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Beating Heart

f i f t y o n e - touch.


She’s glowing. God, she’s gorgeous. Julianne’s fingers are playing with my hand, tracing patterns on my palm with the tip of her index finger. She hasn’t said much, just asked if I were mad at her, in which I replied with a no. I couldn’t stay mad at her for more than a second, she’s too innocent. I can feel her eyes staring down at my hand, I can greatly sense her nervousness.

“Love..” I say to break the silence, not really positive on what I’m actually going to talk about. “Hmm?” She replies with a hum. My heart sparks at the feeling of her soft, smooth skin against my own. “What would you like to eat later on?” I curiously ask her, I really wanted to make sure I take her somewhere nice and a place she will enjoy her food. I know her mother never really ate out, she cooked amazingly at home all the time, and when her mother died she usually turned to whatever was in a can in the cabinet.

I should have intervened back then, I regret not being a part of her childhood every fucking day of my life. I had asked her mother several times to let me just become a family friend but she and I both knew her husband would never allow that. Julianne’s life would have been much better, I could have taken care of her and protected her from her father, from the razor blades, from herself..

The sound of her sweet voice pulled me from my pissed thoughts. “Wherever you wanna go.” She mumbles. I flinch accidently as she slides her other hand underneath mine to hold my palm still while she drew the invisible designs on my skin. “We’ll explore our options later I guess.” I shrug off the topic of the conversation, clearly able to see she doesn’t really care to talk about it.

The highway is fairly busy today, which isn’t a surprise since it’s Friday afternoon. I haven’t really decided on what all we are going to do but I know I plan on taking her shopping – I mean, girls like that right, so why not? Sophia told me a few stores that she would adore, so those are on the list for sure. I have full trust in the girls and what they tell me – I would never be able to fully understand all those girl things, so I’m extremely grateful to have them.

My head snaps in her direction as she suddenly pushes my hand away from hers. Julianne grunts a few times as her small hands press against her stomach, as if she was feeling bad. “Baby.. are you alright?” I ask, looking back at the road so we don’t end up dead in a few minutes. I take a few glances every other moment in addition to watching from the corner of my eye. She shakes her head before leaning over, her hair falling to curtain that beautiful face.

Julianne doesn’t answer me, it’s like she isn’t even acknowledging the fact that I’m speaking to her. “Babe.” I try to grab her attention once again, but those groans just keep spilling from her swollen lips. “Baby, if.. if you don’t tell me.. there’s nothing I can do.” I warn her, just so she won’t get mad if I don’t do anything about her stomach or whatever the issue happens to be. “Ba-bathroom, Ha-harry.” She stammers out between whines. “Alright, I’ll pull into a service station, babe. Just.. hang in there, love.” I sigh mainly to myself, only because I’m so damn worried about her – what if something terrible is wrong? Or what if she just needs to handle her business on the toilet? What if-

My nervous, rambling mind is distracted by the gentle sound of crying beside me. Oh, no. God, please no. Not my love, don’t do this to her. “Julianne, baby. Are.. are you okay? I’m driving as fast as I legally can now, love. Just.. just calm down.” I sort of just let all my thoughts flood from my mouth – I’m so concerned for her health that I can’t even focus on the road.

I see a gas station that’s not packed full of people, like the rest are, and I quickly turn into their entrance. Julianne grabs onto my forearm as I swing into a parking spot, not caring about my damn crazy reckless driving at the moment. I put the car in park before ripping out the key from the ignition. My door flies open and I jump out, hurrying over to the passenger side. Using entirely too much of my supernatural strength, I almost tear the door from its hinges as I open it.

My hands grab Julianne’s face and I tilt it up so her watery eyes are looking into mine. “Baby, are you okay?” I ask as I lean in to her, keeping my voice soft as I speak. “Harry.. my.. I’m… it hurts.” She mutters to me almost nothing but nonsense but I quickly make assumptions using the few words she got out. “Your tummy hurts, hmm?” I highly assume as I drop one hand from her precious face and put it against her stomach, trying to place it where she held it a few minutes ago. Her eyes flutter shut as her small hand wraps around my wrist, keeping it pressed against her face.

Her lips part slowly and she releases a small exhale, as if she’s suddenly pleased by my actions. How can she all of a sudden be feeling a million times better? I haven’t given her any medicine, she hasn’t used the restroom yet. Before I could ponder anything else, a light bulb goes off in my head – of course, the heat.

