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Beating Heart

f i f t y - decision.

//not every princess wears a crown and lives in a castle//


The two hundred little glowing stars litter the ceiling, giving her darkness just a bit more light. I strive to give her the most I possibly can. I was worried she would think it was childish, but she actually loves them. Her mother had the very same style stars placed on the ceiling of her nursery when she was a baby, and in her room when she was a little girl. I decided to continue that, so I literally put the stars in her dark sky.

I hear the water shut off in the bathroom, a sign that she’s done bathing. I smile gently to myself as the heavy scent of her fills my nose – she’s moving around in there and her smell is trapped in the air. I crave the taste of her sweet blood – I want to feel it on my lips, taste it on my tongue, and puncture her soft, pale skin with my deadly sharp fangs. God, she drives me up the walls. Julianne won’t be young forever, I need to hurry up and make my move – literally.

Yet I know I can’t just jump into it, she’s too fragile for all of that in such a sudden fashion. She deserves to be treated like a queen, not like a girl on the corner waiting for a crappy time just for a few bills. “Harry?” Julianne calls my name out, breaking my trance. I open her bedroom door and step into the hallway. I look over at the bathroom door to see her arm sticking out of the crack, but she’s hidden her face and body from me. I place the pajamas in her hand and she grasps them. She yanks her arm back in the bathroom and quickly slams the door shut. I smile gently to myself, she’s so cute, so innocent.

For the past few weeks, ever since she’s gotten comfortable with me – which I’m still working on but it is improving well – there has been a debate raging inside my mind. When do I do it? It’s a simple question, that is until you look behind the words and see the actual meaning of my question. When it comes to my kind, we have certain rules that just can’t be broken. They aren’t necessarily morals, just legit traditional rules that we cannot go against.

The number one law, no matter what pack, what country, or what era – you must never mate unless you have claimed. Basically, in human terms, it would be like having sex with a hook up – a one night stand, if you must. It literally pains your soul to do that, or at least that is what I’ve been taught. We are supposed to wait until we imprint. From that point, you must allow your partner – in my case, a full blooded human – to grow fond of you, to be in love with you like you are with them. Next, you are to claim them officially, so that everyone knows they are taken, that they belong to you.

Claiming is simply a love bite – but it’s a mark that never fades, no matter how long it has been since it was first made. You bite on the side of the neck, not the throat – that’s too vital and it’s possible you could lose control. To claim a person is to literally tie yourselves together for the rest of eternity. Can these claims be broken? Why yes, anything can be broken – but that doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t hurt like hell. I watched my mother every day experience stabbing pains in her chest because my father had departed the world. Even though my mother fell out of love with him, so to speak, she still held a small bit of love for him because of the imprinting, the claim, the bond.

The bond. That’s the most exciting part for us, or so I’ve heard at least. To bond is to sexually claim your partner. This cannot happen until they are of age. For instance, Niall has no thought of anything relating to sex when it comes to Sara. The stage they are in is only protection, brotherly, and possibly fatherly. Of course, however, as she grows older things will change. It is common to hear of sixteen year olds being claimed, because for a human that is a stage in life where sexuality is expressed. Sara isn’t human, like Julianne, but it’s still the same concept.

Bonding is the most important part of a relationship – following the change. Nearly a fourth of my kind have been changed. Humans can become full blooded, like Perrie and Liam for instance. They will live just like me, as if they had always been this way.

Usually it goes like this: bonding, which is the first sexual intercourse, then the change. There’s a reason why you don’t claim on the throat – that’s for the bond. It’s an important part of the body, for any creature, and there’s a large supply of blood there. It’s special, I’ve heard, and it appears to be a good thing to look forward to.

“Harry..” Julianne’s sweet voice yanks me from my thoughts. I look up and see her standing there in the cutest white nightgown I’ve ever seen. God damn, I really need to thank Sophia for doing Julianne’s shopping. The item of clothing stops about two and a half inches above her knees. It’s loose fitting and slightly sheer, with small roses all over it. White lace lines the hem, sleeves, and neckline of the gown. It’s so pure, so naïve – just like my love.

