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One Direction Wedgie Nightmare

Fight 2 and 3

Liam and Max were next.
The pressure was on Liam now to win.

Max was one of the strongest and toughest.
He wasn't going to go easy on Liam.
The whistle blew.
Somehow Liam's speed managed to grab him into a headlock.
He delivered and sharp noggie to Max's bald head and laughed.
He could actually win this.

Max grunted and broke free, clenching his aching skull.
He pushed Liam down to the floor and tried to grab his briefs, but failed as Liam jumped back up and wrapped his arms around Max grabbing onto this waistband and pulling hard.
Max cried, and the briefs ripped up his ass. They began to tear at the seams.
Max broke free once again. Getting nervous Liam turned to run. But he couldn't as his briefs pulled him back and up in the air.

Feet dangling, he bounced up and down.
Sitting further and further into his underwear with each bounce.
He cried louder and louder.
His balls blazing.
Max laughed. It felt like hours to Liam, constant bouncing.
"Just rip already!" Liam thought.
And they did, as Liam fell tumbling to the floor, grabbing his balls in agony.

Another win for The Wanted.
They were all in hysterics.
"Just give up already, and accept defeat!"

"Right whose next?" Harry said.
They were fighting on.

Louis and Jay were next up.
After that wedgie Louis gave him, he's bound to want revenge.

The whistle blew.
They ran at each other.
Both of there hands were around each other, trying to get at each others waistband.
Louis was charged with competitive spirit, he needed to win.
Back and forth they pushed each other. Until a final push from Jay got Louis on the ground.
Jay felt something welling up inside of him. He grinned, as he remembered something someone did to him in school.
He sat down on Louis face.
He screamed, as his weight crushed him.
"Brace yourself my friend"
Jay farted onto Louis's face.
"I hope you like the taste, I had Mexican for lunch!"
Warm and wet, Louis gagged. His eyes watered as he felt he was going to throw up.
The rest of the wanted laughed.
"Good one jay, now finish him!"

Anger fuelled inside of Louis, with a might push he got back on his feet throwing Jay off his face.
He grabbed hold of his waistband and turned him around.
"Now Jay, how about I make this one atomic hey? I didn't quite get there with the last one!"
"No please" he begged but it was too late.
Louis pulled Jay onto his tiptoes.
Jay screamed. The pain in his butt was intense. It burned.
This was far worse then the last wedgie he suffered from Louis.
His hairy ass was left exposed, as Louis gave it a smack.
He kept pulling. Jay was at the mercy of a wedgie.
He grunted as the underwear reached the back of his neck when his underwear ripped and Louis pulled the waistband over his head.

He had won. The boys cheered, hugging each other and Louis in victory.
"God that was awful" Louis grabbed his nose still suffering from the smell.
"I think you need to visit a doctor jay!"
The boys laughed
But it was not over yet.


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