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Beating Heart

f i f t y e i g h t - fast.

//read to me a page from your soul one night at a time//


Her eyes darted away from mine, causing me to become slightly worried about her now. Before I could say anything about it, she pulled her body away from mine and glared down at the water. A smile found its way to her lips and she grabbed my hand again, thankfully easing my concern. "Let's get in before it gets dark." She insists, nodding her head towards the pond. "Good idea." I reply with a wink as I let her hand go and I jump off the end of the pier.

Julianne laughs out my name as I crash into the water, I go down a few feet before I push myself back up. I break through the surface of the water and I throw my head to the side, trying to get my damn hair out of my face. It doesn't do what I wanted it to, so I just use my hand to push it back. Julianne sits down on the edge of the pier, her feet in the water and her legs dangling over the side. "C'mon, babe." I say, gesturing for her to join me. "I'm scared, Harry." Her bottom lip pouts out at me, I can tell she's really unsure about this.

"Just jump in, I'll catch you." I insist, holding my hands out towards her. She shakes her head from side to side, not willing to do as I said. I put on a smile as I swim over to the end of the pier. She closes her legs as I reach her, my hands grasping the edge on either side of her thighs. "C'mon, trust me." I say, my eyes gazing into hers. I notice that her blue orbs hold this look - she's afraid and I can truly see it in her eyes. "I do trust you.. just.. I can't." She shook her head again, the wind gusting around us picked up her hair and slung it to the side, most of it flying over her right shoulder.

Julianne uses the back of her hand to toss her locks back over her shoulder. I bite my cheek, trying to compose myself - God, she's gorgeous. "Yes you can." I say, my right hand picking up her left one, our fingers tangling together. "Harry." She groans lightly, her eyes rolling at me. I know she's afraid, but I don't want her to be. "I'll hold you, come on." My other hand pats the side of her thigh. A redness begins to tint her cheeks, making my heart skip a beat. She does wondrous things to me.

"W-what if y-you dr-drop me?" She asks in a stammering voice, her teeth biting down hard on her bottom lip. "I won't baby, please trust me." I try to assure of this but she just looks away from me, her eyes roaming around the property. "Julianne, c'mon love. I'm lonely." I huff out with a fake sad expression, I'm trying my best to make her laugh and at least get in the water. She just shrugs a shoulder at me, clearly not interested. My hand travels from her thigh to her waist, holding on tight to the slightly pudgy spot. She bats at my wrist, not wanting me to touch her. The fabric of the bathing suit is slick against my hand, but I could still grip her body through it.

"Baby." I mumble out, resting my forehead against her knees. I hear her giggle at me while those tiny fingers crawl through my hair, tugging lightly at my roots. "The water isn't cold." I inform her, perhaps that could change things. Honestly, probably not, but it's worth a try. "I'm not a good swimmer, Harry." Julianne tells me this fact that I already know about her. I lift my head, those blue eyes already glaring down at me. "I.." I press my lips against her knee, leaving little pecks as I speak. "..will..hold..you." I tilt my head back, those pretty eyes still staring down at me.

She simply shakes her head at me, a smirk spreading on her rosy lips. I drop my hand from her body and tear my other away from her fingers. She whimpers at the loss of contact but I force myself to ignore it. I turn around in the water so that my back was facing her. "Get on." I insist, glancing over my shoulder to see her with raised eyebrows and an amused look on that gorgeous face of hers. "No." She states, denying all of my suggestions and commands.

"Just get on my back. Please." An irritated sigh leaves my mouth, she's seriously staring to drive me insane. "Turn back around.. and.. and I'll get in." Julianne finally compromises and I am quick to do as I was told. I turn around, my arms extending out to her. She bites hard on that plump bottom lip as she scoots her butt to the edge of the pier. "I'm right here." I move closer to her, so that she can feel more comfortable. I touch the back of her calf, showing her that I was right there in front of her. With a deep breath, she hops off the edge of the wood and falls into the water, my hands grabbing her waist before her shoulders even had the chance to fall below the water's surface.

She squeals as her arms wrap around my neck, giving me a deadly grip. "I'm right here, baby. It's okay." I whisper into her ear as I hide my face in the side of her neck, inhaling her beautiful scent. "Just.. just don't let me go." Both of her small hands get lost into my hair, but I don't mind, as long as she's alright. "I won't." I mutter back, my lips pressing a kiss to her ear lobe. She giggles at me, her fingers pulling at my hair, bringing a moan past my lips.

