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Beating Heart

t h i r t e e n - lavender.

//you must trust and believe in people, or life becomes impossible//


My eyes stayed glued on Niall as I watch him put up a few more items of clothing in the closet, he said Perrie went and bought them for me this morning. I tried to protest, saying that I didn’t want her spending money on me, but he replied with the fact that Perrie is just such a sweet and kind hearted person, and she offered completely on her hand to this for me. So once I was told that, I greatly appreciated it.

“Knock, knock!” I hear that cheerful voice all of a sudden as the door opens, a bright smile on her face. I give her a few quick glances before I looking back at the bed, my items still all around me.

“Hi, princess!” She squeals happily as she skips over to me, her arms behind her back and that beaming grin on her flawless face. “Hey.” I mumble back with just a light smile, all I could ensemble right now.

“What are you doing in here, Perrie?” Niall says with a confused tone and a peep over his shoulder before he continues his work putting up the clothes. “I came to get my best friend, duh Niall! She doesn’t want to spend all of her time with you.” Perrie rolls her eyes with a cheeky smirk as she looks back at Niall. He just shakes his head with a chuckle leaving his mouth as he finally lets go of the curtain, it drapes back in front of the closet like it was before, just without all the dust.

“So how about a relaxing shower? I know your body must be aching from just sitting here. I have this divine lavender scented soap that just smooths skin and reduces tension.” Perrie says with a pleased groan, her eyes rolling back in her head as she speaks of her favorite body wash – honestly it does sound pretty nice.

“A shower sounds really good.” I admit as I start shoving my stuff back into my backpack, Perrie watching me as I do so. Niall comes up beside her and crosses his arms on his chest. “Let me guess, you’re going in there with her, aren’t you?” Niall says to Perrie, raising his eyebrows at her.

“Why of course I am.” Perrie replies with a sigh. “That sounds.. a little clingy, don’t you think?” He asks with a slight laugh. “Oh silly Niall, why do you think they make shower curtains? Besides, it’s a girl thing.” Perrie pats his shoulder a few times before grabbing his elbow. I’m shocked at her sudden strength as she starts to pull Niall towards the door. I can’t fully make out what he’s muttering to her as he gives her huff after heavy huff.

Perrie pushes Niall out of the room and slams the door in his face, and for one of the very first times in a long time, I let a laugh slip past my lips. “Men are so annoying.” Perrie mumbles as she makes her way back to the side of the bed. I only shrug, I don’t really know what she means by that – is she referring to all men, or just friends – either way I guess I wouldn’t really know.

“Oh, how could I forget!” Perrie slaps her hand against her forehead and lets out a grunt. I look up at her, just curious as to what she’s forgotten to mention to me. “I have someone for you to meet in a few minutes. She’ll help me get you ready for your bath. And remember honey, I’m not gay or anything..not that I have anything against gay people, I’m just saying… girls sitting in the bathroom while another is in the shower is just a girl thing. I’m sure you don’t really know much about that.. I mean, I’m sorry. I-” I cut off Perrie’s rambling with a laugh at her comment, she’s right on that one though.

“It’s okay. And I don’t really know.. too much about that stuff.” My voice is a tad soft, but it’s just something that happens sometimes I assume. “Well, I’m glad I’ll be the one to teach you!” She gives me a gesture of her hand, telling me to get off the bed. I do as she requests and let my feet hit the floor. A few shivers run up my shine, I don’t think I’ll ever get used to that feeling of the cold wood flooring against the bottom of my feet – I’ve never really had to deal with cold floors.

“Remember, when we leave this room.. don’t look down the hall either direction, just.. just look down.” Perrie says as she grabs my hand, her other hand turning the door knob. I give her an understanding nod and she lets out a sigh, a smile lightly on her face. The door opens and I feel the cool air hit my body, it’s even colder out there than in this room.

Perrie hurries me across the hallway to the already opened bathroom door. I gulp just slightly as she yanks me into the room and slams the door shut behind us. She locks it as she turns on her heel to face me. “This is Gemma, my lovely sister.” Perrie informs as she steps to the side, revealing a door to me. Just seconds after a girl with brunette hair steps out of it and gives me a smile.

“Not blood related though.” Gemma, who’s voice is accented like Perrie’s, laughs lightly. This was only my second time in the bathroom since my stay – I haven’t really eaten much so I have yet to need to go. The bathroom is on a larger scale than what I’m used to – a small room with the toilet in it is closed off by a door, there’s a closet also that holds towels and bottles of soaps and such. There is a double vanity on one wall, a big, deep bathtub and a glass door shower on the opposite wall.

