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Beating Heart

n i n e t e e n - please.

//It's getting harder to believe in anything.//


Boom. Seconds ago a loud sound erupted above me – making my body jump in my skin. My heart drops as I hear Perrie scream out – I can’t make out what she said, but I know she’s crying. I turn the lock on the knob, praying to God that it works. I drop to the ground, my butt hitting the dusty floor with a thump. I draw my legs up, wrapping my arms around my knees to keep them tight against my chest. Something is wrong, I done something. I gulp gently as I hear footsteps storm pass me, only an inch or two of wood separating me from the darkness of the hallway. I hold my breath, I don’t want to be heard at all.

It became quiet for a few minutes, maybe three or four? I’m not sure, knowing the time is a luxury around here – a luxury I just don’t have a hold of. I swallow the lump in my throat as suddenly heavy sounds fill my ears, but they aren’t above me. Instead they’re on the other side of this wall and the door – the hallway. A nervous breath escapes my mouth as heavy, loud footsteps get closer and closer.

Please, God. Please don’t.

Moments pass and the footsteps continue down the hallway, never stopping. I release my lungs and mentally praise God for that – I’m so relieved they didn’t stop at my door. What if it’s Liam? Oh god, no. Perrie’s in extreme trouble if it’s Liam. But what if it’s not?

My head snaps in the direction of the kitchen as screaming fills my ears. Perrie. My shaky hands lifts to cover my mouth, I can’t believe I’m just sitting here while this is going on. What else are you to do? You can’t go anywhere! You can’t call the police!

I can’t take this shit, I can’t. I have to leave. I need to leave – I’m going to go insane in this place if I don’t leave soon. Tonight will be the night. I’ll wait until the house is silent and I’ll grab my bag, only what I came with of course, and slip through the kitchen door leading outback. I can do it, I’ve done it before. Sneaking out isn’t anything new to me, it’s obviously why I’m here.

I’m snapped from my trance when I hear a different scream – I swear that’s Zayn. I furrow my eyebrows, what the hell is happening? “I’m sorry! I can’t do anything!” Niall’s voice yells out, he seems closer to me than the others. In that same moment I realize he might be closer to me. I jump from my spot on the ground and unlock the door. I run over to the bed and throw myself onto it.

My face is hidden into the pillows, I can’t stop sobbing – Perrie is getting hurt, Niall apparently seems to be upset over it. Where am I at? What the hell is wrong with these people?

The door swings open and my heart shatters as I hear Niall’s voice, “Thank God, you’re okay.” The door slams shut and seconds later I feel the bed dip down. Niall presses his hand against my back. “Please don’t cry, honey. I never meant to be so rude earlier.” He sighs out, his hand rubbing circles into my back. He honestly thinks that’s the reason I’m falling apart? No, Niall! It’s not!

I lift my head, resting my chin in my hands as my elbows dig deep into the mattress. “Where’s Perrie?” I ask in a soft whisper. I can tell he’s thinking of a lie, it’s quiet and he hasn’t even made a sound yet. “She’s busy.” He mutters out. “No she’s not. I heard her.. Where is she?” I ask, bringing myself to sit on my knees in front of him. His hands return to his lap and his eyes drop from mine.

“Niall, where is she at!” I yell at him, tears pricking my eyes. I blink a few times, feeling them sprawl out of control and slide down my face. Niall glances up just in time to see my tears and he huffs lightly, his hand grabbing mine. “Perrie done something wrong.. and she’s getting the consequences.” Niall tells me, his voice soft and monotonous – like he doesn’t even care.

