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Beating Heart

f o r t y s e v e n - fire.

//fire could never compete with the flames in his heart//


The fire is still blazing bright, the temperature has dropped and the night has become completely black. Julianne's shaky body is beside me, her teeth nibbling on her fingernails as Liam continues with one of his bogus stories. With my arm around her, my hand placed on her waist, Julianne sits quietly with all attention on Liam. I know he's doing this to frighten the girls, which is a treat for us - they get scared, we have an excuse to hold them tight. Finally I have someone to hold.

A sharp gasp left her mouth, her head snaps in my direction, fear filled eyes staring up at me. "What's the matter?" I ask in a quiet voice as I furrow my brows, why has she suddenly become disinterested in the story. "I.. I don't like.. scary stuff.." Julianne pouts out her lips, clearly upset about this now. "Are you ready for bed?" I decide not to talk her into stay up any later. She gives me a few nods.

I lift myself up, dusting my pants off before extending my hand to her. She gladly takes it and squeezes - I yank her up in a swift move. My arms catch her before she was able to stumble over her own feet and fall into the burning flames - she's a bid clumsy. Her small hands grab my biceps in shock, probably not realizing I caught her. Those big blue eyes gaze up at me, covered in a layer of pure fright.

"I got you." I mumble softly to her, a smile lightly placed on my mouth. "Where're you going?" Zayn questions as I unwrap my arms from around her body. "We're clocking out." I nod my head towards the tents. "I didn't scare you, did I?" Liam smirks as he looks up at Julianne. "No, we're both just tired." I sigh out as I lace my fingers with Julianne's much smaller ones. We silently excuse ourselves as we head for the tent.

I pull her behind me, guiding her to the tent that was picked for us. It wasn't too far from the fire, and it was in the middle of everyone else - perhaps that will ease her fear. It could be worse.

I let her go as I reach the tent. I grab the zipper and unzip the entrance. A groan immediately leaves my mouth as I see they purposely placed a two person sleeping back inside instead of two individual ones. "Shit." I curse under my breath as I stand up straight. "What?" Julianne asks, peeping in the tent to see if she could figure out what had me irritated. "Nothing." I mumble out, hoping that she won't even notice it.

I gesture for her to get it and she does, smiling sweetly at me. God she's so beautiful. I follow her in the rather large tent. She quickly flicks the switch on the small fan placed in the corner - of course they would remember her love for the cold but not my love for a bit of respect. I'm trying to grow closer to her, not break down all the barriers I set up for myself. "That's better already." She says with a small laugh as she sits down on the sleeping bag, her legs crossed and her eyes following me.

"Go ahead and get yourself situated love." I tell her as I squat down beside the sleepimg bag. She nods to me once again as she slides her lower half inside the surprisingly comfortable sleeping bag. She lies down, her head on the pillow and a pleased smile on her pretty face. "Is everything alright, comfortable and all?" I ask as I lean closer to her, my fingers grabbing a strand of her hair and throwing it out of her eyes. "Perfect." Julianne whispers as she sighs in relief.

"Goodnight, sweetheart." I say as I kiss her forehead. Automatically I can sense her sudden change, her eyes lift up to stare at me. She drops her brows and slightly pouts that bottom lip. "Aren't you going to bed too?" She curiously asks me, a tad bit of worry in her eyes. "Yeah." I reply as I sit down beside her, on the other side of the sleeping bar of course. "Harry.. you're gonna get cold." Julianne props up on her elbow as she glares at me. "I'll be fine, as long as you're okay." I assure her. I reach over and pick up her hand. She huffs to herself, snatching her hand away.

"I'm not okay." She states, obviously this is bothering her. "What's wrong?" I attempt to play it cool and clueless, but I know I will fail. "Please lay with me.. I.. Harry I'm already scared because of the whole bear thing.. please." Julianne pats the empty space beside her. I protest with a shake of my head and a verbal response. "No, that's for you." I say with a sigh, trust me I want to get in there with her but I have already posted limits for myself.

"Please Harry." She pokes her lips out further, trying to make me feel bad for denying her offer. I brush it off and stay strong. "Julianne, go to sleep, love." I look away from her, her big doe eyes are slowly killing me. "But I'm cold." She whines to me, throwing her head back on the pillow. I give her my hand, and she gladly grabs my wrist and pushes my palm against her cheek. "Not warm enough." She mumbles with closing eyes and a sleepish tone.

