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Beating Heart

f o r t y s i x - stories.

//there comes a time when you just need to reminisce//

(that evening..)


The setting sun has turned the sky into a rainbow blur, from the deep blue to the shining, sparkling orange. A sort of comfortable silence is living in the truck, the sound of Julianne's breathing pattern is the only thing I focus my ears on. I try to ignore the fact that Niall and Sara are in the back seat, mumbling to each other and laughing about whatever they're discussing.

I should have agreed to go to the camp site first, so I could've been alone with Julianne, but Liam and Louis volunteered to set up everything. We decided to take a break from reality and go camping. It's something we used to do a lot, but lately we've been slagging. "Harry." Sara's voice drags me from my focused trance. I glance in the rear view mirror, her eyes staring out the window.

"Yes, love?" I respond as I place my eyes on the road again. "Are we almost there?" she questions, her impatient nature is taking her over. "Yeah, five more minutes." I nod lightly, she sighs at my words but I only smile at her.

The trees line the road, dense wilderness on either side of us. The road is narrow now, leading to the usual camping site. We own a good bit of land surrounding the house, thankfully we have a nice place to escape to.

Julianne hasn't said much, but perhaps she's just admiring the scenery. I decide not to disturb her and keep my eyes trained to the twisting road. "I hope the bears don't get us tonight." Sara giggles in the back seat. "They're too afraid of us, baby girl." Niall brushes off her slight worry. I smile to myself, I'm glad she has him. "Bears.." The sweet sound of Julianne's voice speaking in a whisper catches my ear. I glance her way just to find her worried eyes staring at me. "Don't-"

"Yes, bears Julianne! Every time we go camping a big bear comes and-" Sara's mouth closes as I slam a tad too hard on the brakes, the road is slick from the previous storm last night - I was going to fast. "Sara, hush now." Niall says in a semi serious tone. "Don't mind her, sweetheart. We'll be fine." I assure her. I can sense her veins filling up with nervousness, her heart is picking up speed, and her breaths are quick and short - she's becoming afraid.

"Don't worry Julianne, Harry will protect you." Sara reaches up and rubs Julianne's shoulder as a way of getting her to calm down. I knew she done this because, just like the rest of us, she is enhanced - she can easily sense Julianne shaky nerves. "I've saved you from bears before, why would I stop now?"



The blazing flames let out a warm heat, but it didn't even compare to the great sultry heatwave radiating off Harry's body. He's sitting beside me on the ground, his hand gently resting on the small of my back as we both stare into the fire. Surrounding the fire along with us is Perrie, who is leaning her body against Zayn's front, his arms tight around her, Sophia and Gemma as well are here. The crackling fire sent sparks up my veins - this is such a lovely thing to do.

Liam and Louis are cooking on the small grill they brought along, while Niall and Sara are setting up tents and preparing the sleeping bags. "It's such a peaceful night." Sophia says with a smile as she sips from her cup of water, her eyes lost in the dancing flames. I look down at Harry's leg, which is right against mine. I wonder what he's thinking about, what he's so concentrated on?

"Sure is.. Perfect cool weather for camping." Gemma agrees with a nod. I push a strand of hair behind my ear, my loose ponytail is worthless as of now. "Beds are all set up." Niall says as he returns to us, taking a seat beside Gemma. A small curve came to my lips as I witnessed Sara climbing onto his lap, her head leaning against his shoulder, with tired eyes and a yawn. He puts his arms around her, a hand resting on her back and the other against the side of her head.

"I can still remember the first time I done this with you guys.. except for then we slept on the ground with no tents." Perrie says with a smile, her words make me wonder just how long all of these people have known one another. "I remember that, too. You made Zayn phase and stay up all night." Niall says with a playful eye roll. "I was terrified of everything then." Perrie defends herself quickly. "Everything but the giant monster I become." Zayn adds, with a kiss to her temple.

"Perrie was such a chicken back then." Harry speaks for the first time in a while, bringing my eyes over to look at him. He's softly smiling as his eyes skim over everyone. "She still is." Louis says, pushing on Perrie's shoulder as he sits down beside them. Harry draws his knees up some, enough so his forearms could lazily rest on them. "Am not." Perrie scoffs, shaking her head in denial.

"Sixteen ninety-four." I mutter softly. Harry's head turns in my direction, his brows lowered as his eyes gaze into mine. "That was a long time ago." I continue in a small voice. "Yeah." Harry says, slightly confused I can tell. "When.. when did.. all of you meet?" I curiously question, Harry's lips turns into a slight smirk but within seconds it became only a soft smile.

