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Good For You

Chapter 11



Mr. Styles left about an hour ago – the room has been so quiet and peaceful ever since. I was on page one hundred and five in the book, let’s just say I’m a fast ready and my eyes are glued to the pages. I swear it’s just as good as the movie is. I bite my lip as I turn the page, it’s so amazing! I won’t lie, I sort of miss hearing Mr. Styles’ deep breathing coming from the couch. Every now and then he would clear his throat or cough to break the awkward silence.

He was on his phone most of the time, but when he wasn’t I could literally feel his eyes lingering on my body. I try so hard to ignore him, but it’s so damn hard. My eyes read over the words, quickly processing them in my mind as I continue through the book. My head shoots up as I hear a sudden sound – I realize it’s knocking and obviously it can only be one person.

About five or so seconds pass. The door slowly creaks open and Mr. Styles pops his head into the room. “Can you come help me for a few minutes?” He asks with a nervous smile on his face, one eyebrow raised as if he was unsure about whatever it is he’s doing. “Um, yeah. Everything alright?” I say as I fold the corner of the page and close the book. I sit it on the coffee table and stand from the comfortable chair.

“Uh.. well. I get nervous when I give Natalie baths, and I was just wondering if you could lend me a hand.” Mr. Styles sighs as he opens the door all the way, revealing his broad body to me. “Yeah, no problem.” I nod a few times as I head in his direction. He steps back and gestures for me to go down the stairs first. I take his offer after presenting him with a shy smile. I start down the stairs, his body heat burning me – he’s literally one step behind me the entire time.

It didn’t take long to reach the bottom, the door was already open so I just stepped into the closet after pushing the curtain aside. I hold it back for him and he mumbles a thank you as he shuts the door. He decides to lead the way now and I follow in his footsteps. “Sorry to intrude on your peaceful afternoon. I just.. get so worried.” Mr. Styles tells me, glancing over his shoulder at me. “It’s not an issue, I’m happy to help.” I assure him with a kind smile before he looks back in front of him.

My eyes constantly found their way over my shoulder to glare at Mr. Styles. He was rummaging through my dresser, he took it upon himself to pack up my clothes. I didn't mind one bit, I am grateful for his help. Yet I am still a little uncomfortable with the fact that my boss is going in my underwear drawer. Are you really bothered by that, or does it just get you aroused? I refuse to reply to my own question.

Mr. Styles decided it would be a nice idea to start packing my things up. So we hopped in one of his many cars and drove to my apartment. Natalie is sleeping in her car seat in the living room. I wasn't too sure about the idea at first but he promised me it would be fine. He called Niall and checked on Gabby and Charlie, once we were assured they were fine, we started to box up my belongings.

"Ermm.. Jennifer?" I heard his deep voice say from behind me. A small sigh passed through my lips as I shoved a few more items in the current box on my bed. "Yes, Mr. Styles?" I ask as I turn on my heel. He is now facing me, his hands behind his back and a cheeky smirk on his face. I raise an eyebrow, not sure what to think about his expression. "I thought you said you didn't have a.. boyfriend." Mr. Styles states, cocking his head at me. "I don't." I shrug lightly at him, still unsure about this.

"Then whose are these?" He questions with a deep chuckle as he brought his hand from behind his back. My eyes widen as I see the simple pairs of black boxers hanging from his fingers. His eyebrows shoot up as he shakes them in the air a little, teasing me at the fact he discovered them. I let out a nervous huff, he's found my secret. "The truth is.. Mr. Styles.. I'm really.. a.. a boy." I shake my head lightly as if I were ashamed.

"You can't even try to pull that one on me." he laughs out, tossing the boxers at me. They fit the floor near my feet and I just laugh. "First of all.. I just packed up your panty drawer." He reminds me with a smirk playing on his pink lips. I roll my eyes at this comment, trust me I haven't forgotten you've touched all of my underwear. "And secondly.. I saw you in those shorts this morning.. You definitely aren't a boy." Mr. Styles winks softly at me before spinning around back to the open drawers - giving me no time to respond to him.

"So why do you have them? Present from a one night stand?" I could hear the amused smile laced in his tone as he moved on to another drawer. "No. I'm not that type of person. I just find them quite comfortable." I admit, I'm not ashamed by it. I earn another raspy chuckle from him. My cheeks burn up as I see him throwing my bras in the box. I knew this was a bad idea. "This.. is cute." Mr. Styles says as he turns to face me once again.

I literally want to run to the balcony and fall ten stories to my death as I see what he's holding - a soft pink colored bra with cupcakes plastered all over it. The corners of his mouth turn up to form a smile as he drops it in the box. "You seem bothered." He mumbles as he steps a little closer to me. I take a deep breath, well I'm sure anyone would be right now if they were placed in this room with you while you're doing that.

"I have two daughters. Panties don't bother me." He says with a grin, I know he can sense my odd and awkward vibes. "Well.. I only see diapers and cotton fabrics. But your lace doesn't bother me." he adds with a sly smirk. "I don't have a lot of lace." I laugh lightly at his words.

