. um.. are you alright?” I ask softly, I fear that my kindness isn’t needed – but, for some reason, I can’t seem to find a way to carry myself away from him. He’s hurt, and it’s my instinct to take care of him. His hair is curtaining his face, so I can’t really tell if he’s crying or how bad the bleeding is. I glance in the mirror, I can see his forehead, but the rest of his handsome face is shadowed.

“No, not really.” He sighs out, catching my attention. I move a few feet closer to him, I’m not entirely afraid of him – well, not now at least. “We um.. we heard all the commotion.. I.. wanted to.. check on you.” I allow myself to nervously ramble to him. Oh stop that, now’s not the time! I shake my head to myself, trying to ignore my thoughts. “It’s pretty.. uh.. bad.” He mumbles.

I didn’t have time to question his statement – he turned to face me and my hand flew over my mouth. Oh my gosh. Thankfully my hand is hiding my dropped jaw. My eyes grow wide as I take in his appearance. Blood is smeared all over one side of his mouth – his lips is busted, blood is gushing from the deep cut. His nose is slightly bruised, blood is slowly rolling out his nostril in big drops. “I could lie.. say I got in a nasty fight.. when in reality.. I was taken out by a damn.. toy truck.” He shrugs with a gentle chuckle, he finds humor in this I see – I don’t see how he does it? How can he be so charming and humorous when his face is oozing with blood?

“Help me out, yeah?” Mr. Styles insists as his hand gestures to his bleeding cuts. “Of course.. um… that’s why I came in here.” I say with a smile, nodding my head slightly in agreement to him. He closes the empty space between us – he’s so close I can literally feel the heat radiating off his tanned skin. “Thanks for checking on me, love.” He winks gently, his green orbs sparkling despite the fact that half of his facial features are bleeding. I wanted to reply to him, but I could only smile shyly, my cheeks blushing at his words – just the sound of his voice makes me flush up.

“Gosh.” I shriek suddenly as his large hands grab my waist. Mr. Styles doesn’t hesitate and uses little strength to lift me up. Out of fear, my hand clamps down on his shoulder. “Relax.” He breathes out just as my butt hits the counter, the marble cold against my thighs. “You’re short, so I helped you out.” He states, not almost eye-level with me, well more like eye to chin level. He has a lovely chin, wait what does that even mean? I groan softly, I’m losing my mind because of this man. “Hey, I know I’m not too appealing to look at right now, but you don’t have to make those un-pleased noises at me. Hurts my feelings, honey.” Mr. Styles rolls his eyes, letting a chuckle past his swollen lips.

I clear my throat, I’m pretty sure that was a joke right? As usual, I don’t keep my mouth shut and my rambling further continues. “No.. it’s um.. not you.. you’re fine, I mean.. like not.. like beautiful fine.. but wait, no .. trust me you are.. I mean um-” Words stop nervously spilling from my lips when Mr. Styles pushes his index finger to my mouth – silencing me. “I know what you’re trying to say.” He gives me a smirk before slowly dropping his finger. I release a deep exhale, letting my cheeks puff out in the process – calm down, it’s okay. He’s human.. a beautiful human – stop saying that, just calm down Jenny.. calm down.

“I’ll get a wash cloth.” He sighs softly as he steps away from me, leaving my legs dangling off the counter. I can’t believe I let myself say all of that nonsense to him, what was I thinking? I know exactly what was going on in my head – I was picturing every little detail about him again. From the way his dimples deepen in his cheeks when he laughs, to the way he absentmindedly plays with his fingers in his lap when he’s watching t.v.

The sound of running water grabs my attention. I look over to see Mr. Styles holding a white wash cloth under the sink faucet, letting it soak up as much water as it’s able to. He shuts off the water before squeezing some of the water out, just so it isn’t dropping in the floor. He hands me the cloth and I give him a kind smile.

Mr. Styles returns in front of me, I’m glad he did. My heart stops beating as his hands grab my knees and he pushes my legs open, stepping between them as far as he could – the counter soon preventing him from going any further. “Be gentle, please.” He murmurs as he closes his eyes. I bite the tip of my tongue hard, keeping all those words in my throat – there’s no way I’m going to allow myself to talk again and wreck the moment – if there even is a moment, that is.

