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Beating Heart

f o r t y n i n e - power.

//never question the power of your leader//


The evening is settling in, a nice breeze is coming through the open kitchen window. I was asked to assist with dinner tonight, to give Gemma a break this week. I didn’t protest, I’m glad they want me to help out. Sophia instructed me to prepare the potatoes and the peas while she fixed the spaghetti. Perrie worked on some sugar cookies, the kitchen smells wonderful.

“The guys are washing up.” Perrie says as she shuts the back door behind her. Everyone aside from Gemma, Sara, and Harry were outside throwing around a football and shooting the basketball, just to let time pass by. “In the water hose.” She pinches the bridge of her nose as she sits down at the island. “Boys will be boys.” Sophia laughs out with a shake of her head. “You’d think they could behave a little better, but no. Definitely not.” Perrie groans as she pulls her hair into a pony tail and quickly wraps a band around it.

“I’ll clean the table.” Sophia says as she grabs the tall stack of plates and sits them at the end of the island. “Julianne, could you sit the tea and lemonade on the counter please?” Sophia kindly asks with a smile as she heads into the dining room. I don’t verbally reply, but I do as she asks me. I go to the refrigerator and grab the jug of fresh lemonade Sophia made earlier. The tea was already on the counter though. I put them both on the island by the cups – Sophia and Perrie have a very neat set up, organized for sure. But when you have a house full of men it’s better to be tidy.

“Might wanna get a few bottles of water out of the drawer, Harry gets picky.” Perrie smirks gently and I nod lightly to her. I go back to the fridge and pull open the bottom drawer. I grab a few bottles like she insisted and sit them by the other drinks. “Have.. um.. have you seen him lately?” I ask with a shaky breath. I haven’t caught a glimpse of him since he caught me in the hallway. He suggested I go take a nap since my back was hurting from sleeping in the tent the night before. I did as he said, the nap was very refreshing.

“Nope, not since this morning. Speaking of that..” Perrie pauses and looks around, I guess to see if he could be near, which is not very likely. “What happened when you guys left?” She curiously says, raising her eyebrows at me. “Nothing really, we had a small disagreement, but other than that.. nothing.” I shrug my shoulders as I lean my elbows on the edge of the island, opposite of her. “Hmm.. then how come I get a whiff of him when I stand close to you?” Sophia says with a small grin as she appears beside me.

“Well I did sleep beside him all night.” I remind her with a playful eye roll. She leans in closer to me neck and takes a few deep breathes, I know she knows his scent – obviously, they’re all freaking werewolves for god’s sake. “Did someone get a little touchy last night?” Perrie chuckles as she narrows her eyes at me. “It’s more like kissing than touching, Pez. His scent is all over her neck.” Sophia teases, biting her lip to hold back a giggle.

“Spill the beans, love. What did he do last night?” Perrie huffs out as she stares intensely at me. “More like this afternoon.” Sophia states. The two of them pester me some more, I guess I should have saw this one coming. “He just.. you know.” I mumble out, not really decisive at the moment. “Oh, c’mon Julianne! Just tell us.” Sophia nudges my elbow with hers. Perrie’s eyes widen as she stares at me – awaiting the answer they both so desperately crave to know.

“He just kissed me a few times, that’s.. that’s all.” I admit with a sigh, I have been defeated. They both shriek with joy, causing a smile to come on my lips. “That’s so cute! Harry’s coming out of his little shell.” Sophia says, clapping her hands together with a few happy jumps. “What’s cute?” Zayn enters the kitchen and I feel my pulse increase, no please don’t tell them. “Girl things, darling. Where’re the others?” Perrie says, hopping off the stool and skipping over to him. Her arms go around his neck and she stands on her tip toes to reach his lips with her own.