“Why are you.. staring? Do.. do I look.. st-stupid?” She asks with a nervous, shaky tone. “No baby, no. You look gorgeous.” I blurt out, grabbing her face with both of my hands. Her eyes widen at my sudden burst of energy. I slow my pace down by placing my lips against hers, leaving her a soft kiss. She’s so precious, and literally all mine. “Are you ready for bed, darlin’?” I ask in a smooth, gentle voice as I grab her hand with one of mine, carefully lacing her small fingers with my own.

“I guess, if-if you are.” She nods lightly, those beautiful blue eyes gazing up at me as if it was the first time she’s seen anyone. I smile back at her, eternity seems magical – as long as she’s there to spend it with me. “C’mon then.” We go back into her room, I gladly shut the door behind us. I release her hand so she can go ahead and climb onto the mattress. She wastes no time sliding her legs under the cover and placing her head on the pillow. A relieved sigh comes past her lips and she closes her eyes, smiling to herself.

“You don’t mind me, do you love?” I ask as I pull the cover back enough for me to get in. “Of course not.” She opens an eye and grins at me. I give her one back as I go to sit on the edge of the bed. “Wait. Harry.” She stops me, right before I was going to place myself beside her. “Hmm?” I ask, standing back up – figuring she wanted a glass of water or needed some medicine for a headache. “You’re.. you’re gonna burn up.” She says, referring to my jeans and my tee shirt.

I feel a slight blush rise to my cheeks – at the same time hers are tinting pink as well. “I’m fine.” I assure her with a nod. “Harry.. it’s not an issue. I want you to be comfortable.” Julianne protests against me once again, she clearly wants me with the least amount of clothes on as possible. “I mean.. I’m not fully dressed.. and I guess that doesn’t bother you.” She points out, gesturing to the nightgown that’s not doing its job properly – I can see her chest straight through the thin fabric, her nipples are poking out. I know I try so hard not to be disrespectful, even in my head, but damn.. one couldn’t help but to see that.

“I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.” I sigh softly, I’d hate to upset her but at the same time I would go against the rules I set for myself in my mind. “Harry.. I.. I’m fine with it. And… and I’ll be warmer, so I really don’t mind it.” Julianne’s hand brushes mine as she reaches for me while keeping a bit of hesitation. I turn my hand palm up, giving her an advantage. She smiles shyly, as if I was a complete stranger, and she sits her hand in mine.

“Are you absolutely sure it won’t bother you?” I ask one last time, honestly I am willing to do as she asks now – she wants this, and I ought to give it to her. Those gorgeous eyes stay glued to me as I take a few steps away from the bed. I don’t decide to turn around, it’s not really a sin to undress in front of someone you would highly consider your girlfriend, right? That’s what it’s referred to these days, at least. My hands grasp the hem of my shirt and I quickly pull it over my head. I can literally feel the stare on my body, her eyes are roaming my skin like she’s just be given the gift to see.

I unsnap the button of my jeans and I glance up at her, those eyes still placed on the movements of my hands. Next, I yank down the zipper and push the jeans down my legs, stepping out of them once they pooled around my ankles. My eyes dart up just in time to catch the major red flood wash over her face and her head snapped the other direction. Did she not expect to see me like this? Isn’t this what she asked for?

“You’re right, it’s cooler now.” I sigh out as I sit down on the edge of the bed. I turn the lamp off, the stars above glow brightly. I lean my back against the headboard, I’m not that tired. Julianne flops onto her other side, her back to me, for a few seconds before groaning to herself. I look down at my sweet girl the moment she throws herself onto her back, trying to find a nice position. A small chuckle left my parted lips as she rolled over facing me now – her eyes tightly squeezed shut. She’s the reason I adore my enhanced abilities – like my eyesight, my night vision to me more precise.