"I was.. fourteen when I met Liam.. in England, long before we came here." He begins, his eyes returning to the fire again. "His parents took me in.. I.. I was an orphan." Liam adds onto the story. I gulp gently to myself - they've been together so long, how could Harry despise him as much as he does? "It helped us out, we weren't necessarily poor, average at least though. The extra set of hands helped tremendously. Plus my mum adored children, she didn't hesitate to take him in. It didn't take long for us to decide to change Liam." Harry says, which I assume means change him into the whole werewolf thing.

"Years went on.. it was seventeen fifteen when we ran across Niall, we were over in Ireland for some reason. He was one of us, but he was like me.. natural born." Harry fast forwards a few years, clearly okay with answering my question.
"I was only thirteen. I had gotten into some trouble in me village.. I was too'fraid to go home." Niall butts in with a chuckle. "We asked if he wanted to join us, he didn't hesitate at all." Liam informs, placing himself beside Harry. It gives me this uneasy feeling, but I push it aside and remind myself that Harry is right here with me. Everything will be okay.

"My mum was dead.. I really didn't have nothing left. So shit, I was like might as well." Niall shrugs, before resting his chin on top of Sara's head. "Niall was our little brother, and we blamed everything on him and usually we made him do our dirty work." Harry and Liam smirked to one another as Niall grunted at those words. "He never got into trouble with mum, she loved him." Harry adds in. "No matter how much bread you asses made me steal." Niall shrugged as if it was nothing.
"Little shit." Liam nudged his elbow into Niall's side, they share a bit of laughter before someone else chimes in to the story.

"Eventually.. I met these three shits while I was in Canada." Zayn is the next to speak, a smile spread on his lips as they relive this all. "Was.. eighteen o'four.. I was cutting up firewood.. I used to sell it during the winter months." He paused himself for a moment or two. "They were on my land.. I wasn't very pleased with that." Zayn states with a eye roll. "Ol' Zayn phased on us." Niall smirked at him. "Thought he was all big and bad." Harry chuckled out, the beautiful sound brought a pleased smile to my face.

"Hell, I didn't know you fuckers were like me." Zayn laughs out, shaking his head lightly as the four of them share a fit of laughter. "Then Gemma reunited with us. She stayed back in London when we came to North America." Liam says, I almost forgot Gemma was Harry's blood sister, and just like him when it comes to supernatural abilities. "Well I didn't feel like stumbling 'round America for fifty years like some other idiots I know." She reminds them of how she felt about the idea back then.

"I was next." Perrie grins happily. "I actually met Gemma first. We were at a market in Chicago. Eighteen ninety. She invited me back to her place and I fell in love." She sighs with a bright smile as she closes her eyes, Zayn's arms tightening around her. "I will never forget that day." Zayn states with a proud smirk. "Then came the best, isn't that right Soph?" Louis cuts off the love fest between Zayn and Perrie. "Sure is, Louis." Sophia nods in agreement.

"Louis was my best friend. It wasn't too long ago, early nineteen tens. He was natural born though, I was changed later on." Sophia informs me mostly since everyone else already is aware of all this. "As soon as Anne caught sight of Louis she was determined to feed him. He stays looking like a darn stick." Her mouth held a big smile as everyone retold the interesting story.

"Why so curious about us?" Perrie raises a brow as she looks past the fire, her stare finding my eyes. "I dunno.. just wondered about it." I shrug lightly, honestly not sure why I suddenly became so interested in their past.

"I have the best family in the world." Sara says in a sleepish tone. "You sure do, babe." Niall smiles as he holds her close, she's not far from a deep slumber I can tell. "I wish Momma was here, Hazza." She leans herself off of Niall's chest just enough so her big eyes could stare up at the beautiful star littered sky. "Me too, love.. Me too." Harry keeps his voice soft as his own eyes travel upward to stare at the stars.

I look over at him, he's so beautiful. The realization hit me when she said that, it wasn't until now that I remembered Gemma saying her mother had died.

"My mother died six years ago." Harry tells me, I gasp lightly as I realize he caught me staring at him. I look down at my hands, still listening to him though. "She held us together.. She practically raised each of us, even the ones who came along at a later age. She was everything." Harry's voice lightly cracks as he informs me of his mother's major role in their lives. She sounds wonderful, she seems like such an amazing woman - I used to have a mother like that, too.

"I never imagined life would ever get better.. but then I finally got you. That changed everything." He leans a little closer to me, so his lips can kiss against my cheek. "Time for the good ole war stories." Niall cheerfully blurts out, interrupting the kiss Harry was about to planet on the corner of my mouth.
"Ahh.. The good times." Liam sighs with a smile of pleasure.

