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Beating Heart

t w e n t y n i n e - warm.

//the demon never expected to fall in love with an angel//

The music blared in my ears, sending me to another world. As I shut the door, my eyes adjust to the dim living room light, the lamp is shining in the corner. My gaze trails to its place beside the recliner. My eyes nearly shoot out of my sockets as I see the person occupying the leather chair. I yank my ear buds out and just stare at him. This is odd.

"Late night run?" His voice fills the cold silent air. I let it linger around for a moment before speaking back to him. "Yeah." I mumble back while placing myself on the sofa. A cloud of smoke escapes his mouth and fades into the room.

"Need a smoke, Zeep?" My mouth curves up gently at the use if that name assigned to me many years ago - we were drunk and high, it slipped out and stuck to me like glue. It's quite simple, but it's somewhat special. This was the first time I've heard it in a while - he's been distant for the longest.. Julianne's presence, however, is changing that.

" 'm good, thanks though." I reply as I prop my feet on the wooden coffee table. "How's my girl?" Harry asks me in a low voice, I know that he doesn't want anyone else to hear. I lick my lips, his question almost surprised me more than the ones Julianne asked this morning. Almost.

I look at him through my lashes, the shadows in the room keep a majority of his face hidden.

"Fine for the most part." my shoulders shrug, she mostly stayed locked in her room, which isn't anything new but I doubt she even left to use the toilet. "She asked about you this morning." I inform him, knowing that he will be curious to know what it was about.

"What um.. what was said?" I smirk lightly at his quick response, I knew he wouldn't be able to resist the urge. "She wanted to know why you won't allow her to see you. Then when we said we didn't have an answer.. she went on saying she hadn't ever had a friend or any family. Apparently she wants you to be her friend like the rest of us are." I attempt to make it short and sweet.

He basically scoffs at my words. I shift in my seat from the new uneasy feeling lurking in the room - he turns his head and the light hits him. I harshly swallow, everytime I see him I can't stop my mind from drifting back to one certain day.

"She doesn't need me to be her friend.. She's just nosy." He coldly says as if his heart held no care for the girl - and that is entirely false. There's a reason she's here. "Well yeah.. Aren't we all at times?" My eyes all to my hands in my lap. If I don't directly look at him, the memories are that bad.

He doesn't reply, instead he takes a drag of his cigarette. My mouth jumps ahead of my mind and I soon find myself questioning him. "Why are you down here?" Mentally I hit myself - his reasoning isn't any of my business, yet I assume I already know why...

There's a girl locked in a room down the hall, the same girl at has captivated his mind, the same girl he's literally willing to die for - to do anything to make her happy.

"I'm waiting on her to go to sleep." He sighs out, it seems he's been sitting here a while. "Why don't you just go in there now? I'm sure she wouldn't mind." I insist, it's what I would do honestly. I stand up from the couch and start the walk across the living room. "It isn't that easy." Harry claims as I get closer to the chair that is holding his body.

I look down at him, a bit of shame on my face. "It's not as hard as you think, either." All seriousness floods the room now - making him do things the simple way is a heavy task on its own.

"If you love her as much as you say.. then you'd go see her." My final sentence coldly exited my mouth, I'm done with his bullshit - Julianne is suffering more and more everyday and he won't go help her.

My feet carry me towards the hallway, I have no desire to hear what he has to say anymore. Perrie is probably worrying again, I stayed out a little too late. I know she'll understand though, sometimes we all just need some quiet time to think - especially people like us.

I reach Julianne's door and I knock my knuckles against the hard wood. I didn't expect an answer, I never do, this is only a way of letting her know that someone is about to barge in.

The door squeaks as I open it. The dim light of the lamp on her nightstand gives me enough of light to see her. Her eyes are wide open, sleep isn't showing up anywhere on her.

"Hey, are you alright?" I ask as I reach her bed. Her bright eyes shift to look at me, immediately I notice the tear streams glistening on her red cheeks. "What.. time is it?" She whispers softly to me. "A little past two. You should be asleep, Julianne." I sigh lightly, I can clearly tell she's tired but she just can't sleep.

"I promise I will go to sleep.. if you can do me a favor." She leans up, pressing a hand the mattress to hold herself up. "What would that be?" I curiously ask, I can guarantee myself that it has something, if not that then everything, to do with Harry.

"Will you give this to him?" Julianne reaches over to the drawer of the nightstand and she yanks it open. Once she got what she needed, she shut the drawer and passed me the item in her hand. I look down as I take the folded piece of paper from her small hand. My eyes glanced over the name, indicating who it was meant to be for.

"Sure thing. Now, lay down and get some rest." I gesture her with my hand to do as I calmy instructed. She gives me a soft smile and a nod before laying back down.



The rim of the bottle is cold against my lips, damn it's been a long week.

It's happening again, for the billionth time. She's stuck in my head, I swear it would be a sin if my mind attempted to ignore her. Everything about her precious self drives me wild - from the sight of her peaceful sleeping body to the magnificent sound of her voice.

I have let this girl become the little speck of light in my pitch black world. She constantly occupies my mind and fills all the cracks in my heart.

