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Beating Heart

t h i r t y n i n e - scars.

//don't find love, let love find you//


My mouth curved into an awe filled smile as Perrie escorted my beautiful angel down the hallway to me, where I stand in the kitchen. Julianne approaches me and Perrie departs from her, leaving us alone in the crowded kitchen.

I take her small, soft hands into mine and pull her a bit closer - but still being concious of respect. "You look so beautiful." I mumble softly to her, that smile never leaving my face.

Her eyes drop down to observe her appearance, obviously not sure why I said what I did. I've never seen anyone make a Nirvana shirt look as good as she did. Thrown over the shirt is a thin soft blue jacket. She paired the dark gray shirt with a pair of black leggings and Converse - I'm sure Perrie attempted to fix her up but Julianne isn't really that type of girl.

"Harry? Where are you going?" Sara's finger poked into my side. I look down at her and smile softly, she doesn't like it when I leave. "I'm taking Julianne somewhere." I inform her, hoping she understands everything is alright.

"Where?" She asks curiously, such a nosy little thing. "Somewhere secret." I shrug gently, not wanting to reveal anything. "Can I go?" Sara's eyes start to sparkle at the thought of an adventure - she's so much like my mother.

"I don't know about that, sweetheart." Gemma chimes in, resting her hand on Sara's shoulder as she walks over to us. "Harry probably wants some alone time with Julianne." She adds in, justifying her words. Sara shifts her gaze up to me and I can't help but cave in - that's my baby sister, for God's sake - I can't be mean to her.

At the same time, however, Julianne is my girl - I can't just throw away my plans..

"Maybe another time." I breathe out, my focus moving back to Julianne. Her brows knit together and her lips shape into a frown. "What's wrong?" I ask softly, just in case she didn't want to make it obvious to everyone.

"Why can't she come? I'm sure she won't hurt anything." Julianne asks with a rather displeased expression. I glance over at Gemma - secretly wishing she'd help me out here but apparently she isn't going to even try. I tug on Julianne's hand and pull her to the side, away from Sara.

"I want it to be just me and you." I huff lightly, why can't she see that? Is it not obvious that I'm in love with this girl? "Harry.." Julianne whines to me, her other hand wrapping around my wrist since the other is already preoccupied with being tangled with my fingers.

"Julianne-" "What if you have to leave again? I don't want to be alone. Or what if something happens.. Something bad." she cuts me off with her well thought out reasoning.

"I said not this time, okay? She's too young.. I don't want her out there." I sternly say, my eyebrows high as part of my emphasis - as long as I keep myself calm, everything will be alright. "She's in a vulnerable state. It's too dangerous." My hand squeezes her just a tad tighter, trying to pass along the point that she needs to listen to me and comprehend what I say.

"But Harrrrry." Sara drags out my name in a disappointed groan. "I finished all my chores this week!" She runs over to me, her hand tugging at my shirt. I squat her hand off of me, not wanting her to stretch out my shirt. "I'm telling Niall!" She pouts her lips out, stomping her foot on the ground - obviously not happy.

"Tell me what?" Niall appears from the living room, furrowing his eyebrows at me with a confusion "He can't change my mind." I warn her, but she races over to him, throwing her arms around his waist. "Harry won't let me go with him." She answers Niall's previous concern.

"I'm sorry darling, but Harry's rules come before mine. You know that." As soon as he said those words, I see Julianne scrunch her face up - clearly not understanding what Niall is saying, nor what he is referring to. I ignore her for a moment, only because I know I have time to explain later on...

"Keep her inside. We'll be back before the storm hits." I tell them as I begin walking to the door, pulling Julianne right behind me. No more questions asked.


There's a floral scent floating in the air, a sign to me that we are getting close to the destination. Julianne hasn't released my hand since we left the house nearly an hour ago, but I'm not complaining. We have slowly strolled through the forest, my feet just dragging the ground almost.

"I have.. a question." Julianne's soft voice spoke into the cool air. "And what is your question?" My eyes stay glued to the trees ahead of us, for some odd reason I can't find the strength to turn my head and look at her.

"I know.. it's none of my business, but why.. does Niall have a say in what.. Sara does?" Of course I knew this was coming, doesn't surprise me one bit. Julianne's mind is complex, and she questions what she doesn't understand - there are still a million things she hasn't experienced though, all pertaining to my family.

"Well.. With people like us.. there is something similiar to the five senses that lives inside of us - in our hearts I assume." I start with a deep breath, knowing this will be complicated - whether I intend to make it that way or not. The trees start to clear out and my lips shape into a smile. I fasten our pace and tug her behind me, gasps falling from her lips as we hurry through the brush.

Finally. We enter the cleared space - a vibrant field of wild flowers enters our view. Julianne's jaw literally drops as she stares at the huge field of flowers, a few small hills here and there - all covered with the floral beauty. From white, to pink, to yellow - trillions of small flowers liter the ground in monstrous amounts.

"Can.. I?" She looks up at me, nodding her head towards the field. I give her a smile of approval as I let her hand slip from mine. I step back and watch in utter awe as she skips through the flowers, her arms freely held out as freedom takes over her body. God, she's such a beauty.

"Protection.. It's like our sixth sense. It captivates our minds.. Protecting and loving someone is one of the greatest things you can do." I inform her, following not too far behind as she leads the way for us now. Julianne stops in her tracks and kneels down, running her fingertips over the tops of the flowers surrounding her.

"It's called imprinting." I join her on the ground, plopping myself on the flowers beside her. She falls on to her behind, our arms touching thanks to the very little space between us.

"When we see the person.. our entire mind set changes. It's no longer about the need to hunt, or strength, or even the pack.." I prop myself up with my hands behind me, digging into the ground.