"I still owe you that bath." I remind her of our spoiled night and how I ruined it for her. She lifts her head from my shoulder and I look into those piercing eyes. "Oh, I didn't forget." She says with arched brows and a grin plastered on those precious lips. "You better have the bubble bath soap here." Julianne gives me a stern look, lowering one eyebrow and her lips straighten out. "I do. I brought it just for you, love." I nod lightly, leaning closer to peck her lips.

She turns her head just as I was about to fall onto her mouth, instead I hit her cheek and a smile etches onto my face. "C'mon, don't be mean." I say, using my nose to nudge her head back towards me, her lips half an inch from mine now. She just smirks as I lean to kiss her again. To my surprise, my lips land on the space below her chin instead of those sweet lips. "Julianne." I groan out, her head thrown back so that her eyes were staring up at the blue sky.

"I don't wanna kiss you." She tells me, a giggle coming out as her head remains the same way. "Why not?" My words hit against her skin as I press my lips against her throat - right in the center. I close my eyes, my body is being filled with escasty as I smell her sweet, warm blood that's flowing through her veins. "Will you.." Julianne starts off a question, her throat humming against my lips, but she stops herself, making me ponder about what it was she was planning on asking me. "I'll do anything, baby, 'cept drop you." I smile lightly at my reply, she just lets out a small snicker at my comment.

One of her hands pulls away from my hair and she places it on the nape of my neck, her fingertips digging deep into my skin, holding on tight to me. "Tell me." I whisper out, hoping that she would end the shy phase and just speak to me. I don't know why she decides to be so shy around me. "It's nothing." She lowers her head, those soft lips now brushing my forehead. I lean away from her throat, it's very tempting and I don't want to do something I might regret later on. It's too soon, she isn't ready for that yet.

"Yeah it is, just tell me. I won't be mad." I insist, my lips finding hers as my eyes seal shut. I didn't care if she closed her eyes or if she had them wide open, but for me - I done this so I could focus on her voice and her words, and try my very best to ignore the smell of her blood and her skin - both things I might would eat up if I had to, if I allowed myself. I'm not like that anymore, she's not a meal. She's my world.

"It's too much." She shakes her head at me, definitely not the first nor last time that she will do that. I pucker my lips and push them against the corner of her mouth, the faint taste of ChapStick on her skin dances on my tongue now. "Please." I utter softly onto her skin, my lips just a hair away from touching hers again. "Just.. I." She begins with a few nervous words, her fingers twisting strands of my hair around them, yanking here and there as she struggles to keep herself afloat - despite the fact I am already holding her against me, not daring to let her slip out of my grip.

"It's stupid.. but." Julianne pauses yet again, her voice is shaking and I know she's nervous, her heart is beating unsteadily and her breathes are quick and sharp. I lower my head into the crook of her neck, hiding my face from her eyes so maybe she will have more confidence in speaking to me out loud. My hands slide to the small of her back, my arms locked around her beautiful body. "I was gonna ask if you.. you would get.. in the." She huffs to herself, ashamed I'm sure by the thought in her mind. I connect the dots quickly, I already know what she's wanting to ask and it just took a few seconds to figure out.

"I know what you're asking." I ease her pain by saying this, placing a few light kisses on her damp skin. "And if you want me to.. then I will."

That ended our conversation. We just remained in the water, my arms clutching her and her hands glued to my body. Her soft lips grazed my temple, while my teeth ever so lightly nibbled on her pale flesh. It felt like time had frozen and we were the only two creatures on the planet. If only.



My body continued to shiver, even after Harry wrapped a towel around me. We didn't stay too long in the water, he insisted we could get back in it tomorrow afternoon when the sun isn't covered by the clouds. I agreed with him, and now we're back in the house. He left me standing on the balcony, my hair dripping water and my skin still wet from the pond. I didn't mind being in the water since Harry had held me in place. But I hate being alone.

I assume he is gathering some clothes or maybe he is perparing the bath for me. I don't know, and frankly I don't care about what he is doing - I just want him with me. "Babe?" Harry's voice brought me out of my head and back to reality. I turn around to see him leaning against the frame of the French doors. "You alright?" He questions, lowered brows and a frown on his lips. He pushes himself off the frame and trails over to me, hands held out a few inches away from his body.

He reaches me but I ignore his gesture for me to take his hands. I am preoccupied by holding the towel tight around my shoulders, trying to both warm and dry myself. "The bath is ready.. if you are." Harry informs me, his arms snaking around my body, pulling me to his warm welcoming chest. "I am." My words are muffled by his bare chest, his beating heart is loud as it fills my ears. Harry's arms drop from my body and his fingers slide between mine, locking our hands in a tight hold.

