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Tattooed Memories *n.h.*

Chapter 11: Feelings

-Niall's POV-

It's been about three weeks since I took Rose out on our first date and things have been going great. We spend almost every day together, doing couples things. Which is not what I'm used to. But that doesn't mean I'm not happy.

I don't need all the one nights stands with girls I didn't know very well. It's not healthy and I just got tired of it after a while. And Rose is the main reason why I don't need that lifestyle anymore. She fills the emptiness that I had before we got together.

I was currently making my way up the steps to Rose's dorm to ask her something. I had texted her letting her know ahead of time that I was stopping by. I raised up my hand and used my knuckles to knock on the door.

She opened the door a few seconds later, dressed in nothing but one of my shirts she had stole and a pair of really short shorts.

I couldn't help but grin as I looked her over before walking inside. "Well don't you look gorgeous," I said and pulled her to my chest. "Like always."

Her cheeks turn a bit pink as she blushed. "What was the reason you came here for?" She asked before she placed a kiss to my cheek and sat down on her bed.

"Does there have to be a reason for me to come see you?" I asked as I watched her. She shook her head in response. "Well I did come here to ask you if you'd like to attend my father's gala party with me as well as me just wanting to see your beautiful face."

Her eyes widened slightly at my request. "Like.. meet your dad?" She asked quietly. "I don't know Ni.. I don't think he will like me very much."

"I'm sure he would. Especially since you aren't just a short, temporary thing," I told her with a small smile and sat down next to her before pulling her into my chest. "He hated the girls that I used to hook up with to his events. So when he finds out that we are really together, he will like you. I'm sure of it."

I could feel her sigh against me as she buried her face into my neck. "Just go out later with Perrie and look for a dress." I said softly. "Please. I won't enjoy it unless you were there.."

"Fine." She mumbled, making me grin. "But only because you want me there. And just be prepared for me making a fool of myself and embarrassing you." I chuckled lightly at her words.

"You would never embarrass me love."I told her and kissed her head. "Now come on. Let's cuddle for a bit before I send you off dress shopping with Perrie."

I gently picked her up in my arms before moving her to the top of the bed so she would lay her head on the pillow. I stripped off my shirt so all that I had on was my shorts and laid down next to her. She put her head on my chest and draped her leg over mine. I wrapped my arm tightly around her waist.

This was one of my favorite things, cuddling with Rose. It was relaxing and soothing. It made me feel like I didn't have to worry about anything else in the world. It's one of those things that when I'm mad, will calm me right away.

Before when I would only do things that were temporary, I would have never cuddled with a girl. We would just hook up and then I would leave afterwards. So this was different I felt something more towards this girl and loved how I could show it to her by many other ways besides just shagging.

"So how was your day while I was at practice?" I asked softly as i reached up to run her fingers through her soft hair. She hummed in response.

"It was boring. I didn't have anyone to mess with since Perrie was at work." She said with a small smile on her lips. I chuckled.

"Well I'm sorry you were bored and I wasn't here so that you could just make fun of me all day," I teased, making her giggle against my chest.

We sat and talked for a while until she drifted asleep. I admired her beauty for a bit. How beautiful she was even without makeup. How her freckles were scattered across her cheeks. How long her eyelashes were. I slowly started to fall asleep as my head sunk further back into the pillow.

I woke up a bit later with Rose still laying on my chest. I rubbed the sleepiness from my eyes before looking around the room.

Perrie sat on her own bed with textbooks sprawled out in front of her. She focused on something in one of them before glancing over at me.

"Well one of you is finally up now." She teased lightly. "It's four in the afternoon." I ran my fingers through my hair with a sigh.

"I didn't even expect to fall asleep, I just did since I was so relaxed," I explained. "But I was hoping you could take Rose out dress shopping whenever she wakes up."

Perrie's eyes widened. "You did not propose already did you?!" She asked in shock, making me laugh quietly.

"No I didn't propose. I am taking her to my father's gala next week," I told her. "A proposal is probably far down the road. I haven't even told her I loved her yet."

"Wait.. You love her?" She asked. I felt my cheeks get a bit red as I glanced down at Rose, who still had her face buried into my chest.

"Of course I do." I replied. "How can't I? She has turned me into a better person these past few months and makes me feel things I've never felt with anyone else.. I just don't know if I should tell her or just wait."

"Aw. That's so sweet, Ni." Perrie said softly with a smile. "And I would love to take her dress shopping since it's what I'm good at."

"Great. And you can take my credit card so she can get whatever she wants. I don't care about the price." I told her.

"I wish Zayn was like that for me," She pouted. "He always complains about the price of the things that I want."

I looked down at the same moment that Rose stirred awake. "Hey gorgeous," I said softly and gently kissed her forehead. She hummed in response before looking up at me. "Perrie said she will help you go find a dress."

She sat up slowly and stretched out before she pushed her hair out of her face. "So go get dressed and we can go," Perrie told her with a small smile.

Rose stood up and went to her closet before pulling out something to wear. Then went to change in the bathroom. While she did that, I slipped on my shirt. By the time she came out all dressed, I had already gave Perrie my credit card without her knowing.

"I'll see you later baby." I said softly and pecked her lips. "You can come over to my apartment when you two are done shopping."

She nodded before telling me bye and I left. I decided to go hang out with the lads.



PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE UPDATE SOON. You have me hooked. I love it.

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You fucking better! I'm obsessed! Addicted! Dont stop!

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I'm reading :) And yes you should!

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Still waiting.....

Ayat Ayat

I'm loving this already! I have voted and subscribed, please update soon :) x