Carefully, I lift my hand up to his face, my fingers gently running over his forehead, trying to sweep the hair out of his face. His eyebrows dart up at my touch, I instantly pull back. “Don’t be afraid, I’m not going to bite you.” He says with a sly smile, his eyes peeking open to look at me. “S-sorry.” I utter out as I return my fingers to his face. I brush his hair back, trying the work space as clear as I can right now.

I grab the wash cloth and bring it up to his mouth. I slowly begin to dab his skin with it, freeing the soft surface of its red stains. “Blood tastes nasty.” He mumbles, the corner of his lips curving up into a gentle smile. “Be still.” I sigh lightly as I lean a little closer, trying to examine his skin better. “Sorry, doll.” Mr. Styles slurs, his lips barely moving. A small laugh passes my lips at his actions, he’s honestly so cute.

Gently, I move closer to the nasty cut on his lip. I rub the wash cloth over the spot, receiving a wince from him. His right hand grabs the side of my thigh, trying to hide the pain I guess. “It’s okay.. I’ll be done before you know it.” I whisper softly as he grips my leg again, my patting getting harder on his cut. I bring the blood stained cloth away from his lip so I could look over it. It seems to have stopped bleeding and his skin is clear, that’s good.

“I need to grab a bandage before it starts bleeding again.” I say, indicating that I need to get up. Mr. Styles’ piercing green eyes open and he stops me from my moving, his head turning towards the open door. I look over in the same direction and feel my body tense up as I see someone staring right back at me. “Grab Jenny’s purse out of the closet.” Mr. Styles tells Charlie with a bit of demand laced in his tone. Charlie gives him a nod before sprinting off.

“Gabby is.. probably torn up about this.” He gulps loud enough for me to hear. His eyes meet mine, those pink swollen lips forming a smile. “You’re so good at this.. taking care of people.” Mr. Styles informs me, his eyes glistening with sincerity and something else – I can’t really tell what it is though. “I always wanted to be a nurse.. or a vet. Something like that.” I shrug lightly, college was something I was never serious about. Some of us just can’t afford it, and I well, I am one of those people.

“I think you’d be a wonderful nurse. You know.. I’ve heard that the University of California has a great medical-” Mr. Styles stops himself as the sound of footsteps on the bathroom tile fills the room. We both look down to see Charlie standing there, an unsteady smile on his face as he holds my purse up. Mr. Styles takes it from him, passing it to me after giving his son a smile in return.

“Go watch t.v., buddy.” He insists, a gentle sigh slipping out of his mouth. “Will you be okay, Daddy?” Charlie asks before his teeth catch his bottom lip. “Yeah, Jenny’s going to take care of me. Now go on, watch t.v. for a bit.” Mr. Styles nods to him, keeping that nice smile on. Charlie turns on his heel and leaves the bathroom just seconds later. I unzip my purse and reach in for my small bag – it’s filled with Chap-Stick, Band-Aids, and mints or gum. Weird combination, but I like to be prepared.

“Anyways, I don’t know if you’re thinking about college or not.. but if you are.. you um.. you should definitely be a nurse, or maybe even a doctor.” Mr. Styles carries on the conversation. I let out an easy breath, it’s not that easy sir. “I’ve.. been trying to save up, but.. it’s hard and.. and I don’t know.” I shake my head lightly, I hate talking about myself or anything that relates to me. “You could always apply for a loan.. and you never know, I may increase your pay-”

“Mr. Styles.” I cut him off with my shaky voice – surprising me more than I did myself, I’m sure. “I’m sorry, Jenny. I.. I didn’t mean to perturb you. I’ll shut up now.” He gives me an understanding nod before closing his eyes once again. “Now fix me up, doctor, before I bleed to death.” He chortled at his own words. “Will do, sir.” My lips shape into a smile, even though he isn’t looking at me.

I take the wash cloth and gently tap it against his sore nose. He grunts slightly at the extra pain I just inflicted on him. “I’m sorry.. gosh,it’s going to look horrible in a few hours.” I exhale, I can feel the pain for sure. “Well thanks.” Mr. Styles gives me a half smile, his eyes still sealed shut. “No I mean.. there will be a bruise. But it should heal by next week.” I reform my words to the way I should have said them, the correct and polite way of course.