"You seem to be enjoying this a little too much." I breathe out, hoping he didn't hear it but he's honestly entirely too close not to hear it. Mr. Styles' smirk grows wider as he stares at me, our distance short. "Hm.. Perhaps I am." Mr. Styles states, shrugging lightly as he comes to the bed and sits down on the edge.

"You have a lot of stuff." he claims while his lips form a smile, apparently he doesn't want to further the previous conversation. That's alright with me, honestly. "I'm a girl. Didn't you expect that?" I reply, my eyes flickering between him and the pile of unpacked clothes on my bed beside him. "Yeah.. I did." Mr. Styles says as he stands up from my bed. My eyes follow his hands as he picks up the stack of clothes and neatly sits them inside the box.

"I told you it would be a hassle, I'm sorry." I sigh out as I cross my arms on my chest. "It's fine honey." He steps beside me, his hand touches the bend in my back, centimeters from my behind. Is it sad to say I've gotten used to that? Or is it bad that I really like that?

"Well-" I stop myself as I hear little cries from the living room begging for comfort I mumble an excuse me to Mr. Styles as I walk towards the door - I already miss the feeling of his hand on me. I swiftly enter the living room and skip over to the little baby. I kneel down and unbuckle her straps. Her beautiful green eyes are puffy and red as she looks at me, tears streaming down her face and screams leaving her mouth.

"Hey sweetheart, stop crying. I've got you know." I coo out as I rock her gently in my arms from side to side. Natalie's crying doesn't come to a halt though. I stand up from my position on the floor and hurry over to the couch where her diaper bag sits. My eyes roll as I sit down beside the Gucci bag - even to this day it shocks me that a baby has a Gucci diaper bag. Yet, I can sort of understand - her father is Harry Styles.

I reach into the bag and grab one of the bottles. Somehow it was still ice cold. I pop the cap off and put my index finger over the opening before shaking it up. After a few shakes, I wipe off my finger and stick the bottle into the crying angel's mouth. Automatically she stops crying and focuses on the milk. A sigh of relief escapes through my parted lips as I lean back into the couch, it feels nice to finally relax.

"You really are great at that." His raspy, deep voice fills the room unexpectedly. I look up from Natalie and see that Mr. Styles' back is leaning against the wall directly in front of me. A smile is plastered on his million dollar face and his arms are folded on his muscled chest. "At what?" I question him, burrowing my brows.

"At taking care of children. Especially my children." He replies, giving me that wondrous smile of his. I feel heat rising on my cheeks, my eyes immediately drop his gaze. "It would take me fifteen minutes to get her to calm down." Mr. Styles starts as he pushes himself off the way, dragging himself slowly in my direction. "It takes you two." I can't find the words to reply with, so I just keep myself hushed and prepared for his further praising.

"It's like you have magical powers." He chuckled out as he lowers to his knees in front of me, his hand lifting up from his lap. At first I feel myself tense up, but seconds later I'm relieved when I watch him run his fingertips over the back of Natalie's head. "I've actually wondered.. if she thinks.. you're her moth-" Out of nowhere a phone begins to chime loudly. I knew it wasn't mine, that's ringtone belongs to someone else's phone..

My heart stops at the word he almost said.

" 'ello?" Mr. Styles says with a dead voice as he presses the phone to his ear. His eyes dart to mine for a few seconds before looking past me, most likely at the wall. "It can't wait?" he asks, the same irritated expression stays frozen on his face during the entire phone call. "Fuck, I can't.." He stops with a huff, I can hear a voice speaking to him in a loud time - but I can't make out any words.

"Fine. Yeah, whatever." he mumbles as he drops his hand from Natalie and stands up in front of me. "I'll have company with me." Mr. Styles informs the caller. My eyes wonder up to find his attention wasn't on me - the wall must be interesting. Half a minute passes before he shoves the phone back into his pocket.

He groans heavily as a hand races through his long curls. "I need to take care of some business. We'll drop back by and get the boxes afterwards. Um.. I guess we can finish up tomorrow or this weekend." Mr. Styles lists out as he grabs Natalie's car seat from across the room.

"I.. uh.. I can stay here with her if you want." I say as he sits the car seat down in the cushion beside me. "No. You're both coming with me." He snaps suddenly, his eyes shooting to me. If looks could kill.. "I-I'm sorry." I murmur lightly as he takes the baby from my arms, her bottle falling from my hand.

Within seconds her screams erupt in the room. "You made her mad." I breathe out as I reach down and pick up the bottle from the floor. She was almost done, but he just had to snatch her away.

"I don't fuckin’ care. Make her be quiet. We have to go." Mr. Styles coldly says as he takes the diaper bag, putting the strap over his broad shoulder. I decide to keep my mouth shut as I stand up from the couch. I pick up my purse from the table as he takes a hold of the car seat’s handle.