A smile lightly made its way to my lips, I can't believe this is going to happen so soon. Harry shut the doors behind us before leading me across the large bedroom, straight to the open bathroom door. The sweet smell of vanilla swept into my nose as we entered, candle light giving the room a soft yellow glow. There was at least thirty candles covering the counter and the ledge of the windows. He done all of this for me, and it's so beautiful.

Harry goes behind me and closes the door, the room darking just slightly more. The setting sun sent rays of deep orange through the windows, hitting on the tiled floor. "I figured I would make it special." Harry's warm breath hit my ear as he leaned down behind me, hands on my waist and lips on my lobe. His large hands reached up to mine that were pressed to my chest, clutching the ends of the towel in my fists. Harry pried each hand open, taking the corners of the towel into his own possesion now. I swallow the lump forming in my throat, there is nothing to be afraid of.

He slides the towel off my body and drops it. The fluffy fabric dropped to a pool around my feet, the cold air now hitting my exposed skin. My hair was still wet from the pond and I'm sure it didn't smell very good. "Are you sure?" Harry asks in a soft whisper, his fingers hooking around each strap. I pick up my heart out of my stomach and nod to him as a reply - there is nothing to be scared of. It's just Harry. It's just him.

Carefully, he slides the left strap down my arm. Once it reached my elbow, I began to pull my arm out of the hole. He let the strap go, it found its way under my arm as he moved to the other side. He done the same with the other strap, I helped him free my arm in the process. "You can stop me whenever." Harry mumbled, his sweet lips rubbing against my right shoulder - planting a few kisses across my skin. "I don't want you to stop." I muster all my courage and admit this to him - this is want I want from him, this is what I need.

Harry lets out a low, rumbling chuckle as his hands reach under my arms. I raise them a little, giving him easier access. He grabs each side of the swimsuit and slowly begins to pull it down. He leans closer against me, his eyes peering over me so he could watch. I didn't mind, I trust him. I watched from the corner of my eye as he licked his lips, he does that when he stares at me. My heart began to pound violently in my rib cage, this is really happening.

With a quick tug, Harry yanked the swimsuit down past my chest - revealing a private part of my body I didn't know I would be showing him so soon, but I don't regret it. I really don't. He's the only man I trust, and I know he would never hurt me in any way. Absentmindly, I bring my arm up to cover my breasts, my skin is flustering under Harry's intense gaze. "Please don't." He mumbles to me, lips ghosting over my ear lobe. I swallow harshly, trying to get rid of the shy girl inside of me. Harry is mine, and I shouldn't hide from him anymore.

"I don't.. l-like them." I admit nervously, my eyes dropping to keep a watch on Harry's hands. He pulls down the fabric just below my navel, but he pauses as my words float into the air. "Why's that?" He asks with a gentle tone, my heart fluttering at his words. I have never been too fond of my body, mostly because it wasn't as skinny as the other girls I went to school with, and my chest is bustier and my thighs are wider than the average girl. I learned to appreciate it some, but still I have insecurities.

"T-too big." My voice is as light as a feather. Harry's fingertips gently touch against mine as he drops a hand from my waist. "Every piece of you is perfect, baby. Every inch." Harry's gravely voice vibrated against the shell of my ear as he spoke to me, trying to assure me that nothing was wrong with me. I shudder lightly as his fingertips start a trail, running over the back of my hand and to my elbow. I hold my breath as the smooth ends of his long fingers tickle underneath my boob, so close to touching it.

A heavy burden is lifted from my shoulders as Harry's hand relocates to my waist, grabbing a hold of the swimsuit once again. "I love.." He kisses the spot where my jaws meet, soft lips against my frozen skin. "..you so much." He finishes, another kiss on that same spot. His distraction worked, because it took me a moment to realize he had pulled down the fabric even more so that my most private area was becoming revealed. "I won't hurt you." Harry assures me as he slowly keeps it up, removing the piece from my body. "I.. I know." I nod lightly, letting my head fall back so that I was agianst his hard shoulder. I let my hands rest on his forearms, I love feeling his warm skin against mine.

