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A Short While


I was sitting in my room watching some TV, and trying to act like everything was okay; like my mom, little sister, and I weren’t on the run from the police… or just me in that case. I didn’t mean for my family to get involved. Were only in one place for a short time, and then were off because the state found out about me. I’m not a national fugitive if that’s what you’re thinking. I don’t change my name or change everything about me. Not all 50 states know about me just 7 of them, anything that will keep me out of prison.

My little sister whose 13, Julie, was asleep and my mother was at work. I guess being a fugitive hasn’t really change my family much, my mom doesn’t have a problem getting work because she changed to her maiden last name when I became a fugitive so that people wouldn’t know. She’s a heart surgeon so you could say every time we leave somewhere she gets some where good for us to live in. right now were living in a one floor house but it’s very open and cozy. Julie, my mom, and I all have our own rooms with two bathrooms, but it’s hard to enjoy it when were on the run all the time and my mom and sister are worried sick that I’m going to get caught.

I was dozing off on my bed from watching TV till I hear the door slam. I could hear footsteps coming rapidly towards my room. My door swung open, and my mom is in the door way and she looks like she just saw a ghost.

“They found you.” She whisper-yells. That only means one thing; we are running away again, all I do is nod. She leaves my room to wake up Julie. I go to my closet and grab my two duffle bags and pack everything that I need and everything I can fit. I zip up the duffle bags and grab my laptop bag. My mom comes in my room and grabs my things. “Julie and I will be in the car.” She quickly says and walks out. I stand in the middle of my short lived room and walk to the door way and before I walk out I turn around at look at it and take a deep breath. I turn off my light and walk out while closing the door behind me. I go to the entrance of the house and walk out, I put my hood over my head and get in the backseat of my mother’s car. She turns and looks at me and gives me a sad smile and put her car into drive, as we are driving away I hear the sounds of the police sirens, I turn around and through the back window, three police cars parked in the drive way of the our use to be house that we just came from. I turn back around and put my earphones in on full blast.

This is my life as a 19 year old fugitive on the run. My name is Liam Payne. Nice to meet you.


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