I focus myself on my body heat, I know how to radiate it through my body. If she wants to be warm then I'll light her pretty ass on fire. "That's nice." She breathes out as the temperature rises in my hand. "Mhmm." I hum to her as I take in the soft feeling of her smooth skin pressed against my hand. She's so cold, I don't know how someone could stay this frozen constantly.

"Harry." She mutters to me. "Hm?" I stare down at, god she's so perfect. I doubt she even knows just how beautiful she is to me. "Your hand is really big." Julianne reminds me while burying her face in my clearly larger palm. "I know." I can't resist the smile forming on my lips as I watch her eyes squeeze shut. "Please.. lay.. with me." She tries once again, her voice in a whine as her fingernails dig into my skin - littering my wrist with crescent? moons.

"I'm right here, that's enough." I tell her. Her eyes pop open and she frowns at me. "But I want you right here." Her other hand - the one not locked on my wrist - pats the space beside her. "Babe, go to sleep." I insist, still ignoring her begging. "I'm not sleepy." She huffs with a pout, gosh she drives me insane. "I can tell you are, now go to sleep, love." Once again I suggest on this.

"If you lay with me.. then I'll go to sleep." she tries to compromise with me, slowly she's pulling me in and I know good and well I'll fall in. "Baby, why do you want me to lay down?" I question, perhaps her motive will change my mind. "Because I'm cold.. and when you're with me I.. I sleep well and.. and because I just want to be with you." Sensitivity washed through her, small tears escape from her eyes. My heart drops a billion feet and shatters into pieces - my angel just wants my company, I can't just deny her of that.

I extend my free hand and use my thumb to flick away those falling tears. "Hey, there's no need to cry, my love, I'll lay down with you. I didn't realize how much it meant to you, sweetheart." I have to remove my hand from her previous face in order to slide myself into the sleeping bag. She chews on her bottom lip as she watches me closely. "Th-thank you, Ha-harry." Julianne whispers with a small stammer as I lay my head beside hers on the pillow. It will be hard to resist her, but I know my true limits - I will definitely not exceed that barrier. Sex is the last thing on her mind, I'm sure.

"Anytime, darling." I say in a faint whisper as she hesitates to position herself beside me as she turns on her side again. "Get comfortable, doll." I tell her, giving her a nod of approval as she gazes up at me with wondrous eyes. A smile crawls to her face before she draws her arms up to and stuffs them between our chests - I kind of am relieved by her move, the thought of her full chest pressed against mine.. Get your mind on the right path, Styles. Stop sexualizing everything.

It's rather hard to stop - and the fact that this beautiful girl is mine doesn't help. I can't forget the burning desire in my chest either - being supernatural is killing me..

"Is this okay?" She asks in a small voice as her arms relocate - one stays between us while the other slowly snakes over my waist. "Of course babe, don't be afraid to touch me." I remind her of this simple yet mind boggling thing. I know it frightens her to give trust to someone and to receive it - that poor girl's been through a lot.

"And.. this?" She says, her other hand pressed against my chest - the thin fabric of my shirt separating us. "Mhmm." I slide my arm underneath her, my hand resting in the small of her back, my other arm drapes over her torso. This will be a nice rest for the both of us. She gets the assurance of me protecting her while I get the pleasure of protecting her.

The sound of a vechile starting up scared Julianne, she flinches in my arms. "Shh.. it's just the guys, they're going to get more drinks." I tell her in a light voice. She nods before nuzzling her face closer against my chest - I hate to break the news to her, but she can't get any closer. I can easily hear the tires on the gravel as they drive off. Julianne's feet rub against mine, her soft skin is cold but I can tell she's warming up, thanks to me.

It becomes mostly silent now, aside from the faint laughter and conversation from around the campfire, the girls probably don't plan on going to bed for a while. By the pattern of her breathing, I know Julianne is drifting in to a nice sleep. I decide to go along with her. My eyes close and I take in a deep breath - inhaling her wondrous scent.

All mine.



"Shit! Harry!" An ear shattering scream forced my eyes open. I jerk at the loud scream, what in the world? Harry sjts up quickly, letting me go in yhe process. I prop myself on my elbow as I watch him crawl from the sleeping bag. He struggles to unzip the tent's door. After a few moments he finally gets it undone and hurries outside, dressed only in his sleeveless shirt and pajama pants. "What the fuck is wrong!" He yells out, I have no clue of the time but I can tell it's early in the morning hours.

