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Beating Heart

f i f t y s e v e n - us.

//we lose ourselves in the things we love, we find ourselves there too//


I stood patiently in the doorway, my fingers grasping the frame as I watch them guide Harry out of the bed. Liam wrapped a strong arm around Harry’s lower back, while Zayn threw his arm around Harry’s broad shoulders. They stood still as Harry laid his feet flat on the ground, his head drops as a throaty groan left his mouth. “Don’t think about it, Harry. Just stand.” Sophia said as she watched with arms folded on her chest just a few feet in front of him.

It has been two days since I saw him last, but throughout those two days, I heard him yell out in pain above me and occasionally he threw something into the wall. Niall told me that his pain had become too much to bear, so instead of trying to cope with it - Harry would toss something into the wall or onto the floor in the room above me. His beautiful voice distracts me, despite the fact I could barely hear him.

“Hurts.. Can’t.. do it.” He grunts out to them, shaking his head from side to side just slightly, probably experiencing more pain by doing that. Harry was cut up pretty bad - the deepest cut was about ten or so inches long and ran down his left side, it when in about an inch into his body and let out the most blood. He had several little nicks on his face, but those appeared to be just scratches and little to no blood came from them. The other sewn up cuts were all over his body - two on his abdomen, three on his left bicep and so on. Apparently, when he was in his other form, he didn’t know he was hurt that bad. But Niall said once he phased back, he started screaming and crying out in utter pain - he’s human too, he can’t hide from it.

“Julianne.” Liam called my name out in a whisper. I look at him as he turns his head to see me better. He ticks his head to the side, indicating for me to come over to him. I gladly do, but not without taking a few slow and deep breaths before taking the first step. I approach them cautiously, keeping myself distanced from Harry as much as I could. “Calm him down.. Encourage him.” Liam tells me with a sigh, probably tired of Harry’s delay. Sophia had told me earlier today that it was extremely abnormal for Harry to be this way. She said he had gotten hurt several times in the past, but those times never took him this long to recover.

It had be thinking, but before anything could make sense to me, Niall had told me that it’s most likely because of me. Harry feels like he has let them all down, but above all - he thinks I see him as weak and powerless, something that will eat the Alpha up on the inside and tear down his strength, at least that’s what Niall said. I understood him, though. Harry is the big gun around here, he doesn’t want them to think he can’t handle a smaller wolf and that he can’t protect their land. And he definitely doesn’t want his mate to think he’s weak.
Niall said Alphas hold a high form of dominance, mentally and physically. The last thing Harry wants them to believe is that he’s weak.

My heart began to skip a few beats as I stepped in front of him. “Julianne.” He said with a hopeful smile as he lifted his head. “Baby.. c’mere.” Harry spoke with a soft tone. I took a few steps closer, hoping not to harm him in any way or cause him any pain. “Closer, love.” He chuckles lightly as he notices the distance between us. I do as he asks, remembering what Niall told me yesterday - if I obey what Harry says, then he might start to realize he’s still in power around here.

I bring my hand to the scared side of his handsome face. I press my palm to his cheek, feeling the warmth set flames to my frozen skin. “I missed you, baby.” Harry breathes out, his hot breath igniting the fire across my pale flesh. “I missed you, too.” I whisper back, skipping past the pet names because I have never called him any, and I don’t plan on starting today. “Give me a kiss.. Can’t.. Can’t reach your pretty lips.” Harry smirks lightly, my cheeks burn up at his words. I can’t believe he’s being this way in front of them.

Without any more hesitation - I’d hate to anger him, and plus I want to hide my flustered face - I press my lips to his and he gladly presses back against me. “C’mon, love birds, we don’t have all day.” Liam said with a laugh, resulting in Sophia and Zayn to laugh out as well. My cheeks were burning to crisp now, they really love to embarrass me. The tip of Harry’s tongue poked at my lips - my heart fell through my stomach. What is he doing?

