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Lesbian ♤ Tomlinson


"You know I'm lesbian,right?"

"You know I can change that,right?"

"Highly doubt it"

"Wanna bet?"

"No because I know you'll lose"

"It's on, baby girl ;)"

-in which a boy falls in love with a lesbian

He pecked my lips,then the corner of my mouth,then my cheek,then my jaw and trailed kisses down my neck,looking for my sweet spot.He soon found it and began sucking,causing me to moan loudly.I felt him smiling against my skin.
"Violette"I moaned
"Ha,I bet Violette never maked you moan like that.And this is just the start"he smirked
"Nu-uh"I said placing my head against a he mattress,relaxing my body as Louis started to go down.

WARNING♤ this story contains profanity/cursing,alcohol and drug abuse,and sexual situations.

authors note:this story is 100%mine,I didn't copied or stole no content off any one.©copyright. (I didn't came up with the original idea,though)

Thanks a lot for this awesome cover Brianna!all rights reserved©


Blake Caulfield

Blake Caulfield

.22.Born and raised by homophobic parents.Blake's life was not easy when she told her mother she wasn't into boys

Jack Gilinsky

Jack Gilinsky

.21.A mama's boy from Nebraska,who's madly in love with Blake.

Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson

.24.A sweet British guy that can put a smile across your face everyday

Violette Price

Violette Price

.21.Blake's green eyed soul mate whom sometimes spoils everything for Blake with her sarcastic,stubborn, & weird personality



Yay diversity!

But great! We always ship male band members in fan fiction but never have lesbians or bi chicks!

lol!that's crazy asf

lela lela

This is crazy because I actually had a Harry concept involving a lesbian, Christofer Drew Ingle, and the lesbian's girlfriend (only it would've been horrifically dark lol)

thanks Brianna.And sure I'll read it,any time!-J.D

lela lela