I look away, a blush rising to my cheeks as they exchange saliva. “That will be you soon, princess.” Sophia whispers before patting my back and turning to the stove. I sigh out – only in my dreams. “Mm, they’re coming.” Zayn breathes out as they break their too heated kiss. Perrie releases him and heads into the dining table, flashing a smile my way. “Hey, you okay?” Zayn says as he sits where Perrie previously did. “Yeah, just.. tired, ‘s all.” I smile gently to him. Zayn has always been easy to speak to – I’m not sure why, but I’m glad he is.

“Where’s Harry?” He asks me with furrowed brows. Sophia smacks his arm as she walks past him. He snaps his head in her direction and mouths ‘what’ as if there is a secret I’m not aware of. “Shut up.” She warns him before going into the dining room as well. “Ahh.. you must be in a fight with him.” Zayn nods a couple of times – I think he’s connected the wrong dots. “No.. I just.. haven’t seen him in a few hours.” I shake my head at him, he wasn’t close at all.

“You ought’a go get him.” Zayn insists like it’s nothing at all. Well it certainly is something, for one I have no clue where he runs off to. Second, I’m rather afraid to be alone with him now after that stunt he pulled – at the same time though I wouldn’t mind things going where they almost did earlier. “I.. don’t know where he is.” I admit, it’s just that simple. “I.. tried to find him earlier but I couldn’t. He.. he found me instead.” I add on, Zayn is now the only person that knows this – as of now of course, I’m sure the girls are listening in on me and him.

“Trust me, I know. You’re scent was all over the walls earlier.” He chuckles out, shaking his head lightly from side to side. “You went the wrong way, hon.” Zayn smirks lightly at me, of course I did. I knew I should have went left – I mean it was pretty clear to me. All those nights I spent listening to the screaming and the things hitting the floor and wall as they were thrown around – it was Harry along, I knew that. But yet I was stupid enough to rule that out and go right instead. The only good thing I got from turning right was admiring those pictures – learning just a tad bit more. “Go left.” Liam’s voice enters the room as he shuts the back door. I look over at him and see him smiling at me.

“Sophia said it wasn’t a good idea to go there.” I tell the two of them – they wouldn’t want me to get hurt, right? “Just trust me, love.” Zayn nods softly to me, trying to convince me that it’s okay. “If he doesn’t get mad at us, he certainly won’t get mad at you.” Liam says before walking through the kitchen – straight to the dining room. “Don’t be scared of him. He wouldn’t hurt you.” Zayn reminds me of this – I already know he wouldn’t, he’s promised me that. “If he gets mad, me and Liam will take the blame.” He further states, smiling over at me.

Courage is what I am lacking right now – a lot of courage will be needed to do that again, to guide myself in the dark up those stairs. But it’s worth it, it’s highly worth it.

Before I was hardly aware if it, I was entered the dark end of the hallway. My heart was beating rapidly, if it doesn’t stop soon it could explode. I guess it wouldn’t be the first time.

I carry myself to the end of the hallway, trying to remember how long it took me last time. “Ow.” My foot hits the stair again, at least I know I made it to the end. I reach for the rail, soon finding it in the dark, and I don’t waste any time. I continue up the staircase, praying that everything will go okay. I hope he won’t be mad at me, that he won’t hate me for doing this. In my defense, however, he never actually told me I couldn’t. Sophia only suggested it wasn’t a good idea to do so, but when have I ever done as I was told?

“Just relax, breath. Everything is fine.” I whisper to myself as I quickly reach the top of the stair case. I turn left this go around. I hold my hand out, the darkness is suffocating. I feel like I have to walk a few extra feet to find the door this time, but I soon have my hand on a metal knob. I raise my fist up and knock my knuckles on the wooden door. Fear is jumping down my throat, making me want to turn around and run – and never stop. However, my curiosity has gotten the best of me and is keeping my feet anchored on the cold hardwood floor.

There is nothing – not even the sound of a television playing on the other side. What if he isn’t here? What if Zayn and Liam just planned on me embarrassing myself? What if- My heart jumps as the door flies open, revealing an angered – and need to mention, shirtless – Harry.