I pull back, my eyes avoiding his gaze. I turn to face Sophia, her eyebrows are slightly furrowed as she looks at me intensely. “What’s the matter?” She asks me. I hear Harry huff behind me, but I try my best to ignore him. “I.. I don’t know.” I mutter back, confused on why exactly he would attempt to go that far with me, in a place so open. I already don’t like to display too much affection in front of everyone and what Harry tried to do is a thing reserved for a moment behind closed doors, not in front of his entire family.

Before I, or anyone else, could stop myself, I fled the room and quickly made my way back to my own bedroom, wanting to bury my face in the pillow and just fucking scream.


“Let me go.” I say with gritted teeth as I shrug off Zayn’s arm and push Liam’s hand off my side. “What’s wrong with her?” Sophia asks as I gather all my strength and start walking towards the door. I push her out of my thoughts, only wanting to focus on my angel. I didn’t mean to that, I would never try to take that from her with eyes watching us.

Pain shoots through my body, my side is aching from the swollen skin, the wound is still there - they stitched it up, they didn’t heal it. I bite the inside of my cheek as I stare at the staircase. I can do this, I have to be able to do this. Julianne is probably freaking out, her heart can only take so much and I definitely made her panic. “Do you need help?” I hear Liam behind me but I only shake my head in denial as I step down, the first of many. Literal shock waves of horrible pain washed through my body, making my head spin and my body ache.

Fight it, Harry. Fucking fight it. Don’t let these cuts win, don’t let them determine anything. Defeat is your goal, so fucking fight it.

Surprisingly, I made it down the staircase within half a minute. I take a deep, steady breath as I shuffle down the hallway, my hand running up against the wall just so I can balance myself better. Gemma shuts Julianne’s door just as I get a few feet away from it. “What’s.. What’s she doing?” I ask, breathlessly. Gemma grabs the knob, turning it for me but still keeps the door sealed. “Crying her eyes out. She wouldn’t speak to me. What.. what did you do?” Gem asks with a confused expression, well I’m not really sure she’s crying but I am the reason. “I accidently. Just.. It’s not important.” I shake if off, I can’t let that distract me from my real goal - holding her in my arms again. It’s been days since I’ve gotten to feel her against me.

Gemma understandingly nods before opening the door for me. She turns and walks towards the kitchen and I mentally thank her for doing so and not questioning me any further on the subject. Gemma really does get me more than anyone else here. She’s my sister, she knows me well. The door creaks as I push it shut behind me. The dim light is on and so is the lamp. The sun shines brightly through the broken clouds in the sky, burning straight through the window.

“Julianne?” I mumble in a low tone as I approach the side of the bed. Her face is mushed into a pillow, her blonde locks thrown out all around her head. I smile gently at the pretty sight, even when she’s upset she’s so beautiful. “Baby.. can we talk?” I ask carefully as I reach my hand down to the small of her back where the hem of her shirt has risen to. I grab it and pull it down, hiding her milky flesh from my eyes. My hand falls on her back, trailing up her spine - I can feel how cold she is through the thin material of the tee shirt. “I’m sorry about that, I.. I didn’t mean to.” I go ahead and step up front with my apology so that I can get it over and done with. It wasn’t hard to say, but I know what I did affected her in a bad way.

I sit down on the edge of the bed, my body facing her as my hand glides over her smooth hair, trying my best to soothe her nervous heart. “Sophia told me that she treated your cuts, love. I.. I hope they’re feeling better now.” I say with a soft tone. I don’t want to be too loud since I’m right beside her. I gather her hair in my hand, sweeping it onto her back and off the pillows. She sniffles as I do so, tucking her arms under her chest, trying to prevent me from touching her hand. My lips curve at her childish ways, it’s cute though.

My hand quickly does the same to the other side so that all of her hair is on her back and away from her face. I comb my fingers through it, trying to tear past the knots and remove the tangles. Julianne’s breathing is now slow and deep, like she’s pleased and completely comfortable despite the fact that her face is pushed into a pillow. “Your mother told me you have the worst temper tantrums.. It appears to be true, love.” I hope that mentioning her mother will ease the tension in the room and she will forget what I done upstairs just minutes ago.