I can watch her, even if it’s not completely clear. I get the extremely lucky chance to see how her eyebrows furrow as she tries to force herself to sleep, and how her lips turn to a frown as she attempts to drift off. So precious, so pure. “Julianne.” I mutter out as she irritatingly moans out again – very unpleased with herself at the moment. “Hmm?” She hums out, her fingertips brushing my side as she moves around beside me.

“What’s the matter?” I ask as if it wasn’t clearly obvious to me – but perhaps there is a deeper reason for her thrashing and her grunts. “I.. I can’t get comfortable.” She says as she buries her face in the pillow now. A grin appears on my mouth as I witness her giving up on this – her arms tucked underneath her and her legs hidden by the covers, despite being pushed down to her mid thighs – never have I stared at the swell of her bum for so long though…

“Well, you normally hide yourself away in a cocoon made of the blankets.. laying on your left side.. your hands folded underneath your cheek.” I remind her just in case she might have forgotten – she can tend to forget things, like how to fall asleep apparently. “The fact that you know exactly how I sleep actually doesn’t bother me.” She says in a small tone as she lifts her face out of the pillow – her elbows holding her up. “Just sleep how you always do, love.” I avoid her drift towards another topic – it doesn’t matter that I have observed her sleeping, it’s a wolf thing. I can’t run from it, I have to always make sure she’s okay, even if that means getting up in the middle of the night and sitting in her room ‘til sunrise. I don’t do that much anymore, because a majority of nights I’m already in here beside her when she falls to sleep.

“I sleep like that when ‘m cold.. it’s perfect right now.” She explains as those eyes travel up to meet my gaze. “I’m making it too warm, aren’t I?” I release a deep breath, that’s exactly what it is. “No!” She blurts out, her hand grasping my wrist suddenly. I wince at the sharp sting of her fingernails digging into my skin, she’s rough sometimes. “Don’t leave.” She begs with lowered brows and worry filled eyes. “I’m not going anywhere, darling.” I say as I place my other hand over hers, trying to pry her fingers from around my wrist. It wouldn’t take much strength to do so, but I can tell she’s using all of hers to keep a hold of me so I just back off and let her be.

“I just need to.. to.. can I just-” Julianne cuts herself off as she lies her head on my chest, one arm tucked under her and the other around me, fingernails in my skin once again. I smile gently as I place a hand in the arch of her back and the other on top of her hand – spreading my warmth to her. She hums in approval, throwing a leg between mine. I didn’t realize that this could be so beautiful – sleeping with the person you love.. it’s wondrous.

Despite how girly and rather cliché it seems, my heart flutters in my chest as I feel her soft, plump lips rub against my skin as she inhaled through her nose and exhaled out of her mouth. Her deep breaths are warm and slow, a sign that she is getting into a sleeping pattern now. She can fall asleep so fast, it’s such a beautiful, adorable thing.


My eyes shot open as my entire body jerked – something isn’t right. I throw the cover off of myself only to come to my senses that same moment. Julianne isn’t lying with me anymore, but my stress level doesn’t increase too much. The open curtains give me hope that maybe she’s in the kitchen with the girls, or perhaps the bathroom – it’s clearly close to noon.

I throw my legs over the side of the bed and hoist myself up. My feet hit the hardwood as I stand, yet my attention goes to the dresser across the room. I carry myself over there, taking notice of a folded pair of pajama pants – which are mine – and a piece of paper. I grab the slip of paper first, recognizing that handwriting quickly. In a deep blue ink, written so girly and freely on one side of the paper, is my name. I open the folded paper and read over that same beautiful handwriting, my lovely girl..