"Make her be quiet, please." He huffs out, looking over his shoulder at me - his lips in a straight line and his eyes are emotionless. I reach my hand into the pocket on the side of her bag and I wrap my fingers around the pacifier. Carefully I put it between her lips and she quickly takes a hold of it - her crying coming to a stop.

The silence is suffocating. My eyes are glued to the glass door on the wall across from the hard sofa I was sitting on - it wasn't too far. I could see Mr. Styles sitting there carefully listening and jotting things down with a red pen on some paper every now and then. He sat at the end of the dark brown table in a large black leather chair, in which was luckily facing me, while the people on the sides of the table sat on simple plastic chairs.

He hasn't smiled, nor shown any other emotion besides seriousness. Natalie is asleep in her seat thankfully. The small room is quite and simply boring. The walls are grey, the floor is white, the sofa is dark grey, and the small table is grey as well. It's not very comforting or welcoming.

I've been in here for a good hour already. My patience is ticking and my nerves on the brink. The only good thing is that I can stare at Mr. Styles without having to fear him catching me.
The building we're in is one of Mr. Styles' enterprise companies.

As I was told in the car earlier, an important meeting regarding a very important deal had to be dealt with today. There was no getting out of it, he had to be here. It's awful late to have a meeting, but as he said to me.. business is business.

"I wish your Daddy would hurry up." I sigh deeply as I look over at Natalie, she's sleeping so peacefully. My eyes linger back to the glass door. A frown takes over my lips as I see his mouth moving, his dark eyebrows knitted, and his forehead wrinkled.

I can tell he's upset about something, I hope everything is going okay with "the deal". The door blocks the sound, I'm beginning to think that's a good thing. I flinch as I witness him slam both fists down onto the table.

Seconds later Mr. Styles stands from his chair and storms away from the meeting table. I take a big inhale if air as he reaches the glass door. He yanks it open and forcefully closes it as he enters the little room. Mr. Styles stays silent as he slaps his hands against the wall, his forehead soon following.

"Fuck. Fuck. Fuck!" he yells the final word and I jump in my skin. By his actions I can obviously tell something had went wrong. I release an uneven breath as I begin to speak to him. "Is everything alright, Mr. Styles?" I ask in a soft voice. He lets out a sarcastic laugh. "Oh yeah! Everything's fuckin' peachy!" He loudly states, I could hear the annoyance in his tone.

"Um.. I-I'm s-sorry." I mutter, my heart is picking up speed - the last thing I want is for him to be mad at me. He sends a deep huff out of his mouth as he lifts himself off the dull wall. My breath gets caught up in my throat as he turns to face me, his jaw clenched and his eyes staring holes through me. "I'm sorry." he forces the words out, his eyes tightly sealing as he begins to take slow, smooth breaths.

My eyes fall to my lap, I start to mess with my own fingers. His heavy footsteps fill the room as his boots hit against the floor. "I'm.. sorry, Jenny." his voice softly says as I hear a thump. My eyes open to discover him on his knees in front of me. His hand gently presses against the side of my thigh. "I didn't mean to be.. rude." he mumbles, sucking in his bottom lip to chew on it as he awaits my reply. The corners of my mouth form a light smile for him.

"It's okay.. You're stressed, I don't blame you." I respond with a faint laugh. His teeth let go of his plump lip and he gives me a gentle smile, those green eyes intensely staring into mine. "I came in here.. So I could calm down some." Mr. Styles admits to me. Before I had a chance to reply to his words, his other large one carefully grabbed my wrist, pulling my hand towards him. I gulp harshly as he places my hand on his warm cheek.

"You make it easier for me.. to relax." He whispers as his lids close. My thumb jumps ahead of my mind and softly begins to rub against his skin, right on his cheek bone. He presses his hand against mine, keeping it glued to his flustered cheek. "You make everything better." Mr. Styles' lips barely part as he speaks. I feel my cheeks burning like they're on fire, this man drives me insane.

"Thank you." His eyes open and I can't stop myself from shyly smiling at him in return. "We're leaving." Mr. Styles declares as he carefully removes my hand from his face and sits it down in my lap with my other one. He stands from the floor and extends his hand to me. I gladly take it, his large palm gripping mine right as iI get off the sofa.

Once I'm steadied, he releases my hand and grabs the car seat. I take the diaper bag and adjust the thick strap on my shoulder. Mr. Styles opens the glass door and gestures me to go out first. I gladly accept his offer and I walk past him, our bodies brushing lightly against each other. All the eyes belonging to the people in this meeting room land on me and they don't stop their staring as Mr. Styles clutches my hand again, guiding me to the door.

We leave them in shock, I'm sure he didn't even inform them be was leaving. Business is business I guess?


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If you like stories that are like mysterious/thriller/tragedey/romance with some intense plot twists.... then please go check this out -->> http://www.onedirectionfanfiction.org/Story/87633/Beating-Heart/


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