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One Direction Wedgie Nightmare

Fight 1

Zayn and Siva were first up.

Stripped into their briefs they don't looked extremely nervous.
Zayn teased his abs, he was clearly well toned but not to the level of Siva.
The height difference didn't help Zayns cause either.
"It was typical to pair the Asians together" Zayn sniggered.

"Guys no frontal wedgies" Nathan added as a last rule before blowing his whistle. The sound rang in Zayns eye and before he knew it Siva had lifted him over his shoulder.

"Grab them Zayn!" Harry shouted and he did.
He reached his arms over and latched on to the briefs and yanked.
Siva cried as he butt was exposed.
He immediately dropped him, causing Zayn to lose grip of the underwear.

"Your in for it now Malik."
Siva lifted Zayne up once again and pushed him down on the cold hard floor, and sat firmly on his back.
Zayn was trapped, he knew what was coming.
He screamed murder as his briefs shot up his but hole.
His legs kicking violently in the air.
It was no use.
A tear formed in Zayns eye. He had never gotten a wedgie like this before. Ever since he started school he was always the giver.
It was like some kind of revenge.
Siva kept pulling, high and high, hard and hard until the briefs tore completely off.

Siva won. The boys sighed.


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