Sophia insisted we’d lay these out of you. Sleep as late as you want! Don’t worry about me. I hope you slept as wonderfully as I did. See you when you get up! xx

I slid on the pants and carelessly forget to tie the strings together. I open the door and immediately her scent slams into my face – she’s nearby. My quick feet lead me to the kitchen and my heart beat speeds up – it always does that when I’m around her. My hands get just a tad sweaty and shaky. I take a deep breath of air before walking up behind her at the island.

“Boo!” I blurt out in her ear as I grasp her waist. She squeals in fear and claws at my hands, clearly frightened by me. “Harry!” She gasps out as I press my lips against the space behind her ear. I don’t know if she was gasping because of me scaring her or because I’m kissing her in front of the girls. “Good morning, darling.” I whisper to her before planting kisses all over the shell of her ear. I can hear her heart racing in her chest – God she drives me mad.

“Good afternoon, Harry.” She giggles to me, her fingertips running down my fingers, then back up, repeating the rather soothing process. “Hmm.. what time is it, love?” I ask her, closing my eyes to block off the stares of everyone in the room – even though they are so hard I can still feel them. “Well I don’t know.” Julianne says, I easily hear the smile in her tone. It makes me happy, knowing that she’s in a good mood right now.

“Get a room.” Niall’s voice enters the room and I feel Julianne stiffen in my arms – she’s nervous now. Thanks a lot, Horan. That’s a fucking lot. “Ignore him.” I mutter against her skin as I slide my hands over her stomach, her small hands never leaving mine. “Eww.. Harry. We’re in the kitchen!” Sara groans like she’s an ashamed mother – she’s rather cute though. I lean up just enough so I could look over at her. She’s got her arms hanging around Niall’s neck since she’s climbed on his back. He holds her calf muscles, keeping her in place.

“If you have a problem with it, love, go outside. And that goes for all of you.” I say a bit too irritated. “Onward!” Sara yells, pointing towards the back door. Niall huffs as the heel of her foot jabs his side, a sign that her horse needs to giddy-up. Niall obliges to her and takes her out to the backyard. “Well I love it, it’s cute.” Sophia says with a cheeky grin as she pours her a glass of lemonade. “It’s nice to see you two are beginning to act like you’re together.” Gemma mentions, tapping her fingernails on the island top.

I sit down on the stool beside Julianne, keeping my arm around her lower back and my hand clutching her side – underneath her shirt of course, so I could feel that soft, smooth skin. “What’s for lunch?” I ask, raising my brows as I peer over to the stove – nothing is cooking. Hm. That’s a first. “Whatever you find, dear. We’ve already ate.” Sophia says, leaning against the fridge – sipping her lemonade. “You could’a woke me up.” I sigh out, rolling my eyes at them.

“We were going to.. but..” Gemma smirks gently, her eyes flicker to my beautiful angel. I turn my head, my eyes capturing her gaze. “You looked so.. comfortable and you were sleeping like a baby. I didn’t want to wake you.” She admits, smiling cutely with those blushing cheeks. “I think she used another word besides comfortable.” Sophia says as she appears by Gemma’s side, nudging her elbow in Gem’s side. “Oh yeah, she said cute.. and adorable.” Perrie says from behind me – I highly assume that her and Julianne have gotten back to good terms again. She joins the other girls across from me, deviously smirking my way.

“You said I was cute and adorable, love?” I question with a small curve of my lips. Her eyes tear away from mine and she casually shrugs her shoulders. I give the section of her waist I’m holding a squeeze while leaning a bit closer to her. “You’re cute and adorable too, you know.” I mutter back as I press a soft kiss to her cheek. She flusters under my touch, her skin reddening and heating because of my action. Julianne’s heartbeat pattern is jumping around, telling me that she’s getting nervous again. “It’s alright, babe.” I whisper softly before placing yet another kiss on her warm cheek.

