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Beating Heart

e i g h t e e n - garden.


My attention turns to Perrie as I watch her search for something in the closet. She groans out as she becomes annoyed. Zayn glances over at me and rolls his eyes with a playful smile. It’s nice to see him again, it’s been a while it seems. He sort of surprised me, I had figured he was hurtful and mean, but really he’s just quiet and nice. “It’s fine, babe. We won’t be out there long enough for her to freeze to death.” Zayn insists as Perrie leans against the wall with her arms crossed on her chest.

“You say that now.” She mutters out with a frown on usually cheerful face. “It’s just a breeze anyways, the temperature is nice. No rain for now.” He adds in as he steps over to her and takes her hand in his. I smile gently as I witness him soothing her with a kiss on her lips. I look away, afraid that things might get too heated and they’d be disturbed by my staring.

“Fine.. whatever. C’mon Julianne.” Perrie says with a shrug as she meets me at the side of the bed. I stand up and from the edge after checking to see if the shoes I am wearing are tied or not. They’re Perrie’s shoes, and a bit too bright for me. White is just too happy for me, but I’m appreciative that she gave them to me.

“We can’t stay out too long, it’s getting dark.” Zayn says as he steps out of the bedroom door. He stops and faces the side of the hallway the light always comes from, blocking the darkness from my eyes. Thankfully. I give him a gentle smile as Perrie pulls me by my hand out of the room and down the hall.

We enter the kitchen within a few seconds and I notice that it’s much larger than I first thought it would be. I glance over right in time to pass a large opening leading to what appeared to be a dining room. I furrow my eyebrows lightly. There’s a table in the kitchen, and a dining room? Oh well, let them do their thing Julianne.

I get a glimpse of a small foyer past the dining room. Perrie leads me across the kitchen to a door with a white curtain over the small window. I gulp gently, this will be the first time I’ve seen the outside world since I left home – which seems like forever ago honestly.

Perrie opens the door and leads me outside. My eyes squint as I meet the evening sun’s bright shine. I look around, the house is much nicer than I thought it would be. It’s bigger, too. Perhaps it just looks small on the inside. The house is still a dark color themed, which is nothing bad I guess.

“Just follow me, love. Stay in front of Zayn.” Perrie reminds me as she drops my hand and steps onto a the first stone of a short trail. My eyes fall to the ground, wanting to be completely surprised when I see the garden. “It’s quite lovely out here, even I enjoy it.” Zayn chuckles behind me as I follow Perrie. I laugh a little at his comment, it feels nice to laugh for once instead of worry about what hides in the dark.

“I insisted on a darker stone color, but nooo.. No one wants to listen to me.” Zayn informs me, I can hear the smile in his voice. “Oh hush.” Perrie says with a laugh, shaking her head lightly as we reach the end of the trail. I step onto the patio and lift my head. My eyes widen as I see the huge display of flowers and plants.

“Oh my..” I stop myself, the shock is taking over my body. My eyes roam over the variety of types of flowers, at least four different color roses. It’s so beautiful, nothing compared to the inside of the house, or at least as much as I have seen. “Quite colorful, yeah?” Perrie asks as she crosses her arms on her chest, her head turning so she can look at me better.

“Very.” I mumble with a soft smile, these flowers remind me of my mother. She loved flowers and plants and really anything that was outside. My heart flutters at the thought of her being here with me. But before the tears could reach my eyes, a very familiar thought raced through my mind..

Maybe she is here, standing right beside me and watching me. Or perhaps she’s watching from above, smiling as she observes me.

“Gemma keeps it alive every year.. reminds her of her mom.” Perrie tells me as I step just a few inches closer. There’s a small trail made from white gravel that goes through the middle of it. I don’t dare step onto it though, I just want to look at the beauty overall. “Her mom must’ve..” I stop myself, I know the feeling.

“Yeah.. a few years ago. Suddenly. It sort of.. put us all in shock.” Perrie sighs gently, probably not too happy with talking about the topic. “This is the only bright thing we have left.. besides Sara.” Zayn says. I look over in his direction just to find him staring at the flowers. I look back and smile gently, my mother would love this.

“I met Sara last night.” I tell them with a smile, she really is a ray of sunshine. “Honestly she’s the only thing keeping us all alive.” Perrie admits with a sigh. “Yeah, she’s a handful though.” Zayn laughs lightly. I don’t reply, I only stare at the flowers in the garden.

“You can probably tell that it’s nothing like the inside.” Perrie states. I look up from the garden, my eyes roaming around the scenery. The house is mostly surrounded by a dense forest. I look over my shoulder, just trying to take in as much as I can. The ground is still muddy from the recent storm. The only opening in the trees is where the gravel driveway fades into the forest.