“Is she getting.. raped?” I ask nervously, falling on my butt on the mattress. Niall laughs gently at my words, shaking his head from side to side. “No, darling. She’s not getting raped. She’ll be alright.” He assures me as he stands up, gripping my hand tight before dropping it. He leans down to my forehead and presses his cold lips against my skin. “Get some rest-”

“No!” I whine out, cutting of Niall’s words. He stands straight up and looks down at me, his eyebrows furrowed tightly. “I’m so sick of fucking sleeping!” I yell out, surprised that that word left my mouth. I close my eyes and fall back onto the pillows, my head sinking into the plush material. “I just want my Mom.” I breathe out, my eyes squeezing shut – I want to wake up and be five years old again, my mother by my side to comfort me from my nightmare.

“I wanna leave.” My words are feathery soft, my lips touch together as I finish my short tantrum. I’m sick of this place, I hate everything here – expect for Niall.. and Perrie, Zayn, Gemma, Sara.. I hate Liam, I will say that. I fucking hate Liam. Niall distracts me from my thoughts as he pulls the covers up to my shoulders, tucking them tight around my body.

I feel his presence get closer, his lips on my forehead again. He pecks my skin, “I know.” He whispers softly before removing his lips from my head. I tight seal my eyes, not wanting to look at him right now. I just want to go home. What did Dorothy do to get home?

Clicked her shoes. No just stop, Julianne. That’s ridiculous. You’ll never get back home, no matter how hard you attempt.

My eyes opened a tad too quick for my liking. I swallowed harshly and threw the covers off of my body. A shiver runs up my spine as I step onto the cold floor. The room is like a freezer, and I’m just a lonely Popsicle. I furrow my eyebrows at my thought, that was a little odd. Ear splitting thunder rolls in the sky, the walls seem to be shaking and creaking at the sudden heavy noise.

I tip toe over to the door and I run my hand on the wall, trying to find the light switch. There it is! I turn the light on and walk over towards the closet now that I can see. I don’t take but a few minutes to grab my bag and gather some clothes and a little bit of food – it won’t take me long to find my little town, or a city or at least a person. I sigh as I shove all the things in the back.

What will I miss? Niall. He’s so kind and gentle – he wants to let me free but he can’t. He’s one of those people who you can trust, you that when you first meet them. I’ll definitely miss him.

Perrie. Her laugh is so bright and her smile is bold – she’s a sun ray in this dark house, she’s the friend I’ve needed all of my life. She makes me smile and laugh even when I’m not feeling like it, which is most of the time by the way. She’s just so peppy and happy. Perrie makes my boring, horrible life somewhat pleasurable.

Louis. I’ve only spoken to him a few times – but each time was wonderful. He’s so bright, like a male version of Perrie – well, sort of. He’s told me a few secrets that have really captivated my mind. He’s helpful and nice.

Surprisingly this person made it to my list. Zayn. He’s so mysterious and quiet, that’s what I like about him. But at the same time he states his honest words, he tells the truth – he’s real and pure. He’s a good person, I didn’t think that at first. However, behind the dark eyes and the tattooed skin hides a very lovely guy.

I gently open the door, it creaks a little but I’m pretty sure no one can hear that little sound besides me of course. I hold my breath as I look down the usually lit up end of the hallway – it’s darker now. The moonlight is creeping in through the windows and I make out a few objects in the kitchen – the table and chairs. I head into the hallway, quietly sealing the door shut. I begin my long journey, my heart is racing and my lungs are barely holding any air. The darkness is more powerful at night, it’s driving my nerves to the brink. I take a deep, somewhat steady, breath before starting down the hallway.

Within seconds I was in the dark kitchen, my shoes making small thud sounds on the floor. There it is – the door. My pathway to freedom is just a few feet away from me. My eyes begin to water as I walk over to the door. It’s the only thing separating me from freedom. I really will miss Perrie, Niall, and Zayn. My heart drops as I suddenly remember my newest friend, Sara. What if she gets upset because I’m gone?

No, Julianne. Stop that. She survived long before you got here, just like the others – and they can make it without you. You’re nothing important, just leave already and find your way back home. Home.. Do I really want to go back? No, but I refuse to stay here and suffer. As I approach the door, the sound of pouring rain becomes audible and I can already tell this is going to be complete Hell for me.