“What the hell are you doing up here.” He doesn’t state it as a question, more as a threat. “I.. they.. they told me to.. to get you for.. for dinner.” I say, my lips shaking as I gaze into his forest green eyes. He’s so beautiful, even when he seems mad at the universe. His finger flicks a switch just outside the door, lighting up the small hallway.

“You’re not allowed up here.” Harry steps over the door’s threshold and slams the door behind him, before I could even take a look at what was in the room. Harry’s hand grabs my elbow and I whine at the sudden roughness he’s sending to me. “I.. I didn’t mean to.. to make you mad.” I mumble out as my eyes try so damn hard to tear away from his – but they just won’t. “They.. they told me to. I.. I.” I stutter so bad that I just have to force myself to shut up.

“I don’t fuckin’ care what they told you to do. I said do not come up here.” Harry snaps with a loud voice, his face moving closer to mine. “I’m.. I’m sorry.. Ha-harry.” I utter softly, tears forming in my eyes. “You don’t fuckin’ listen to them. You listen to me, do you understand me?” He says through gritted teeth, spit landing on my cheeks. I roll my lips in and bite down hard, fighting to keep the tears inside of me – I don’t want to break down in front of him.

His eyes burn holes straight through me – why is he suddenly acting so mean towards me? Is there a line I crossed, a line I am surely not aware of? “Answer me, dammit.” He barks out – fear flooding my veins. My eyes pop out of my sockets as I get a glimpse of a few different sets of sharp looking fangs in his mouth. The reality of it all sinking in quickly – he truly is a monster, no matter how kind he can be, and no matter how much I love him.


“Julianne. Answer me!” Harry yells in my face once again, my eyes darting back to his now glowing orbs – this is truly something I should have saw coming. “O-okay.” I whimper out as his other arm grabs my waist, his fingers digging deep into my skin. I wince at the pain, he’s hurting me again and he doesn’t seem to notice, nor care.

“Harry, calm down, mate.” Liam’s presence gives me hope for once instead of fear – someone is here to help me, and right now I’m in a lot of trouble. “Get the fuck away from me.” Harry yells at him as Liam comes over to us. Harry grips me tighter, yanking me closer to his body. I hide my face in his bare chest, automatically I begin to burn in the scorching heat I miss so much. “Hey, listen to me. It’s alright.. just calm down.” Liam says slowly, trying to soothe Harry’s sudden outburst. I feel Liam’s hand touch my shoulder. “Let her go, she hasn’t done anything wrong.” He tells Harry, trying to get me out of harm’s way.

“Don’t touch her! She’s mine!” Harry screams out, the hand on my elbow releases me and his arm wraps around my back, pushing me against him completely. I allow my arms to snake around his torso, maybe he’s just trying to protect me now, from Liam? I.. I don’t know anymore. I don’t know anything. “I’m just trying to get her out of the way before you accidentally-“ “I’m not going to fuckin’ hurt her. Get away from me.” Harry says in a slightly softer voice – but it’s still considered a yell in most people’s minds.

“Whoa, whoa.. what’s wrong? Everything alright?” Zayn says, I couldn’t see him enter but I heard footsteps. “He’s on the verge.. we need to get her away from him.” Liam informs him and I feel my heart nervously skip a beat – he’s on the verge of what? “You’re not touching her.” Harry snaps again, spinning me around so I wasn’t close to them anymore. I dig my fingernails into his warm skin, I’m becoming more scared that I first was.

“Baby, it’s okay. I’m going to let them touch you.” Harry whispers in my ear as his hand presses against the back of my head, keeping me against him entirely. I don’t complain, at least he’s not yelling at me anymore. It didn’t take me long to realize that Harry’s being possessive, he doesn’t want them to even look at me. “Harry.. we’re not going to hurt her, you know that.” Zayn says in a much more friendly tone – I assume he’s trying to get Harry’s mind on the right track. I hear careful footsteps get closer to me, but I squeeze my eyes shut and press my cheek against Harry’s chest, his heart is racing – just like mine.

