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Beating Heart

t w e n t y t w o - admitted.

//never be afraid to look, you never know where the answers may be//


My body is thrown on the bed, I haven’t been up long and I don’t feel like moving at all. It’s been a handful of days since Perrie last came into my room – and the day she did, she gave me a piece of her mind. Honestly, it made me understand and realize a few things, despite some of the hurtful things she said to me.

One – Perrie isn’t as nice as I first thought. She holds a dark past, horrid memories, and tragic events that have shaped her into the person she is today. I know she’s always so bright and happy because it makes her feel good about everything, it’s her way of coping with the darkness I presume.

Two – I’ll never leave this place. Perrie stated that I’d rot here like the rest of them. It doesn’t sound too bad, despite the unexplained noises, the mysterious dark hallway, and people like Liam – who worry my mind every single second of the day. This place is much more than a house, much more than just a building. It contains so many secrets within its walls – secrets I am longing to figure out.

Three – There is a reason I am here. Yes, obviously, I’m here because they found me in the woods late one night. But there’s more to it than that, if they are normal people then they would have sent me to the police station or at least a hospital to help me get back home and make sure I was okay. Yet they didn’t do any of that. Something tells me they have a bigger secret hiding inside this house, something that makes them all quite different. I don’t know what it is, but I’m ready to find out.

The sound of the creaking door drags me from my thoughts and my head shoots up. My eyes grow big as I take in the appearance of a stranger – nothing new to me honestly. It’s a woman, maybe the same age as Perrie? She’s carrying a laundry basket with clothes I recognize as my own – well the items Perrie got for me. ,She’s clothed in tight, dark blue jeans, brown ankle boots, and a loose dusty pink blouse. A long necklace of pearls hangs from her neck and I see a big diamond ring on her finger.

Her eyes meet mine for a split second before she shuts the door behind her. “Um.. here’s your clean clothes, love.” She tells me as she sits the basket down near the closet. “Th-thank you.” I stammer lightly, for some reason she’s making me very nervous. Her lips curve into a gentle smile as she comes over to me. “I’m sorry that it’s taken me so long to come and meet you. Um.. I’m Sophia.” She extends her hand to me, the kind smile still spread on her face. She’s so pretty, her bright eyes are sparkling as she looks down at me.

I take her hand and shake it a few times before we both drop the connection. “Julianne.” I mumble back. “I’ve heard.” She laughs gently before sitting down on the edge of the bed. Her eyes begin to roam around the room, I guess she’s admiring the dust and peeling paint because that’s all there really is. “Quite boring in here.” She says with a sigh. “Yeah.” I shrug lightly, it doesn’t bother me much.

“I helped pick out some of your things. I’m a bit classier than Perrie or Gemma.” She gives me a sly smirk before adjusting her blouse sleeves. “Anyways.” She sighs out with that same kind smile of hers on her lips. “You’ve met my fiancé.. a couple of times.” Sophia states, her eyes looking back at me.

“L-louis?” I question her statement. “Ha! That’s too funny, love!” She gives me a genuine laugh, her arm clutching her stomach in the process. I watch her with an amused expression. Her head falls back and her mouth is wide open, laugh after laugh leaving her mouth. “God.. I haven’t laughed like that in ages.” Sophia says with a shake of her head, probably not sure where all her giggling came from.

“No dear, definitely not Louis.” She assures me with a raise of her perfectly shaped eyebrows. “Liam.” She tells me instead. My eyes bug out at her words, oh God no. Does she know? Will she hurt me? Will he come in here and hurt me once again?

I start to nervously pick at my fingernails, my eyes dropping off of her – I’d hate to upset her in any way. “Honey, relax. Don’t tear your nails off.” Sophia gives me a chuckle as her hands reach out to grab both of my wrists. Her touch is gentle as she sits my hands on my legs, away from each other. “I know you two have a bad history.. but I promise I’m nothing like him.” She assures me with her soft smile, I release a relieved breathe – finally someone sort of normal here.

“I..” I stop myself with the shake of my head, there’s no way she’ll give me the answers I’m dying to know. “What is it, darling?” She asks curiously, her eyebrows raising as she continues to share a friendly gaze with me. “It’s just.. um.. I was going to ask you something.. but I fear that I might.. get the same answer from you.. as I have from the others.” I nervously let out the words, proud of myself for speaking to her.

“Oh, well perhaps not. What’s the question?” She winks lightly at me, a small laugh escaping past her lipstick coated lips. “Why.. am I stuck.. in here?” I ask, my eyes looking around the room in annoyance – I’m sick of being locked up like a disobedient puppy. Sophia gives me a sigh, oh here it comes – either a lecture on the dark or another guilt filled rant.

