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Beating Heart

t w e l v e - glue.

//nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know//


As soon as I step into the kitchen I get bombarded with questions. Perrie and Louis’s voices are filling my mind and my thoughts are being interrupted, honestly not a surprise to me at all. “What did he say?” Perrie repeats for the third time as I lean against the island in the center of the room, leaving them both at the table with anxious faces.

“Was he mad?” Louis questions curiously, raising his eyebrows high. “He.. he hardly said anything.” I shrug with the roll of my eyes, they should know all of this by now – it’s the same routine. “I don’t understand why he won’t..” Perrie stops herself, most likely already assuming the answer to that unfinished thought of hers.

“All he said was.. is she okay? And I said as far as I know, yeah. I haven’t been in there yet, though. Louis went in there this morning while the rest of us were gone.” I inform them with the information they’re craving. “Was he upset about Louis going in?” Perrie asks in a softer voice, I bet she just realized she needed to shut her mouth or either quiet her voice – this house is very quiet, and trust me when I say he can hear you. It doesn’t necessarily mean he cares to know what you’re talking about, but like the rest of us.. he can hear it all.

“He said, you’ve fucked up my orders again. But I told him that you were the only one here and she was calling for me. I guess when he thought about her.. he just.. understood your reasoning. He’s not mad at you though.” I say, the last thing we need is for another person to get slaughtered in our lives – I’m sick of losing people we all love.

“What about the girls? How.. how are you going to.. introduce them to Julianne?” Louis asks with a confused look, those plans still aren’t completely made up. Everything was thrown on me and Perrie, however even though it was just tossed in our hands we still have a set of rules we must follow, and so far we’re doing pretty well, in my opinion.

“Not sure.. exactly.” I shrug at them as I lean off the island and start towards the hallway, I have someone to check on. Hopefully she isn’t mad at me for bailing on her this morning, but certain things really have to be taken care of firsthand, she’ll understand one day. I’m not sure when, I hope soon though, but all I know is she’ll get it all of this one day..

I let out a nervous breath as I reach the bedroom door. A gulp slides down my throat as I tap knuckles against the door a few times, adding a tad bit of force behind them so they make a noise. My hand wraps around the knob and I turn it, pushing the door open slowly.

When the crack is a few inches wide, I look into the room to see that Julianne is sitting on the bed with her backpack in front of her, things spread all over the bed around her. When I got her belongings settled into the room I only glanced in the bag, I didn’t intend to be nosy – all I saw was personal items, a journal, and a book or two. Nothing too extreme, well at least not in my eyes.

We all have those special things – gifts from dead parents or family members, little items from lost loves and friends, knickknacks that seem worthless in someone else’s eyes but ever so special in our own. I don’t judge the girl, because I won’t ever know her like someone else might one day – I don’t know what those things mean to her.

“Julianne?” I say as I step into the room, quickly latching the door behind me. We’d hate for her to see something she definitely doesn’t need to lay her beautiful, innocent eyes on. Her head shoots up and she slams the book closed that was sitting in her lap. I hear her gulp loudly as she tries to act normal about all of this, like I saw nothing.

“I heard you called for me this morning?” I state with a light smile as I start the distance across the room, my footsteps slowly dragging along. “Yeah.” She mumbles a reply, her eyes going back to the book in her hand. “Sorry I wasn’t here.. had a few errands.” I tell her, it wasn’t really an errand, but for now that’s all she needs to know. She gives me a soft nod as I reach the foot of the bed.

“Is that.. your mother?” My voice is almost a whisper, I’m only trying to be gentle with her. She can’t trust a lot of people, and I know she’s sensitive – or at least those are things I’ve been told about her. “Yeah.” Julianne says lightly, her eyes glancing up to mine. “I’m sorry about your loss.” I give her my condolence. The room grows silent on me, she doesn’t make a sound.

