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Beating Heart

t h i r t y e i g h t - casual.

//sometimes things just aren't meant to be//


My hand wrapped around his throat as I shoved his body against the wall. He begins to gasp for air, but my grip never decreases. "I'm sick and tired of fuckin' doing this." I say through my gritted teeth - anger is flooding my body.

"Then.. st-stop doing it." Louis replies with a barely auditable voice. "Stop screwing my damn sister!" I yell straight into his face. This isn't the first time and most likely not the last.

"I can do what I want. Besides, it's not like I'm forcing her." Louis rolls his eyes at me, clearly not comprehending the issue here. "You. Broke. Another. Rule." I slowly speak to him, maybe he can absorb my words this time instead of just ignoring me.

My hand releases his neck and he collapses on the floor. I take a few steps back - for his safety, certainly not for my own. "You haven't imprinted on her. You're making her less and less pure." I turn my back to him to prevent myself from freaking out due to his lack of knowledge.

"You're just mad because you don't get any." He mumbles behind me, oh but I heard it perfectly. "Sex isn't what love is about. It's a fucking shame that you think that!" My previously calmed voice has now escalated louder.

"Uh.. Harry?" Niall's voice chimes in on the other side of the locked door. "What?!" I frantically call out. Now is not a good time to interrupt me. My head turns in the door's direction, awaiting Niall's reply to me.

"Julianne is um.. crying." My eyes widen at the sound of his words - my sweet love is crying? I turn around to face Louis' body, which still sits helplessly on the floor. "If I hear about it again.. I'm going to hurt you." I warn him with a collected and cooled down voice and a demeanor to match it.

"I've tried to!" He blurts out as I go to take a step. I furrow my brows at him, "What?" He sighs as he hurries to his wobbly feet. Louis is definitely not the strongest or scariest one here - I gladly take that title.

"To imprint... But I can't." He gulp was loud. I give him a shameful shake, he knows not one damn thing. "You can't make yourself imprint.. It just happens." I speak from experience - Julianne has forever been my interest.

"What if it never happens?" He throws his hands in the air, he's on the brink of giving up. I've been there too, it isn't a great place to stand either. "Then it isn't meant to be."

It didn't take but a minute for me to rush down the stairs and make my way down the hallway to her door. When I reached it, I noticed it wasn't shut completely. I carefully grab the knob, while taking in a deep breath.

"She hasn't slept in hours." I see Liam from the corner of my eye as he approaches me. "Yeah, I know." I sigh lightly to myself, calm and collected - keep yourself calm and collected Harry. "She needs sleep. You ought-"

"I think I can handle it." I cut off his useless statement with an eyeroll in addition. "I'm only trying to help." He shrugs at me, probably not understanding why I'm refusing any advice he offers.

"Well I don't need anyone's help.. Especially not yours." I huff as I step into the bedroom and slam the door shut behind me. Automatically, I remember I'm not in my own room - I'm in Julianne's. Stay calm and collected.

"Harry.." Julianne murmured my name from her spot on the bed. Thanks to my enhanced senses, I heard her undoubtedly. "Sorry sweetheart, I had some business to take care of." I give her a kind smile as I head over to the side of the bed.

When I left earlier, the lamp was off and the rising sun was the only light in the room. However, now the lamp is lighting up the space.

"Are.. are you.. okay?" Julianne questions as I sit on the edge of the bed, my arms crossing on my chest as I sit with my back to her. It's better for me to turn away when speaking to her - I always get distracted by her beauty and perfection. Plus, my blood is still boiling underneath my skin. The last thing I want to do is lash on her.

"Yeah, I'm alright." I reply with an uncertain tone, the same moment my arms fall to my sides, my hands grip the edge of the bed on either side of me.

The truth is I'm really not okay. Every single second of everyday all I want to do is hold this girl in my arms, pepper her pale skin with kisses, run my fingers through her long hair, listen to her giggles as I tickle her waist, and the list goes on literally forever.

I can't do any of that stuff - not now at least. I could do it, but I won't disrespect her that way. She will make those decisions - I'm not sure how, but she will.