“Is the warmth calming your nerves, my love? Do you want me to radiate more?” I ask, completely understanding her relief now. She nods a few times before I lean my forehead against hers. I remove my hand from her stomach and she automatically groans at the loss of contact with me. “Noooo Haarryy..” She moans out my name in utter pain – my poor angel, she’s hurting so much. “Hey, hey, hey.. stop all that, baby.. I’m just going under the fabric.” I say, her tears are wetting my own skin now and it’s slicing my heart up.

First, in order to see better, I lift my head off of hers – with all intentions of placing it back in a few minutes. I carefully lift the hem of her dress and slide my hand underneath the clothing. I can sense Julianne’s nervous stare, but I need her to know I’m not trying to do anything inappropriate to her right now, or ever at that.

“Do you feel like you’re going to throw up, love?” I ask as I try so damn hard to ignore the fact I’m standing here with my hand stuck under my girl’s dress in the middle of a gas station parking lot – the damn door wide open. “I.. I don’t know.” She mumbles out as I finally press my hand against the lower portion of her stomach. A heavy, wild sensation washes through my body as I feel her soft, smooth skin against my own – a place I haven’t touched previous to this moment.

I send more warmth that way, feeling it as an instinct to protect her and to make sure she’s well. It’s a good thing, really, that I can do this – make her feel better with just a touch. I know it’s because of the extreme warmth against her upset stomach, but I also know it’s more than that – it’s because of our connection, the imprinting doesn’t just affect me. She needs me, like I need her. It’s more than physical.

“You have no clue what it could be?” My voice is still low as I talk to her, I don’t want to frighten her or cause her to worry any more than we both are already. She gives me a shake of her head from side to side, clearly not aware of any reasons for this. My hand falls from her face, her own hand releasing my wrist with a frown on her pretty face. I pull my phone from my back pocket and dial Sophia’s number, perhaps she will know what I can do. This is just a great way to start off a date night, just fucking great. I don’t want to seem selfish though, I care so damn much about this girl and she’s hurting. I push aside any hopes of having a nice evening and focus on fixing her.

“Hey, Harry. What’s wrong!” Sophia immediately began to worry ask she answered the phone call. “Soph.. calm down.” I say, even though I’m freaking out on in the side. Julianne leans forward just a tad, her forehead falling on my shoulder. I can tell she wants me close, and this is as good as we can be for now. “What’s wrong, Harry?” She repeats the question, not caring about my words at all.

I rest my chin on top of her head, this is not what I prepared myself for tonight. I sigh deeply, only because I have no clue what to do anymore. “All of a sudden.. Julianne’s stomach started hurting. She’s crying, Sophia.. I.. I don’t know what to do.” I admit – not caring about pride or any of that shit. This is my girl, and she’s in pain – there’s nothing I can do nor think of that could help other than transferring my heat to her aggravated stomach.

“Harry.. it could be her.. you know.. woman time.” Sophia explains with a hushed tone, as if she was in a public place somewhere – which could be true. She did mention going out for groceries sometime this week. “She.. she hasn’t said anything about it.” I tell her, that did cross my mind but I figured she would know that. “That doesn’t mean anything.. she’s a little shy when it comes to that, Harry. It’s a very personal thing.” Sophia reminds me. Of course, I should have known that already. I know her cycle, which rarely fails to deliver off schedule.

“Be a good boyfriend, Harry. Handle the issue. Bye, dear.” Sophia chuckles lightly as she ends the phone call, not giving me time to say anything else. I toss it in the truck, it lands in my seat. I place my hand on the back of her head, her hair is so soft and smells so nice. “Julianne.” I whisper that beautiful name out into the air. She hums to me, her hand grabbing a fist full of my shirt. I suck it all up inside of me – stop being such a sissy, don’t hesitate to ask her these sort of things. She’s yours, Harry. She trusts you with all of her heart. You love her with all of yours.. Just spit it out.

“Are you on.. on your period?” I bluntly state, mentally slapping the hell out of myself for being so straight forward about it and using that word, I could have said something so much more polite. But of course, as usual, I don’t think before I speak. “No.” She sniffles into my shoulder. “That was last week.” She’s honest with me, and I greatly praise her for that. A nervous breath escapes from my lips, now that that is off the list I’m even more confused.

