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Beating Heart

f o r t y t w o - abuse.

//there is no charm equal to tenderness of the heart//


The awkward tension filling the room is nearly suffocating.

Harry is standing in front of the window, his hand grasping the edge as he leans inward to look outside. He's completely ignored me for almost fifteen minutes - however, in his defense, I was naked a majority of the time.

It is pondering my mine ever since it occured - why did he stay in the room? Was he afraid to leave me alone? The intention was clearly not him wanting to see me dress myself because he isn't even facing my direction.

I take in a deep breath, I can't just sit here all day and stare at the back of his head. I gather all the courage in my body and take it straight to my mouth - just speak to him. It's just the two of you, nothing for you to be afraid of anymore.

"Ha-harry." I squeeze my eyes shut as my ears take in what my mouth threw out - of course I'm stuttering. I hear a few footsteps, my eyes seal tighter. "Everything okay, my love?" Harry's deep voice spoke to me.

A few shivers went up my spine at the sound of thay name, he always calls me that and I completely adore it. I feel a heat practically burning on my skin, a sign that he is close to me now.

"Julianne." He whispers softly, hsi fingertips brushing my palm as he goes to grab my hand. "Baby, open your eyes for me." He asks in a sweet tone, his other hand against my cheek.

I do as he requests, my lids slowly parting to reveal him to my sight - well more like his chest. I look up at him, his sparkling emerald eyes staring down at me already. "C-can I have a h-hug?" Harry nervously asks me, a gentle smile pressed on his lips.

My heart bursts at his words - we have never done that. I have never hugged anyone who I didn't share blood with before. The question riles my nerves up.

Complete shock took over my entire body as I found myself falling against his front, my arms tightly wrapping around his neck. Standing on the tip of my toes only barely helps, but thankfully he took notice of our height difference and leaned himself down some.

"I missed you." I utter out, his shirt muffling my words. "I missed you, too." Harry states, while his arms slide around my waist. He rests his face in the side of my neck, taking in deep breaths as he squeezes me tight.

His cologne fills my nostrils, captivating my brain with the nice smell. I really like the way his natural scent mixes with the cologne - makes my heart pound in the good way.

I accidently allow myself to bury my hands behind his hair, pressing them into the back of his neck. His long, soft, faint curly locks against my skin is so soothing.

"How come you didn't eat all week?" Harry asks, his grip never loosening up on my body. I sigh to myself, the side of my face smushed against his chest. "Hmm?" He hums to me, wanting to know the answer to his question.

"I-I did." I mumble back to him. "Not enough." He reminds me of this - I know, trust me. As if on cue my stomach lets out a growl. Harry sighs lightly, there's no doubt - he heard it as clear as I did. "Please.. don't starve yourself, love." Harry gulps, his hands pressing harder in to the small of my back.

"I-I'm f-fine." I stutter out - pathetically of course. Harry lifts himself off my shoulder, my arms falling from his neck as he leans up. I bite my cheek - the lost of contact hurts. "You need to get back to a normal sleep routine.. and you need to eat.. before your bones start showing." He furrows his eyebrows as he stares down at me, his hands on my waist.

My gaze drops from his, my eyes land on the floor - little does he know that's my intention. I close my eyes, not wanting to even look at his feet anymore.

"What's wrong?" Harry whispers, his right hand leaving my waist to press against the side of my neck. He guides my head up, but my eyes still stay shut. "Julianne.. Please, tell me." I felt his warm breath fan my face, a sign that he isn't that far from my face.

"S'nothing.." I mutter, my lips barely moving. "Tell me." His thumb slowly rubs my ear, his fingers wrapping around the back of my neck. I know there's no getting out of this - so I might as well admit it.

"Why haven't you been eating?" Harry takes a step ahead of me, clearly determined to know what my issue is. "I.. I didn't… I mean.. I don't want to." A nervous shiver raced down my spine as he pulled me closer, the front of his body pressing into mine.

"Why?" I swallow harshly at his question - I want you to know, trust me, but it isn't that simple. Harry removes his hand from my neck suddenly - his finger tips trailing down the side of my arm slowly. "I just.. don't want.. to.. be.. I just-" I cut my own words off with a huff, irritated by the fact I can't even properly speak at the moment

"Just because.." Harry speake softly to me, his hand grabbing mine and slowly lacing our fingers together. "..you have a little meat on your bones.. doesn't mean you have to starve yourself." My heart skips a beat - I don't take it as an insult, because it's not one at all. He cares about my health - that's what made my heart jump.

"You're perfect." I freeze as I feel a soft, gentle touch against my forehead - seconds later, Harry leaves a kiss on my skin. He presses his lips harder, as if it would heal all my wounds and fix all my problems - if only.

"Juli- oh.. Harry." Sophia's voice cuts the silence into pieces, people always have to interrupt. Harry pulls back, his hand still clutching mine and the other still holding my waist.

"What?" He asks her, obviously not pleased with her entrance. I open my eyes, figuring Harry would be looking past me and at her - but I was wrong. His eyes are burning right into mine. This time, I don't look away.

"Nothing. Um, I was going to talk to Julianne but clearly you've beat me to it." Sophia laughs lightly as I hear the door creak before shutting completely. "I thought I locked it." Harry mutters out, his eyes glancing at the door before returning to mine.

Harry surprises me when his hands fall from my body and he takes a few steps back. "I don't know why.. you would abuse your body.. you're so beautiful and perfect." He tells me, as his eyes roam all over me. I feel my cheeks burn up at his words.

"I never want to hear about you not eating again, understand me?" Harry's softened expression suddenly turns stern as he stares down at me. I nod unsurely a couple of times, what would he do if i went against his demands?

"And if I ever catch you doing this-" Harry roughly grabs my wrist and turns my arm over, displaying my cut up arm to his eyes. His head snaps back up to stare intensely at me again. "You'll be in extreme trouble. Understand?" He warns with a harshness to his tone.

"Y-yes." I stammer out, tears brimming in my frightened eyes. Harry drops my arm and turns his back to me, huffing heavily as he props his hands on his waist, just above his hips.

Before I could take control of my body - tears began steaming down my burning cheeks and whimpers left my mouth. Why am I so upset? Perhaps it's because I know I've upset him.

"Don't cry. Get over it." And with those words, he exited the room - leaving me more confused than I heartbroken


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I love it

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super sorry about just now replying to you guys! thank you for the love. I hope you like the new update ;)

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Oh my god, the new chapters are amazing! Thank you for updating :)

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Awesome updates my love :) Can't wait to see what's to come. Keep up the great work girl

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Great new chapters! Can't wait to find out what's going to happen next :)

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