Julianne shrugs carelessly at me, but I know she heard me clearly because her heart began to beat faster at the introduction of her mother. “You know.. I could take you somewhere.. We could get out of here for a while.” I suggest, already having the plan formed in my mind. I’ve been debating on it for days now, and I believe it’s a good thing to do. “Where?” She asks, her voice muffled by the pillow. I smile widely, she’s finally speaking to me. “It’s a surprise.” Julianne huffs at my words, but I only know it’s because she’s so impatient.

The place we’re going is something important to my family, it’s a place I go to where I can escape reality. This go around, I want to take my girl with me so that I don’t sleep alone, and also so I don’t have to talk to myself. Will she love it? I highly believe she will.



“Please let me look!” I whine out for the thousandth time since we left the house. Harry just chuckles beside me, his hand patting against my halfway exposed thigh. “We’re almost there, just be patient.” He tells me, his thumb rubbing circles into my skin. I sigh out, crossing my arms on my chest, “I can’t believe you blindfolded me.” He just laughs once again, deep rumbling coming from his throat. “I couldn’t trust you to keep your eyes shut.” Harry explains, but I’m sure he just did this to tease me because I’m a very impatient person and I’m immensely sure he is aware of that. ]

“Is it an overnight trip?” I curiously ask him, despite the fact I’m sure it has to be. I watched with my own eyes as Harry threw a suitcase on the end of my bag and filled it halfway with my clothes, since the other half was full of his own. He threw in some necessities before zipping it and taking it to the truck, having not told me a word about where we were going.

“Yes.” He answers, his hand squeezing the amount of my leg he could fit in his hand. “Just me and you?” I turn my head towards him, but all I see is the black fabric over my eyes. The sun is setting, so I’m beginning to see nothing but darkness. “Obviously, doll.” Harry mumbles, but I swear I could hear that smirk plastered on his face.

“I don’t trust you.” I brutally say, at least I’m being honest. “Oh, c’mon! What would I possibly do?” He scoffs at me, as if it there was nothing wrong with him taking me to God knows where alone - without any witnesses and plus my eyes are sealed off from the world. This is going to end up on one of those murder shows once my body is recovered. ‘Teenage Runaway Murdered by Werewolf’ I can see it now.

“Eat me. Kill me. Strangle m-” Harry’s loud fit of laughter cuts me off. I roll my eyes, even though he can’t see me. I can’t even comprehend this anymore. He’s going to eat me because he’s insane. I’m even stupider for putting my trust into the hands of a damn werewolf. “Baby, why would I eat you? You’re the only thing I love in this world.. I could never eat you.” Harry denies my assumption but just watch, I bet I end up bleeding before we get back home.

I brush the thoughts away, how could I be so mean and think those horrible things? Harry really does love me, he wouldn’t intentionally hurt me. I just need to relax and push my anger aside. “I love you, Julianne.” Harry says, his fingertips digging into my thigh. I grab his wrist suddenly, trying to stop him from pressing down so hard. He gets my gist and eases up on the pressure, but still keeps his large hand glued to my body. “Where are we going?” I find myself only being able to ask this in a drug out sigh. Harry just deeply chuckles at me once more.

“You’ll find out soon.”


Soon didn’t come so soon, it was nearly thirty minutes until Harry woke me up from my slumber in the passenger seat. I groan as his hand shakes my leg again. “I’m awake.” I push him away and draw my feet up to the edge of the seat, my legs against the dashboard. My brows drop as I realize I can see! I reach up to my face, just to make sure I haven’t lost my mind. There is no fabric on my face, honestly I’m so happy.

“Harry.” I gasp as I look through the windshield to see a beautiful cabin sitting next to a sparkling pond. I reach over to his side of the truck, searching for his hand. He grabs my lost hand and laces our fingers together, I love it when he does that. “This is amazing.” A huge grin spreads across my lips, this can not be real. “I knew you’d love it.” He says, his soft lips placing kisses all over my hand. I look over at him, I can’t even comprehend this right now!