My thumb and index finger work together to turn the lock swiftly. My heart rate is extremely unbalanced, my hand is literally shaking as I reach for the door knob. I slowly wrap my hand around the cold metal, I give it a slight turn. The door faintly squeaks as I pull it open. My teeth catch my lip, I bite down hard – can I honestly do this? I don’t know. Am I going to try? Definitely.

The cold night air hits my body, I let out a slight whimper – it’s awfully cold for this time of year, but I don’t mind really, as long as I make it home.. or wherever I’m going. The bottom of my shoe presses against the concrete patio, I’m almost out of here. Something doesn’t feel right. I don’t know what, though. I let out a shaky breathe as I barely lift my foot to step out of the door. The smell of cigarette smoke explodes around me, the air getting slightly thick.

“You’re so fuckin’ stupid.” A dark voice states. My eyes widen and my body freezes. My ears are filled with the sound of a jiggling chain shortly followed by a growl – the dog. “Honestly, I’ll give you points for attempting, but unfortunately.. I can’t let you leave.” Finally I recognize the throaty voice. A large hands clamps around my wrist and yanks back into the gloomy house. No, no.. God please no, I was so damn close.


“Dumb little bitch.” He mutters out. I can hardly see anything, the kitchen light is off and the darkness is creeping around me. His hand drops my arm suddenly – a relieved breath leaves past my trembling lips. “You must’ve thought you would get away.” He deeply chuckles, his hand shoves my shoulder and my back slams against the door. I close my eyes, I don’t want to see anything – if I can barely see or not.

“The dog only freaks out when the door opens.” Liam informs me with a faint laugh. I take a deep breath, God only knows what he’s capable of. “If.. if-if you’re g-going to.. k-kill me.. pl-please do it.. al-already.” I stutter out, my voice soft and feathery. A gravelly laugh erupts in the room, filling the harsh silence. “Oh, I wish I could.. but sadly I can’t.” Liam claims, his voice invading my mind.

I put my hands over my face, trying to prevent myself from seeing him. I don’t even want to be near this man. “Stupid bitch.” A wince leaves my mouth as a sharp pain hits against the side of my leg – Liam’s powerful kick. Within seconds my butt hits the cold floor and the tears begin to trickle down my face. Stay strong. Stay strong. I can’t.. not anymore, not this time.

“You ought to be ashamed and embarrassed for trying to sneak out. Your lack of sense is rather hilarious.” His voice says coldly. I remove my hands from my face, the pain in my leg is unbearable. My shaky hand grabs as much as my leg as I could, squeezing the section to try to numb the pain. There will be a bruise, he’s already put a few on me thanks to our first encounter.

“St-stop, please!” I cry out, surprising myself a little, as Liam’s foot slams against my body a few times. I throw my hand over my stomach seconds after his foot jabs into my side. “Please.” I whisper softly, my head dropping. My eyes are flooding, the tears are splashing onto my legs – making goosebumps appear on my skin. “Sorry, love. But it’s only you and me here. No one’s going to help you.” Liam chuckles out.

The moonlight peering in from the windows gives me enough light to see him. My eyes linger over his broad body, his arms are exposed and I can see the defined muscles, the dark ink of the tattoos – designed sleeves gliding down both arms. I gulp gently, he could literally kill me if he wanted to.

He kneels down to me, his dark eyes gazing on my face. “Too bad no one’s here to hear you scream.” His voice flatly says. I part my lips to reply to him, I take in a sharp breath. My eyes bulge as his large hand grasps my neck, pushing the back of my head into the door. “You have one fuckin’ rule here. Don’t leave that damn room. You’ve wondered why.. well this is why.” He says through gritted teeth, his fingers digging deep into my skin.