I bite my lip just slightly, sensing what her reaction is going to be. Julianne raises her head, her glossy eyes look into mine, I notice the semi died tear streams on her flustered cheeks. “How.. did you know.. she was.. dead?” Julianne’s voice is flat and straightforward – despite her seriousness, a look of confusion and a tad bit of horror was smeared on her face. I let out a faint sigh, the less she knows the better.

“Louis.. told me.” I bluntly say – the lie made my heart ache for this girl, she’s been abused her whole life and she doesn’t deserve to be lied to anymore, or to be tortured – but I also know it’s best for now if she just stay in this room and trust what we say. Just for now. But once again, she doesn’t need to know everything, and how I knew that is one of those things..

* * *


“What! Are you kidding me?” I whisper at Louis, I honestly can’t believe this is happening right now. “I’m serious, Niall hasn’t even offered her a shower. I’m not saying she smells bad, I’m just assuming girls like to be clean.” Louis laughs a little as he stands from the couch and steps into the kitchen, most likely to refill his cup of water.

“Especially girls who’ve scurried through the mucky forest and got caught up in a nasty storm.” Gemma’s voice caught my attention. I dart my head up, my eyes landing on her as she rests in the door frame of the living room.

I give her a smile, I haven’t seen her since the night Julianne got here – at first she wasn’t completely up for it, but I guess we all had to learn to adjust to it. What the alpha says goes, and none of us certainly can’t change that law.

“Well, hello there stranger.” I give her a sly smirk as I stand, perhaps she could assist me this situation Niall can’t really handle. She rolls her eyes and leans off the frame as I approach her. “I knew you’d come around.” I mumble to her, taking her hand and giving it a good squeeze. “I never said I hated the girl, like others did.” She mutters back, just a light smile on her face.

“But you said you didn’t want anything to do with her.” I remind her, cocking an eyebrow at her. Gemma sighs at me, her eyes meeting mine again, finally off the floor. “Until I realized.. her worth.. and I highly feel like she’ll change things around here, fix it all.” Her voice is soft as she responds to me – Gemma’s not the one to cause a huge trouble, so a few days ago when she claimed she wasn’t fooling with Julianne, we all sort of just got knocked off the road a tad.

“She’s the one.” Louis’s voice calls from the kitchen. Gemma closes her eyes at his words, tightly sealing them as gives an indirect nod as a reply to Louis’s statement. I believe he’s quite right this time, he usually doesn’t do anything right but this time he’s definitely correct on his assumption. “I just want this family to be.. complete again. Happy.. like we used to be.” Gemma says in a cracked voice, her head dropping just as her eyes opened.

“Julianne is the glue we’ve needed for a long time now, you can’t dodge fate. I’m sure we are the main example of that.” Louis stops beside Gemma, his eyes glancing to mine as he tells us his opinion – in my mind it’s a damn fact though. He passes us, giving me one last hopeful smile before going back to the couch with his full glass of water.

“How about you come with me. She needs girl time.” I insist as I pull her by her hand, starting our journey down the darkening hallway. The further you look, the harder it is to make things out.

“Wait, Perrie. What if she doesn’t like me?” Gemma whines in a soft voice, almost a whisper. I huff at her question, why does she worry about these sort of things. “I promise you she’s so kind hearted and innocent.. she’ll enjoy any company she can get.” I assure her with a smile and a tug of her hand. To my surprise, Gemma doesn’t protest anymore and she gladly follows behind me.

We only have a few days to get everything going well, we have a deadline set and if we don’t meet it then he’ll definitely be upset – and trust me when I say none of us want that at all.


//so I'm introducing yet another character.. (don't be shocked, they'll all be coming around quickly! Well.. most of them just a few won't) Please leave some feedback on what you think! Get ready for big chapters to come soon :):):):) I'm working on longer chapters as well, more content but of course (if you know me these next few words are no surprise) more CLIFFHANGERS!! ♥♥♥♥

UPDATES SOON MY LOVES!! **also I'm going to start placing the chapter descriptions at the top of the chapters just incase!!**


I love it

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super sorry about just now replying to you guys! thank you for the love. I hope you like the new update ;)

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Great new chapters! Can't wait to find out what's going to happen next :)

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