After a few more dabs against his nose, the blood finally stops pouring from his nostril. I sit the cloth down beside me and grab the unopened Band-Aid. I peel the paper off and let out a soft laugh. Mr. Styles opens his eyes, letting them drop to the thing I’m holding in my hand. “Of course… just my luck today.” He huffs lightly, his eyes rolling before they close again. I try to hide my smile by biting my lip, it’s sort of working.

I stick the pink, white heart covered bandage over the cut on his bottom lip, the only part of the bandage actually on his lips is the white part that will handle the blood spills. “Now then.. all better.” I say, patting his rather hard bicep a few times. “Thank you, Jen-” “You’re not done.” Gabriella’s voice stops Mr. Styles’. I turn my head in the direction her words came from. She’s standing in the door, her red cheeks and her puffy eyes on display.

“What do you mean, babe?” He asks curiously, furrowing his eyebrows at her. “When me or Charlie get hurt.. Jenny gives us kisses on our cuts.. so they’ll feel better.. and Daddy.. sometimes you do the same.” Gabriella explains her previous statement to us. My heart is starting to race, no please don’t say it sweetheart. I’ve never wanted her to leave me alone before – until now. I want her to run in the other room and stop talking to me. But I know that’s wrong, and besides..she’d never just up and leave me like that, she’d beg to know what was wrong and offer a billion ways to take care of me. Sort of reminds me of her father, sort of.

“Jenny, you have to kiss Daddy’s cuts.. to make him feel better.” Gabriella claims, putting her hands on her hips and staring directly at me – not Mr. Styles. “Gabby.. that’s a little um..” I can’t find the words to finish my sentence, so I just give up on even trying to solve this issue. “Gabriella.. go watch t.v., babe.” Mr. Styles sighs out, I’m glad he sees it as nonsense just like I do. “Daddy.. you said that if you have a cut you-” “Gabriella, I refuse to say it again.” He loud voice bursts into the bathroom all of a sudden.

“No, Daddy! I want you to feel better.” She shakes her head a few times from side to side, rejecting his demand. Gabriella’s eyes are on the verge of letting tears flood, obviously not the first time today. Mr. Styles’ hand clasps the side of my thigh, making my heart skip another unsettled beat. “Alright.. alright, just please.. don’t start crying again, babe. I hate seeing you cry.” He huffs faintly, squeezing his eyes shut for a few seconds before blinking a few times, probably trying to process all of this like I am.

“Just.. do what she said.. so she won’t cry.” Mr. Styles softly mumbles to me, his eyes gazing right into mine. I swallow the big lump in my throat – he can’t be serious right now. I glance over, Gabby hasn’t left her spot but now her arms are crossed and she’s watching closely, to make sure I do as she requests. “It’s alright.. just a little peck on my nose.” He tells me this as if this was okay, when clearly it’s not.

My gaze drops to his nose, I can already see the skin is turning shades of blue and purple. I lean my body forward, not really sure how I’m going to handle this situation – either my mind is about to explode, these butterflies are going to eat me alive, or my heart is about to abruptly stop. The hand that was clamped onto my leg suddenly began to make its way further on my body – slowly glazing over hip before grabbing a rough hold of my waist.

I gasp suddenly, the tight action taking my breath away. Mr. Styles’ lips curve into that all too familiar smirk, his body falling closer to mine. “Just a little.. kiss.” He murmurs, his eye lids softly dropping closed. I pucker my lips, there’s no way I’m freeing myself from this moment. From the corner of my eye, I can see Gabriella’s harsh stare – she isn’t playing about this.

My eyes bolt shut, my heart begins to throb in my chest. In my stomach I can feel the butterflies arise, they begin to nip at my insides, pulling and tearing me apart slowly and painfully.

“It’s okay.” Mr. Styles breathes out, his warm breathe fanning my face. I nod lightly, despite him not being able to see me. My body jolts forward, but it’s because his hand pressed into the small of my back, throwing me on him. His other hand slowly creeps onto the side of my leg, his fingertips dancing on my skin as he trails it upward towards my waist. “I know you want to.. so just do it, love.” Those were his final words before I found myself with my lips against his warm skin.

