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Beating Heart

t w e n t y f o u r - escape.

//everything you're running away from is in your head//

(Narrator's POV/Flashback)

She ran as fast as her boot covered feet would carry her through the deep snow. Her complex but ever so beautiful mind was becoming dizzy, her brain couldn't process what just occured before her eyes.

Her feet stomped the ground, skipped over tree roots, and dodged large rocks that were placed on top of the snow.

As she topped a small hill she could clearly see the edge of the woods, on the other side sat the low fence surrounding her house. Her plan was to run and never stop, but going along with that would be too harsh on her. Therefore, she only decided to run until she reached her bed.

Within a minute she reached the fence. It was half her height and didn't do it's job properly. Almost every morning, especially in the spring time, she would see rabbits hopping around without a care. The fence did one thing - surround the back yard.

Julianne wasted no time - she hoisted herself over the rail and threw herself to the ground on the other side with a loud thud. Small whimpers continue to fall from her chapped lips, salty tears stinging her blue eyes. She hurried to her feet and sprinted towards her house.

She kept repeating the same words to herself inside of her mind - run and never stop.



The cold air hit my body as the door stood wide open. My heart begins to race in my chest – you can do this. Just run. Without further hesitation, I do exactly as Sophia instructed me to do – I run.

Fear crept into my body as the sound of my feet stomping on the ground began to bounce off the walls. I keep my top teeth nibbling on my bottom lip – trying to keep in all noises that have a possibility of escaping.

The hallway seems a million miles longer than the last time, but I know it’s only my mind playing silly tricks on me. I shake my head lightly, trying to rid myself of these immature games.

The moonlight peeped through the curtains on the windows, lighting up the kitchen enough for me to see the floor. I picked up my speed, that door is so close to me.

Just like the first attempt of gaining my freedom, my mind is cluttering up with thoughts about this place - about my new found friends.

I just met Sophia and I'm already bailing out on a potential friendship. Perrie and I aren't in the best terms but isn't it normal to fight? Niall hasn't visited me as much as he used to - but isn't a bit of distance okay every now and then?

I begin to run as fast as I possibly can, the end of the hallway just a few feet away. I slightly turned, my body barely rounding the corner before I slammed into something hard. My body crashes on to the floor with a loud thud – my throat is tightening and my lungs are drying up. Pain shot through my spine – sending chills down my sensitive nerves. I wince lightly at the harsh fall my body just endured. It was the wall, calm down! Yeah.. just a wall right?

Run.. don’t stop.

My heart starts to pump at a faster pace than before while I bring myself to my feet – my back slightly aching from the impact just seconds ago. I return to my previous movements, my legs are quick to shoot out. Within seconds I was actually at the corner, where the hallway ended and met with the kitchen wall. I whipped around the corner, my lips curving up just a tad – I would be the one to literally run into a wall.

The gloomy kitchen is cold and dark, I can hardly see. My eyes glanced over, one of the windows is slightly opened, allowing a cool gust of wind to flow into the room – night time is so beautiful, especially when there’s no clouds and the stars are high and bright in the dark sky. My attention relocates to my feet, the door is right there. My quite pathetic excuse of "running" began once more.

Just as I thought my troubles were over and the universe was on my side – my body collides with something hard and sturdy, for some reason.. this time I don’t believe it’s a wall. My bag flies from my hand, landing somewhere on the floor, while my body falls down to the ground once again. My head is banging, this impact was harder than the one just a minute ago.

“Gosh.” I mutter lightly at the horrible stinging in my bottom, my butt will be bruised badly by sun rise. My eyes trail over to the object I apparently hit. Pure fear swept through my body as my eyes take in the sight of the thing standing before me.

The pitch black darkness deprived me of being able to see – but the moonlight creeping through the open door gave me the chance to witness the broad silhouette standing in the doorway, keeping me from escaping this horrible place. I push myself back on the floor, trying to get away from whoever this was.

Oh god no, what if it’s Liam? I can’t handle this anymore.

“Pl-please.. don’t.. hur-hurt me.. I’m..s-sorry.” I stammer out, my eyes shutting to prevent the tears from falling. Despite the weak effort I gave, the tears slide past my closed lids and begin to roll down my flushed cheeks, one by one - helplessly creating streams down my face, reminding me of what I really am – a helpless little child.

My head hangs low, my hair falling to curtain my ashamed face in the darkness. My hand is pressing hard into the tile, trying to keep my body from slumping over onto the chill floor.

The strain on my arm is causing a ton of pressure to be applied to the recent cut in my skin. Pain washes over me and the tears rapidly drip down my face, as if my dam burst and there’s no hope – the water won’t stop, no matter how hard I beg it to.

I’m never getting out of here.

The sound of some sort of shoes on the floor perks my ears up, and bolts my eyes shut for good. My lips are trembling, my heart has dropped and broken into a billion pieces – it’s not the first time that’s happened in my life, and I’m sure it won’t be the final time either. "Please.. don't hurt me." I whisper softly, weakness clearly shining in my voice.

A warmth engulfs my face and I jump in my skin – there’s a large hand pressed against the side of my face, gentle touches of fingertips on my ear. Every muscle in my body tenses up, all of my bones turning to stone. My breathing becomes unsteady, a wave of fright flooding through my body. The dead silence is killing me.

“I’d never hurt you, Julianne.”


You're. Welcome.

I know I know.. It took forever for an update and it's short

Aahhhh!!! I'm so glad this is finally here!! feedback please!! Updates asap!! Still no charger so mobile updates for a few more days!! ❤ hope you enjoy! Leave your opinions for me!!


Oh my god, the new chapters are amazing! Thank you for updating :)

Harry02 Harry02

Awesome updates my love :) Can't wait to see what's to come. Keep up the great work girl

Allie Miller Allie Miller

Great new chapters! Can't wait to find out what's going to happen next :)

Harry02 Harry02

I totally understand!!! Mine are older but dealing with what I am with Matthew is such a struggle..

Allie Miller Allie Miller

@Allie Miller
It’s a struggle lol xxxx

brianna.smith brianna.smith