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Arranged Marriage

❤ Chapter One ❤

My red bottom heels clicked along the marble floor as I neared the ringing phone. I picked it up and sat on the lavishly upholstered stool beside it.

“Hello, this is Porsha speaking, how may I help you?” I have been taught from a young age to answer the house phone formally, because you never know who could be calling.

“Hello darling, Happy Birthday Dear” My grandmothers overly posh voice chirped down the receiver.

“Thank you grandma, As soon as Mum and Dad are ready, we will be over” I reply. We always go to my grandmother’s house on someone’s birthday, it’s a tradition. And since today is my 18th birthday, Grandmother had a few surprises for me. Naturally, I was up and dressed super early, excited to be handed over the family business. It wasn’t a surprise to be honest with you, I knew exactly what was going to happen. I was going to sign the right papers and be deemed CEO of the fashion company called Grace. Grace was my Grandmothers maiden name, she set up the company when she was young and now it is one of the most famous names in fashion. It got handed down to my mother and now will be given to me. If I have a daughter, she will get the company when she comes of age too. My mother and father were both so nervous today and I don’t know why, I have a business mind and I’m so ready for this job.

“Good, I can’t wait for you to hear about your surprises dear, I have to run, love you loads, bye” she quickly said before and hung up before I could question the plural. She said ‘surprises’. Was there really anther thing I would be informed about today?

My hips held a natural sway as I made my way back to my mother and fathers room. I was wearing a fitted nude dress that came just above my mid-thigh and some cute Christian Louboutin heels. Louboutin was my favourite thing to spend my money on, so I paired my outfit with a black bag to match the shoes. I knock delicately on my parents’ bedroom door and await their response. After a few seconds my mother comes rushing out slipping her bag on her shoulder.

“We’re ready, we’re ready” she said, clearly in a rush. I laughed at her and flattened some stray hairs. “Thank you” she sighed still darting about.

“Ready?” my dad said, stepping out of his room to which I squealed and we all made our way
down stairs.

We pull up outside my grandparent’s house and see an excited grandmother waiting at the door with her arms open. I run in for a hug and enter her large house.

“Happy 18th birthday my most beautiful granddaughter” she said sweetly.

“I’m your only granddaughter” I said with a giggle

“That makes you all the more special” she said, squeezing my cheek. I smiled and waited for her to break the news “Someone look like she’s ready for surprise number 1” I continues

“I am!” I squeal. Trying to ignore the fact that she just implied that there was more than one.

“Porsha Rose Bennet, would you do the honour of taking over the family business from your
mother?” she rolled her eyes, clearly aware that I already knew what her present was.

“Yesss” I dragged out the acceptance and engulfed her in my embrace.

“Very well” her posh voice spoke into my ear. We went into the dining room and signed all the necessary papers. I was officially a business woman. It was quite empowering to own an empire at my age but I was definitely up to the challenge. My grandfather came downstairs soon after and congratulated me. We all sat and ate lunch together and had some quality family time. You always hear people say that rich kids aren’t happy because their families are never around, but mine where. I always got to spend time with my parents and am very open with them. Whenever my Mum and Dad weren’t around, my grandma and grandpa were there to look after me, never a random baby sitter.

About an hour has passed and the doorbell rings. My grandmother insists on going to get it.

“Looks like your other surprise is here” she said excitedly as she left the Dining room. When she came back, she stood in the doorframe with the figure stood behind her. I could only see a silhouette, no features. But from what I can see the person is very tall.

“Porsha, I have waved my magic wand and granted you an arranged marriage.” My jaw dropped. what?


Hello to people reading this, I hope you enjoyed the first chapter, this one is short but all the others will average on about 1000 words.
if you like this story so far, please do rate and subscribe, it encourages me to write.

Lots of love as always HB xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


please update

xo_caitlin_xo xo_caitlin_xo

thank you both <3

@Allie Miller
and yes I know, its actually my pet peeve when reading stories but I wrote this one in word and pasted it in and all my spacing was gone, I was in a rush s I never fixed. I know its super annoying though <3

HazzaBear1234 HazzaBear1234

Great update! Eleanor is a mood killer but Eh oh well.. Love the update :)

Allie Miller Allie Miller


would you you mind if i gave you a little feedback?

mostly just spacing issues

could you seperate a line between paragraphs, as it's slightly hard to read?

also, could you add . , ? ! in between your quotations?

yeah, awesome story!

thank you loves <333

@Allie Miller
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