"War stories?" I ask in a faint tone. "I worked alongside some of the best men in the world. The U.S. military during World War two.. Hitler and 'em damn Nazis didn't stand a chance." Niall spoke with a grateful pride to his voice. "How about my service during the Civil War. The Yankees might'a put up a good fight and won.. but the South fought hard and dirty. I spent many nights on the battlefield with men I'd knew would never return home." Harry's story shocked me - there's no way they are all being serious right now. "I handled them ole Japs, Harry you 'member our time over in Germany though?" Liam carried on the tales, all of which seem to be legit and true.

"Yeah, it was pretty insane." Harry answered him with a huff. "Hey." Harry's hand slid to my waist and he pulled me a little closer. I turn my head to catch his gaze. "Are you okay?" He mumbles to me, a concerned look on his face. I give him a soft nod, not really empowered enough to speak. "Are you sure? If something's bothering you please tell me." Harry's other hand reached over and flicked my hair over my shoulder before pressing against the side of my neck.

The blazing heat from his skin made me melt inside. "I'm fine." I utter out just to ease his worry. He gives me a gentle curve of his lips before pecking my forehead, his hand dropping from my neck while the other one continues to grip my waist.

"Tell stories about Momma." Sara insists and I instantly notice the change of attitude in the circle. Those hearty grins turned to light smiles, all eyes settled on the fire or on the starry sky - or in Harry's case, they closed - and the laughter died down.

"One of the funniest stories ever is the time Anne made us all replant those flowers Liam ran the lawn mower over." Niall began with something humorous, smiles grew bigger and the chuckling returned. "No, the time she made Harry wash his laundry in the river because he was being a brat - that's the best." Perrie laughed out loudly at the memory. "I think she used the word 'ungrateful' not brat." Sophia cleared the funny mix up.

I allow a smile to come to my lips, she must have been such a joy. "Julianne, my Momma would've loved you." Sara said with a soft lift of her lips as she sat herself up. "Yeah, she would have." Liam sighed softly, I can tell the mood is falling just as quick as it was built up. A harsh huff came from beside me, before I knew it Harry was on his feet and silently excusing himself from the conversation. Everyone looked at me as if I caused him to move. I gulp gently to myself - did I do something wrong? As they keep staring at me I feel my throat closing in from the anxious fear.

"You might wanna go talk to him." Sophia suggests with a gesture of her hand in his direction. "Wha- why.. why me?" My eyebrows knit together as I realize they want me to go and fix this unknown issue. "You're the only one that can calm him down." Perrie answers me just as fast as I answered. "I.. I don't know what to.. to say." I throw my hands in the air, partially annoyed with them. They've known him longer, how come I have to be the one to solve the problem - the reason for his leaving is still a stranger to my mind.

"Just.. Julianne, please just go." Gemma says with a worried tone to her voice - perhaps they're all afraid and they know he won't snap on me. Are they sending me into the line of fire? Or do they honestly just need me to speak to him? A moment passed by and soon I find myself standing up and dusting off my behind, I'm sure there was dust on my pants. I wipe my hands on my shirt before stepping off towards him.

Thanks to the bright hanging lights Perrie put up earlier, I can easily see the ground as I walk. The strings of lights leading from one tree to another made the place look even more enjoyable - a comfortable home like vibe fills the night air. I can see Harry's back, he is standing a few yards away from the tents.

I quicken my pace, the natural fear of the dark woods is creeping up my spine. "Ha-harry?" I say his name with a unsteady voice. I hear a heavy sigh seconds before he turns to face me, his emerald eyes finding my gaze. "Love, is everything alright?" He asks with lowered brows. Even when he's obviously not feeling okay he st ill cares about me. He takes the time to ask me if I'm alright - that's something Ive I lacked for a majority of my life, someone's concern for my well being.

"Why did you leave?" I ask in a faint voice, I know there is no need to be loud - he can hear me no matter what vocal level I use. "I don't really like talking about my mother." He shrugs a shoulder as he kicks some dust up with his foot, his eyes have dropped to watch the tip of his boot play around in dirt. "I-" "Julianne, please tell me what's on your mind." Harry cuts me off, his eyes darting back to meet mine. "N-nothing." I shake my head from side to side, what is he talking about now? "Yes there is. You're wondering about something, I can sense it
- your hesitation.. I.. I can feel it." Harry ignores my protest, could I have been the reason for his weird behavior this evening?