“There’s nothing wrong with it dear, you and Harry are together. You can call him whatever.” Sophia tries to give some relief to her, and I applaud them for trying to keep her sane all the time. “Together.” Julianne seems confused as she whispers the word out, her eyebrows lowering as her eyes narrow – perhaps she doesn’t get it. “What’s the matter?” I ask quickly, not wanting her to become upset over something so tiny. I slide my hand to the small of her back, rubbing circles firmly into her skin. The thin layer of her shirt doesn’t stop her skin from soaking up my heat.

“You never.. never told me.. that.” She shakes her head lightly, confirming she hadn’t heard that from me before. “He doesn’t really have to. He imprinted, honey. It’s how it works.” Gemma informs her – not really what I was going to say, but I guess it’s a form of it. Julianne lifts her head and looks over at the three ladies on the other side of the island – and she’s clearly not pleased one bit with the conversation.

“Yeah, that’s how it works for y’all.” Julianne gives us some clarity as she basically scoffs. “I’m not like you. Things don’t work that way.” She adds on, a disgusted expression spread over her face. I’ve never seen her like this – like she’s grossed out with what we’re discussing. “Babe.. calm down.” I say as my hand falls from her body, I can greatly sense the anger brewing in her body. “You are not together, no matter how much I like you.” She spits out in a harsh tone – like a dagger straight to my heart.

“Julianne, what.. what are you talking about? Of course we are.” I throw my hands in the air, obviously confused on why the hell she’s going off on me like I’ve done something wrong. “No, we aren’t. You.. you never even asked me o- asked me how I feel about it.” She says with a slight stutter, avoiding a word I knew she was thinking of. “You can’t just claim me because you’re a freakish monster.” Her eyes land on mine and she holds only one emotion, no love, no care, no worry – only anger.

She jumps down from the stool and storms off towards the bedroom – I could have stopped her, of course. But I didn’t, she has a choice here – I can’t rip that away from her. If she doesn’t want this.. even though it literally kills me to say it.. then we won’t do this.


God, she’s so fucking right. I’m nothing but a damn waste of space – a hideous, cruel, selfish monster. I stole her life away, I locked her in a room, I’m keeping her away from her future – I’m abusing her.

“Harry.. go after her.” Perrie says, slamming a hand on the counter top. I look over the three of them, each holding another face. Perrie seems angry at me for not going and chasing the girl. Gemma is giving me an apologetic smile, as if it was all her fault, but I just know that Gemma is a peacekeeper, she’s trying to make me feel better but it’s not working. Sophia.. her eyes are staring at the top of the island, her lips are rolled into her mouth, her hand shaking.. and I know exactly why.

“You aren’t a monster, Harry. She just.. got into her feelings a bit.” Gemma reaches over and gently touches the top of my hand with her palm as it rests on the counter. I look down at her comforting move, Gemma’s always been there for me. My sister, my loving sister, means the world to me. She’s keep me somewhat under control since our mother passed. However, now – in this moment – she has no power. Julianne is right, I am a monster, and I can’t change that – no matter how fucking bad I want to.

“I am.” I mumble out, snatching my hand away from hers seconds before my feet hit the ground. “Harry.. she’s just.. she’s a teenage girl.” Perrie sighs out, stepping in front of me to prevent me from going anywhere – and I assure you I wasn’t going to her room either. “She doesn’t want to be claimed.. she.. she wants me to be taken out.. and.. asked out.” She tells me, running a hand through her hair. “I called Liam that.” Sophia speaks up suddenly. I turn to face her now, the memories of that night flood my mind. “I never wanted to be someone’s property. I loved him, but he didn’t do it right.” She confesses, picking at her nails.

It was a long while ago, a month or two after Sophia was admitted into this family. We took her in, as well as Louis since we met them at the same time and he was already like us. Liam imprinted quickly on her, she warmed up to him, put all of her trust in his hands – until that night. I was in the living room, listening to my mother and sister speak to each other when suddenly Sophia ran from downstairs – begging us to save her. From what? Well, my mother was slightly confused, but I knew. Liam had informed me and the guys that he was planning on going to the next stage with her – but that night he never made it there.