A slickness was forming between my legs, I try to push the thought aside and focus on Harry's presence but I couldn't just ignore that feeling. I didn't realize my eyes were closed until they shot up - the swimsuit hits the floor with a smack due to the fact it was soaked. Reality settled into my soul, I'm fully bare in front of Harry's eyes and I actually don't mind it as much as I thought I would. "You're like a goddess, baby." Harry said, slicing up the hard silence we previously shared. I placed a hand over my crotch, just to give myself a bit more privacy. I guess you can't have much privacy when you're stark naked.

"Would you like to get in first?" Harry asks me, changing the topic away from my body. I nod a few times to him as I lean up, not wanting to depend on him for support. He kissed my temple as he came to my side, grabbing my hand tightly in his. "We don't have to do this." He reminds me of this as he guides me across the bathroom to the bathtub. I stare down at the pint tinted water, the mountain of bubbles floating on top of it. "But it's your decision." Harry says as he, too, stares down at the deep bathtub. I can just feel the warmth of the water on my skin already, and the divine smell of the candles mixing with the bubbles is just wondrous to me. "I.. I want to." I tell him, lifting my eyes so that I could catch his gaze.

A soft smile placed to his lips, but it didn't stretch out to the dimples in both of his cheeks. "Ladies first." He mumbles, nodding his head towards the bathtub. I gladly take his offer and I pick my leg up, careful not to lose balance and fall over - that would be so embarrassing. I gently place my foot in the water, the heat already soaking deep into my skin. The water is about knee level, which shocked me a bit, I won't lie. I release Harry's hand as I go to throw my other leg in. His hand protectively grabs my waist, keeping me steady as I attempt to sit down in the warm water.

The water reached high enough to cover my nipples, which is a good thing because I won't have to worry about my insecurities that much - or at least I hope I want. "Want me behind or in front facing you?" Harry asks me curiously. I look up to see that I'm now face to crotch with him and his slinder fingers are working to untie the strings of his damp trunks. "B-behind." I mumble it out, my nerves are tingling as I watch him finally pull the two strings apart. His fingers hook in the waist band of the trunks and he goes to push them down his long legs.

I look down to the water, not wanting to see what God blessed him with - not now at least. I heard him chuckle to himself as he stepped in behind me, slowing sinking down into the water with me. A leg appeared on either side of me and I melted into his arms as he pulled me back. "Your skin is so soft." Harry whispers as his hands find my stomach and he locks them in place there. "You're warm." I mutter back, closing my eyes in complete pleasure as Harry's body heat overpowers the water's temperature. I could burn on him all day.

"Your legs are long." I laugh lightly as I place my hands over his. He draws his knees up, resting them against the sides of the tub. "Maybe yours are just short." Harry proposes his opinion as I lay my head on his shoulder. His lips kiss against my temple, chuckling lightly as I shake my head at his words. "This was a good idea. I'm glad you thought about it." He says, kissing me again in the same spot. I smile at his words, my eyes flutter shut as I start to relax in his arms. I love this, I really do.

"I figured you wouldn't let me see you naked." Harry said before I could respond to his previous statement. I blush instantly as his words enter my mind. "But I'm definitely glad you did." He playfully laughs to me, those wondrous lips brushing against my skin. Silence bloomed around us after a few moments. It wasn't one of those cold dead silences that makes you feel like your suffocating, frankly it was opposite - the silence engulfing us was peaceful and beautiful, allowing me to hear his deep breathes and feel the beat of his head against my back. It gave me the chance to cherish his touch and his body on mine. It made me realize that I really adore being alone with him.

"I wanna stay here forever." I admit freely into the air, one his large hands moves up some on my stomach, above me name. It spans out, his warm touch invading my body in more places now. "Perhaps we can add a few more days onto our trip." Harry insists, I could hear the small smile in his voice. I nod as a reply, that sounds like the perfect idea. I knew good and well we couldn't stay here forever. Harry has a family, people he has to protect and take care of. He couldn't just leave them in the dust for me, he wouldn't.

Once again, not that I'm complaining though, the silence invaded the air floating around us. My eyes screwed shut as my mind drifted off, thoughts filling my head. I wonder if Harry would be up to doing this tomorrow night as well? Maybe so, he seems pretty fond of the idea already and it's just the first time we've done it. What will happen after this? Will we fall back to our normal routine, him sleeping beside me - but not under the covers? I think tonight I will insist that he sleep under the same blanket as me, there is no need to do that anymore. I mean, for God's sake, here are in the bathtub together - fully naked, with his arms holding me tight. Why would he not want to sleep beside me?