“You’re the best.” I get rather bold with my motions as I lean over to him, my lips pressing against his dimple. “I know.” He turns his head so that our lips meet and he gladly closes the distance. Harry holds us in place for a few moments before breaking away from some air. “Can I go?” I ask, nodding my head towards the cabin. “Go ahead, I’ll be right in.” He nods with a pleased smile as he reaches into his pocket and yanks out a silver key.

I snatch it from him and sling open the truck’s door. I can hear him laughing at me as I jump out and dart towards the front porch of the amazing cabin. I make my way down the stone path, skipping towards the door. Glancing over my shoulder, I see Harry getting out of the truck and opening the back door to grab our suitcase. I reach the door quicker than I thought I would. I stick the key in the hole and turn it to the side.

It opens and I gently push on it. My eyes are revealed to a beautiful modern interior. A small kitchen to my left with a two person table in the center. A majority of the bottom floor is the living room space. The huge flat screen television hangs on the wall, the couches are dark brown leather and look so comfortable. A bear skin hangs on the back wall, along with a few mounted deer. This is going to be a great escape, it’s so lovely here.

Curiosity gets the best of me and I head towards the staircase. Despite the modern feel and technology, the décor is rustic and earthy, such a beautiful vibe it gives. I lead myself up the stairs, my hand gliding along the wooden rail, this place is so wondrous. I hate that he has waited so long to bring me out here, but I’m definitely very grateful that has brought me along with him.

The stairs lead to what appears to be a bedroom - the king sized bed is placed in the middle of the back wall. Sheer white curtains hang over the windows, the floor is hardwood and shiny like it’s just been cleaned. I look up at the high ceiling, the fan hangs down and is slowly rotating. The railing from the staircase continues until it reaches the far wall, acting as a block so no one would fall to the first floor.

I grasp the railing as I look down at the front door, Harry shutting it behind him. He glances up for a short second before grabbing the suitcase. His head tilts up again, eyebrows furrowed as he looks at me. A smile spreads to his lips just as his brows lift, he probably thought he was seeing something the first time. He shook his head in disbelief as he walked towards the stairs.

Deciding to let him be, I turn around and stroll over to the set of French doors on the back wall, to the right of the bed. I open one of the doors and step onto a balcony. My eyes widen at the beautiful view of the trees, heights soaring high above the water from the large pond. A flock of birds flew in the sky, crossing from tree to tree. I smile at the natural beauty of the place, I'm so lucky to be alive right now.

"Such a beautiful view." Harry's deep voice spoke behind me, making my heart flutter. I smile as I feel his hands on my waist, his body heat warming me up. The cool evening breeze had made chills race through my body. "It sure is. Look at all the birds." I lift my arm and point up at the sky while another set of birds flew across the sky so fast, it was almost a blur to me. "They're quite lovely, but I was referring to something else." Harry said with a low chuckle. I furrow my brows at his words, he must mean the scenery.

"The water is sparkly, and I see two ducks. Look, Harry!" I excitedly point down to the water wear the two ducks swim and interact with each other on the edge of the pond. "I see them, baby." Harry's hands both travel to my stomach where he lets them sit. His chin hits against the top of my head and I lean into him, his warmth engulfing me completely now. "And if you look over the trees you can see the other mountains." I tell him, just so he is aware of the entire beauty of the landscape.

"Hmm.. it's all quite lovely." He says as I gently allow one of my hands to wrap around his wrist, but not to pull him away from me - but instead to keep him on me. My other hand grips the railing tight as my eyes roam over all the land. "But.. it's not as beautiful as you, my love." His words make my heart shudder, he does wondrous things to me. I feel my cheeks tingle as one of his hands slides underneath my shirt, carrying along the heat.

I shake off his arms as I attempt to turn around. At first he only tightened his hold, but he soon realized that I was trying to face him. He takes a step back, giving me enough room to spin around. His hands relocate to the small of my back while mine gladly find his chest. I look up at his handsome face, those piercing green eyes staring right back at me. "Why did you bring me here?" I question with a small smile, still unable to believe that this is real right now. If I were to wake up in a few minutes, and God forbid, I might actually cry my eyes out.