She questioned why he attempted to that with her, claiming they were no more than friends – despite the kissing and touching, the same as I do with Julianne. Sophia snapped, it doesn’t happen too often but it surely did that night.

“What.. what do I.. what do I do?” I swallow the lump in my throat and speak out to them – they’re girls, they should know right? The three of them shared a few glances before their eyes all land on me. “Give us half an hour.. no.. an hour. Go make yourself look nice.” Perrie says, her index finger and thumb on her chin as ideas begin to form between the three of them.

“Wait, let me write her something.” I blurt out as they start in that direction. Perrie goes to the drawer beside the stove, which holds just everyday things like pens, notepads, paper clips and such. She grabs me a pen and a pad, sliding them across the island. I catch them and hurry to a clear page, ignoring old shopping lists and recipes – some of which are in my mother’s handwriting. Quickly, I gather my thoughts and begin jotting them down.


Blood began to pool on my lip from my rough biting. Tears streamed down my cheeks, dripping onto my arms. I hold my knees tight to my chest, my heart is falling apart and my mind is spiraling out of control. How could he just assume I belonged to him? Because of some stupid supernatural wolf claim? Are you kidding me! That’s ridiculous. This entire time I thought he loved me, but if he truly did – as much as he shows me he does – then he would never just assume I was his.

The shattered pieces of my heart jumped when the door swung open. I braced myself for his booming voice and his rough hands like I have caught a few times before – but there was nothing but footsteps filling my room, a few sets at that.

I lift my head from my arms, and through my watery eyes I see Perrie and Gemma rummaging through my closet and the drawers of the dresser. Sophia drops to knees in front of me after shutting the door. Her hand sweeps my hair from my face, her fingers pushing it behind my ear. “Here.” She passes me a folded piece of paper with my name wrote on the front. I furrow my brows at her as I go to unfold it. She passes a smile my way before getting up and hurrying over to assist Gemma in the closet.


I realized my mistake, and I apologize to you. I never meant for you to believe you were ‘claimed’. You do have a voice in this, an input. I should have realized that sooner, I’m sorry. Please forgive me. This is all I know, and I completely blocked out the modern ideas. Once again, I’m sorry. Please let me show you that I truly do care for you darling, join me for a nice evening? If you don’t want to, don’t let the girls pressure you into it. Just tell them no if you don’t want to have anything to do with me. I really hope you do though, I’m ready to prove that I really adore you.

-Harry x

A soft, faint smile plays on my swollen lips as I fold it back up. My eyes travel to find Sophia, who’s looking directly at me. She grins happily before motioning me with her hand to come over to her. I gladly accept the offer and pull myself up. “You make the decision, sweetie. It’s your night.” She says and steps away from the closet. My eyes widen at the amount of things they have added within the past week – I hadn’t noticed it until now.

My decision, hm?

“Harry really is sorry, love. He’s from such a different time, and all he’s known is what we do.” Gemma says as she appears beside me. I could tell she was slightly offended earlier when I jumped on Harry for being that way. “I think I.. I overreacted.” Or at least I hope I did. My heart aches for him, I never intended to be so harsh and mean about it – but it was the truth. “He was a tad taken back.. but he’s ready for your evening together. He’s really wanting to fix it, love.” She smiles at me, making me feel a bit better about everything.

“I was in your shoes, Julianne. I know what’s it like to feel the way you were in there. But trust me, it’s all worth it in the end.” Sophia’s voice is soft behind me, I only nod to her. I trust them to help me out – if Harry wants this to be a good night then I will try my absolute best to make sure it becomes one to remember. And I hope I look nice as well.

Eventually, I picked out a soft pink colored dress. Perrie lent me a pair of heels a similar color, and Sophia gave me a few pieces of jewelry to put on. Gemma sat me in the bathroom and added curl to my hair – perfection, she created. She’s a master at it, perfect ringlets. “Ahh! He is going to die.” Sophia clapped her hands together loudly as Gemma revealed the finished result to them by opening the bathroom door.