I gasp for a breath, but air barely comes in my mouth. My eye sight is getting blurry, I can hardly make out Liam’s features. He presents me with a devious smirk as he pushes my head further back, my back fully against the door now. Shockingly I muster enough strength to lift my hands and grab his wrist. I try to claw at his skin, but he’s not doing stopping.

“Stupid.” He shakes his head lightly as if he’s ashamed of my attempts. “Pl-pl.” I tried so hard to spill the word, but I couldn’t get it out – not with his strong hand holding my neck. I dig my fingernails into his skin, it’s quite hard to inflict pain on him. He’s strong and I’m sure my dull nails aren’t affecting him one bit. “You want to be nosy, you get the consequ-”

Liam unexpectedly stops himself, I can hardly see – but I do notice the fear washed over his face. His free hand pries my fingers from his skin, pushing down my hands milliseconds later. His hand untightens itself from around my throat. The instant he removes his skin from mine I take in a quick breaths, I need to catch up on the air my lungs have been deprived of.

Liam hurries to his feet and spins around on his heel. I can’t see anything thanks to his large body in front of me. The darkness masks him in seconds as she starts to walk towards the hallway. “Pl-please. I.. I-” Liam’s voice pleas out of nowhere, my eyes widen as I try to adjust my fuzzy vision to the dark – but I see nothing. “I-” Liam is cut off, and all of a sudden I get the feeling that I’m alone. Liam’s gone, I don’t know what got him or where he went – but he’s gone. To be honest, I felt safer with someone in here, even if it was Liam.

I hear a door slam shut, heavy rounds of footsteps following it. “Julianne?!” Niall’s worried voice echoes through the dark, cold kitchen. I bring my knees up to my chest, wrapping my arms tightly around them. I start to rock lightly back and forth, God why didn’t you let me escape? Why didn’t you let me leave!

“Julianne!” Zayn screams out. I try to muster up a reply – but no words assemble in my mouth. A light cuts on directly across from me – my eyes are met with the sight of the dining room. A few seconds pass by quickly, my heart begins to race as I feel a burning on my neck – more bruises will arise on my skin soon, I just know it.

“There she is!” Perrie yells as she appears in the dining room. She runs towards me, I can do nothing but sit here and shake. “Julianne! Oh my god, what happened?” She screams as she storms into the kitchen. She drops to her knees a few inches in front of me and leans to me, her gentle hands pressing against my cheeks. My words get caught up in my throat as I see a huge bruise on the side of her face, her jaw is swollen. There’s a few more bruises on her body, but nothing is worse than her reddened face. Her hair is damp from the rain.

“Hey, stop crying. Tell me what happened.” She whispers softly, her eyes burning holes in mine. Niall flicks on the light and suddenly he shows up by my side as well. He puts his hand on the side of my thigh. “Why the fuck are you out here?” Niall asks confused, his eyebrows furrowed tightly. “Oh god.” Zayn states loud enough that I heard it – barely, but I could make it out.

Perrie looks over her shoulder, giving me a view of Zayn now. He’s standing in front of the hallway entrance, his jaw dropped and his eyes wide. “L-liam..” I stammer out, getting Niall’s attention. Perrie rushes to Zayn’s side, Niall takes her place in front of me. “Darlin’.. you tried to leave, didn’t you?” Niall asks softly, his eyes slightly watering and his teeth have found his bottom lip.

“I told you never to leave that room alone.” He reminds me with a huff. “I.. I’m.. s-sorry.” My heart literally dropped as I witnessed Niall’s blue eyes shed a few tears. “You don’t have to apologize.” He mutters to me as his arms wrap around my shoulders. I bury my face in the crook of his neck, there’s nothing I need more right now than a friend. I take that back.. I need my mother.

Niall strengthens his grip on me as I hear a loud crash boom through the house – I know where it came from, I just don’t know what the hell caused it. “We aren’t mad at you.” He assures me with a kiss on the side of my head, his hands rub shapes into my back – a method of trying to soothe me. It’s partly working.