“How about.. you try and go use the bathroom.. I think that might help.” I suggest as I grab her waist with my hand and bring her off of me. She frowns as I pull my hand from underneath her dress. “But what.. what if it doesn’t?” She asks me with quivering lips and tear stained cheeks. “Then.. I’ll take you to the emergency room.” I assure her with a peck on her forehead. She nods to me before grabbing my hand with no shame at all, lacing her fingers with mine.

“C’mon, babe.” I say as I assist her in getting out of the truck, my arm wrapped around her waist as we begin to walk towards the store’s front entrance. “I’m s-sorry.” She says, her body leaning on mine as we walk. “Don’t be baby, you can’t help it.” I say, already aware of what she’s blaming on herself. We approach the door pretty quickly. A young guy, probably around Julianne’s age, gives me a concerned look as he holds the door for us. I mumbled a thank you as we entered.

It didn’t take but a few seconds for me to see the sign indicating the location of the bathrooms. We rushed towards the door, hoping it was more than one stall so she could get in there fast. Thankfully it is multiple stalls. A few women kindly intervene, asking if they can do anything. At first I was hesitant, I didn’t want anyone touching her but yet again.. I want her to be okay.

“Go and get her some cold water, honey. We’ll take her in.” One of them tell me. She has a little boy attached to her leg, nervously looking at Julianne like he fears for her. “Alright, thank you.” I nod a few times as I turn on my heel. Before I even thought about taking a step, I heard that soft, pained voice say my name. “Harry..” Julianne whined out as if me walking away was killing her slowly. I spun around and placed my hand on her cheek, bringing her face close to mine.

“I’m going to get you some water to ease your stomach.. I’ll be right back.” I pecked her forehead, mumbling an apologetic sentence to her before leaving her in the hands of those women, who I can tell are experienced, whether they have children or grandchildren – I trust these strangers, because they remind me of my own mother.



It was kind of tense in the room, as if everyone was hesitating to speak aloud. I, for one, am fine for the most part. We’re decorating Julianne’s room as an extra surprise for her, even Harry doesn’t know about it. “Soph..” Perrie mumbles beside me as she places a few knickknacks on the one of the shelves Liam and Zayn just screwed onto the wall. “Hmm?” I say, adjusting the new curtain on the closet since the other one was dingy and old. We thought about doing a door instead, but then we grew fond of the curtains as we were shopping for them earlier today.

“Do you remember what Anne told him that time?” She asks. At first I was quite confused, one because I didn’t know who she was referring to at first, and two, after I realized she meant Harry, I couldn’t decide on what Anne said – they had plenty of good conversations since I’d been around. “Which time?” I curiously asks, furrowing my brows as I hang a picture of a pretty white rose bush on the wall. Harry said Julianne adored flowers, so we went with a mostly floral theme.

“When she insisted that he move out once he got Julianne.. it was just a few months before she passed.” Perrie hints on the fairly old conversation. It quickly replayed in my mind though, despite the many years since it occurred. We were all on the back patio, Sara was so small at the time. I remember it like it happened yesterday, the thoughts come flooding in pretty quickly now that I’m reminded of it..

Harry was having one of his bad days again, but not the kind of day when he went insane and was angry at the world and threw things into the wall and yelled everything. No, it was a sad day for him – he rarely got depressed, but as the months go on he gets worse and worse. I felt bad for him, I really do. He’s such an amazing person, but gosh he just catches hell all the time for no reason.

“Was she outside today, love?” Anne asks Harry as he sits down on the swing beside her, cradling a cold glass of ice water in his hands. “Mmhmm.” He nods, a small smile coming to his lips. “Mum, she’s such a beautiful kid.” Harry states with a small sigh, his eyes stare off at the trees – I know his mind is wondering off to the thought of her, but he’s still paying attention to the conversation.

Julianne is twelve now, I believe. Harry says she’s his everything, I personally have never seen her with my own eyes – only in pictures Harry has that her mother gave him before she died. I think Niall’s seen her as well as Zayn. It’s sort of odd how it all began – Harry was friends with her mother, and he always imagine that he’d imprint on her but he never did. The day she invited him only, a few days after she had Julianne, it took one look for Harry to know – for him to imprint.

