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Beating Heart

f o r t y f o u r - pleasure.

//she needs him like a heart needs a beat//

((next morning))


The sun is shining brightly in the blue sky - peeking through the canopy of trees. I smile softly as a I hear the chirping of birds and the squeaking of squirrels in the treetops. It won't be like this for much longer - soon autumn will take over then winter will glide in and freeze everything over. Yet I don't mind, I adore all the seasons.

Harry's hand is tightly clutching mine as we stroll through the dense forest - he's guiding me back to the field of flowers, it resembles a place I dreamt about when I was a child. Just a field of happiness.

"I won't be able to make my usual visit tonight." Harry informs me - breaking up my focus on nature's sounds. "Why?" I ask in a small voice, my motions might be more confident but my ability to speak to him is still rather weak.

"I have to hunt. It's been three days.. my energy is going out." He tells me, a long drug out sigh following his words. "Oh.." My voice isn't loud but I know he heard me. "I can still make it.. but it'll be midnight." He adds on, thank goodness. I thought I'd have to wait for hours tonight. Nothing leaves my mouth - I don't have much to say about that.

"You-you eat.. animals, right?" I hear myself asking and I mentally slap myself. Of course he does you dummy! "Well yeah." Harry chuckles at me, "I mean I used to devour humans in my earlier years.. but I've changed." He shrugs lightly. I gulp at his words - earlier years.

"Don't worry sweetheart, I'd never bite you." Harry's eyes burn into the side of my head, I watch him closely from the corner of my eye. "With your permission I would." My head snaps in his direction - my permission?

"Why would you bite me at all?" I ask, feeling my lips curve into a smile. "For your pleasure." he winks at me, his cheeks heating up with a tint of red - just like my own. "Biting doesn't sound pleasurable." I roll my eyes playfully at him, my head facing back in front of us.

"Oh, I'm sure I could make it worth your while." He smirks as he slows down his footsteps. I do the same, until eventually we are both standing still. He steps in front of me and sits his hands on my waist - guiding me closer to his body.

"Biting isn't very nice." I mumble as he leans down to me, his lips brushing against my forehead. "But I could do something else.. that would be nice." Harry utters against my skin. Out of nervousness - and because of the fact we're in the middle of the woods, I securely put my arms around his torso, keeping myself close - anxious ear creeping up my spine.

"Wh-what would that be?" My voice is small and shy at the moment as I breathe in the way he smells. "Julianne.." One of his hands removes itself from my side and relocates to my cheek. "Can I try something with you?" He questions in a mumble as his head rises just a tad.

"What.. what is it?" Once again I ask, but he completely ignores me. His hand leaves my cheek, making me extremely long for his contact again. Moments later, his index finger works with his thumb to grab my chin - gently lifting my head up.

Our eyes meet and I can't resist to softly smile as the blush covers my skin. "Something I have never done." All of the nerves and fright in my body flushes out as Harry leans down to me, his lips touching against the corner of my mouth. My eyes fall shut a few seconds after his do.

"I don't know how to do this.. but I'd love to try with you." Harry's voice is faint and fragile, his warm breath floating over my skin - lighting up flames all over me and burning all my fears.

Time frooze as his plump lips pushed onto mine. It was no longer fright I held in my heart - it was this kind of obsession stuck in me now - Harry's all my body wanted before, now he's all I need. A burning fire ignited in my heart - could it be? Is he mine?

I grab hand fulls of his shirt as I press my front against his body, straining my neck so I could keep my mouth on his. His right hand slides to the side of my neck while the other still grasps my waist.

Suddenly I feel the need to breathe overpower my body and I grap his hips, pushing us apart. Harry gasps for air - just like I do. He removes his hands from my body and takes a few steps back. My arms fall to my sides as I watch him.
He runs a hand through his messy hair before turning with his back facing me. Did I do something wrong?

"I.. I'm s-sorry." I stutter out, my heart pounding in my chest. Harry whips around and begins to rapidly shake his head from side to side. "No, no, no baby! No, God no!" Harry hurries over to me and grabs my upper arms with his large, rough hands.

