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Beating Heart

t w e n t y s i x - lipstick.

//all dreamers have a favorite nightmare//


My hand fumbled with the few clean items in the small basket as I stood outside her bedroom. I stared at the knob on the door, debating on whether to open it or walk away. It's half past nine in the morning, I haven't been home long. I done a load of laundry last night and a few items in the basket from a previous wash belong to Julianne.

The heavy smell of cologne filled my nostrils and I turned my head to see Niall and Louis in the kitchen. I'm sure they just now arrived back, not a surprise. Niall looked in my direction and I sighed, I knew he saw me. It was sort of hard not to since I was standing in the middle of the hallway. I gulp gently, shifting my head back to ignore him.

To my utter shock, he never came trailing down the hall to question me. They both carried on about their business - the faint sound of their voices tied in a conversation was the only noise in the house.

I wrapped my hand around the door knob and turned it quickly. I push the door open and let out a sigh of relief as I see her peaceful sleeping body on the bed, the blankets perfectly covering her. A smile crept to my face as I think about what happened last night.

No one was home, but we all knew.

He never said a word about it, actually now that I think about it all he did was come and get a cup of coffee before heading back to his space. He was beaming, a soft smile on his lips and his eyes glistening with something we hadn't seen in ages from him - happiness.

We all put the pieces together - something had happened that resulted in him finally getting to speak to her. Niall went up and asked him and turns out my friend tried to run away again, but she bumped into him and things went on from there.

Keeping myself quiet, I made my way over to the dresser after flicking on the lights. I opened the drawer were she kept her undergarments and I placed the underwear neatly into the drawer.

I didn't actually wash her clothes - none of us are allowed to. He does that, not sure why it's such a big deal to him though. He'll wash her clothes but he won't let the girl see him. It's a shame, really.

"Sophia?" I hear her sweet voice mumble behind me. I turn around to see her sitting up in the bed, her fingers pushing her long currently unruly, blonde hair from her face. Her lips are swollen and her eyes are squinted - she just woke up and it's completely noticable.

"Did I wake you, honey?" I ask in a worried tone as I close the drawer. She gives me a shake of her head, "No. But you scared me." She smiles lightly. "Sorry, love. Oh! Good morning!" I say with a clap of my hands.

I skip over to her and sit on the bed's edge. "Good morning." Julianne laughs lightly, raising her eyebrows at me - probably shocked about my behavior. I can't help it, honest. I love mornings - something about the sunshine and the chirping birds just sends me back to my childhood - a time when things were so simple.

"I think I had a dream last night." She sighs, her eyes dropping our stare. I let my curious gaze follow her. She was picking at her nail beds. I almost gasp out loud as my eyes run over her arms - they're covered in scars, some faint some new. I keep my mouth shut and advert my eyes back to her face. I couldn't really see it thanks to her hair falling over her like a curtain.

"What was it about?" I bite my cheek lightly as I await her answer. I have a strong feeling about her so called dream - I'm sure she doesn't want to believe that what happened last night was entirely real.

"I um.. No.. It wasn't really a dream, Sophia." Julianne changes her topic and I mentally applaud myself for at least knowing what she was going to discuss with me.

"Enlighten me." I suggest, folding my hands on my lap prepared to take in all of this wondrous story. Julianne coughs lightly before breathing out deeply - calming her shaky nerves.

"I decided to go along with what you said.. Y'know running and all that. Well I did and.. I ran into someone." she takes a pause and darts her eyes at me. I can tell she's a little unsure about this whole thing. "I couldn't see him.. He wouldn't let me." She informs me of this - something I greatly expected.

"His voice was so.. comforting. I.. I don't even know what I'm saying." she drops her head into her hands, clearly confusing herself. I can imagine the thoughts she's having, the feelings rushing through her skin, and the pounding of her heart.

"I-" My body jumped along with Julianne's as a loud bang erupted into the silent house. I swallow a big lump that formed automatically in my throat. "Is that him?" She whispers out to me, her hand clamping down on my wrist. I glance over at the door before our eyes connect again.

Her pupils were wide and the shade of blue was the brightest I've ever seen them be - despite only seeing her a few times. She appears somewhat happy about this, opposite of what I am.

My lips part to speak to her but the beeping of my phone caught me off guard. I stood quickly, her hand falling back to the bed as I walked away. "Sophia?" Julianne said with a soft voice as I took my phone from my pocket.

My eyes read over the message, my heart is racing and my throat is tightening. I never meant to mess anything up. I hope he doesn't get upset over this.

Message: Leave her room. Now.

"Julianne, I have to go. I'll come visit later." I say, quickly spinning around so I could properly speak to her. She gives me a worried expression - a frown on her head and her eyebrows knitted.

Message: No you won't. Now get the hell out.

* * *


{journal entry}
Still unaware of the date..

I finally met "him". Officially I haven't seen him but I still spoke with him. I realized that he was the one doing all the yelling and banging when he screamed at me. He hasn't came by today - for most of the day I've been alone. Sophia came early this morning and Niall dropped off lunch. Zayn, as usual, brought me dinner.

- Julianne x

The darkness fell quickly into the room - it was past midnight and I had just shut off the lights. The beam of light under the door was dim, but at least I knew I wasn't the only one awake at this hour.