“Harry is waiting.” Sara’s happy tone entered the room along with her, a bright smile and big eyes on her face. “You look like a princess, Julianne.” She said, grinning with pearly white teeth at me. “Thank you.” I reply with a soft smile, my cheeks are blushing up. Perrie insisted only to add just a tad of powered blush to my face since I apparently keep a nature color on. “Where’s he at?” Sophia asks Sara while Gemma fixes the back of my dress. “He’s in front yard.” She informs us with her rather loud tone, but I’m not one to complain. It’s nice to have some energy surrounding me.

“Oh gosh, I didn’t even realize that.” Perrie dramatically throws her head back with a loud groan slipping past her lips. “What?” Sophia lifts a brow at Perrie’s sudden outburst. “The dress is just a few inches shorter on her than it would be on you, Soph. The size is off.” Perrie explains, gesturing to the hem of my dress which, I have to agree, is very high up. “Perrie, remember we took it up a size because of her.. behind and her.. chest.” Sophia says, glancing down at Sara a few times while speaking.

“It’s fine.” I say in the middle of all the commotion. “If you bend over the whole world will see your vaa… um.. your underwear.” Perrie saves herself from blurting out that word in front of Sara. “I won’t bend over then,” I nod, adding it to the list of don’ts I have piled up in my head. “And good lord, Harry will go bananas.” She grunts, crossing her arms on her chest, rather angry with the issue. “Why?” Sara asks with a curious look, staring up at Sophia for answers.

“Because, love, Harry wouldn’t want anyone else to be looking at her.” Gemma tells her, I get what she means – even if she dumbed it down a bit for Sara’s young ears. “Well we’re looking at her, duh Gem!” Sara laughs out, her eyes darting to me to make her point clear. “Just.. go on and don’t tell Harry what she’s wearing.” Gemma says, quick to make sure that a spoil won’t come. “Are you kidding! I would never, Gem. Harry’s going to looove it, Julianne.” Sara assures me with a few hyper nods and another huge grin on her cute face.

“I hope so.” I nod back to her, my nerves are kicking in and my heart is beginning to race. She twirls around and heads to the bathroom door. Just as she steps over the threshold she stops, whipping back around to face me. “Oh, one thing Julianne.” She says with a slightly less exaggerated smile. “Yes?” I ask as Perrie squirts perfume all on me. “Harry really likes you..” She blushes just a tad at the thought of her brother admiring me. “So I’ve heard.” I wink at her and she lets out a giggle before skipping down the hallway, probably going back to wherever she came from earlier.

“Can you hear him?” Perrie asks aloud. At first, I’m confused on two things: one, who is she speaking to and two, what does she mean? “Nope. He’s blocking us out again.” Sophia rolls her eyes as she checks over my light amount of makeup, making sure there aren’t any stray marks or powder in places they aren’t meant to be in. “What?” I mumble to her, her eyes catch my gaze. “It’s like telepathy.. we can hear each other’s thoughts.” Sophia says with a smirk on her lips.

“Seriously?” I ask, cocking an eyebrow at her – that’s a new one. “Yeah. We can chose if we want to cut everyone out for a while or not. Mostly that’s reserved for intimate and private moments.” Sophia further explains, smirking as she gave me that reason. “Unless you’re the Alpha, of course.” Gemma says from behind me, her hands positioning my curls in the right places so they’re not bunched up. “So.. Harry.” I automatically connect those dots. “Mmhmm.” Sophia nods slowly as she brushes her finger under my eye, most likely to rid my skin of falling powder particles.