"Because.. I wanted to be alone for a few days.. I wanted to be with you." He answers me as his lips press against the corner of my mouth. "Wanna go for a swim?" He asks with a cheeky smile as I push him back up. "I.. I'm not the best swimmer." I admit shyly, my eyes dropping to where my hands touch against his warm chest. "Then I get to hold you even closer." His right eye falls into a wink seconds before his lips peck my forehead. "C'mon, it'll be fun." Harry insists as he grabs my hand and tugs me behind him back into the cabin.

"I don't even have a-" Harry interrupts me, "A swimsuit? Of course you do." He laughs lightly as he leads me to the end of the bed where he has placed our suitcase. He drops my hand so he could unzip the bag. I watch the muscles in the lower part of his arm move as he threw the suitcase opened and rummaged through it. "The girls bought it a few weeks ago. I told them I was going to bring you out here." Harry explains the reason why he just pulled a black one piece bathing suit from the bag. He passes it to me and I carefully take it from him. "The bathroom is over there." Harry says, motioning his head towards a door in the wall. I nod back as I turn around and make my way to the door. Harry is awfully peppy today, I wonder what he has pushed up his sleeve?

I quickly rid my body of my jean shorts and the plain white tee shirt I have been wearing all day. I toss them on the countertop, not really sure where I was supposed to put them. I take notice of the bathroom, the bathtub was huge and placed in the far corner, it was deep and clearly big enough for more than one person. I shrug off the invading thoughts, ones of which I don't even want to mention, and I slide my underwear off. I place them on the pile along with my bra.

As I pick up the piece of black fabric, my eyes catch my reflection in the mirror. I nervously tilt my head up, my eyes finding the view. I could see from my navel up to the top of my head. A nervous breath escaped my lips as I stared at my pudgy stomach. How could Harry love me? He claims I'm beautiful, perfect even, but I don't see it. My hand grabs my hair and I flick it over my shoulders so that it falls down my back. A heavy feeling began to form in my heart as I caught sight of the wound on my neck.

Gently, I allowed my finger tips to trail over the mark. I wince at the pain, God it feels like there's a razor stuck in my skin - and trust me, I know how bad that can hurt, and this mark on my neck is even worse. "Julianne?" Harry's voice made me jump, my hands flying up to cover my chest. I thought the door opened, I had to shield myself from his eyes. But I was wrong, he only knocked a few times. "Everything okay?" He asks with a worry to his tone. At first I was thinking he was a mind reader and knew I was upset over something, but then I quickly reminded myself that he has the ability to hear like he can when he's phased into a wolf. He probably heard me whimper.

"I'm fine.. just hit my arm on the counter." I lie on the spot, my eyes close and I seal my lips. How could I just do that to him? Just lie like there's nothing wrong. I know that if something was wrong, then Harry would do anything and everything in his power to help me. Yet I lie anyways. The door knob turns and a wave of fear drowned me.

"Wait! I'm.. I'm not dressed!" I call out as I shove myself against the door, hoping that I had enough power to keep it closed. "Sorry, love." Harry apologized on the other side of the door shortly before I heard footsteps lead away from me. I sigh out, my eyes falling shut once again as the back of my head hits the door. Harry has seen me partially naked before and that's it - I had undergarments on, but right now I have nothing on, nothing but pure embarrassment.

After regaining my sanity and calming down my timid nervous, I put my legs through the holes and pull the swimsuit up, adjusting it on my crotch before sliding my arms through the holes. I try my best to pull it up on my back. I don't waste time on that part though, I can simply ask Harry to help me out. What I do spend time on is fixing my breasts, making sure that they were secured and I had little to show. To my surprise, though, the suit was low cut and my cleavage was more than I wanted it to be. But, hey, at least I'm not stark naked.

"Harry?" I chirped out his name as I poked my head out of the bathroom door. He was no where to be seen. I sigh, I feel really exposed right now and I don't want to go wondering around a place I do not know looking for this man. "Harry?" I say a tad louder this time. I know good and well he can hear me and I know he knows that! I groan as I step out of the bathroom and into the chilly room, he left the balcony doors open. Of course, just my luck.