“I don’t know.” Her shoulders lift and fall smoothly, her soft voice tells me she’s serious – the look in her eyes lets me know she’s just as concerned and confused as I am. “I mean.. I know.. I just don’t understand why.. they would want to conceal you in here. Trap you behind the door. You see, darling, when you arrived I was on a little trip. If I had been here.. then I would have things someone better for you.” She gulps loudly, standing up from the bed with a huff.

“Wait.. where are you going?” I blurt out, my hand reaching out in her direction. She knits her brows at me before chuckling a tad. “I thought you didn’t like to be bothered.” She states with a half smirk. “Your presence is different.” I admit with a little bit of shame washing over me – I shouldn’t think mean things about Perrie or even about Niall. Perrie had the right to lash out on me, it hurt but I felt her sincerity and the truth behind her words.

“Well then.. I suppose I would stay a little longer. What do you want to talk about?” Sophia says, climbing onto the foot of the bed, her legs crossing and her eyes bright as she awaits my reply. “Well.. I’d like to know something.” I start off with a deep inhale, this could be the start of a nice friendship. “Go ahead.” She nods to me, prepared to answer whatever it is I will throw at her.

“How did.. all of you.. find each other?” My heart begins to pound in my chest, she’s about to answer it I can tell. “Gosh, that’s a lot to recall.. Basically.. we all sort of just fell together. We all just got admitted into this weird family.” Sophia says with a smile at her words, she’s so nice – quiet surprising for people around this place. “Can I ask.. about the hallway?” I question with a nervous intake of air.

Sophia looks over her shoulder, staring at the door for a few seconds before bringing her attention to the watch on her wrist, checking the time. She smirks gently before her hand flicks her hair over her shoulder. She perks herself up and takes a deep breathe. Here it comes, the answer I’ve been literally dying to find out. Sophia is the key to unlocking the first secret – I hope.

“At the end.. there’s a small staircase. It leads to two doors. If you right, you’ll end up in the hallway that’s home to my bedroom, as well Perrie’s, and the rest that you’ve met.” She informs me of this, licking her lips quickly before taking another breathe. “The left side.. well.. we don’t really talk about that.” She tells me, her eyes darting up to the ceiling quickly before locking with mine once again.

I knew it – I knew that weeks ago, they’re hiding something and I all I want to know is what is it?!

“Why.. why not?” I mumble lightly, my fingers fondling with each other. Sophia’s fingers lace with each other as she places her hands in her lap, her pretty eyes still gleaming and staring right at me. “It’s very dangerous. You will probably never be able to fully comprehend it, especially since you’re new to our world. Your beating heart couldn’t take it.” Sophia lightly chews on her bottom lip, her eyes falling to stare at the bed for a minute or two.

Is she saying they don’t have hearts? Oh that’s just rubbish, Julianne! I clearly felt Niall’s heart throbbing in his chest the night he held me, moments after Liam struck me. Stop over thinking everything, it’s simple. You can’t handle this place, get over it. You’ll never really know what the hell is going on.

“Can you run fast, Julianne?” Sophia curiously asks, her eyebrows furrowed deeply as she studies my face. I’m a little taken back from that question. “I guess, why?” I find myself asking just seconds later. I hold my breath, the fear is overpowering my curiosity now.

“Because, well.. If you ever do discover what’s up there..” Sophia’s voice is soft and low now, as if she’d get in trouble if she was heard or spoke any louder – wouldn’t shock me though. “You better run.” Sophia’s eyes are flooding with desperation. “Run.. don’t stop. No matter who’s begging you to stop.. run as fast as you can.. this is Hell, Julianne. You don’t want to be here. I didn’t believe it when I was told.. and now look at me.” Sophia’s sentence stops, her jaw clenching lightly.

“I’m never getting out of here.” She softly speaks, her feathery tone filling the silence in the cold room. I’m never getting out of here.

My lungs are completely dry after my sprint out here – my father had his stupid friends over and I refused to stay in the house while they drank their worries away. The Jack Daniels is nothing compared to the gusting winds and the smell of pine trees. I sit myself down by a big tree, I wasn’t concerned with figuring out its type at the moment. I took beyond my spot, birds flying from a high tree to another. I smile gently, beautiful.

I’m fifteen – I shouldn’t want to escape the world when I see my father’s face or even think of him. But sadly, that’s the life I’m living. “Shit.” I mutter the word softly to myself, I can clearly see a bear cub running wild in the brush on the ground, its mother is bound to be near.