“Is he.. is he listening now?” I ask in a soft voice, just in case. “Oh honey, it doesn’t take mind reading for us to hear a conversation. We can hear up to fifteen miles away.” Perrie says with a slight laugh. I sigh out, wow that’s a lot. “And honestly I don’t believe so. He told me a few weeks ago he’s trying his best to put up a barrier, so he won’t invade our girl talks.” Gemma says from behind me, her hand running down the back of my dress to free me of wrinkles.

“But.. yet again.. Harry’s pretty sneaky.” Sophia tells me, her eyes looking over my features. “I wish we could block him out, but we don’t have that strength. He does, of course.” Perrie says as she leans against the door frame. “He seems to have a lot more abilities than the rest of you.” I state the clearly obvious, Harry is the boss around here. “Yep. The higher ranked, the more enhanced.” Perrie says with a bit of annoyance to her tone. “He’s waiting.. asking the guys if they have seen you.” Sophia says, her teeth sinking into her bottom lip to hide her grin.

“Sara just said that you looked beautiful.” Gemma informs me, it’s so mind blowing to me – how they can just hear everything if they focus on it. It’s purely magnificent. It made me suddenly ponder, if Harry could hear from that far away.. had he heard my dad all those years, when he’d yell at me and beat me for no reason at all? Why didn’t he come and save me, was it because I was too young?

“He said you’re always beautiful.” My trance blacks out as Sophia tells me of what Harry replied to Sara with. I feel my heart explode, the butterflies erupt in my stomach, and my poor, poor cheeks are on fire right now. “It’s time to go see Mr. Impatient.” Gemma announces as she finally finishes adjusting my attire and my hair. I take in a huge, deep breath – I have never been on what they call a “date” before, which I hope tonight is one of those things..

The girls all gesture for me to exit the room. Nervously, with cautious feet and shaky hands, I do as they insist and step into the hallway. I take a glance to the dark side – quickly I’m reminded of the things that happened up there. Harry’s intense touches, his intimate gestures and actions. I’m not bothered by it, it’s in the past now and the present is all I’m thinking of.

I guide myself through the house, finally entering the kitchen. I go through the living room and up to the front door. Through the glass panel on the door, I can see Harry pacing in the yard, his head nodding up and down as Sara blabs something to him – clearly not ready to stop her talking any time soon. His back is to me, his eyes are on the sky – god he drives me wild inside, my heart just jumps off the highest cliffs into the deepest waters when I’m around him.

I anxiously look over my shoulder to see those three lovely girls a few feet behind me, happy and excited faces. “Go on.” Perrie says, shewing me with her hand. I breathe in deeply one final time to prepare myself for this moment. I turn the knob and pull the door back. Niall’s body turns to face me where he stands on the far end of the porch. He smirks as he kicks Zayn’s foot. He looks up from his phone and over to me, smiling hugely before looking up at Niall. They both look over at Harry.

A small gust of wind picked up my hair and whipped it just a tad, but not enough to do any damage. Harry’s head snapped in my direction – I assume he caught my scent? I’m beginning to pick up on the wolf stuff, it’s all a bit confusing though. “Julianne.” He says in a sweet tone as he walks towards me, ignoring Sara’s words now. I swallow the huge lump forming in my throat – be courageous, be brave, be you. I repeat those things my mother always told me in my head, those beautiful things I often forgot about while growing up. It’s hard to be courageous in this hurtful word. It’s hard to be brave when I had nothing to chase after. And it was extremely difficult to be myself when everyone I was around at school seemed to dislike that part of me.

Harry’s dressed in dark jeans with a small rip in the right knee, black boots, and a black shirt, long sleeved shirt – with the first three or four buttons undone, showing off his tattooed chest and tanned skin, and the sleeves pushed up to his elbows. I swear I can feel my heart soaking up the heat, even though he’s not even against me now.

“Good afternoon, angel.” He says, taking my hand in his carefully. My lips shape into a smile as he brings my hand up to his soft lips, kissing the top of my hand as if I were a princess – perhaps to him.. I am?

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