"What's it about then?" She further questions. I sigh softly, this topic isn't easy to explain because she's never experienced it before, yet I will attempt to explain it all. "That person.. All you seem to care about is their safety, their protection. You become their entire world, and they become yours. Love.. It's such a beautiful thing."

"So.. Niall.. imprinted… on Sara." She starts to connect the dots, but I notice her hesitation - she's still confused and I know exactly why. "But that's.. a little.. uh." Julianne stops herself, not wanting to finish her sentence.

"It's nothing sexual, if that's what your thinking. The sexual part isn't even in Niall's head right now. That will come in once she is of-age. It's just how it works." I chuckle a little as she releases a sigh of pure relief.

"Have you.. im-imprinted?" Julianne nervously asks me, she is completely oblivious to everything. She's such an innocent girl. I decide to tell her the story, maybe hoping she will get it soon.

"Yeah.. Eighteen years ago.. She was only a baby then, so precious and small. I knew it was my duty to protect her and keep her safe. I poured myself into her eyes, gosh.. they are still so bright and beautiful." A smile etches its way onto my face, thinking about my girl makes me tingle - but speaking about her makes me explode.

"What's her name.. where is she?" Julianne curiously asks me, tossing a flower she picked from palm to palm. "Her name.. Gosh.. It's the most beautiful name I've ever heard." I start with a burning sensation rising to my cheeks - she's adorable.

"Her name is Julianne Grace Dempsey. And she's right here beside me."


I had never once before stepped a foot into Kristen's house - however, today those things have changed. I have always felt a connection with Kristen, but I always knew it wasn't to be counted as imprinting. She is my friend, I love her - yet that link is just not there.

Kristen knew about the creature I am - she knew a lot about me. We are close, I hope that doesn't have to change.

Nearly a week ago, she gave birth to a little baby - she never told me the gender nor any name choices. I was sort of confused on why she wouldn't tell me, but she later confirmed it was meant to be a surprise.

"Just be quiet. I've come to find that the baby doesn't like loud noises!" She whisper yells to me and I can't help but smile, adding a nod to agree to her warning. She motions for me to follow and I gladly do.

She guides me through the house until we finally reach a door. She opens it and flicks the light switch. I step into the room and a smile comes to my lips. Pink and white litter the room, teddy bears and a variety of otber stuffed animals as well.

"Here she is." I look down at my arms as she places the small human being into my folded arms. I gulp nervously, it's been a very long time since I held a small child. "Harry.. this is Julianne."

The little baby opened her eyes, crystally blue orbs staring up at me, not realizing a thing in the world. A flash of light blurred my vision suddenly - this is it.

She is it.


The air grew silent around us, which is something I expected to occur actually. She falls back, her eyes staring up at the blue sky and her hair is soread out around her head. So beautiful like this, she's always so gorgeous. I look down at her, she's honestly the sweetest creature I've ever laid eyes.
The most gorgeous human. The most amazing girl. The most beautiful soul on this planet.

"Is it just a.. thing.. you guys do?" Julianne dodges the main point of this - but she has to process it and I completely understand it. "Yeah.. It's a wolf thing." I shrug as I shift my head - staring off at the trees in the distance.

I want to know what she's thinking, what she is curious of and what frightens her. I want to be able to link with her and hear her voice all the time, even when we're miles apart. I want to hold her while she sleeps, and let the beautiful sound of ber breathing mixed with that pure, sweet beating heart put me to sleep.

"Harry.." That pretty voice speaks out, the wind carrying it on past us. "Yeah?" I ask in a small voice, there's no need to be loud right now. The peaceful nature is pleasant, and with her here it's even better.

"How come.. you never let me see you before?" Julianne questions me curiously. I let out a sigh, I might as well tell her right? I throw my head back, my eyes gazing at the evening clouds.

"It's very hard.. for my kind to.. control themselves. But when there's a special someone involved, it's worse. I had to get my self control in order before I could visit you." I begin this long conversation, such a curious little thing she is.

I look down at her, such a beauty. "Plus.. the scar on my face. It.. makes people stare." I admit it, my heart stings a tad at even the slightest mention of it. "Scars are nothing to be ashamed of." Julianne speaks as if from experience - I know more than she thinks I do. "You shouldn't be ashamed." She adds in, folding her small hands on ber stomach, just below her breasts.

"It doesn't bother me. I just don't want it to bother you." I mumble out, the truth is unfolding more and more as her curious mind spills these questions to me - but I swear I don't mind one single bit.

"I.. I have my own, Harry. I promise.. it doesn't bother me." Julianne sits up, pushing her hair back as she crosses her legs. Our arms are touching again, god I adore being so close to her.

At first I'm taken back by her actions - her fingers grab her zipper and she undoes the jacket. Julianne slides her arms out of the sleeves and the fabric drops on the ground from her shoulders.

"See.. look." she holds her arms out and my eyes immediately start to water. I never want to see her in pain - but the sounds of her sobbing as she slid a razor blade across her skin is burned into my mind - all those nights I hid in the woods, watching over her to make sure her piece of shit father didn't hurt her. It kills me, knowing she had to turn to that to relieve her pain.

All those nights I wanted to bust through her window and stop her.. but always knowing I couldn't - that's what pain is.

"Julianne.." I murmur that sweet name. She looks over at me, clearly fine with showing me these marks dug into her milky white skin. Too innocent for this, to perfect for this..


Feedback please ::)) hope you like! Let me know! updates coming of Course! Love ya all!!❤


I love it

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super sorry about just now replying to you guys! thank you for the love. I hope you like the new update ;)

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Oh my god, the new chapters are amazing! Thank you for updating :)

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Awesome updates my love :) Can't wait to see what's to come. Keep up the great work girl

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Great new chapters! Can't wait to find out what's going to happen next :)

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