"Babe?" Harry's voice entered the air and my brows shot up, where is that sneaky little thing at? "Harrrryy." I drag his name out longer than needed as I go down the stairs, care on each step so I don't tumble and fall - that would definitely happen to someone like me. "Juulliaaanne." Harry mocks my tone, the sweet sound of his voice getting closer as I descend down the stair case. "Where are you at?" I ask in a normal tone, I'm well aware that he can hear me from here.

I await his reply as I reach the bottom step. I release my hand from the rail as I stand patiently, hoping that he would answer me. "Kitchen, doll." He calls out, his voice louder than mine because obviously I'm fully human and I can't freakishly hear like he can. A smile crept to my lips as I increased my pace and went the short distance to the kitchen. As I enter, I see Harry at the sink - his entire back exposed to my curious eyes. The muscles flex as he turns on the tap after grabbing a glass from the cabinet. He fills the cup up and turns off the water.

Since I have recently became so bold with my moves when it comes to him, I decide on doing something a little ways out of my comfort zone. I go up behind him and snake my arms around his waist, pressing myself against the back of his body, my cheek mushed against his warm skin, about the middle of his back. "Mm, didn't expect that, darling. Everything okay?" Harry says with a smirk laced in his tone. I press a hand against his chiseled abdomen while the other stays placed over his navel. "M'fine." I mumble out, closing my eyes as the pleasure rolls over me.

This beautiful, amazing man belongs to me - and no one else will ever get him. They will never get to see him the way I do, or touch him like I do, or speak to him the way I can, or even hear his heart beat - he's mine, and I'm his. It's perfect.

"Julianne?" Harry's voice brought me back into the world. "Hmm?" I hum against his soft skin, how can someone be this amazing? "Did you hear what I asked, babe?" Harry says and I furrow my eyebrows at his question. "N-no." I mutter back, I didn't even realize he said anything. I guess I was too deep in my thoughts about him that I got distracted. "I said.. are you ready to go get in the water?" Harry asks with a chuckle and I lean off of him. He turns around once I let my arms fall from his body.

Those emeralds hit my own eyes and I feel the blush rise to my cheeks, tinting my face with the slight shyness. "You look gorgeous in this." Harry mumbles, his hands finding my waist, pulling me closer to him. My head drops, I feel embarrassed when he sees me get so flustered. Our bodies graze each other as a hand reaches up to cup my chin, angling my head upwards so our eyes could meet once again. "You're beautiful, Julianne. You really are." He proposes, his lips brushing against the corner of my mouth. I gulp gently, ignoring the fact he heard it, and I slightly turn my head, our lips touching.

A kiss blooms from my little motion, Harry's plump lips press into mine and his hands glide to the small of my back, keeping us pushed against one another. My shaking hand touches his side, my palm heating up from the contact with his skin. After a minute and a half of slightly moving our lips against each others, Harry leans back half an inch, enough for him to see me when my eyes open.

"I love you." He whispers in a voice so faint, so soft that I barely heard it. A smile plays on my lips as I prepare my heart to speak, "I love you."

Once our little scene had ended in the kitchen, Harry had me follow him outside, hand in hand of course. My mouth was agape as I got to experience the beauty I saw from the balcony up close now. I tried to pull away from his grip, but Harry didn't oblige with my actions. I knew he was only protecting me, and I thank him for that. But now I want to be a child and go chase after the ducks at the edge of the water. I tug a little harder as the ducks start to swim away, I wanted them to come back to me. I heard Harry laugh behind me as he let my hand slip out of his.

I darted towards the birds, my feet digging into the mushy ground, the damp grass sliding between my toes. I let out a small laugh as the birds fled the area, probably horrified by me approaching them. I pouted my lips out, it was worth a shot I guess. I turn around to see Harry standing at the beginning of the pier, his hand extended in my direction.

