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A Short While

Chapter 2

*Brenna’s POV*

The new kid looks around the room and decides to sit in the empty seat in the back of the class. I look around the room at students and they look like they don’t seem to care about the mysterious boy who just walked into homeroom. I mean for crying out loud it’s towards the end of senior year, in a small town in Kentucky and there so happens to be a new kid to attend Toleman High. Am I the only on that notices? It’s rare for new kids to attend the school. Don’t get me wrong we have some new kids but they come in the beginning of the year.

The bell that signals us to our next hour rings. I pack my stuff up and walk to the door way waiting for Zoe to hurry up. While I’m waiting, I suddenly get bumped and drop all my stuff to the floor. I go down to pick it up and when I go to pick up my note book, my hand hits another hand. I look up to meet a pair of brown eyes; he quickly looks back down and shoves the stuff towards me. I grab it and stand up and so did he. As soon as he did he quickly turned around and walked away. That was unusual… I didn’t get to say thank you.

“What was that?” I hear Zoe say behind me.

“I don’t know” I say while looking down the hallway.

Second and third hour went by and now I was at my locker getting my lunch bag when I close my locker I see my best guy friend Tony. “Hey Tony” I say greeting him with a smile.

“Hey girl!” He exclaims enthusiastically.

“Where’s Zoe?” I ask him while walking down the hall way to the cafeteria.

“She’s in the lunch room” He says while fixing his hair.

We talked more and about some classes till we reached the lunch room. We find Zoe and sit with her.

“There you both are! I was getting lonely.”

“Funny Zoe. We know you’re not lonely when you have the schools bad boy eyes on you all the time.” Tony says while giving her the look. Zoe and the school’s bad boy Zayn are kind of a thing and its cute because she’s so innocent and weird while he’s mysterious and rebellious.

Zoe was about to put a carrot in her mouth but drops it. She looks at Tony and I with wide eyes, “How did you know?”

“Honey, I’m gay not stupid.” He says seriously and that when we all started laughing. We talked more about stupid stuff and celebrities and all of a sudden the whole cafeteria got silent. I look at the entrance of the lunch room and see that the new kid is standing there, you can tell he’s irritated with everyone looking at him, he rolls his eyes and sit in an empty seat alone.

“What a hunky piece of meat?” I hear Tony say.

“Right?” Zoe says to Tony.

“Oh hush. You have ZayniePoo.” I hear him say.

My eyes are still looking toward the mystery guy till I hear Tony say my name.

“What?” I turn around and look at him.

“Don’t you think so?”

“Think what?”

This time Zoe answers “Don’t you think he’s hot?”

“I don’t know… I don’t really know him” I say while looking at my food.

“Well you should” Zoe says with a smile “CUTEST COUPLE EVER!” she screams.

Everyone in the lunch room looks at her and her cheeks turn crimson, while I and Tony are laughing.

*Liam’s POV*

I always hated the first day of school, when everyone stares at you like an alien. My mom pulls up to the school… It looks like hell in stone form. I look towards my mom and she gives me a smile, I say goodbye to my mom and get out. I walk through the school’s entrance and go to the room with a huge office sign. I step in the room and get my schedule; I walk out of the stuffy room full of old people and notice I was late for homeroom. After 15 minutes and walking into 3 classrooms that did not have the teacher Mr. Frank in it, I finally found it. I walk in the room and everyone turns to look at me, great.

I hand the teacher a late pass and my schedule, he looks towards me and then to the class. “Everyone this is Liam Payne he is a new student to Toleman High from..?” He looks to me waiting for me to say where I’m from.

“North Dakota. Nice to meet you.” I say confidently. I look around the room to find an empty seat and I find on in the back and I go and sit in the seat.

Homeroom finally ended and I got to walk out the room so I have enough time to look for second period. While I’m walking out of the room I bump into someone. Great, there goes the time to look for my second period. I crouch down and start to help the person I bumped pick up the stuff. When I go to pick up their notebook their hand bump into mine. I look up to see a pair of ocean blue eyes, I study her face real quick… she’s beautiful.

‘No Liam.’

I quickly shove her stuff toward her and get up and walk down the unknown hallways. I can't like her I’ll only be here a short while..


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