“I wanted to.. to just barge in her room today.. she..” Harry catches everyone’s hear with that one. “Harry!” Anne gasps, not sure how to feel about that one. “She started to cut herself, Mum.. I watched through her window.. she called herself ugly and.. and fat.. and.. stupid. God.. damn, she’s not.” Harry covers his face with his hands, trying to contain his feelings.

“Well, honey. One day.. when she’s much older.. you can tell her she’s none of those horrible things. When you two live together… I’m sure she won’t feel the same way years from now.” Anne insists, trying her best to put hope back into Harry’s broken heart.

“What about it?” I shrug, not really knowing what she’s getting to with this. “Do you think he’ll ever leave us.. and get his own place?” She asks with knitted brows. “Who, Styles? Naw, he’s not going anywhere.” Niall says as he and Louis place the brand new mattress on the bed – which is also brand new. Perrie forgets the topic and we all continue decorating. There’s no way Harry would leave, he cares about his family too much, or at least I hope he does.



My biggest fear had crept upon me without warning me, but I’m stupid to think that it would let me know. The dreaded stomach virus. Harry’s worrying the hell out of himself outside the bathroom. I wish he’d stop though, these nice ladies are helping me out. One of them is younger, she told me she has two little kids both under the age of five, while the other lady is older.

“Now, you go out there and tell that boy of yours that you’ll be fine by tomorrow morning, dear.” The older woman says with a kind smile as I throw away the paper towels I just wiped my mouth off with into the trash bin. “I will.. and I’m sorry about him.. he’s.. over protective.” I mumble as I glance in the mirror – how come there are suddenly dark circles under my eyes and my face has lost all its natural coloring?“Oh, he’s just worried, honey.” She says, throwing my hair over my shoulder to get it out of my face. I just give her a soft smile, I didn’t know what else to say.

“My husband is the same way.. it’s just a guy thing.” The other girl tells me as I pull open the bathroom door. Harry’s head snaps up, pushing himself off the wall. I nearly fall apart as I see the tears forming in his bright eyes and the ones already trailing down his tanned skin. I move entirely too quickly, but I don’t care about myself right now, all I need is him. My arms fly around his neck, my body slamming into his. He lets out a huff from the sudden impact, probably not expecting it.

“Baby..” He mumbles into my ear, his lips brushing against my lobe as he molds himself to me, lifting my feet off the ground as he holds me easily. I’m sure whoever might be witnessing this is shocked to see his strength – if they only knew.. “Harry.” I breathe out, the faint taste of my stomach contents in my mouth makes me want to vomit even more, but I hold back. I’m still confused on how I could have gotten this virus, no one at the house was sick.

“I can’t believe this happened to you, love.. I.. I thought this night.. would be.. would be better.” Harry says in a low voice, one of his hands sliding to the back of my head, his fingers tangling into my hair. “It’s fine.. I just… I wanna go home.” I mutter against his neck, the extreme heat is burning my skin – setting fire to my body. I don’t complain. “Mmm, I’ll take you home, darling.” He squeezes me a little too tight, but I keep my mouth shut – I don’t want him thinking he hurt me.

His arms untangle from around me and mine quickly do the same. Those rough hands gently grab my waist once my feet are on the ground again. His lips press against my forehead and he holds them there for a bit, my headache already seems to be easing up. From the corner of my eye, I see the little boy that belongs to one of the ladies that helped me out. He was eying Harry like a hawk, as if he had never seen another human before.

“Mommy.. look at that man’s face.” I hear the boy say with disgust in his tone. His mother was scrolling on her phone, not seeming to even have heard him. Harry huffs, refraining himself from looking in the boy’s direction. I place my hands on Harry’s flustered face, bringing him down so I could reach those plump lips of his. I make sure the hand that’s covering his scar is gentle, just so he can feel my care. “He’s just a kid.” I whisper out before my eyes flutter shut, my lips crashing against his. I can’t think of a time that I actually made the first move, but yet again we haven’t done this long.

Harry holds the kiss, his hands tightly grasping my waist. “A stupid one.” He utters out as our lips part just half a millimeter. Before I could reassure Harry that everything was fine, the little boy spoke again, louder than before. “He’s ugly.” Harry literally lets a growl slip past his lips. “Calm down… he doesn’t know any better.” I say before pecking his swollen lips once again. He nods to me, mumbling something in return saying he’d try to control himself.

I think it’s time we go home, before Harry goes all wolf-y in the store.


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