My lips curve into a smile as I start the short walk to him. The entire time, his eyes watched me move across the grass, a smile glued on his plump lips. Harry only had trunks on, that was it. I didn't complain about it though, he's such a beautiful thing and I'm lucky to have him as my own. I reach him and I gladly place my palm into his. He squeezes my hand tight as we begin walking to the end of the wooden pier. "This place is amazing." I mumble to him as my other arm reaches over, my free hand grabbing his elbow, my fingers digging into the bend of his elbow. "It's even better withyou here. I like having someone to share it with." Harry said, his eyes burning down at me. I keep my gaze on the water in front of us.

"Are you the only one that comes here?" I curiously ask, dodging any more conversation about me. I didn't want to hear about myself, I know who I am - I have a desire to hear about Harry, his life, his family, his everything. "It was my mom's. We bought it for so that she could get away whenever she needed to. When.." Harry paused, sighing lightly to himself as we neared closer to the edge of the pier.

"When she was dying.. she told me she didn't want me to sell it. She.. she wanted me to keep it so that I could bring you here." He tells me and I feel my heart begin to heat up, it will soon start to melt I know. "Do you miss her?" I blurt out, immediately regretting it. How could I just bluntly ask him this? It's obvious, of course he does - that's his mother. You miss yours don't you? Well of course, but the situation is different. Harry had his mother for hundreds of years, I had mine for seven.

"Yeah. I think about her all the time." He admits with a deep breath, his hand giving mine a tight squeeze. I return the gesture before leaning the side of my head against his hard bicep. "She couldn't wait to meet you.. She just knew you would be so amazing." Harry states, making me close my eyes and trust my feet when it came to the walking. I'm sure Harry wouldn't allow me to walk off the pier. "I.. I knew she was dying.. but.. I wanted her to hold out.. so that she could meet you. But six years was too long to hold on.. she could hardly make it six months." Harry spoke of his mother again, surprising me honestly.

"She was a wonderful person." I say in a feathery tone, my hand giving off all my strength to his. "You didn't know her, babe. But yeah.. she was." Harry says with just a slight, barely alive laugh. "I don't have to know her to know.. that she was amazing." My eyes reopen to see that we aren't that close to the end as I figured we would be. "Explain further, love." Harry said, I could just see his furrowed brows and frowned forehead, confusion in his tone.

"She raised you.. and she did a damn good job. And she.. she took in everyone.. she gave them families when they didn't have any." Harry's feet came to a halt, forcing mine to as well since I was depending on him for support. I lift my head off his arm. He turns to face me, grabbing a hold of my other hand. "I wish I was like her." Harry mumbles, his eyes staring down at the wood below us. "I wish I could take care of people the way she did. I wish I could love the way she did. She was perfect." Harry's bottom lip is quivering and I have to mention that this is the only time I can recall seeing that happen.

"I hope she made it to Heaven. I really hope God looked past the fact she.. she.. was what she was." Harry's words tore a hole in my heart, I never even thought about that. Harry's soul could be damned for all we know, or it could depend on the same things that mine does. "By what you've told me.. and based on the people I have met who she raised.. She's up there." I tell him, dropping one of his hands so that I could cup his cheek. I step a little closer, my eyes finding his after I tilt his head up just a smidge, he was taller than me so I had look up instead.

"I wish I could be like you." Harry changes the subject, his eyebrows in a frown as he gazes down at me. "What do you mean?" I ask, slightly unsure of what that is referring to. "You're so loving.. and.. you care so deeply. Even after I have broken promises we made.. and.. and yelled at you.. and.. almost killed you." Harry stops as those last few words flow from his mouth. He closes his eyes and clenches his jaw. I know it hurts him to think about that, but I also know that it was something he had to do.

"And you still love me. How do you do it? How do you just.. fucking love so hard?" Harry asks me with a shake of his head, like he couldn't comprehend anything that I do. I gulp harshly, that was something even I didn't know. Perhaps I was just own a strong heart, or maybe I'm just a good person who has a lot of love that I never got to give to anyone when I was child. "I guess.. it's because I really love you. I.. I didn't love anyone when I was little.. the person I loved was gone.. I.. I've been building it up for something, someone." I take a breath, Harry's green orbs are now boring into mine again. "For you."