"No, baby. You didn't do a thing wrong. You were so perfect." Harry assures me with a worried stare and a kiss on my forehead. "I.. I-I've never ki-kissed anyone before Ha-harry. I.. I'm sorry." I feel my lips begin to shake and my heart is jumping - my eyes brimming the tears.

"Neither have I baby, I didn't expect you to jump in this and be an expert. I.. I just wanted to do this.. with you." Harry released my arms and one hand grabbed mine and his other pressed against the side of my neck. "It's okay." Harry's thumb wipes away a fallen tear from my cheek.

"I should have made it better. That was your first kiss.." Harry softly sighs to me, his hand let mine go and he puts it on my waist instead. "I.. I wasn't good." I retort his claim, this is my mistake - I messed this up.

"Honestly.. neither one of us really knew what to do.. but in my opinion, that was so amazing." Harry smiles sweetly at me - my mind wrapping around the thought of him. "I-I liked it." I nod softly, totally agreeing with him.

His mouth turns into a smile as he leans closer down to me, his nose brushing mine as he faintly puckers his lips. My eyes stay wide open even though his have fallen shut. Harry's lips barely touch mine, making my heart thump violently.

Before I could enjoy the sensation, he stops and removes his mouth from mine. His eyes open and I nearly scream in his face - all I see is glowing emeralds. I grab his wrist, the one belonging to the hand placed on my neck. I'm terrified at the moment.

He intensely stares at me as my fear eats me alive. Harry's lips are in a straight line and his eyebrows are furrowed. "H-harry." I stammer in a whisper as his grip on the side of my neck got harder. "Har-.. Hur-hurting me - you're hur-hurting me, Ha-harry." I choke out, my lungs slowly drying up. His grasp is insane.

In an instant, his hands fall from my body and he's resting his back against a huge tree , his fingers tugging at his roots. Frustration cleary has taken over him. His eyes are still illuminating. "Ha-harry.. did I.. make you mad?" My fingers play with my bottom lip as I anxiously wait for his response. He quickly returns to me, his hands cupping my face and pulling me closer.

"No baby, no. I.. I almost lost control.. I almost phased… I'm so sorry I scared you, Julianne, I just didn't want to hurt you on accident." He admits this to me after taking only one big breath. I smile lightly, completely aware of his actions now. "It's okay." I nod softly to him. I stare in utter amazement mixed with both fright and curiosity as his glowing eyes slowly begin to dim, normality taking over now.

"I don't know what came over me.. I guess I got too excited." His lips curl into a smile as he rubs his nose against mine sweetly. "Harry." I breathe out his name gently, my eyes falling shut as our foreheads fall against each other. I can feel his intense stare but truly I do not mind. "Hmm?" He hums to me, requesting me to tell him what I needed to state.

'"I'm confused." I utter, my lips brushing his perfectly, I can feel the soft skin melting against mine - what a feeling. "Why's that, honey?" Harry questions, one hand relocating to my waist. I smile in pure pleasure as he slides his arm around my back, his large hand resting in the small of my back. "I dunno."
I shrug my shoulders, careful to not disturb our positions. Perhaps I'm not confused at all. Maybe I'm just trying to pull out something more serious, I just don't actually know what it is I'm attempting to admit.

"Baby.. is something bothering you? Please tell me." Harry begs in a feathery voice, his warm breath filling my mouth as he speaks. "No.. I just.. never want you to.. to.." My heart captures my tongue and I find that I can no longer speak - all the courage drained from my veins. "Don't be afraid.. you can tell me anything, sweetheart." Harry breaks the silence between us, his lips now pushing against the corner of my mouth as he awaits my answer.

"I never want.. you to leave me, Harry." I squeeze my eyes as tight as I can - trying to acknowledge why in the world I spoke those words to him. Of course it's true, but I never imagined I'd become so open with him - oddly confident. "Baby-" I cut him off suddenly, shock waves thrashing through my body. What is happening to me?


"Don't leave me, please! Please Harry, don't leave me!" Julianne cries out, pushing me off of her. I stand with a open mouth and widened eyes - what crazy thing has taken over my angel? "Baby, I'm never leaving. C'mere babe." I take a few steps towards her but she does the opposite and backs up from me.