A frightful gasp leaves my mouth as I hear Harry literally growl at whoever was near us. “Harry.. You wouldn’t want to phase and.. and hurt her.. you either need to calm down.. or let her go and go blow off some steam.” Zayn suggests these two options, but I know good and well Harry won’t oblige that easily. “I won’t fuckin’ hurt her.” Harry snarls at him, once again my heart is pounding violently in my chest – he’s beginning to scare me again.

“Julianne, help me out here.” Zayn sighs out and I mentally slap myself – I should have said something when he first lashed out on Liam. I swallow the huge lump in my throat before trying to speak. “Ha-harry.” I mumble his name out, my lips brushing his skin. “Please.. let me go.” I insist with a nervous sigh. “I would never hurt you, Julianne.” He wraps his other arm around me now, his hands holding on to me tightly, and his lips pressing against my ear.

“I know.. but.. but you’re.. you’re not okay right now, Harry.” I keep my voice soft as I speak to him, a few stray tears falling down my cheeks, most of them are soaked up by his warm skin. “I know.” He admits in a murmur, his lips planting a few pecks on my ear lobe, he’s trying his best to be gentle and I greatly thank them in my head for that. I feel like sometimes they just don’t understand him – they just don’t know how to calm his nerves.

“If.. if I let.. let you go will you.. will you let me stay with you tonight?” Harry asks me as if I made all of his decisions. I smile gently, I didn’t expect him to compromise with me so quickly. “Of course, silly.” I say with a faint laugh as I press my lips against his warm skin, placing a few kisses on his chest. It was a very bold move for me, but I liked it. I really, really liked it. “Alright.. only because of you, baby.” He kisses my forehead before letting me go.

I look up to see his eyes are still lighting up and his teeth are still dangerously sharp. Zayn rushes over to me and grabs my hand. He pulls me away from Harry. I look over my shoulder at him as Zayn leads me towards the stairs. His hands are tugging at his roots and he’s huffing over and over again, gritting this teeth as Liam speaks to him in a mumbling voice – things I couldn’t hear, probably things I didn’t need to hear.

Right before Zayn reaches the stairs, Harry’s eyes meet mine and he mouths something to me.. something I didn’t want to believe he said. Why I don’t want it to be true, well I have no clue. But.. but I just can’t comprehend why he would say that.. to me.

‘I love you’


“Most likely.. it’s just his hormones.” Sophia says as she enters the living room. I’m mushed between Liam and Zayn on the sofa, the combination of their extreme body temperatures are nearly burning my skin off. “I checked his vitals, his heart rate is coming back to normal. He seems fine to me.” Sophia adds on as she sits down on the couch adjacent of me. I learned from Perrie that Sophia actually is certified in the medial field. She went to college and got a degree in nursing – she said she was bored so one summer she applied for it and got in. They tell me it’s a good thing, she knows a lot of stuff and it really helps out when they get sick around here.

“Human hormones or wolf hormones?” Perrie asks with a smirk as she glances over at me. I nervously bite down on my lip, why do they keep looking my way when the word wolf leaves someone’s mouth. Isn’t it obvious that I know what they are, and what that is? I shake it from my thoughts and focus on the conversation. “Both. Mostly wolf, though. His human side got angry when Julianne went against his rules, but his wolf side suddenly got obsessed with her.” Sophia explains, sighing a few times while avoiding my gaze.

“He just clashed with himself and his feelings got jumbled. He should be fine in an hour or two.” Sophia shrugs her shoulders as if it was nothing. A sigh slips past my lips and I swear everyone snaps their head in my direction – like I’ve admitted to murdering someone or something. Gosh, I used to wonder how they could get on Harry’s nerves but I’m beginning to understand him.