All day I have had this feeling in the pit of my stomach - like I'm about to throw up the contents of my body on the dusty floor. Yet nothing has happened. My heart rate refused to settle down and my mind is constantly reliving everything from last night - I just want to see him, literally lay my eyes on him observe his features.

I lifted myself from the bed, the feeling of needing to use the bathroom quickly came over me. I turned on the lamp and let the dim light fill the room. My feet carried me to the door and I yawned as I put my hand on the knob.

"Seriously?" the sound of Niall's voice caught my attention and I froze entirely. "What?" My heart skipped a beat as I recognized that scratchy voice. It was him - it's Harry. "You're sitting outside her door." Niall chuckled out, finding it rather amusing.

My mind began to ponder things - what if he was waiting for me to come out of the room? What if he craved to see me the way I did him? What if he planned to check on me?

"And the worst part.. It isn't the first time I've caught you." Niall added, I could hear the smirk rolling into his tone. My eyes bugged at those words - had Harry been waiting for me to escape all these weeks, just so he could stop me?

"Please leave me alone and go about your business." Harry insisted with a sigh. I pressed my back against the wall, listening closely to them speak to each other - all of which was related to me. "I've seen you more this week than I have in months." Niall states, slight shock in his tone.

"So what exactly are you doing?" Niall questions with a chuckle. I chew on my lip roughly, impatiently waiting for that answer. " 'm waiting for her to go to sleep.. so I can tuck her in." Harry replies and a few rapid shivers run down my spine. "The usual." Niall chimes in.

Has he been doing this all along? Of course, it all makes so much sense now. He's the reason I wake up and night get the chills - he's been coming in here.

God, I knew I hadn't lost my mind all those nights I heard the door open slowly. He snuck in, and just like last night, the darkness masked him completely.

A thousand thoughts began to run through my head - what if all the times I went across the hall he was hiding out in the dark side of the hallway and kept an eye on me? Before I could wonder anymore, I hear shuffling outside the door and it grew silent again.

"Be good to the girl.. She deserves it." Niall's words touched my heart. I smiled gently as Harry's voice filled the air, "I will."


((next day))


"Do you think she'll like this?" Sophia asks with a cocked eyebrow as she holds up a blue sundress. I bite down on tongue as I observe the article of clothing. "Let me ask H." I mumble as I pull out my phone. Sophia gives me a nod as I take a few steps back so the picture will be good.

"I think there's a pink one." She says as I sbao the picture. I send him the picture after attaching a message to it.

To H: Thoughts on this? ;)

I grab a few packs of socks off the rack since we're right beside them. Sophia and I were directed to come buy some new things for Julianne. That means more than casual clothes - because apparently she will be gaining some greatly warned freedom soon, based on what we were told. Of course it won't be much, but at least she won't have to eat dinner in her room.

Not all of us attend the daily "family dinner", which will disappoint her but it will be good for her. We can get to know her better and she will be came to see how we are - in my opinion we are quite enjoyable people. Well, most of us..

From H: It's nice. I like it. Do you think she will?

To H: Yesss

I roll my eyes with a sly smile on my lips, he used to act like he didn't give a shit about Julianne but that act quickly faded. "He likes it." I confirm our thoughts. Sophia gives me her "you should've known" look before tossing the dress in the cart.

"Maybe he'll allow her to join dinner with us tonight. I hear Niall and Liam are going to be putting together a feast." I say with a laugh as we continue to stroll through the store. "Maybe... We'd have to beg him!" Sophia laughs out beside me.

"He's probably so sick of our begging, especially mine." I snicker ad we approach the makeup department. My eyes linger over a collection of lipsticks.

"If we get her some.. Do you think she'll wear it?" Sophia questions, her thought matching mine. I kneel down to get a better look at the variety. They had everything from pinks, to plums, to deep reds.

"Hmm maybe. We can convince her." Sophia joins me in the floor, her attention focused on the deeper shades. "You're going to ask him what he prefers, aren't you?" She sighs out, jabbing her elbow into my side. A smirk grows in my face, she knows me too well.

I whip my phone out and let my fingers quickly fly over the keys. The message was simple, at least I wasn't writing paragraphs to him.

To H: Alright tell me.. What color lipstick. We wanna see if she'll wear some makeup.

My eyes flicker over the shades, trying to see all of the options we have. Sophia picks up a few colors, however she puts him back obviously not interested in what they are offering. "He replied." I mumble as my phone beeps - stating the obvious.

From H: She's beautiful, she doesn't need any makeup. But since I know you won't let me pass with that answer.... Something subtle, no bright and bold things. I trust you two.

"Nudes. Soft pinks. You get some while I explore some more products." I give Sophia a bright smile as I stand up and start railing down the isles. She squeals out of pure excitement and happiness - finally we can dress her up and do girly things!


Hoping to get another chapter up in a few minutes so stay tuned! This was all over the place but I hope you liked it!

As USUAL - please excuse any errors. I hate typing on my phone. Anyways, Feedback on this please!! Super excited for the next chapter !!!!! ❤

So answer this for me:: how about a Harry pov?? Idk when but would you like one? Let me knoooww


I love it

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