Harry let out a grunt as I moved my body, positioning my head on his other shoulder. I felt the smile his lips held as he pressed his mouth against the side of my face, his arms tighting their grip on me. Something carried my mind back to before we both fell into the water. Harry said something that caught me off guard, made me wonder where he had heard it. I never imagined I would hear someone else say that, or anyone say it as a matter of fact. It had been over ten years since I last heard that - even my father didn't say it.

"My mom called me that." I mumble, furrowing my eyebrows as I open my eyes, just to stare at Harry's knee. He slightly tensed up at my words, could he possibly know what exactly I'm referring to? "Hmm?" The vibration sent bolts of electricity straight to my heart - he will be the death of me one day. "What you called me earlier.. my.. my mom called me that.. when I was little." I further explain, my hand wrapping around one of his thick wrists. Harry cleared his throat behind me before speaking, "You mean.. Julie?" He says nervously, like he thought it would make me break down or something. That's the opposite really.

"Yeah.. that." I murmur back, not having to worry if he heard me or not because he obviously did. I brought my knees up like Harry has his and I let my fall against his legs. He pecked the shell of my ear as I did so. I like his little kisses, they make my heart burst with pure joy. "Sorry.. I.. I won't do it again. It.. uh, it slipped." Harry says with a sigh after his words. "Don't be sorry.." I grab one of his big hands and bring it to my face. He quickly understands what I want him to do, he places his hand on my cheek. I wrap my own hand around his wrist, holding him there.

"I don't mind.. you can call me that. But I don't want everyone else to.. It's.. it's special." I mumble, his thumb rubbing my bottom lip. "Are you sure?" He asks, lips dancing on my temple once again. I smile against his palm as I bring it higher on my face. "Yes." I whisper back to him, kissing his palm a few times. "Can I ask something?" Harry questions with a curious tone. "Mmhm." I nod lightly, but not too much - I didn't want to disturb my position. Harry's hand covers my cheek, his thumb rubbing circles into my skin. "How did you.. just suddenly stop being.. being so shy around me?" Harry's words make my heart thump, obviously he has noticed this.

I shrug my shoulders as a reply, I never really thought it through it just happened. His hand drops to where his other one lies still, a deeper warmth now on my stomach. "Tell me." He breathes out, leaning his head against mine. I play with my own fingers under the water as I try to muster up some energy to speak to him. "I dunno.. just.. I trust you." I admit, it was the truth - perhaps not all of it, but it was some of it. "You didn't even want me to use my tongue when I kissed you.. and now here we are.. naked.. together.. in this bath." Harry recaps quickly, probably trying to comprehend it all because it truly is confusing.

"Like I said.. I trust you." I tilt my head to the side so that I could see him. He looks down, his chin touching against my shoulder. "I won't lie.. I was nervous about this." Harry spoke suddenly, I didn't expect him to say something along those lines. "Why?" My eyebrows furrow as I stare up at his handsome face. "Don't really know.. Guess I was afraid that we were moving too fast." He sighs out, his eyes tearing away from mine and looking up at the ceiling. Our loss of eye contact isn't enough to make me look away from his beauty.

"Do you think we are?" I curiously ask him, just to see what he would say. His tongue darted out of his mouth to lick his bottom lip, it's so cute when he does that. "I mean.. I don't know. I've never.. done the whole.. relationship thing. You-you're the only girl I've ever been with." Harry answered me and now it was my turn to give my own thoughts. "I don't think we're going fast." I mumble, it wasn't a big deal to me but I could tell that it meant something to him - I don't know what, and I'm sure I'll never find out, but it definitely is something.

"Maybe a little fast.. but I.. I don't mind." A soft smile played on his lips as his eyes drop to meet mine once again. I stay silent as I stare into his orbs, the shades of green mixed together and the tiny hints of blue and brown around his pupil, they're barely there. "Perrie and Zayn went slow.. They waited four months before they first kissed." Harry says, his eyes going to the wall in front of us now. I turn my head back, my hands sliding down to cover over his. I close my eyes and take in the sweet rumble of his voice.

"Liam and Sophia didn't waste any time. They went a few weeks before fu- uh.. you know." Harry says and I can't stop the smirk on my face from forming, he got a little nervous when he almost said that word. "I don't know.. I guess I'm worried because.. because I'm afraid you.. you might.. I don't know. Hell, I don't know." Harry begins to strees about this and there is seriously no need to do that. I pick up one of his hands and slot our fingers togther. "It's okay." I say in a soft voice, but I can still feel his sharp breathing.

