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Beating Heart

f o r t y - everything.

//the water is clear, but your wrists are stained//


"Julianne." Harry's voice softly spoke my name. I look at him, his eyes are glued to my cut up limbs. His bottom lip is quivering and those beautiful eyes are watering up. Am I making him sad?

"Why.. would you do this?" He questions in a small tone. I part my lips to reply to him, but he continues on with his ramble. "You shouldn't have done this.. you should never hurt yourself." His voice is shaky as he talks to me - as if I could go and erase them all.

Just when I thought he'd say more things that won't ever really help me - a single tear slips from the corner of his eye. I watch it roll over the scar on his handsome face as it begins the trail for the rest to follow- dripping off his jaw.

"Why are you crying?" I nervously ask as his hand carefully push each of my arms down. He looks away, throwing his head into his hands while his elbows dig into his knees. "There's.. nothing to cry over." I say as I stare at him - watching his powerful creature breakdown beside me on a bed of wildflowers.

He sighs out deeply into his hands, I just wish he'd not over react about this. Harry lifts his head up and keeps his gaze ahead of us. "Yes there is. You hurt yourself so many fuckin' times." He breathes heavily, his lids falling to cover his flooding eyes. Yet, the tears continue to fall.

"I know and everything's fine." I admit, partially at least. Harry's head whips around, like he just heard the most horrible thing ever. "No, everything is not fine! I should have been there to stop you." He suddenly lifts his body off the ground. Harry begins walking back the way we came, fear creeps into my bloodstream.

"Please! D-don't l-leave, don't leave m-me." I gulp harshly as he makes his way to the edge of the woods. Harry freezes just as he reaches the tree line. "I'm not leaving." He says in a voice loud enough for me to hear.

I walk in a fast pace towards him, I thought he was going to ditch me and force me to fend for myself. I doubted it, but at the same time believed it would happen.

Quickly, while I have a chance, I step in front of him and lift my head so I can see him. His eyes are red from the tears and his cheeks are flustered. This is yet another side of him - a part I never expected to exist. "Please.. don't be upset." I say lightly, hoping to calm him but it doesn't work.

"I just.. It hurts me, okay. It fucking hurts." Harry snaps at me, running his hands through his long hair, pulling at the roots. "Why is this bothering you?" I huff, not even sure why he's flipping out and getting all emotional about this. It's. Nothing.

"I never want you to get hurt, especially by yourself. I'm fucking in love you, Julianne! Why would I want you to be hurt?!"



"I'll tell you this." Zayn starts as I sit down on the couch between him and Niall. I wrap both hands around my mug, carefully sipping my hot chocolate. "Harry's happy." He tosses out his opinion.

"Definitely. He's never been like this before. He's surely in love." Perrie agrees with a nod. "He's opening up to her.. like really fast. It took Liam months to spill everything to me." I admit with a slight laugh, the shock of the situation is intense.

"Well.. He's went all these years without his mom.. and we all know how close he was with her. I'm quite surprised that he's just so open with her." Liam states, exactly what I'm thinking as well.

"Every question she asks he answers. Every issue she has, he attempts to solve it. He's in love, that's the reason." I tell them - it's very obvious, he's in love with her. "I can't hear him." Niall mumbles, now that he's brought that up I realize I can't either.

"He's blocking us out." Zayn says, this is a common thing for him to do to us, but it's one hundred percent understandable. "I went out earlier.. I can't even pick up on Julianne's scent." Perrie informs us, slightly confused by that.

"I picked up nothing but Alpha." She adds with a smirk on her lips. "Possesive. He's masking her smell." Liam nods, this is common for people like us. The Alpha can completely overpower his mate's scent, or anyone in the pack. The rest of us can sorta cover each other up, but not nearly as well as he can.

"Where do you think he took her?" I ask curiously, there's literally hundreds of places he could show her that mean something to him. We're never told where he goes off to, never.

"Probably the-" Zayn's words are cut off by the door as it opens. "Don't fuckin' worry about where we went." Harry loudly stated as he slammed the door behind Julianne, his hand tightly holding hers. His face is red and his eyes are bloodshot - was he crying? No, I doubt that.

"Everything okay?" Perrie smikes lightly at the two, Julianne looks terrified and Harry looks pissed beyond the usual limit he sets for himself. "Fine." Harry yanks Julianne behind him as he begins walking. She looks over her shoulder and displays an apologetic smile to us before being pulled down the hallway.