I hold the healing kiss longer than I should have – but I can’t help it. I’ve never felt such soft skin, despite the bruising. Mr. Styles doesn’t hold back either, both of his hands find their way to both sides of my waist, gripping me tightly and keeping me against him. “Now the other.” Gabriella’s voice reminds me that I’m on Earth and not in some crazy, wild dream land with this man. I pull myself back, straining lightly because it seems that Mr. Styles doesn’t want me to move at all. My eyes flutter open, he’s so close to me.

The blush rose to my cheeks as his eye lids unlocked, revealing those jade green irises to me. “Here.. so it’ll be authentic.” Mr. Styles’ says as one hand leaves my body. I feel my heart pounding in my chest – my mind is begging him to put his hand back, my heart keeps trying to jump out and grab it. I watch as his index finger and thumb work together to pull the bandage off his abused lip. He hisses lightly at the pain, the sticky tape pulling at his skin.

He sits the bandage down on the counter beside me, I’m sure I’ll need to reapply one so that it doesn’t get infected. “I won’t move.. so don’t be scared.” Mr. Styles assures me with the bending of the corners of his mouth – a genuine smile forming on his swollen, pink lips. “Okay.” I whisper back softly, barely certain on whether I can do this or not. A shiver runs rapidly through my body as Mr. Styles returns his large hand to my waist, not easing up on the grip though.

Those beautiful eyes seal again – leaving me to stare in awe at his perfectly chiseled face, with a few minor cuts of curse thanks to a little misunderstanding between his kids. I smile gently to myself, this is going to be epic. I lean forward just half an inch, to get closer to the cut, when suddenly I feel my chest bump into his. My face is on fire, embarrassment spreading through my skin. “Doesn’t bother me.” Mr. Styles chuckles lightly, I wonder if he’s looking at me. I decide not to check. My lips pucker up again, ready to heal the next wound on his face.

Ever so carefully, I press my lips against the cut – the feeling of his soft lips against mine invades me body and I freeze. No.


“Now, all better.” Gabriella’s voice states in the silence, I almost forgot she was in here. I’m too caught up in the moment. The door slams shut and I realize we’re alone now, and Jenny’s lips haven’t left mine. I allow one hand to slowly slide under her shirt – the beautiful, soft skin against my hand makes me feel like I’m dreaming. My fingertips dig into her skin, I don’t ever want to let this girl go.

“I’m.. s-sorry.” Her sweet voice mutters as her lips break away from mine. My eyes open to find her red-faced and slightly nervous. “Hey, what’s wrong, love?” I ask in a low voice, I didn’t want to frighten her. Her eyes are staring at the wall behind me, she won’t even look at me now. “Darlin’, tell me what’s the matter.” I insist with a sigh, the hand that wasn’t under her shirt reaches up and carefully touches against the side of her neck.

Her pale skin is warm in this spot, I can feel her rapid pulse, her blood rushing through her body. “Th-that was.. n-not o-okay.” She stammers, her head lightly shaking from left to right. “It was perfectly fine, honey.” I sigh softly, my eyes trying to look into hers but every time I move she moves the opposite direction.

“What’s really wrong, hm? I can tell something’s botherin’ you, love.” My hand falls from her neck, perhaps she needs some space Harry – well perhaps I don’t fucking want to give her space. Relax, it’s fine, gosh. Her sparkling blue eyes finally look in my direction. I give her a soft smile, I can’t believe this beautiful girl is here in my possession. Her eyebrows are lowered, her soft, rosy lips are in a frown.

My mind is whirling around, trying to figure out what is bothering her. Just when I thought I had listed every possible reason, it hits me. “You’ve.. never kissed.. anyone, have you?” My words are soft, the whisper rather loud in the quiet room though. Her head returns the answer to me, gently shaking from side to side. “I’m sorry I took that away from you.. You deserve something good.” I sigh to myself, my eyes forgetting our stare as I look down at her lap.

Jennifer’s skin is milky white, even more beautiful when my much darker hands are pressed up against it. Her complexion is gorgeous, so pretty and innocent. “Can.. c-can.. I.. uh.” I stop myself, this is pathetic. I can’t take advantage of this girl – she’s so vulnerable. Stop trying to make up an excuse to why you can’t do it. You want her to be yours, so give her a reason to want to be. It’s hard to comprehend the fact I’ve never noticed the very small, light colored freckles scattered across the bridge of her nose. I wonder what else her body is hiding from me.