“W-what happened.. to.. to.. L-Liam.” His name disgusts me, but I have a heart – and I am worried that he’s not okay. Despite the harm he gave to me, I still need to be assured he’s alright, because whatever happened to him.. is all because of me. “He’ll be fine.” Niall replies softly.

“Holy.. Hell.” Zayn’s voice nervously states. I squeeze my eyes shut and let Niall’s scent fill my nose. His cologne smells good, it’s strong and he’s applied a tone of it, but it smells nice and comforting. “You need to go in there, Zayn!” Perrie demands loudly, I can hear the fear tied into her voice. “Are you fucking kidding me? ‘m not going up there!” Zayn yells back, releasing a shocked laugh. “Neither am I.” Niall announces in a voice loud enough so they could hear him.

“You go since you’re so damn concerned. For all I care that prick needs his ass beat.” Zayn insists seconds after. “He’s already gotten to me once. I refuse to let-” Perrie’s words are cut off by a roaring scream. “Julianne.. I’m taking you to your room.” Niall informs me as he unwraps his arms from my body. I let a nervous shiver run through my body as I realize he’s no longer protecting me.

My nerves are calmed when Niall grabs my hand and easily pulls me to my feet. His arm slides around my waist as he steps beside me. He motions for us to begin walking, he leads me towards the darkness lurking in the hallway constantly. I hold my breath, I was so close to leaving.

So close.

I close my eyes, not wanting to take in the black sight anymore. I’m sick of this place, I’m sick of these stupid secrets, and I’m sick of the damn dark.

Niall quickly gets me to the bedroom door and he pushes me in once the door is open. He follows behind me and basically slams the door shut. His breathing is heavy and his hands are soon pulling at his wet hair. “N-niall.” I mumble lightly, my hand pressing against his side. He drops his arms, his hands letting go of his hair. “I can’t believe I fuckin’.. left. I.. I knew I should’ve stayed. It was stormin’.. I had no business being out.. I.. fuck.” He turns his back to me and slams his fist into the door.

I jump back, terrified at his sudden rough behavior. He whips around and I nearly fall to the ground as I stumble back. His eyes flooded with anger and tears. Please, don’t let him hurt me God, please. He’s supposed to be my friend, not some evil crazy person like Liam. I roll my lips in, trying hard not to freak out and start crying more than I already am.

“God.. no. Julianne.” Niall mumbles, stepping a few inches closer. I move myself back even more, I’m too nervous and I don’t know who I can and can’t trust anymore. I just don’t freaking no anymore! “Don’t be afraid of me, please. I’d never, ever, ever hurt you.” Niall assures me with a light smile, his eyes softening as he takes in the presence of my fear.

“I’d never.” He says quietly, his eyes showing his plead to me. I step a little closer. Once I’m within his reach again, he grabs my hand and pulls me against his body. My arms snake around his torso, I was able to trust a man until the day I met Niall. His hand gently pets my hair as he holds me against him, my tears are soaking his shirt but I don’t think he minds all that much.

“Everything is gonna be alright.” He breathes out as if he wasn’t sure on that claim, honestly I’m not too certain about it. Niall’s arms hold me tight as yet another sound crash emerges into the house. “I hope..” He adds in a slight voice. I want to believe him, but I just can’t anymore.


so I know this probably not that good. But leave some feedback please. I know you guys are ready to find out what's really going on and you will soon and it will BLOW YOUR MIND. Love you! ♥


I love it

@Allie Miller @Harry02
super sorry about just now replying to you guys! thank you for the love. I hope you like the new update ;)

brianna.smith brianna.smith

Oh my god, the new chapters are amazing! Thank you for updating :)

Harry02 Harry02

Awesome updates my love :) Can't wait to see what's to come. Keep up the great work girl

Allie Miller Allie Miller

Great new chapters! Can't wait to find out what's going to happen next :)

Harry02 Harry02