“What?” I ask, drawing my eyebrows together because apparently I’m unaware of the sin I’ve done this time. “You act like you don’t care. It’s pathetic.” Perrie bluntly states, well she’s completely wrong. “I do care.” I correct her assumption – they think they know me, I swear, but they don’t. They honestly don’t – not like he does, like Harry does. “Hard to tell.” She rolls her eyes dramatically – here we go again. The last time she caught an attitude with me we had an argument – but this go around, I’ll be the won to snap on her.

Seriously?” I sit up, throwing my hands in the air as I stare directly at her. “What?” She scoffs like she’s just the perfect little innocent girl. “You have no idea what’s going on inside my head. I’m worried sick about him, more than you are apparently.” I stand from the couch, I have to speak to Harry. I don’t know how much longer I can last without him with me. “Where do you think you’re going?” She jumps up suddenly and steps in front of me – stopping me in my tracks.

I lift my eyes to meet hers, her harsh stare and straight lined lips. “Move.” I huff out, not in the mood to play any of their games. “You aren’t go up there.” Perrie reminds me of this but honestly who even cares anymore? There isn’t much more that can be hidden from me. “You don’t tell me what to do.” Suddenly, I have gained this great amount of courage and I appreciate it so much. I’m tired of being bossed around like I’m a slave – they don’t own me. Harry might have a claim – well, I guess technically he does – but they surely don’t.

“Perrie, stop.” Zayn says from behind me. I roll my eyes at her, copying her constant action. “What is your problem, brat?” Perrie questions like she’s my mother or something – never in her dreams. “You’re my problem, move.” I push past her, her shoulder bumping mine as I lead myself to the hallway. I hear nothing else from her as I leave the living room.

A thousand things run through my head, but none of them is regret. She wanted to nag me so she got what she asked for. Another sigh leaves my mouth as I start up the short flight of stairs. It seems that I’ve remembered the exact amount of time it takes to go up to that mysterious room that I have yet to be let in.

Before I knew it, my fist was knocking against the door. The silence is surrounding me quickly, I can no longer hear any noise from downstairs – the faint conversations are out of ear shot. The door knobs turn slowly and the door opens up. Harry’s eye peeps through the crack now between the door and its frame. A smile comes to his mouth as he opens the door all the way, stepping out into the small hallway once again with me.

He flicks on the light the moment the door shuts behind him. “What are you doing up here?” He asks, rather amused at my presence. “I know you said not to.. but.. but I just wanted to make sure you were okay.” I stutter just a tad as I stare down at my feet. Harry’s index finger and thumb grab my chin, lifting my head so my eyes meet his stare automatically. “I’m much better now that you’re here, my love.” Harry’s hand slides to cup the side of my face. The warmth burns through my skin, my heart suddenly increasing with the speed of the beats. He drives me insane..

“I think I.. I done something.. sort of.. rude.” I admit this to him with a heavy exhale, for some reason I couldn’t convince myself that what I did was self-defense – I just think I actually might have over done it a bit. Perrie didn’t deserve that, and I shouldn’t have been a bitch about it. “Mmm.. I was listening.” He raises his eyebrows in emphasis as he looks down at me, not sure if he’s pleased by my confession or upset by what I did. “But I understand, sometimes people can just.. get on our nerves.” He nods like he agrees with me.

My heart is relieved, he isn’t mad one little bit. “I’ll tell her to tone it down.” Harry adds on before his other hand grabs onto my waist. “Have you eaten dinner?” He asks curiously, his finger pushing a strand of my hair behind my ear. I shake my head up and down, avoiding his eyes for some apparent reason. “I’ll speak to Perrie, you go get ready for bed, sweetheart.” Harry insists as he leans to my forehead, his lips falling on my skin. I close my eyes and breathe in deeply – he makes my heart spark up, a fire raging in my soul.



The ground floor of the house is mostly silent – everyone’s preparing for bed, or to go hunt. As for Perrie, she and Sophia are certainly cleaning up the kitchen. I take a deep breath, I need to compose my temper before I speak to them. Sophia told me not to get out of bed, but I don’t care what she says. I feel fine, and this is important to me.