She has became the center of my world, and my thoughts. I ought to be ashamed, I've allowed her to soar to the top of my list of things I truly care about, she's bypassed my family, and my own self. I shouldn't have let any of this happen.

On the other hand, I don't care because she's so incredible and I completely adore her. She deserves to be treated well and given respect and tons of love - I hope to soon give that all to her and more.

My fingertips slide over the thin paper, complete hesitation has overtaken my soul - I find it rather hard to find any strength to open the note. The inhales I take are slow and smooth, my heart is racing at the speed of light and all I want is for it to calm down. My index finger grazes the edge of the paper as my eyes travel over the words written on the front.

To Harry.

The handwriting is quite neat, yet it has a cute girlish touch to it. The tail of the 'y' is looped, and each 'r' is capitalized, but is the same size as the other lowercase letters.

My mind drifts to the thought of Julianne, my beautiful angel. She is only a short distance from me, yet I know it needs to stay that way for a while. I can't control my temper at times and the last thing I ever want to do is hurt her. I decide to quit being such a wimp, I unfold the piece of paper.

The first few words already have placed a smile on my lips - there's no telling what else will occur. Everything about this letter is beautiful, her words go straight to my heart, God she drives me insane with just the simplest things.


You're honestly the best. I just wanted to thank you for opening up the window. The sunshine is so beautiful and refreshing. Thank you so much, it means a lot to me. I haven't seen you in a while.. well technically I haven't ever seen you but I think you will get my point. Please don't be a stranger.. I'd love to talk again, even if the lights are off.. Please, if you have time, drop by?

Thank you once again, and thank you for the note.

- Julianne

What have I gotten myself into? It's already impossible for me to stop thinking about her - and now her words are going to be circling my mind. She desires to meet me, but things are not going to be that easy.

Before I realized, I am leaning my back against the wall, while my eyes are burning holes through her door. I hardly remember dragging myself down the hallway. A heavy sigh escapes my parted lips, she wants to speak with me and I need to do as she wishes, I have to make that sweet little girl happy.

It's been a damn long time since she's been happy and I don't want my refusal to talk with her be the reason for the end of her potential happiness.

I'm recalling reasons she would be asleep in my head, trying my hardest to not go in her room. It's almost four in the morning, Zayn checked on her two hours ago - I was rather afraid to read her note until just a few minutes ago. She is asleep, I am assure of it. Sure, some nights she stays up late but never this late.

Fuck, that girl is running me up the walls - I need to see her.

My body is craving the feeling of her soft, cold pale skin against my warm touch. I want to run my fingers through her long golden locks. My fingertips were designed to trace over her smooth skin and draw faint patterns all over her.

My arms were made for craddling her trembling body and for holding her tight while she sleeps with her pretty face buried in the crook of my neck. Her body needs to be rubbed and caressed and my rough hands have a hunger to take care of it.

Christ.. She's taking over my mind. I need to see my angel.

The cold air hits my sweat coated skin as I open her door - there's no turning back now. The moonlight fills the room, it doesn't surprise me that she left the curtains opened. I'm so glad I decided on unboarding the window - she really does deserve some light, especially in this darkened place, a place angels shouldn't be held captive.

My hand pushes the door to shut gently, the sound of soft creaking catches my attention - I pray that doesn't disturb her.

Without hesitation, my gaze transferred to the window - the heavy pouring rain is noticeably loud and distracting. My shoes began to thump against the hardwood floor, my distance from the window steadily decreasing. The cracked clouds allow the moon to generously shine bright in the dark sky. Thunder rumbles in the distance - the bad part of the storm will be passing over soon.

Lightening lit up the black sky and I licked my lips lightly, there's something in thunderstorms that I find relaxing and comforting, but I'm not really sure what it is.

Perhaps it's the bright lightening glistening in the sky every other minute, or maybe it's the heavy, cool wind. Whatever it is, I sure do enjoy it.

A few coughs fill the silent room and I nearly jump at the sudden sound, but I don't. I grabbed the curtains and pulled them together, there was no way I'm going to risk her seeing me - not now at least.

"Niall?.. Is that you?" A soft, angelic voice spoke slightly confused. My lips curve into a smile, never have I met such an innocent girl. My legs carry me over to the side of her bed, without any intention to frighten her.

"Niall's asleep, love." I said quietly, I really didn't want to scare her because she probably didn't expect me to visit her, at least not while she was awake. In my own defense, she was asleep when I came in. A sharp gasp was the reply I received - yet I don't take it as an offense.

"Harry.. you actually came." Julianne's sweet voice said in full awe. I laugh softly at her words, "Of course I came, my love. You asked nicely, I couldn't refuse." I extend my hand towards her precious face, the pads of my fingers soon grazing over her forehead.

"I.. I didn't expect you.. tonight. Th-thank you." Her words are a little shaky but I fully understand, I'm a bit nervous myself. "Anything for you, my love." I mumble as my fingers brush back her hair from her face. "Are you feeling well? Zayn said you looked a tad sick earlier." I ask her, I really hope she's alright. I'd hate for her to be hurting in any way.