“Can.. can I give you something good?” My eyebrows furrow at my own words, my eyes getting lost in hers once again. “W-what do you m-mean, Mr. Styles?” She asks in a stutter, her bottom lip quivering lightly. I give my hand permission to return to her hot neck, god she’s burning up there – but yet her legs are cold and so is her side. “I mean.. this.” I mumble lightly as my eyes glue shut, my lips on a voyage to hers.

Then it happens – in a snap of my fingers. My lips softly fell on hers – god it’s like I’ve imagined it would be. Soft and smooth, her thick bottom lip and the faint taste of cherry lip gloss. For a moment, I thought she was angry and disgusted because she didn’t make a movement whatsoever. But before I could ponder it any further, her small hand touched my forearm, her fingertips cold against my skin.

Jenny began to respond to me, pulling me in for a quite surprise. I slightly parted my lips, I just need to feel her. My top lip pushes between both of hers, but not too far. No in mouth action this go around. My lips work in cooperation to get her bottom lip between my own. In seconds my mission was accomplished, short lived but taken care of. I allowed a little pressure to be applied to the soft area of skin, god it feels like paradise. I bet she tastes just as good.

Just when I thought this would turn into something greater, her hand yanks my arm down, forcefully ripping my hand from her neck. She jerks away, her lips tearing from mine. No, please don’t.. I open my eyes to find her with her head dropped, her hair falling in front of her gorgeous face.

“What’s wrong, love? Did.. did I go too far?” I hesitate at first, but I only want to make sure she’s comfortable with this – with me. My hand relocates itself to her waist, the other hasn’t moved an inch. Jenny picks up her head and I nearly kick myself for doing this to her – tears are spilling from her eyes. “I’m s-so sorry.” I mutter lightly, sucking my bottom lip in my mouth, giving it a harsh bite.

“No.. it’s.. it’s.. not.. you.” She says with a shaky voice, her eyes flickering from mine to her lap over and over again. “Then.. then what’s the m-matter?” I ask, my body is becoming nervous and anxious – I can’t believe I just gave this goddess a kiss, I never knew something so great could happen. Silence comes to soon to surround us once again – it’s suffocating me and I can’t breathe. I need to hear her speak to me, I have to know what she’s thinking. It’s killing me.

“I’m.. a hor-horrible person.” Jenny sobs out, her hands flying up to cover her weakened face. “No baby, uh no.. love you’re um, you’re not. You’re not horrible.” I blurt out, my heart speaking before my mouth could catch up. “Yes I am.” Her voice is muffled slightly by her hands but I can still make out her words. “Why in the world are you saying that, darlin’?” I question, my mind is jumbling up and my heart is thumping so loud in my chest.

“B-because I.. I l-liked it..” She cries out, her body trembling from the rolling emotions and the waves of heavy tears. A sigh slips past my lips, poor girl. I slide my arms around her waist, pressing my hands firmly into her back. Her body falls the rest of the way, her forehead hitting my shoulder. “It’s okay, Jenny. Don’t cry about it, love. You’re too beautiful to cry.” I mumble into her ear, I want her to feel better about this – it’s nothing to be upset over.

“No it’s.. wrong.” She whines, her hands falling from her face. As cheesy and cliché as it sounds, heart flutters as her arms slide under mine to wrap tight around my torso. “Is it wrong.. that I liked it, too?” I ask her with a soft smile on my face. She doesn’t reply. Before I could make use of any words in my mouth, I turn my head slightly and bury my face in her hair. The scent is captivating. She’s like a lovely Siren – I couldn’t escape her if I used all my strength.

I’m forever hers, whether she knows it or not.


*so I hope you like this.. ;) And don't worry, more updates soon! Please leave some feedback, not sure if this was okay or not.

Sorry for any errors// I usually end up reading it on my phone and realize mistakes, so they will hopefully get fixed!

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Awesome update LOVE!!!
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Allie Miller Allie Miller

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thank you for the feedback! be on the look out for updates:)

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