I’m not sure, honestly, where I am or where this house is located – but I guess I need to stop questioning everything and just appreciate these people. “But once you get in the woods.. it’s just like the house.” Zayn sighs out as he shifts his weight to his other foot.

The air grows silent as the three of us stand staring at the garden full of flowers. I gulp gently as I begin to have thoughts about my home, a place I don’t ever need to think about again. “I think it’s time-” Perrie’s voice is cut off by the sound of a stick cracking. Her head whips over in the direction and she lets out a sigh. “Let’s go in.” Zayn says, grabbing my wrist.

“Yeah, you guys go on in. I’ll be in later.” Perrie insists as she takes a few steps closer to the garden. Zayn gestures me to follow him with his head and we begin the walk down the stones to the door.


I look over at the door as soon as I hear the knob turn. I’m quite shocked to see Julianne walk in behind Zayn. “Well, hi there.” I say as she looks over at me. She gives me a smile before replying in a soft voice. “Hey.” Zayn drops her arm from his hold and he leans against the island.

Julianne stands still, probably unsure of what to do. “You liking your new freedom?” I ask with a smirk as I turn my attention back to the coffee pot. She doesn’t reply to me though. I roll my eyes lightly as I pour the freshly brewed coffee into my cup. I turn to face them again, she still stands there – not saying a damn word.

“Where’s Perrie?” I ask curiously, Zayn usually doesn’t go anywhere without her hand locked in his. “Outside.” He glances at me, by the look on his face I can tell something happened. “Julianne, go to your room.” I demand in a sigh, I don’t want to seem too mean to the girl – just need to get my seriousness across. She breathes out slowly before stepping off towards the hallway. Zayn follows her to the doorway of the hallway, just to be sure she’s safe.

I hear the door shut and moments later, Zayn appears back to his previous spot. “I couldn’t tell if it was him or not.. but something was out there.” He groans lightly at the thought. I let a huff pass through my lips, we can’t even take the girl outside without some bull shit happening. “Perrie’s freaking out. She thinks she’ll get in trouble.” Zayn adds in as he pulls out a stool and sits down, resting his arms on the countertop of the island.

“He won’t do anything to her.. as long as Julianne wasn’t snooping around anything important.” I assure him, despite that one key point. “Well..” Zayn drags out, his eyes darting to the door before looking back at me. “Where’d-” I’m suddenly cut off by the sound of the door swinging open. Perrie steps over the threshold. Her hand is thrown over her chest, her eyes are wide and blood shot red – her lungs are sucking in breath after breath. “Babe?” Zayn mumbles, jumping off the stool and hurrying to her side.

“Where’d you take her?” I yell at them – there’s no telling what the hell they’ve done this time. “The.. the g-garden.” Perrie utters out, her body falling against Zayn’s chest as he grabs her, trying to shake her out of her shocked phase. Her body looks stiff as he holds her against him, his arms tightly securing her in place. His eyes land on me and he shakes his head lightly from side to side.

“I’m sorry.. I didn’t know!” Perrie screams into Zayn’s chest, her voice slightly muffled. “Shh.. calm down. He’s not going-” Zayn’s comforting words are cut off by a heavy bang above us. I gulp gently, my heart nearly stops at the loud noise. “He’s coming, I’m sorry.” Perrie cries out again, her body falling to the ground as she pushes Zayn away. Suddenly footsteps fill the house and Louis appears from the hallway, probably coming from his room upstairs.

His face is pale and his eyes are frozen open as they roam over everyone in the room – stopping when they meet mine. “What did they do?” He asks in a soft voice, but it was audible. I look over at Perrie slowly, afraid to see that she’s falling apart and breaking down. And as my eyes landed on her body, that’s exactly what I saw. She’s pulling at her hair, rocking lightly back and forth, she’s losing mind.. I don’t blame her.

Zayn falls to his knees, knowing what is to come soon. Louis and I cross over to the opposite side of the kitchen, far away from the two of them. I love them both with all of my heart, they’re my family – but there are some things I just can’t save them from.

No matter how hard I want to, I know I’ll never have the courage to.



Sorry about any errors, and sorry it's short!! longer updates soon, the best parts are coming!! feedback please loves! ♥


I love it

@Allie Miller @Harry02
super sorry about just now replying to you guys! thank you for the love. I hope you like the new update ;)

brianna.smith brianna.smith

Oh my god, the new chapters are amazing! Thank you for updating :)

Harry02 Harry02

Awesome updates my love :) Can't wait to see what's to come. Keep up the great work girl

Allie Miller Allie Miller

Great new chapters! Can't wait to find out what's going to happen next :)

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