"I.. I mean I.. I don't know what you're talking about.," I was about to admit some things that have been jumping in my mind but I stop myself - they're not important enough to have him worrying over. "Baby, please. Its fuckin' killing me." Harry's hand touches over his heart as if he's indicating the pain he's supposedly feeling. I wouldn't doubt it, he's made my heart literally ache before, too. "I don't.. wanna make you mad."

Finally I let him know the truth, there is seriously something on my mind. However, it's something that could possibly upset him. "Tell me, please." his plead is making me weak in my knees, if he wants to know then I should tell. It might answer my curious question and bring relief to my wondering mind.

"Harry, I don't want to upset you." I release a drug out sigh as I lean my back against a tree. He closes the distance between us, the warmth coming from his body engulfs me. "You won't upset me, love." Harry's voice is soft as he speaks, his hand touching my waist, the other presses against the tree near my head to support his leaning weight.

"I might." My eyes travel down his body, stopping at his abdomen. The thin white shirt he's wearing gives me a glimpse of what's underneath. "Julianne." He breathes out my name, it sounds so perfect when he says it.

"Is it.. something about me that.. that you're wondering?" He furrows his eyebrows and closes his eyes, like he's in deep thought about this. "I.. um.. yes." I utter back, trying to find the strength to ask him this personal question. It's hard to gather the little amount of power my body contains. "Does it involve my.. my past?" I stare at his worried face, the lines on his forehead as his eyebrows drop lower in concentration. His lips are slightly parted, his breathing slow and deep. "I.. I guess it could, yeah." I immediately slap myself mentally as he groans at my words.

"Please tell me, darlin'. I don't know how much more I.. I can take." Harry's hand slides to the small of my back, his lower half pushing against mine. Instead of chickening out and brushing away his plead, I close my mouth and decide on tackling this in a different way. Carefully, despite my shaky limbs and tingly nerves, I lift my hand. He wants to know what I'm questioning and I want an answer.

My heart beat automatically slows its pace as I feel my fingertips gently brush against his skin. The crooked scar running on his skin feels rough against my fingers, yet its nothing harsh. My eyes stare intensively at it as my fingers trail down the wound. He flinched lightly as I got to the end of it, my fingertips grazing over his bottom lip.

A bit of fear jumped down my throat as his eyes opened and I quickly found that I was stuck in a gaze with him. The hand he had placed on the tree is now wrapped around my wrist, preventing me from removing my touch from his hand. He repositions my hand so that it covers over his cheek now, my palm pressed into the scar.

"In nineteen sixty five… I came home one day.. no one was there except my parents. I walked into the kitchen and.. and I saw my.. my father's hands.. around my mum's.. neck and.. I.." He stops himself with a shaky sigh. "You.. you don't have.. have to tell me." I faintly shake my head from side to side, he doesn't have to do this. "Basically.. He and I got into a pretty brutual fight.. he took out a.. a knife and.. he.. did this to me." Harry explains, applying more pressure against my hand so my skin is directly against his - even the scarred parts.

"It went all the way through." He adds with a small huff. "But.. you're okay now, right?" I ask him with a worried tone - obviously he's alright Julianne. "Yeah baby, I'm fine now. No guilt." He smiles just enough to spark a fire in my chest.

"Guilt.. for what?" I raise my eyebrows at his words - what does he mean by that? "You see.. my kind.. we live by a few rules. And one of those is.. that if you cause harm to the Alpha then.. well, depending on the injury, they have the right to do the same to you.. or either kill you." Harry informs me, slowly the dots begin to connect in my mind.

"So he has this too?" I say, referring to the deep scar placed messily on his face. He chuckles lightly at what I said. "No baby, he doesn't." He smirks gently at me. "Then what.. what did you do?" My eyebrows knit together, he's confusing me again.

"Well, once I got put back together.. I took him in the woods, ya'know away from everyone else." He shrugged a shoulder as he took a pause. "Then I phased.. and I.. I took care of it." Harry states with a gulp, as if it was hard to say or either hard to admit to me. "Did you.. eat him?" My cracking voice spoke just above a whisper.

Harry lets his lips turn into a devious smirk, a deep chuckle escaping his mouth as well. "No, I didn't eat him, love."He denies my claim, if he didn't eat him then what did he do? "Is he a-alive?" I stammer, could he possibly have let his father live, despite the so called rules? Harry's eyes flicker from mine to my lips, soon reconnecting our stare though.

"No. I ripped his head off."


Sorry for the wait guys. I was planning on updating last night when I got home but... Something happened. Soo here's the update now! Feedback please , excuse errors of course! ❤


I love it

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super sorry about just now replying to you guys! thank you for the love. I hope you like the new update ;)

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Oh my god, the new chapters are amazing! Thank you for updating :)

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