Perrie catches my attention as she grabs my elbow, pulling me towards the sink. “How do you like your water, warm or cold?” Gemma asks as I watch her go to the bathtub and grab the knobs. “Um.. warm.” I mumble in reply. “I went out this morning and got a few more things for you. I hope you like the way lavender smells.” Perrie says with a smile as she grabs a plastic bag. I watch as she pulls out a bottle of shampoo and a bottle of conditioner, as well as liquid body wash, a pink toothbrush, and a few more things.

“We have more than one bathroom here. This one usually just used by me and Gem, so I bought you this-” Perrie grabs a purple basket off the counter, “for your stuff. We each have on and we just put them in the closet over there.” I nod to her, understanding the gist of the basket.

“Add more bubbles, Gemma.” Perrie sighs with an eye roll as she leaves me and goes to the tub. I hear Gemma respond with a laugh. I lean against the counter, I’m glad they are allowing me to freshen myself. Niall offered I think, but I guess at the time I wasn’t up for any movement at the time.

“Here you go, all done.” Gemma states as she gestures her hand towards the bathtub now full of water and bubbles. “We’ll be right outside if you need anything. I will get you some clothes too.” Perrie tells me as they head to the door. I gulp gently, not sure if I prefer to be alone in this place.

Before I know it the door shuts and I am left alone in the bathroom. Well might as well go ahead and take advantage of their kind offer. As I start to undress myself, I pick up on the sound of talking outside of the door. I can’t make any of it out, but I’m mostly positive that it’s Perrie and Gemma – but honestly, by the way things have been going lately there’s no telling.


“Poor thing.. she’s probably so sick of being locked up.” I mumble as I lean my head against the wall. Gemma and I are patiently waiting on Julianne outside of the bathroom door, both of us sitting on the floor – Gem across from me on the other wall.

“How long do you think.. she’ll have to be kept in there?” Gemma asks me curiously. Well, honestly none of us know that, but I assume I could make a guess. “At least two more weeks.” I sigh out with an eye roll, all of this is so stupid anyways. She has the right to freedom.

“If it wasn’t for the-” “Hello, ladies.” Gemma’s comment gets interrupted with the sound of a voice I adore with all of my heart. “Hey babe.” I say as he holds his hand down for me to grab. I gladly take it and he pulls me up, bringing me against his chest – those arms locking around my tight. “Haven’t seen you in hours, honey.” Zayn’s voice whispers against my forehead before he places a firm kiss on my temple.

“You’ve been so busy keeping up with his little pet.” He adds in a mumble, and a sigh of course. “Don’t say that, Zayn. She’s such a sweet girl.” Gemma says as she reaches her feet. I pull from his grip and lean against the wall, not in the mood anymore to be touched by him – he says things that go too far sometimes, and this is certainly one of those times for me.

“I just don’t understand why you and Niall are being forced to tend to her. She’s no priority of yours, anyways.” He rolls eyes at me, jealously kills his heart all the time. “Zayn, you know just like everyone else around here.. this is going to make him better, this will make us all better.” Gemma chimes in, she’s usually not the one to step up into conversations and state her opinions, but I know this time.. it’s very important to her.

“I don’t give a shit about this place. If I want to leave then I can, we all can. That’s a promise he made with us years ago. We’re only stuck in this boring hell hole because he fell in love!” Zayn’s voice erupts suddenly, echoing down the hallway in both directions.

“Shut the fuck up before he hears-” I was cut off by the sound of the sink water being shut on – which means Julianne is close enough to hear us now. “Just please.. be nice to her, Zayn.” Gemma whispers. Zayn being nice? Okay, let’s see if that’ll ever happen.


//so this chapter was reposted because I forgot the second part.. sigh. Anywhoo, thanks for the comments about the a/n - so glad to see you guys are patiently waiting on me! More tonight hopefully or tomorrow night!! ♥ leave feedback xx


Oh my god, the new chapters are amazing! Thank you for updating :)

Harry02 Harry02

Awesome updates my love :) Can't wait to see what's to come. Keep up the great work girl

Allie Miller Allie Miller

Great new chapters! Can't wait to find out what's going to happen next :)

Harry02 Harry02

I totally understand!!! Mine are older but dealing with what I am with Matthew is such a struggle..

Allie Miller Allie Miller

@Allie Miller
It’s a struggle lol xxxx

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