“Perrie.” I speak up in the silence. She glances over her shoulder while washing a plate off. “Yeah?” She asks like she’s clueless to why I’m here. Sophia just continues with drying the dishes and putting them away, paying me no attention. “I’m telling you one last time.” I start with a sigh, sometimes you can just get sick of the same old shit – yeah, well Perrie’s attitude is one of those things. “Cut the smart ass attitude.” I plainly say, no sugar coating at all.

She turns to face me, wiping her hands off on a towel. She throws it on the island and puts a hand on her hip, the other up in the air giving me that ‘what do you mean’ motion. “Julianne told me that she feels a little bad for speaking to you the way she did.” I inform her, clearly she doesn’t know. I mentally slap myself, I forgot I had blocked them off when I realized Julianne was at my door. They don’t have permission to listen in on my conversations – a perk of being the Alpha.

“Good, she ought to be.” Perrie smacks her lips, as if she couldn’t agree more. Sophia shakes her head from side to side, still staying silent and out of the conversation. “No, you ought’a watch your mouth.” I correct her, she must forgot who I’m mad at? Obviously not Julianne. “How is this my fault?” Perrie gasps – clearly she’s innocent, yeah right.

“You fucking told the girl she being pathetic. Why? Because she wasn’t sobbing her eyes out like you do every time Zayn raises his voice at you? Because she handle a few screams?” I slam my hand on the island and they both jump at the sudden noise. “Harry, she wasn’t even showing any motion. It’s like she didn’t give a shit about you. I was only trying to help you.” She groans as she pinches the bridge of her nerves. “Oh, what? Have I annoyed you?” I ask with a dramatic tone, like she usually has, as she rolls her eyes at me.

“You’re such an asshole. Ever since she got here you’ve been worshiping her, like she’s all you fucking care about.” Perrie states, her voice getting slightly louder but I know she’d never attempt to get too loud with me. She’d regret that, besides – she’s too afraid to. “She’s mine, what do you expect? Zayn does the same to you, Liam does the same to Soph.” I remind her with a duh look plastered on my face.

“You’re the Alpha Harry.. but lately.. you’ve been acting like nothing. You don’t lead this pack anymore, ever since you brought her here!” Perrie yells out, anger on her face. “Are you doubting my authority? You know that will damn well get you out of here.” I grit my teeth, trying to keep my anger down – but it’s so fucking hard. Perrie drives me insane, and she pisses me off so easily with her smart ass mouth. “N-no.” She stutters, out of nowhere she’s become nervous. That’s a good thing.

“You don’t fucking worry about what I do around here. I can hand myself and this pack, got me?” I feel my teeth shifting, letting out my fangs as my temper rises to a staggering height. “Y-yes.” She nods lightly, dropping her head. I’m glad she ashamed, she deserves to feel like that. “If you don’t like how I do things around here, then hit the door. And this time.. no take backs.” I spat out, what little bit of care I once held before stepping into this room is now washed away. She’s lucky I didn’t throw her ass out the door when she questioned my power.



--so as you can probably tell, my chapters have gotten longer!! Yay! I finally got my laptop to working, and I no longer have to type on my phone! I actually suffered a lot these past few months - b/c I'm - as weird as it seems - double jointed in my thumb but not like the usual way people are (mine is double jointed at the part of the thumb that connects to the palm.. if that makes sense??) anywayssss so typing for long periods of time on my phone is literally a killer! But luckily I don't have to use my thumbs while I type on the laptop and i'm fine now! LONGER CHAPTERS!!!!! ♥♥

-- now that my short little live story there is over.... Ch 50 is NEXT, by the way. And it's going to be big - as in length wise and importance wise! ALSO I'm thinking 65/70 chapters..

--LAST THING:: I am looking for some requests for songs for the sequel! If you have any either message me or include in the comment!


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