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One Direction Wedgie Nightmare

The Meeting of the Fight

Sat in the car, Harry realised what he just signed everyone up for, public humiliation.
"Why on earth did you say that for?!" Zayne shouted, "if we lose were goners"
"We won't lose don't worry!"
"And how do you know that?" Niall inquired
"I just know" Harry said under his breath in an unconvincing tone.

A ring at the hotel door.
They boys looked at each other in caution as they approached it. Louis was the one who swung to door open to find 5 pairs of white briefs laid out down the corridor, one for each of them, with their names written on the waistbands.
The boys gulped as they picked up their pair.
"Do they expect us to wear these?!" Louis shouted, picking up the note that accompanied them reading:

3pm. Wear these. Be there. Followed by an address.


They had arrived at the remote location they were instructed to go to.
From the outside it appeared to be some kind of warehouse.
Doors rusted, with the white paint peeling off the sides.

"Welcome..." A voice from behind them made the boys jump.
It was the wanted.
"I guess we better get started then" Nathan said pulling his keys from out of his pocket.
An awkward silence hung in the air.

The inside was poorly lit. Old machinery parts were scattered about, as the ceiling dripped what everyone hoped was water.
"What is this place anyway?" Harry asked.
"Just a little escape house we like to keep, being this famous can be hard sometimes." Jay was never short on cocky remarks.

"So this is how it's gonna work, there's 5 of us and 5 of you, we're gonna pair up and wrestle our opponent, the person to rip the others underwear first wins." Siva announced.
The boys nodded in approval.
"Don't worry we're wearing the same briefs too" Jay pulled his pants down.
Louis sniggered.
" Louis your with me, Zayne your with Siva, Tom with Niall, Harry with Nathan and Liam with Max. The team with the most wins, wins over all. Is that alright with everyone?"
Everyone nodded.
"Are we gonna do this with clothes on?" Zayne asked.
" nope, just to make it more humiliating when I spank your bare ass!"
Zayne made a fist, but Niall quickly held him back.
"That's fine by us."

"Right then, it's wedgie time!"


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