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Tattooed Memories *n.h.*

Chapter 13: Gala


I looked in the mirror as I smoothed the lace down on the dress. Hopefully Niall likes it. He probably will since he always says that he likes everything I wear.

"Are you ready love?" I heard Niall call from the bottom of the stairs. "We need to be there in 15 minutes."

I sighed before I walked out of the room and started down the stairs. I had to lift the bottom of the dress up a bit so I wouldn't trip and fall. At the last second, I looked up to see Niall's face. By the looks of it, I picked the right dress for the occasion.

He wore a button down dress shirt with a pair of black trousers. The sleeves were pulled back to his elbows to show off his inked skin, like usual. "Wow.. You look absolutely gorgeous," He said softly as his eyes looked over my outfit.

"Well you look extremely handsome," I complimented back as I took the last step and was finally standing right in front of him. He grinned and pressed a soft kiss to my lips.

"Let's get going so we can leave as soon as possible," He replied and slipped his hand into mine, before leading me out to his car. He held the passenger door opened and helped me in before going over to the driver's side.

"I'm guessing you really don't like these kinds of events?" I asked curiously as he drove to wherever the gala was being held at.

He sighed. "Not really. I hate how they all gush over my father and think he's the most amazing guy in the world," He mumbled as he focused his eyes on the road in front of us. "When they don't even know how he tore apart our family with that fiancee of his."

I bit my lip as I listened to the words he spoke. "Well how about this time you try to enjoy it," I suggested once he was done talking. "If it upsets you that bad, try to stay away from your father as much as possible. And we can leave whenever you want."

I saw as the corners of his lips twitched up a bit. "You have no idea how happy you make me," He whispered softly and took a quick glance over at me before back at the road ahead.

"Enlighten me, Horan." I teased as I lightly placed my hand on his thigh. He just grinned lightly before taking my hand in his. Then brought it up to his lips to press a soft kiss to the back of it.

"Well for one. Before you came into my life, I was never this happy. I was always in a pissed off mood and just a dick to everyone." He explained. "And now if something irritates me, all I gotta do is think of that beautiful face of yours and it takes all the anger away. Almost instantly."

"Aww," I cooed before lightly pinching his cheek,teasingly. "So THE Niall Horan has a soft spot after all. And it's all because of me?"

His lips went into a pout as he quickly glanced over at me. "Stop," He whined. "You're lucky there's no one else around or I'd be a bit annoyed of you doing that to me. The lads already think I'm not tough anymore cause of you. If they would've seen that then the teasing would never end."

He pulled into the driveway of what I assumed to be his father's house. It wasn't really a normal house though, more like a mansion.

As I was admiring it, my door opened to reveal a young gentleman in a tux. "Welcome," He said as he held out his hand, which I took. Then stepped out of the car.

"Thank you," I said with a small smile and watched Niall walk over from the other side of the car. He handed the man the car keys before he held his arm out to me.

"Make sure you keep the car as close as possible, Mark." Niall told him. "I'm probably not gonna stay very long." Without saying anything else, he led me up the stairs to the double doors.

"You could've at least said please or thank you," I scolded him softly as I held onto his arm as we walked. My other hand held my clutch and part of my dress so I wouldn't trip on it.

He sighed. "You're right. I should've," He said as another man opened the front doors to reveal the inside of the house. People stood around in their fancy clothes, drinking wine while they chatted with one another. "I didn't really think of it since I'm really nervous and really don't wanna be here."

"Well I'm right here, love." I told him and gently squeezed his arm. "And whenever you wanna leave, we can. I'm leaving it all up to you."

He gave a small smile before placing a soft kiss to my cheek. "You're the best," He said. "Now let's get this done and over with. Then we can go back to my place. I'm curious to see what you got under that dress."

I couldn't help but smile when the nervousness disappeared and the cheeky Irish boy that I liked so much came back. "Well I might just show you," I teased lightly, causing him to grin.

Not even seconds later, a brunette came rushing over to give Niall a hug. "It's so good to see you!" She said happily. "I'm glad you decided to show up. And I'm sure your father will be too once he sees you."

Niall glanced over at me, looking a bit uncomfortable. "It's nice to see you too, Olivia." He replied in a monotone voice. She pulled away and looked at me.

"Who's this?" She asked with her eyes still on me. Her dark lips turned up into a smile. "I'm Olivia. His father's fiancee." My eyed widened at her words. She was young. Probably a few years older than Niall. (I picture her played by Olivia Culpo.)

"I'm Rose." I said and put on a polite smile. "Niall's girlfriend." Olivia's smile widened.

"It's so nice to meet you!" She said and pulled me into a hug. My nose filled with what smelt like a really expensive perfume. "He never said anything about having a girlfriend. Not that I'm complaining cause he's never brought a girl around us. And might I say you are absolutely gorgeous!"

"Thank you. You look amazing as well," I complimented back and glanced over at my boyfriend. He just watched us, looking slightly amused at our interaction.

Someone cleared their throat behind me. "Niall."


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE UPDATE SOON. You have me hooked. I love it.

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You fucking better! I'm obsessed! Addicted! Dont stop!

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I'm reading :) And yes you should!

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Ayat Ayat

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