Those soft lips plunge onto mine, silence surrounds us now as we hold the kiss. His hands grasp onto my waist, he seems to like doing that and I have found that I don't mind it one bit. Harry lets out a grunt as I slightly space my lips apart onto his, hoping he would get my gist. My other hand reaches up to his neck, sliding around so I could grab onto the back of his neck, holding him against me. His lips mimic my motions, parting so that we were just two confused people.

A moment passed by before he leaned back enough to move his mouth to talk to me. "What do you want me to do?" He questions, my eyes are sealed shut and my brows hold no shape - I'm relaxed, and all I want his him. "Please." I mutter out, not sure how to request this thing that I want, this feeling actually. Harry moves back to me, his lips slotting with mine. My heart picks up its speed as I feel the tip of Harry's tongue gently swipe against my bottom lip.

He hesitates at first, so I try to encourage him by pulling him closer, my fingers curling into the hair at the back of his neck. He groans lightly as I tug the curls with my fingers, his tongue begins to slide into my mouth ever so slowly. A large hand climbs up my side, just below the side of my breast, and it grips me tightly. The other hand glues to the small of my back, only a little bit above the swell of my bottom. I allow my nervous hand to trail around his toned, muscled back, pushing against his skin - trying my best to tell him that I want this, I want us.

Time freezes the second Harry's tongue touches mine. I shiver at the feeling, but in a good way of course. I could feel his lips smile against mine and I honestly couldn't hold back my own soft, gentle smile. Harry's tongue stayed in my mouth for a moment, mainly because neither of us really know what to do right now. He pulled back, taking his tongue with him but I stepped to home plate and took over, my tongue sliding into his mouth this go around.

He started to lightly flick his tongue against mine, groans leaving both of our mouths. Those big hands that I adore so much gave me squeezes and dug deeper against my skin. I pulled at the tiny strands of hair tangled around my fingers, Harry's chuckle fills my mouth as a result of my actions.

After a few more minutes of attempting to kiss each other in this style, we both pulled away and our foreheads fell together. "Sorry, that was horrible." Harry breathes out, warm flames forming on my skin. "It was perfect, don't doubt yourself." I lightly shake my head, retorting his claim. He deeply laughs once again, the beautiful sound filling the silent air around us. My hand leaves his hair and glides to his face, the scar touching against my palm but I don't mind at all. I trace it with my index finger, careful not to apply too much pressure - just in case. Harry smiled as his eyes watched my face, but mine focused on the mark placed on his skin. How could someone hurt their own child? It doesn't make any sense to me.

With the birds chirping in the trees surrounding us, and the sound of Harry's deep breathing mixing with his heart beat pattern, my mind begins to wonder off in a trance. Harry and I are quite similar if you look closely at us. He lost his mother in a very devastating way, just like I did. Not only that, but his father was abusive and was so cruel to him - just like mine was towards me. Yet, despite the few differences, I knew Harry and I were also nothing alike. He was a gigantic wolf trapped inside a beautiful human body while I was only a mere teenage girl with no family, who just happened to be suicidal and depressed. Harry had a family, a bunch of people to care for and to receive care from, while I only lived with my horrible father who barely noticed I was there until I had left.

When I first learned of Harry's true self, I thought he was just a monster. A hell bound demon who was just wasting time wondering on this earth. But now I see that all of that is wrong. Harry is no monster, nor demon. Harry has a soul - and a heavily beating heart that sounds so beautiful when I press my ear against his warm chest. Yeah, he's rather different but that's okay. It's been a very long time since someone loved me, but now I have him - and he's definitely giving me enough love to make up for all my lost time.

I blinked a few times, snapping myself back into the real world. I lift my eyes of his chest and let them find his stare. The corner of his mouth lifts up, almost meeting the scar on his handsome face, while he looks down at me with curiosity filled eyes. Due to the immense about of flustering my body was doing at the moment, I tried to break the ice by smiling up at him, my eyes bright and my teeth nipping at my bottom lip. Harry's lips parted so he could speak, a small laugh escaping before the words could.

“You’re quite a wonder, Julie.”


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