I guide myself out of the tent, making sure my shorts are secured before stepping onto the grass. I shiver lightly at the cool, damp grass. "There's a bear!" Sophia's voice filled the air and I strain my eyes - it's dark and the hanging lights are turned off but the fire still burns bright. "Liam and Zayn aren't back yet!" Perrie says in a loud tone. "Just get back." Harry sighs out and glances over his broad shoulder. I feel my heart begin to violently beat in my chest, his eyes caught mine.

"Julianne! Get back in the damn tent!" He strongly insists as he storms in my direction. I gulp harshly and back myself up, he's scaring me now. "Harry." I whine out as he roughly grabs my elbow. "Get back in the tent." He says, pushing me towards the tent entrance. "What- what's wrong?" I stutter out, my eyes staring into his. I feel the fear flood my body as the glowing emeralds glare at me. "Get in the tent, baby. I'm serious." Harry says through gritted teeth. I can tell he's trying not to be mean, but I guess if you are about to turn into a terrifying monster then that could be hard to control. Harry's hands push against my shoulders and I stumble back. I trip over my feet and fall to the ground.

"Ow." I mumble softly as I grab my wrist, I think I landed on it wrong. "Har-" I cut myself off as I look up and see he's vanished from my view. How could he just push me down and walk away? I thought I came before the rest of them, I thought I was the most important to him.. What happened to that?

The others have gotten into their tents and are hiding away. I huff to myself as I get to my feet. I dust my shorts off before heading in his direction. How dare he just shove me and walk away! My footsteps suddenly become slower as I see what the issue is, there's a very large bear getting closer and closer to the fire. I gulp heavily as I watch it - don't make eye contact, I keep telling myself this but of course I don't look away.

A growl erupted in the empty air - my head snapping in its direction. Harry. There he is - the thick fur blacker than the bear's. I carefully take a few steps back, trying to find a close by tree but I'm out in the small cleared space - just a few yards away from the fire. The bear is on the other side, but its harsh stare blows straight through the flames. The screeching of tires cuts the silence. I could only ponder about who it was for a second - a second bear approaches and my heart is nearly flatlining.

"Julianne!" Liam yells my name out of nowhere but I can't seem to move, can't react. Feet pound on the ground behind me, getting closer and closer by the second. A gust of wind tosses my hair all over the place - Zayn. I know it's him, I remember what he looks liek as a wolf. Dark brown fur, but smaller than Harry. I shriek as a pair of arms snatches me up bridal style, running off with me - away from Harry.

The thought of him getting hurt frightens me and the tears begin to flow down my cheeks. "Julianne, it's okay. It's just me." Niall's voice soothing whispers into my ear. I didn't even realize my eyes are closed tight and my face is in someone's neck. My arms lock around his neck - apart from Harry, Niall is the person I have given the most trust here. He was the first one to speak to me, he was my first friend ever.

"I got you, you're okay." He says as I hear a small thump. I feel my feet rub against a familiar fabric - the sleeping bag where I was previously bundled in next to Harry. "Is he gonna be okay?" I ask as I lift my head from Niall's shoulder. I meet his worried eyes, he looks more afraid than I do I bet. "Love, he's already slaughtered one of 'em. He'll be fine." He informs me of this. I swallow the nervous lump in my throat - he's not going to get hurt.

I jump in my skin as a loud howl interrupts the somewhat quiet night. "He just finished off the other." Niall says as one corner of his mouth turns up. "Is he coming.. coming back?" I ask as I sit up some, Niall's arm still tightly secured around my back. I don't mind, I feel scared and I'm glad he's here for me. I still can't believe he could pick me up - he's not as broad as Harry or Liam. But I guess if I were a supernatural monster with enhanced abilities I could pick stuff up too.

"He will after he eats. Harry doesn't believe in wasting a kill." Niall smirks lightly. My eyes widen, he's out there ripping up those now dead bears. What world do I live in? A place of insanity and full of monsters - clearly.


Hope this is good?

So I have decided to let YOU decide on when I will end the first book (yes there is a few second one! I already have a cover for it!) anyways.. So when you comment your feedback, include one of the following:
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I love it

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super sorry about just now replying to you guys! thank you for the love. I hope you like the new update ;)

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Oh my god, the new chapters are amazing! Thank you for updating :)

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Awesome updates my love :) Can't wait to see what's to come. Keep up the great work girl

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Great new chapters! Can't wait to find out what's going to happen next :)

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