"Just promise me.. that if I do something you don't like.. you'll tell me." He proposes this and I know it's the right thing to do. "I promise." I mutter out. Seconds later, he releases a small sigh of relief and I smile at him, he's adorable.



Harshly, I bite the inside of my cheek as Julianne throws my shirt onto her beautiful body, covering up her chest now. The hem reaches the middle of her thigh and I can't help but smirk as she glances over her shoulder at me, blush tinting her cheeks. I got dressed first, to make things easier for her and her eyes - she's still shy about it and I completely understand her. I'm wearing a pair of boxers and that's it. I watch intensively as she slides the pair of pink, lacy panties up her legs and over her bum. I'll have to thank the girls for getting those for her, they're lovely.

"Harry." Julianne's sweet voice made me tear my eyes away from her glorious legs. "Yeah?" I ask, raising my brows as I push myself off the wall, perhaps she needed me to come to her. "Can we get in the bed? I'm really tired." She asks in a voice similiar to a whisper, but not quite there yet. I reach out, my hands grabbing her waist. I grasp her tightly before yanking her closer. She throws her head back as our bodies slam into one another, her precious eyes gaze into mine.

"Of course we can, baby. Whatever you want." I nod lightly before pressing my lips on her forehead. Her small hand glides up my bare chest and up to the side of my neck where it stops. "Are you okay?" I ask, lowering my brows at her. I hope she isn't rethinking anything. "Please sleep with me." She whispers out, a worryness in her eyes. "I always sleep with you, baby." I remind her, I hope she isn't starting to forget things - I hope she isn't losing it.

"I mean.. under the cover with me. You.. you never do that." She tells me and I immediately get what she's asking me. "Like I said, doll, anything you want." A pleased smile grows on her plump lips, her hand dropping from my body as she goes to turn around. I watch her walk away from me, hips switching naturally and those long locks lightly swinging behind her. I lick my lips as I, too, start the walk to the bed. Julianne and I have definitely stepped out of our normal limits - we took a bath together, for God's sake, that was the most shocking thing to me.

Julianne climbs onto the mattress and goes underneath the covers, her eyes lingering on me as I turn off the lamp and make sure the balcony doors are locked. "Harry." Her angelic voice filled the room, grabbing my attention. "Yeah baby?" I ask, looking over my shoulder for a few seconds as I head to the bathroom to turn off the light and make sure the water has drained out. "Why do y'all live together?" I can hear the curiousity in her words, she's quite eager to know.

After checking and seeing that the water has gone down and the lights are now off, I stroll back into the bedroom, those pretty blue eyes sticking to me as I move. "We're family." I shrug, not really sure whatelse to say to her about that. "Don't you ever get tired of it though?" She asks with knitted brows and a half curved smile. "It can be a bit much at times but I never get tired of them." I shake my head in denial, how could she think that? "What are you getting at, love?" I ask as I sit down on the edge of the bed, my back to her. I close my eyes and drop my head, saying a quick prayer to myself - mostly about Julianne's safety and her soul. I know God hears me, whether I'm damned or not.

I don't want God to punish her just because I have came in and poisoned her heart. She's too good for Hell, too precious to spend eternity down there.

"Just wondering." She ends the conversation with those words, not getting a further response from me regarding that. I love my family and I would rather spend the rest of my days listening to the constant screaming, fighting, laughing, and all of that they cause in that house of ours than to waste away by myself. "I guess it's just different to me.. I never lived with so many people before." She yawns between sentences, her soft hand pressing into the small of my back. I keep quiet, my eyes staring down at my knees. Julianne's presence in my life has had be thinking and considering a ton of things these past few months, and our living arrangement is high on that list.

She's a young girl. She's been through a lot and can only handle so much. I highly believe we would be better off in a place of our own, but at the same time I know I could never survive without my family, my pack. It's what people like us do. We live together, we support each other, we grow together, and we stay together. For some reason, Julianne is making me rethink my entire life and all of my choices. I want to give her the best, but I don't know what she considers to be good and bad.

"Did I make you mad? I.. I'm sorry." She spoke in a faint voice behind me, her hand dropping from my body. I lift my head up, gulping as I realize I have upset her. "No, you didn't. M'just thinking." A shiver shoots down my spine as I feel her soft, tiny fingertips graze against my skin, just above the band of my boxers. "What are you thinking about?" Julianne asks, the bed slightly moving as she shifted closer to me. I could feel the presence of her stare on my back. The sound of her steady breathing and beating heart have calmed me down a lot.



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