Moments later, in the new found silence, the sound of a slamming bedroom door filled the entire house. He's in one of his moods now, that's just great.



The fear sitting in her gorgeous eyes is getting more and more intense as the seconds drag by. I've never seen her like this - too afraid to even lift her head up. I lean myself against the door, watching her closely.

Her hands are resting in her lap, her fingers fiddling with each other. Her hair has fallen to curtain her face, all that beauty is hidden from my gaze.

During the walk home she was silent - not a peep leaving past her lips. But I could hear her nervous breathing and throbbing heartbeat - she was nothing but frightened by my loss of control. She's not fond of the yelling one bit, I don't blame her though.

"I'm.. I'm sorry." I breathe out unsteadily - my heart aches for her. No reaction in return. I gulp gently, my eyes burning through her. "I never meant to scream."

I never meant to scare you. I never meant for you to see me cry - I never wanted you to watch me breakdown but it's okay.
I promise it's all okay.


My blood is literally boiling underneath my sweat covered skin - how dare he lay his nasty hands on her. He's lost his god damn mind, I know that for sure. My foot collides with the wooden door, busting it from its hinges.

The loud crashing of the door against the floor filled the house and silenced the screaming. David's head whipped towards me, pure confusion swept over his druken face.

"Get your fucking hands off of her." I warn with gritted teeth and burning veins. "Who the hell are you?" He asks, dropping his hands from around her throat. "You can't just barge in-"

"Shut the fuck up." I snap, there's a heavy gust of wind in the room - milliseconds later I find my hand wrapped around his neck, his back against the wall and his feet nearly three feet off the ground. I don't play around when it comes to people I love.

"I swear.. on my life I will kill-" My angered words are cut off by the sound of whining, but I knew this time it isn't Kristen. "Har-harry.. the ba-baby.. is s-sick." Kristen coughs out from her spot on the floor.

My grip tightens on David's neck - his face turning bright red. "I was.. trying to go get.. her medicine.. fr-from the store.. he-he wouldn't let me le-leave!" She's literally sobbing into her hands.

This son of a bitch must have a death wish.

After slamming him into the wall a few times, knocking him cold out with a punch to his jaw, which could have been worse than it actually worse, and a blackened eye on his face - I throw him to the floor and hurry over to where Kristen has dragged herself on the couch.

"Hey, it's alright. Everythin's going to be alright." I gently place my hand over hers - she's too young for this torture, too fragile for this horrible life. "I.. Harry-" She stops herself, almost choking on her own spit.

"My baby." Kristen's voice is soft as she pleas to me, her nails digging into my palm. "Where is she?" I mumble in return to her. Her head lifts and her eyes stare at the hallway across the room. "Ba-bathroom." She stutters out of nervousness. I stand up and quickly lead myself down the hallway.

The crying begins again - it gets louder by the second. i throw open the bathroom door - my eyes almost popping from my head out of pure shock. There sits the baby in the small pink bathtub designed for her age - still sitting in the soapy bath water.

I wasn't here to witness it, but I'm sure that he yanked Kristen away and took her into the living room, prevented her from getting the little angel and not even allowing her to move. I know this because Kristen is a damn good mother - she'd never leave her child alone, especially not in the bathroom in a tub of bath water.

"Hey, hey, hey.. Stop all that darlin'." I say with a gentle smile as I grab the pink towel off the sink counter. I reach down into the bathtub, my hands careful but strong as I pick up the crying baby. Her tears stain her cheeks as they flood her pretty eyes.

"Everything's gonna be alright. I promise." I whisper softly, while wrapping her in the soft fabric. She instantly begins to quiet down - her whining coming to a close.

At the end of the hallway is a door - leading me into her nursery. I place her down easily onto the white changing table. With gentle touches, i pat her skin dry with the towel and dress her in a diaper and a simple yellow onesie. She's such a cutie.

"I'll make sure you're always safe, my love. I promise."



I feel like this chapter sucked honestly. Ughh please let me know. ❤ updates soon xx


I love it

@Allie Miller @Harry02
super sorry about just now replying to you guys! thank you for the love. I hope you like the new update ;)

brianna.smith brianna.smith

Oh my god, the new chapters are amazing! Thank you for updating :)

Harry02 Harry02

Awesome updates my love :) Can't wait to see what's to come. Keep up the great work girl

Allie Miller Allie Miller

Great new chapters! Can't wait to find out what's going to happen next :)

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