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Beating Heart

t w e n t y f i v e - goodnight.

//it's scary what the night can hide//


“I’d never hurt you, Julianne.” The whisper of a raspy, deep voice invades the room, the sound foreign to my ears.

I begin to swat my hands around in the air, trying to push back whoever was touching me, whoever was preventing me from escaping this house. My hands hit something, maybe the stranger’s arm? I can’t tell, it was so brief and fast. “Stop it.” The voice growled at me, the hand never leaving my face. I give up quickly, fear seeping through my body.

Within the blanket of darkness, the hand against my cheek slowly inched down, sliding past my tangled hair to the side of my neck, the person’s thumb continues to rub up down a small section of my jaw bone. I find the warm touch to be rather soothing – yet, at the same moment, it’s terrifying.

“Your heart is racing.. calm down.” The low mumble sends a few shivers throughout my body, all of which race to my heart. Suddenly I flinch as a second hand grabs my waist, the heat radiating off the palm literally goes through my thin shirt – lighting my skin on fire, but it’s a nice feeling.

The darkness coats the room, preventing my weak eyes from acknowledging anything, including the features on the stranger’s face – all I’m certain of is that it’s a male, and that only frightens me more.

“I… I.. I.. c-can’t… c-calm.. d-down.” My voice stutters into the air, a huge gulp following just seconds later. A heavy breath fans my face, filling my nostrils with mint and setting flames to my skin. The hand on my waist gripped me tighter, fingertips harshly jabbing at me.

“And why is that?” The curious mutter made the hair on the back of my neck stand up, goosebumps covering my skin more and more by the second. I lick my lips lightly, the nervousness has taken over me completely.

I take in a shaky breath, exhaling it slowly and just as wobbly. Thunder began to roll in the night skies, sending vibrations through the walls of the house. I swallow anxiously, storms scare the living Hell out of me – they always have.

The reason is because I realized when I was younger that my mother was no longer there to comfort me when the thunder banged and the lightening blinked rapidly in the skies, both mixed with the heavy rain on the rooftop and the dark clouds clumped up in the sky.

“I.. I c-can’t.. s-see.. and.. you-you’re.. s-scaring me.” My words make me sound pathetic and immature – which are two things that describe my personality. Fingers press into the back of my neck before they begin to move in circle motions, trying to rub the worry away I suppose. The pad of his thumb still caresses my jaw slowly and softly.

The overall warmth from the pair of hands is spreading through my body like a wild fire – I think the butterflies are getting burned, but I know that won’t stop them from lifting themselves high and let them flutter around in my stomach, like they are doing right in this moment.

A deep chuckle falls from the mouth of the hidden stranger right in front of me. I bite my lip gently, that sound is very blood-curdling. “Why are you scared?” The spine chilling voice questions me, as if it wasn’t already obvious.

For God’s sake, kill me already – I’m sick of the torture. However this situation is torturing me in a different way.. I don’t know how or why though.

“I.. I c-can’t see you.” I admit in a small voice, my throat becoming slightly dry. The hand clutching my side suddenly slides to my back, my shirt raising in the process. The firm, hot hand pushes against the small of my back – somewhat calming my shaky spine and tingly nerves.

“I don’t want you to see me.” He states simply, his fingertips still circling deep into my tissue, and that soft thumb still rubbing my jawbone. I have never felt so safe, but yet, at the same moment, I have never felt so scared. My eyebrows furrow in the darkness, confusion washing over me in a quick wave. “Why?” I utter gently, my voice barely breaking the cold, dark silence.

“Because, love, some things need to be hidden.. and I, well, I am one of those things.” The resonant voice only adds more darkness into my world as it speaks those words. Hidden. Why is everything here hidden? What is there to hide?

"Where.. Where's Zayn?" I choke out, Those were the only words my mouth could form at the moment. I have no clue to why I asked that, or why I wanted Zayn, of all people, to help me. I assume it's because Zayn takes the time to actually sit and talk to me about things. I mean, yeah he's a little odd but aren't we all?

"No one's here but me and you. Why are you concerned about him?" The deep voice rumbles, sounding a tad irritated at my question and mention of Zayn. But I give no reply, only because my heart is thumping so loud that I can't even think straight - it's knocking me off course.

His warm palm sinking into my skin is the only thing keeping me from gathering myself, my confidence more than anything, getting up, and running to the door.

That was the biggest lie ever - I'm too afraid to even open my eyes. I'm too frightened by what lies hidden in the darkness - of what lurks around the house while I'm in my bedroom sleeping - of what's sitting right in front of me.

"Answer me." the man snaps, his voice loud and sending echoes in the quiet house. His body language doesn't change, he stays still with gentle, soothing hands.