"Why.. why are you a-angry?" Julianne's soft voice asks me. My heart begins to violently thump in my ribcage as I feel the very tips of her fingers touch against my skin. Bolts of love infused electricity race through my entire body - all reaching my heart in the end.

"I'm not." My words are feathery as they enter the air. I didn't intend to sound so weak right then but I guess sometimes it just can't be prevented. In a time like this, however, I don't want my girl to think I'm soft - to assume I can't handle a small issue.

"You.. you just seem.. upset." Her fingers glide over my forearm until her hand places itself around my wrist. "I said I'm fuckin' fine!" The yell departed from my mouth without a thought - I can't just go around screaming at my innocent girl. This time she didn't even do any thing..

I stand from the bed, her small hand gets teared away from me. Sadly, I don't turn and face her and beg for forgiveness. Instead, I bite my cheek and close my eyes - my temper is rising and my veins are on fire. I need to relax. I just don't know how to.

"I'm.. I'm s-sorry. Harry.. I.. I.. didn't mean.. to make you.. m-mad." Julianne's sweet voice filled my ears - sometimes I get so lost in my thoughts about her, and her voice is the only thing I'm able to hear. I gulp gently to myself. I can tell, thanks to her nervous stutter, that she's afraid of what could occur. It's a bad thing to say, but I'm quite afraid myself..

"You.." An exhausted sigh leaves my mouth - I don't want her convincing herself she is in the wrong because she isn't. "You didn't do anything, love. I'm just irritated by other people." I say, hoping to change her thoughts on the situation and on her part in it.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, I feel a stabbing pain in my heart - I only get that when something is wrong with Julianne, the wolf constantly lives inside of me and my over-protective senses are taking over.

I turn in her direction and my heart shatters as I witness a few tears slip down her rosy cheeks. My head softly shakes from side to side - this ought to not be happening right now. I should never make my girl cry.

Before my mind could comprehend it all, my hand is pressed against her cheek while I place myself beside her on the bed. I let my legs hang off the bed as I sit just an inch away from her.

Those sparkling eyes fall shut and the tears continuously slide down her face. She flinches under my touch slightly, something I didn't want to see. "No, no.. My love, please don't cry. I never meant to scare you." I make sure my voice is soft and my words are kind.

"Don't cry.. Let me see those beautiful eyes, yeah?" I whisper out while my thumb flicks away the tears. "I'm such a horrible person, I know. And I'm sorry." I spill out what's on my mind at the moment, this beautiful girl should never cry. It literally pains me to see her breaking.

"You're.. not hor-horibble." Julianne mumbles back, her eyes slowly opening. Her eyes pour into mine and my heart can't help but to jump a beat or two - or a hundred..

"Yes I am." Admitting this is nothing new to me - often times it's normal for me to address myself in this manner - with those horrible words.

"I think you're.. amazing.. and kind.. and.. and sweet." Julianne keeps her tone on a soft level - her shyness takes over once again but I don't complain - it's adorable.

As I stare into her blue eyes, I can't stop myself from imagining the future in my head. This girl is everything I've waited on all these years - literally. She's the one, she's mine..

And I can't wait to spend this blissful eternity with her.

My trance falls apart the second she drops our stare. My hand is still against her rather warm cheek. I watch her closely as her fingers grab a strand of her hair and she pushes it behind her ear, revealing the rest of her face to me. Such beauty.

"What's the matter, my love?" My eyebrows furrow in utter confusion - she's acting as if she wants to have no interaction with me. My hand falls down to my lap, perhaps that was the issue? Certainly not though, all the other times I've done that she's adored it.

Julianne's lips don't even part as she lets out a light whimper. Before I could ponder anything, her hands grab my right hand, one sliding under it to press into my palm and the other wraps around my wrist once again.

"C-can I go to s-sleep?" Julianne's skin is so soft and cold against mine, which is rugged and warm. "Of course, I'll tuck you in, lovey." I carefully remove myself from her bed, her hands allow mine to slip away due to the new distance.

