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Tattooed Memories *n.h.*

Chapter 12: Finally.


The dress shop that Perrie picked was across town. It was a cute little shop but just with a first glance, I could tell all the dresses were expensive.

"Hello ladies," A woman said with a soft smile as she approached up. "Do you need help finding anything or just looking?"

"Um.. I've never done this before. But I am looking for a dress for a fancy event and I don't know where to start," I admitted as I looked at the racks and racks of different textures of fabrics.

"And that's okay. I'm here for your convenience and to help you with anything you need," She replied. "I'm Destiny, by the way."

"Rose," I said as I shook her hand before Perrie introduced herself.

"Any certain color you are leaning towards?" Destiny asked as she led us further into the store. "Red, purple, blue, green, yellow, pink?"

"I'm not that picky. I just don't like yellow or orange." I answered as I started to look through the racks.

Two hours later, I had tried on a bunch of dresses and was on the last one. It was a black mermaid style dress that had lace on the top layer.

Destiny held the train and helped me over to the spot in front of the mirror. I could see Perrie grinning behind me.

"This is the one. It fits you perfectly and Niall would love you in it," She said happily as I examined myself in the mirror.

"I absolutely love it." I said quietly as I brushed my hands down the fabric. "It's sexy and modest at the same time. And I feel great in it."

"I agree. It's like it was made for you," Destiny chimed in from beside me. I nodded.

"I'll take it," I told her with a smile, making Perrie squeal in happiness. Destiny took me back into the dressing room to help me out of the dress before walking out with it while I changed into my normal clothes.

I had gotten out of the dressing room to see Perrie at the register paying for the dress. I frowned.

"What do you think you're doing?" I asked her and crossed my arms across my chest. She just shrugged innocently.

"Paying for your dress with Niall's credit card," She said, acting like it wasn't a big deal.

"And why in the hell do you have Niall's card?" I asked with a raised eyebrow. Destiny was just watching us in amusement while she put my dress into a special bag.

"Because he told me to buy your things for the gala with it." She answered before I was handed the dress.

"Well I'm gonna need to have a talk with him later," I said. We thanked Destiny before going out to the car.

I opened the front door of Niall apartment to hear a guitar playing and soft singing. I couldn't help but smile as I followed the sound into the living room. His back was to me as he sat on the couch with the guitar rested in his lap.

I quietly went up and climbed onto the couch behind him. I rested on my knees and wrapped my arms loosely around his neck. His moving lips went into a small grin when he noticed me, but that didn't stop him from singing to the tune he strummed.

"What were you singing?" I asked him when he was done. He shrugged with a grin still on his lips as he turned his head to look at me.

"Something I've been working on," He answered before placing his guitar back in the stand in front of him.

"So. I need to speak with you about something," I told him as I moved over to sit next to him. He turned so he was facing me. His black rimmed glasses rested on his nose, and his blue eyes were piercing through the lens.

"And what would that be, babe?" He asked with his head cocked to the side as he watched me.

"Why would you give Perrie your credit card to pay for my dress for your father's gala?" I asked him as I played with the bracelet on my wrist.

"Because. You deserve someone to take care of you, love." He said softly. "You've always taken care of yourself and I've never had someone else to care for."

I rolled my eyes. "I am extremely able to take care of myself Ni. You don't need to worry about me." I told him. He shook his head.

"You may be able to. But I don't want you to," He said before he pulled me into his lap. "Part of what I'm here for is to take care of you."

"We aren't even official Niall." I said quietly in annoyance as I looked down at my hands that sat in my lap.

He sighed and wrapped his arms around my waist before resting his chin on my shoulder. "I was gonna wait till the gala to ask you," he mumbled before lightly placing his lips to my cheek. "But you just had to ruin it."

I knew he was joking but I still didn't smile or laugh. "It doesn't matter if I ruined it or not. We still aren't official for you to take care of me over everything."

"Fine." He said and gently turned my face for me to look at him. "Will you be mine, Rose?"

"You can't just ask me like that Niall," I said lightly with a pout. "I want it to be special."

"What do you want me to do? Propose?" He teased lightly and placed soft kisses along my neck. I laughed lightly since it tickled just a bit.

"That would be appreciated," I joked, going along with him. His hands that were around my waist went under my shirt and to the top of my shorts.

"I can for something way better than propose, babe," He said cheekily. I could feel him grin against my neck. I stopped before his hands went any further into my bottoms.

"In your dreams, Horan." I replied and climbed out of his lap. He still had the stupid grin on his lips.

"Which will one day be reality," He teased, making me shake my head at him.

"After that comment, you'd be lucky if I even let you go that far," I warned. He pulled me back into his lap by my waist.

"But seriously. Will you please be mine?" He asked softly. "Cause I can't stand thinking about someone else being able to have you."

"I would love to, Ni." I answered with a small smile. He gave one back before pulling me into a kiss.

"Finally," He mumbled happily against my lips.


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE UPDATE SOON. You have me hooked. I love it.

Madi_Horan14 Madi_Horan14

You fucking better! I'm obsessed! Addicted! Dont stop!

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I'm reading :) And yes you should!

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Still waiting.....

Ayat Ayat

I'm loving this already! I have voted and subscribed, please update soon :) x