My heart jumps at the sudden scream, it scared what little bit of life I owned straight out of my body. "I.. I.. I don't know.. I.. He.. He-" I stop myself when he releases a long, heavy sigh into the tense air.

"Calm down, darlin'." he mumbles out, his thumb rubbing a bit harsher on my jawline now - the feeling is good, though. "I c-cant." I utter under my breath, my eyes opening to meet the pure darkness - not even the moonlight is helping me anymore.

"Yes you can, sweetheart. Take a few deep breathes and relax. Why are you so nervous, hm?" the raspy voice speaks to me, sending rapid chills through my veins, letting the mix of fear and worry seep into my bloodstream.

"Y-you.. I'm.. I'm scared of.. you." I stammer out, my words tripping over themselves as they exit my mouth. Thunder crashes in the night sky, erupting into the house. Seconds later, lightning lights up both the dark any and the room - but still there is not enough to give me any view of the person touching my body, the person who is trying his best to comfort me in the black of night.

"Baby, lis-" I cut off his beautiful voice, no matter how much my body and my heart enjoy the sound of that deep, raspy, accented voice, I will not allow him or any other of these insane people here to disrespect me. Just because I'm being held captive doesn't give them the right to treat me like that.

"Don't call me that." I intended to make a harsh point, but my words came out in a feathery, airy voice that faded out as soon as it left my mouth. Way to go, Julianne, that will definitely scare him away.

"Don't interrupt me." The fingertips digging in my neck become rougher, deeper. I take in a sharp breath, the pain inflicted upon my neck is beginning to hurt me. "Ow! You're hurting me!" I whine out all of a sudden, my hand grasping the elbow of the stranger masked by the dark night.

"I'm sorry. I didn't intend to." He sighs softly, his hard jabbings into the back of my neck ease up, it feels somewhat better now - I decide not to further complain about anything, because the last thing I need to do is upset this man.

"As I was saying before.." he starts after cleaning his throat and taking a deep inhale. "Baby, listen to me okay?" the question seemed rhetorical so I didn't open my mouth at all, I didn't even think of something to reply to that with. I keep my mouth closed and my conscious silent.

"I know you're afraid of me and that's okay. I don't blame you one bit and I completely understand." he pauses the same moment that I squeeze his elbow - it felt comforting for me and that's all I want right now - to feel safe.

"But Julianne I promise I'd never, ever hurt you darlin'." The hand on my back slides slowly to return to my waist. I felt the quivering of my lip, my hands begin to shake as the touch on my body left. "Are... Are you l-leaving?" My voice is wobbly as I speak to the man, my hand falls from his arm as he drops his hand from my neck.

"I'm taking you to your room and you're going to go to sleep. No more night strolls, no more trying to get out, and no more leaving that bedroom alone. Do you understand me?" His stern tone made me frown - he was so kind just minutes ago, what happened to that?

"Y-yes." I stutter slightly. I felt a hand wrap around my forearm and within seconds I was on my feet - the man yanked me off the floor with ease. "Good." he mumbles, tightening his grip on my arm. I swallow hard, my stomach is churning and my head is dizzy.

I was so close to leaving.

Before I knew it I was back in the room, his large hand tugging me behind him towards the bed. I gasp sharply as he releases his grip all of a sudden.

I figured he was going to turn on the light or at least the lamp. To my surprise, however, he didn't do that. The lack of any moonlight shining into the room made it entirely black. I couldn't even see my own hands if I held them an inch from my face.

"It's d-dark." I shudder, the cold room is making my body shake. I hear shuffling and the squeak of the mattress - it does that when there's weight pressing into it. A large lump begins to form in my throat at the thoughts popping up in my mind.

"Oh well." I hear the low pitched mumble escape in the room. My eyebrows furrow in the dark, seriously he can't even switch on the light for me? My anger rises at the stranger, first he disrespected me and now he won't even do this simple favor for me.

"Please turn.. on the light. I c-can't see." Instead of screaming at him like I did seconds ago in my head, my words come out in a whisper - my voice disappearing into the air shortly after.

"Shut up!" He bursts out of nowhere - my eyes widen in the darkness as I realize I've heard that voice yell before - he is the one that stays above me, screaming and acting like a fool.

He's the one that hurt Perrie.. and Liam.

He's the thing they've all been hiding from me.

My heart begins to race and my lungs are getting drier by the second. "You're fucking getting on my nerves!" He adds on his rant with another yell. I could hear how aggravated he was with me, it is clearly laced in his angered tone.