"Harry! Please!" Julianne screams at the top of her lungs, her hands shaking as they pull at her locks. I watch her knees buckle, slowly collapsing. "Julianne!" I gasp as I hurry to catch her before her trembling body hits the ground. I caress her cheek with my fingertips as the tears flood from her eyes. My knees dig into the mushy ground, my lap supporting her shaking body.

Something isn't right..


I nervously pick at my fingernails, a million things are racing through my mind right now - why did she freak out, why did I almost phase on her, and what the hell is even happening? A long sigh leaves my mouth as I listen in to the conversation taking place on the other side of the wall my back is leaned on. Sometimes I appreciate my enhanced abilities.

"There's no logical explanation." Sophia states with an unsure tone to her voice. "Possibly just a panic attack.. I mean the girl's been through a lot." Zayn insists, I start to lean on his side of the conversation. Perhaps she just overreacted. "Commitment." Liam threw it. A small growl leaves my throat but I automatically calm the wolf burning and howling inside of me.

Liam came to her rescue when I left her, he might have done things in the past that hurt her but he done the ultimate thing - he protected her while I was away. Not only the night the rogue stepped into my territory, but also while I was gone. I ought to be glad he done that. Yet it's still hard to give him all my trust.

"It's love, get over it." Niall blurts out, his words making my heart jump. Could she really be in love with me? Of course I love her, but she isn't obligated to love me back. "What about Harry's attempted phase? He could have hurt her." Perrie reminds them of this horrible event.

"His hormones got riled up.. and human hormones mixed with wolf instincts are insane." Liam states. "He wanted to make love with her - well his wolf side did." Zayn adds in, making me question if kissing her was a bad idea…

I push myself off the wall and carry myself down the hallway, my feet taking me straight to her door. I press my palm on the wood, the coolness making me flinch. The cold thing I completely adore touching is Julianne's skin.

Humans are supposed to be warm, whether they like for the air conditioner to be on in the middle of January, or the heater blazing in August. They all have hot blood, warm skin, beating hearts.. However, I know she's on the fairer side of things, pale skin and a craving for the cold - until I come around, then all she wants is to be warm... and that I definitely don't mind.
She's just a beating heart with an unsteady beat.

"Harry?" Julianne's voice snapped me from my trance. I look down and see her eyes staring up at me. Before any words could come from my mouth, which would have eventually included the reason I hadn't entered her room yet, her arms lock around my neck, standing on the tip of her toes. I ease her struggle by bending down, my arms wrapping around her waist.

"I came to check on you, baby." I mumble into her neck, engulfing the smell of her soft hair. "I missed you." She says, her lips brushing against my jaw, reminding me of how she's holding me. "Baby, I haven't been gone long." I remind her, it's been an hour maybe two since I brought her home. I left her with Perrie, hoping they would get her to talk. None of the girls could get anything out of her, they gave up I assume.

"I still missed you." She utters softly, her hands gripping the back of my neck. "I know.. I missed you too, my love." I agree with her words, my hands massaging her back, just above the swell of her bum. It's taking me all of my strength not to just reach down and grasp her behind. Calm yourself, Harry.

"Harry.." Julianne whispers my name, it sounds so beautiful to me. "Yeah?" I ask in a gentle voice, grasping her body tight, keeping her agaisnt me. "Please stay with me tonight." She demands in a faint voice, if I were normal I wouldn't have heard her. "I am, love. I am." I press an assuring kiss to her forehead, anything for you baby.


I have really big plans for this story. This isn't even a fourth of what I want to do but I would like to know if you guys wanted me to continue on longer than I planned. Things will get sped up soon now that Julianne is more comfortable with Harry but still I would like to know what you think!

--Updates soon!
---feedback? xx


I love it

@Allie Miller @Harry02
super sorry about just now replying to you guys! thank you for the love. I hope you like the new update ;)

brianna.smith brianna.smith

Oh my god, the new chapters are amazing! Thank you for updating :)

Harry02 Harry02

Awesome updates my love :) Can't wait to see what's to come. Keep up the great work girl

Allie Miller Allie Miller

Great new chapters! Can't wait to find out what's going to happen next :)

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