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One Direction Wedgie Nightmare

The Start of the War

The boys settled down on the glossy red sofa, where they waited to be briefed by their personal relations adviser on what to say about the other days incidents.

They watched the camera crew set up. They were all nervous, they had no idea what they were going to say.
There adviser finally arrived.
"Keep it real" was his main words of advice.
"When the subject is brought up apologise and respond with sympathy, the last thing we want is people coping yesterday's shambles."
They boys were quiet and they all just nodded.

The interviewer sat down. A young lady in her mid 20s going by the name of Liz Hernandez.
She smiled, the camera rolled and the interview began.

"We are joined today by the worlds biggest boy band One direction to discuss thier latest ongoings,
How are you today boys?"

They looked around at each other, it was Harry that spoke first, " Were very well thank you."

"So I'm gonna ask this bluntly, what were you thinking?" It was clear what she was referring to.

Niall spoke "to be honest with you, we really don't know, things just got out of hand and were sorry."

"What kind of example do you feel you have now set for your fans?

Zayne then spoke " at the end of the day were teenage boys trying to find our footing. We're going to make mistakes, were going to go crazy every now and again. We're not trying to set a bad example as it might seem. We just made a mistake."

She nodded in agreement.
"Now twitter has gone mad in response, were gonna put forward some of their questions now."

"@1dxx asks Niall: "how was the wedgie?"
Everyone laughed.

"You try hanging in a thong for half an hour." He said. "It was painful and embarrassing obviously, I've had my fair share of wedgies back in Ireland but nothing like that"

"@mrsmalik asks Zayne: what's the worst wedgie you have got?"

"Ooo well, when I was about 13 I got a pretty bad wedgie from a guy at school, he lifted me in the air for a good 30 seconds! That was the last time I wore briefs in PE!"

The interview quickly ended with a good chuckle. They said they got all they needed for the broadcast. The boys were relax now they had said their piece.
They travelled through the corridors to where their car was waiting when they bumped into some familiar faces. The wanted.
It's safe to say the wanted are One directions biggest competition, constantly battling for the top spot in the charts.

"We'll if it isn't one diwedgie!" Nathan smirked. Their trash talk was cringe worthy.
The boys stayed silent.
"What's the matter guys? Underwear up your butt again?"
Jay mocked.

"Alright enough!" Liam boomed. "Just leave us alone alright?"
Liam pushed him, toppling him backwards onto his back.
Picking himself up, the back of his waistband caught Louis's eye he grabbed hold of it and pulled.
Jay screamed, the pain shot up his butt hole. Jay grabbed hold of his balls, as Louis kept yanking, the seams of the fabric began to tear. Jays face squirmed.
"Guys Enough!" Harry shouted.
Louis let go of the underwear, which snapped against jays back.
"We need to settle this once and for all."
"What do you propose?" Max inquired.
"Wedgie war"
Everyone cringed.
The losers get hanging wedgies in front of the press, while admitting that the other band is better.
Even in Harry's head it sounded crazy and down right stupid, but he held his ground.
"Fine" Max said. Grabbing hold of Harry's hand and shaking it.
"Your on"


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