"I'm.. I'm s-sorry." My teeth attack my bottom lip as the nervousness begins to drown my body. A heavy huff comes from the man the same time I take a few steps back - I can't see him and I don't want to get hurt again. I know he said he wouldn't harm me, but the screaming and the fact that he's been the one upstairs causing so much commotion have me thinking otherwise.

"Lay down." He demands in a smooth voice that is a normal octave now. I let my lip free from my harsh biting. "I c-can't see." My words leave my mouth in a soft, fragile whisper. I highly expected him to yell at me again but shockingly, he stayed quiet.

Footsteps invaded the silence, I figured it was him because it obviously wasn't me. I held air in my lungs, sealing my lips shut as I awaited for him to speak to me or reply in any way. "Can you do anything besides complain?" His rough voice filled my ears, his warm breath fanning my face. It was then that realized he was so close to me.

My entire body bolted in fear as I felt the back of his fingers slowly begin to caress my cheek. "Please breathe, you're worrying me." His hand slide to my neck, his fingers losely wrapping around the back of my neck.

It was just now that I noticed I was still holding in that air. My lips parted ways and I inhaled a deep, heavy breath. I waited a few seconds before letting it release back into the room through my nose.

"Why.. why do you.. refuse to.. turn on the lights?" I question him curiously - perhaps he could be the savior to my wondering mind. Sophia already gave me so much information. Now all I really need is an explanation to the darkness.

"Because, Julianne, if you saw me.. you'd never go a night without a nightmare. Your pretty eyes don't need to be exposed to me. Your heart couldn't take it. No more questions." He finishes with a sigh. Before I had the mere chance to comprehend his words, his hand fell from my neck and his arms swept me off my feet - literally.

A squeal left my mouth, embarrassment rising to my cheeks. They begin to burn even more when I realize there's an arm under my knee, a hand roughly grabbing the back of my thigh, and the other is around my back, keeping me up in the air. For once I'm glad the darkness filled the room - I'm positive I'm a blushing mess right now.

My body has no other choice than to lean into the hard chest of my hidden friend - well I'm not sure I should call him a friend or not.

"Everything frightens you, hm?" A throaty chuckle comes from him and I smile gently at the wondrous sound. I really adore his voice, when it's speaking normally of course. It's deep and smooth, soothing and comforting - like his arms feel.

"You scared me.. I didn't even expect that." I defend myself proudly, but I kept my voice limited to a whisper. He begins to walk me towards me the bed I assume, mentally I thank him for at least helping me out and preventing my from falling because I'm pretty sure that would have happened.

"I didn't mean to scare you." He replies in a soft voice, a little above a whisper. "C-can I ask you.. one more question?" I ask with a hint of nervousness washing through my body. I flinch lightly as my body is gently lied onto the mattress and my head sinks into the pillow, his arms sliding from under me. The covers are brought up to my chest. His hands adjust the blankets around me, tucking me in safely.

"Last question." He breathes out, a signal indicating I can spill my thought into the room. I take a few deep intakes of air, making sure I have enough energy to speak again.

Rapid shivers run down my spine as I feel his fingertips dancing on my forehead until they reached my hair line, he combs a few wild pieces back and I couldn't resist to hum at the nice feeling.

"What's... What's your name?" I hesitantly say. My eyes close in the darkness, just to be met with my dark lids. I feel his presence lean in closer to me. The bed dips a tad as his hands goes into the mattress right beside my hip and the other above my head, supporting his weight.

"Harry." He murmurs to me, his lips brusing the center of my forehead. My heart flutters as the stranger places a kiss on my skin, holding it a little longer than it needed - I didn't complain. "Goodnight, Julianne." He adds in a low voice as he leans up, his hands lifting from the bed. "G-goodnight.. Harry." I carefully say, making sure I got my words correct.

"Sleep tight." Harry tells me, the pads of his fingers running over the top of my hand softly. The little affection made my heart stop for a moment or two. "Sweet dreams, my angel." He removed his fingers from my body and the sound of shoes against the hardwood floor caught my attention.

He was leaving me - just like all the others did.

The door opens, creaking at the hinges. No light made its way into the bedroom - the entire house was dark and quiet. Without another word, the door gently shut to and I squeezed my eyes tighter than they already were.

I'm never getting out of here.



Hope you are enjoying it!! Let me know your thoughts updates to come soon !!! ❤❤


I love it

@Allie Miller @Harry02
super sorry about just now replying to you guys! thank you for the love. I hope you like the new update ;)

brianna.smith brianna.smith

Oh my god, the new chapters are amazing! Thank you for updating :)

Harry02 Harry02

Awesome updates my love :) Can't wait to see what's to come. Keep up the great work girl

Allie Miller Allie Miller

Great new chapters! Can't wait to find out what's going to happen next :)

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