Before I could ponder what I should do, the mother bear appears in the landscape picture and I immediately slap myself for coming out here unarmed, I didn’t even grab my bag for God’s sake. I’m so damn stupid, no wonder my father constantly reminds me of it – it’s simply true.

She caught sight of me, keeping her eyes glued to my resting body. I swallow the huge lump in my throat, I don’t let my eyes leave her either. My mother always told me just to ignore them and they won’t bother you. Don’t touch their babies and don’t make a threat. I can feel my mother’s presence, she’s reminding me of those words she spoke when I was still a little girl. Clueless and free.

The two wild animals start in my direction and I’ve never felt more scared before – no, that’s a lie. I’ve come face to face with a mountain lion, and a- My head snaps in the direction of the deep growl. I’ve heard it before, but it can’t be true. It can’t be. I see nothing though, my mind is only playing games with me and now’s not the time for tricks. A nervous breath slid between my lips and into the forest air. Slowly, my head turns back straight to eye the animals ahead of me.

“Please.. please.” I murmur to myself, the bear stopped moving but her eyes are still locked on me. God please, I know you’re there so please help me! I don’t care what you do, just get me out of here. Please. The bear picks up her paw, slamming it hard on the ground and she starts again in my direction – her helpless child by her side. I’m not even far from my house, I can literally see it if I look over my shoulder.

Should I make a run for it? My heart literally stops in my chest as I hear that sound again, a throaty growl from beyond the trees. The canopy above me slightly blocks the sun, shadowing most of the forest. I look in that direction, please.

Just when I thought I was going to die, and the bear would be the reason, I hear the crunching of twigs and early fallen leaves. My lip is quivering like crazy, I can’t keep my fear contained. I try so hard to convince myself I’m strong and brave, but when it comes down to the end of things.. I’m a fucking sissy. I’m just a helpless girl in a hopeless world, that’s all I’ll ever be.

There’s the snarl again. Please, it’s been so long. Sun rays begin to creep through the trees above me, lighting up parts of the dense forest. The sound of rustling grabs my attention, dragging my feared eyes in its direction. My eyes widen, my jaw slightly ajar – the wind is chapping my lips, and throwing my hair back and forth. I knew it.


I run my fingers through Sara’s long, dark hair. A smile taped on my face as I try to remain strong at all times in front of her. “Gem.” She mumbles, her eyes catching mine in the mirror. We keep the stare for a few seconds before she looks back down to the doll in her small hands. “Yes, love?” I ask, replacing my fingers with the brush.

“Is Julianne.. going to fix everything?” Her curious questions never fail to shock me every now and then, but this one, well, I expected it sooner or later. “I hope, honey. I hope so.” I breathe out, not really up for this discussion. “I spoke with her, Gemma.” Sophia’s voice invades the small, pink walled bedroom. I look over to see her standing in the doorway, her arms crossed and a kind smile on her face.

“How did that go?” I ask, turning my eyes back to the little girl in front of me. “The poor child just wants answers. It’s a shame he’s allowing this to happen. If you’re mother-” “Sophia, don’t. Please.” I sigh out, my eyes giving her a stern look before gesturing to Sara’s presence in the room. “I’m just saying.. this is ridiculous.” Sophia throws her hands in the air, here comes the drama queen.

“Look, if you have an issue with how he’s running things.. then go speak to him.” I insist with an eye roll, she gets on my nerves sometimes. A loud groan left her mouth before the door slams shut – I doubt she’ll go talk to him. Sophia is a lot of things – spoiled, a brat, over dramatic – but she’s not stupid.

“Did Julianne try to leave.. ‘cause she don’t like us?” Sara questions me as I begin her braid. I take a deep breath into my lungs, this is going to be a long next few months for us. “No honey, she likes us.. she just wanted to leave her room. Now be still, we don’t want it crooked again.” I remind her as my hands work together to form the long braid in her hair.

No words leave her mouth, thankfully. I assume she’s gotten the answers her heart desired for now.


sorry for any errors.. ♥

*that little section was a "flashback" not a dream!

Um.. oh duh, updates soon!!!! HOW DID YOU LIKE THIS? HUGE CHAPTER NEXT!! Feedback please xx


Oh my god, the new chapters are amazing! Thank you for updating :)

Harry02 Harry02

Awesome updates my love :) Can't wait to see what's to come. Keep up the great work girl

Allie Miller Allie Miller

Great new chapters! Can't wait to find out what's going to happen next :)

Harry02 Harry02

I totally understand!!! Mine are older but dealing with what I am with Matthew is such a struggle..

Allie Miller Allie Miller

@Allie Miller
It’s a struggle lol xxxx

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