Julianne lies down on her back, her precious eyes gazing up at me as I move above her, my arm reaching over to pull the covers up and tuck them around her body. She smiles softly as our eyes meet for a brief second before I move on to tuck in the side closest to me.

"So, do you want me to leave now or wait until you get to sleep?" I lick my lips after stating my question. Julianne's face looked awfully horrified by my words. "Don't leave me." She shakes her head a few times as I take a hold of her hand.

"I won't.." A faint smile forms on my lips, she's absolutely adorable. An eternity with her sounds pretty damn good.



Perhaps it was the fear filled nightmare that woke me, or maybe it was the the coldness surrounded me instead of the heat blazing off his warm skin. He wasn't placed under the cover, he was actually just leaning his back against the headboard while I kept my cheek pressed into his palm.

Harry is no longer sitting beside me. His warm presence is gone, the coldness has overpowered any heat he left behind on the bed. This mew kind of worry crept through my veins - I'm alone and for the first time in a while.. I hate it.

My bottom lip began to rapidly quiver - I don't want to be alone, and now that I know that many kinds of creatures exist in this world - I'm afraid of it all.

I sit myself up in the bed, the blankets fall from my chest and pile onto my lap. The sun is shining bright in the noon sky, or so I assume it's close to noon. The dust particles floating in the air are revealed to my eyes thanks to the blaring rays of sun peeking into the windows.

"Awake already?" My head shifts to the direction of the door and my weak heart nearly blows up - Harry.. A smile appears on his lips as he shuts the door behind himself and crosses the room.

"You didn't sleep very long. Four hours." He informs me, taking a hold of my hand as he places himself on the edge of the bed, his body turned to face me. I only give him a shrug, my throat is too dry for me to speak.

"Knock knock!" Perrie's excited voice barged in the room along with her as the door swung open. Harry sighs as she skips over towards us. "Sorry to interrupt, but we were wondering if you guys wanted to join us for lunch." She asks with a kind smile.

"No." Harry waves her off, clearly not wanting to speak to her right now. "Geesh, don't get your panties in a twist." Perrie scoffs as she steps out of the doorway, slamming the door shut behind her.

I decide to quickly end the new found silence in the room by speaking aloud. "Why.. why were you.. mean to.. t-to her?" I question with furrowed brows and aa nervous heartbeat. Harry drops my hand and picks himself up off the bed.

The sound of his shoes heavily hitting the ground overpowered the quiet space. Apparently he wasn't so happy about my curious thought. "If you.. think that was me being.. mean.." Harry's voice is low and I can hardly hear it - which is leading me to believe he was talking to himself.

"Ha-harry." I whisper his name, my lips barely separating. I watch him as he reaches the door, he flicks the lock to the side, locking us both in the room. "Harry.. I-"

"You drive me insane." He blurts out, his fist pounds on the door, his forehead soon resting on the wood. "I.. I'm s-sorry." I anxiously bite my lip, keeping my eyes on his back. The muscles in his arms are flexing as his hands turn into tight fists. "Don't be." Harry finally pulls himself away from the door and turns to face me now.

"I love the feelings you give me." A soft smile forms on his lips as he stares at me grom his distance. I couldn't resist the blush rising to my face thanks to his words. "I want to take you somewhere.." He quickly changes the topic, forcing my eyes to widen and my mind to list a number of places we could bw going or things we'll be doing - all of which are probably incorrect.

"I.. uh." I raise my eyebrows at him, not certain of what to say. "Get dressed.. Casual. I'll be back in twenty minutes." He winks at me before exiting my room - leaving me rather dazed and confused.

Casual, hm?


I love doing this. I really do. Writing is such a beautiful escape, same with reading. I'm so glad I can entertain you with my ideas and I hope I never fail your hopes and expectations! Updates coming soon my loves
Feedback is always welcomed! ❤


I love it

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super sorry about just now replying to you guys! thank you for the love. I hope you like the new update ;)

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Oh my god, the new chapters are amazing! Thank you for updating :)

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Awesome updates my love :) Can't wait to see what's to come. Keep up the great work girl

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Great new chapters! Can't wait to find out what's going to happen next :)

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