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A Short While

Chapter 1

*Brenna’s POV*

“Honey! Time to get up!” My mom yells from down stairs.

I lazily open my eyes and groan. ‘It’s too early’. I get up from my warm comfy bed and head to the bathroom, I turn on the water and turn on ‘Come and Get It’ By: Selena Gomez. I get undressed and hop into the shower. “This love will be the death of me but I know I’ll die happily” I sing in the shower after I’m done washing I get out and dry off with my fluffy white towel and put it around me and walk to my closet to pick out an outfit. I pick out a Cool Story Bro sweatshirt, light blue jeans, and red chucks. I keep my makeup natural and fish tail braid my hair and leave it a bit messy but cute. I go down stairs and say good bye to my parents and to my little sister.

I get in to my red truck and turn on ‘Radioactive’ By: Imagine Dragons. I put my car into drive and go to pick up my best friend, Zoe. Everyone considers me popular which I don’t like very much. Every time I hear the word “popular” I always think of the movie Mean Girls. Zoe always tells me I’m well known because I’m nice to everyone, which I also don’t quite understand either, aren’t you supposed to be? I can’t stand bullies either and I hate making people feel bad. Anyways, Zoe is my best friend out of me large group of friends. I tell her everything and vice versa.

I arrive to Zoe’s house and beep my horn. Zoe emerges from her house and walks to the passenger side and gets in, you could say she’s an interesting gal. She once had purple hair once, but now her tips are died hot pink and the rest of her hair is a pale pink, and she has enormous blue eyes.

“Hello love!” She says eagerly.

“Hello Zoe!” I say while laughing. I pull out of her driveway and head off to school.

I pull up to the school, Zoe and I get out and I lock it. As we are going in I greet a few people and go to my locker. I unlock it and open it and grab my English book, since I have it first hour. Zoe comes to my locker because she has homeroom with me. “So guess what I heard?” she sings cheerfully.

“Tater tots for lunch to day?” I say with the same enthusiastic tone.

“No but I wish, but I guess there’s going to be a new guy from uhmm…. North Dakota!”

“Hmm.. Why so late in the year? We only have the half of senior year left” I say confusingly and she just shrugs. When we enter homeroom we take our seats. Mr. Frank was going on about the book ‘How To Kill a Mocking Bird’ which I love! Read it like a billion times.

As I’m listening to him the door swung open and everyone’s head whipped to the open door. A boy with spiked kind of quiffed hair walks in with his backpack over one shoulder. He hands Mr. Frank a note and he looks up at him and turns toward the class. “Everyone this is Liam Payne he is a new student to Toleman High from..?” He looks to the boy wait for him to say something.

“North Dakota. Nice to meet you.”

He’s different I can just tell.


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