"Well.. Not really, no." Julianne murmurs almost as if she was embarrassed to speak all of a sudden. I kneel down beside her bed, my fingers still rubbing against her hairline, gosh her hair is so soft and she smells devine.

"What's bothering you, sweetie?" I mumble to her, keeping my voice low and gentle. She shifts in the bed, but not by much. "Why'd you shut the curtains?" Julianne completely changes the short lived topic.

"Answer my question, love." I sigh out, the last thing that needs to happen is her lying to me and then in a few days something serious happens to her. She rolls over onto her side to face me, despite not being able to see me. "I already told Perrie and Sophia." She whispers back.

"I don't care, tell me." I demand in a calm voice, I would hate to frighten her - the smallest things scare the life out of her. She keeps quiet, as if I have forgot about it all. "Love.. please." I brush my fingertips over her soft cheek, literally I could fill the heat surfacing on her cold skin as a result of our contact.

"It's.. personal." Julianne utters out, her hand appears from under the cover and her actions greatly shock me. She carefully places the small pads of her fingers on my forearm, softly trailing them over a section of my skin. Those words aren't a mystery to me - I have two sisters, plus two other women live in this house with me, so I clearly understand.

"Lady issues, hmm?" I assume, my hand sliding to cup the side of her warm neck. "Please.. I.. I don't wanna.. talk about it." Julianne huffs, her hand dropping from my arm.I mentally knock the shit out of myself for saying that - I've now made the poor girl uncomfortable. No woman wants to talk about her menstrual cycle with a, well basically, with a stranger.

"M'sorry.. How was your day?" I attempt to take her mind off the awkward subject. She only sighs to me, her small hand returning to somewhat wrap around my elbow. "Boring." She simply mutters, at least she's honest with me. "Well-" I get interrupted by a round of bombing, wall shaking thunder.

Julianne's nails dig into my skin as her breathing speeds up, she's scared. "Hey, it's okay love. I'm right here." I lean a little closer, I would have went further but her breath fanned my face, indicating just how close I actually am. "I.. I hate.. storms." Her teeth are lightly chattering out of pure nervousness, poor angel.

"I can tell.. You're shaking, my love." My thumb begins to rub her ear lobe, I'm doing the appropriate things I can to make her feel better. "Cold.. I.. I'm r-really cold." She admits, her hand sliding up my arm, closer to my wrist now but she soon comes to a halt.

"Do you need another blanket? We've got plenty." I offer, not sure what else to do at the moment. "N-no.. You're really.. warm, Ha-harry." I realize her stammering isn't because of the cold, but because of her anxious nerves. I make her nervous.

Extremely nervous. Not only can I sense it, but I can greatly tell.

"You're b-burning up.. A-are you sick?" Her soft hand wraps around my wrist and she gives me a concerned squeeze. "No, love. It's natural." I chuckle lightly, pushing my fingertips just a bit deeper into her skin.

A few silent moments pass by us and I remind myself of the time. I know my sweet angel wanted to talk with me, but morning is slowly creeping in.

"You need to get some rest, sweetheart." I insist as I lift myself off the floor, my knees slightly burning from the pressure. Julianne keeps a tight hold of my wrist, refusing to release me. "I'm serious, love. You need to sleep." My voice is subdued as I give her a command. Once again, I don't want to upset her fragile heart.

"Are you.. Are you le-leaving?" My heart falls a thousand miles - soon it collides with the hard ground and crashes into a trillion pieces. She doesn't want me to go, and I'm really not up for leaving.

"Yeah, but if you get some sleep.. maybe we can talk tomorrow night." I throw out a win-win opportunity but she still doesn't budge. Her nails sink deeper into my skin, inflicting a pleasurable pain on me. "Julianne, please." My words come out as an annoyed sigh, I hope she doesn't take notice of that.

Thankfully she doesn't mention it as half a minute or so flies by. "Promise.. Please promise me." She finally speaks and I'm quick to release a sigh of pure relief. "Promise you what, love?" I curiously ask as I lean down to her, pressing my other hand into the mattress to hold my weight up.

"That you'll c-come talk.. t-to me tomorrrow night." Julianne's voice is caoted in an adorable innocence as she throws her deal at me. An uneasy gulp slides down my throat, I can't predict what time I will arrive home. Fear washes over me suddenly - what if I don't come home early enough and she falls asleep? That would mean I broke our promise and she'd most likely hate me for it.

On the other hand, I promised myself something - I'd do whatever it takes to make my sweet girl happy. Anything at all.

"I promise." My lips brush against her forehead, she smells like Heaven. "Now get some sleep. Goodnight." I keep my lips against her skin, but I drop my hand from her neck. "Goodnight, Harry." Julianne whispers softly to me.

I leave one last peck on her soft skin before leaning up. I grab the heap of blankets piled on top of her shivering body and I pull them over her shoulder and up to her neck. She stays adjusted on her side as I tuck the covers around her.

"Sweet dreams, my love." I mumble as I step away from her bed. She doesn't reply, but I'm sure she is softly smiling.

My sweet angel.


Updates soon// feedback on H's pov ::))


I love it

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