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A Short While

Chapter 3

*Liam’s POV*

Finally the first day of school has finally ended and awesome for me because today is a Friday. I walk out of my last class and walk down the filled hallways. I look at the numbers on the lockers and finally found it in 2 minutes. World record. I put in the combination and open it I grab my nike string pack and sling it over my arms. I take my phone from the top shelf and get my earphones out of my pocket, plug them in and put one in my ear.

I walk out the entrance of the school and start to walk till someone runs into me again. Two times today, but this time it wasn’t a girl; I straighten up my leather jacket.

“Watch where your goin.” I blurt out staring at the bloke.

The blond guy looks at me, “Sorry about that mate.” He says in a thick Irish accent; I help him up.

“Its alright” I nod at him.

“Niall. Niall Horan” He lends out his hand for me to shake it.

“Liam Payne” He then nods at me and I shake his hand.


I look past Niall to see a rugged boy… I guess the typical bad boy type. Grrreat.

“Oi! Zayn! You made me bump into this guy.” Niall says. The Zayn guy walks over to where me and Niall are standing, he has a cigarette in his mouth and looks over at me.

“You’re the new guy!” He exclaims and I nod.. again.

“Well I’m Zayn Malik.”

“Liam Payne” I say and we shake hands.

“Wanna hang out with us a bit?” Niall says while walking up to a stone ledge. He hops up on top of it and sits.

“Eh I don’t know.” I say scratching the back of my neck.

“C’mon mate!” Zayn says while joining Niall.

“Alright” I say while sitting in the middle of them.

“Alright new friend, what do you want to know? The blokes, teachers…” He snaps and looks towards me “The ladies?”

I shrug “Tell me everything” I say.

Niall and Zayn look at each other deciding who will go first.

“I’ll go first then” Zayn says while flicking his cigarette down to the ground. “Okay starting with the blokes. Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, and Josh Devine are the popular boys. Louis is very sassy and witty.. kind of like a girl.. But he is dating a college girl. Harry is cocky and very sexual, rumor has it he slept with 30 women in the past year. You could say it’s a school record. Josh Devine is the only actual guy I can tolerate besides Niall and you. I can already tell you gonna be a new addition to the group.”

“Finally we can be calling ourselves ‘The Three Amigos!’” Niall shouts; Zayn rolls his eyes.

“Or maybe just you.” Zayn smirks and I laugh.

Niall glares at Zayn “Anyways let’s get to the ladies!” Niall says and continues, “There are actually two types of popular girls at this school it’s the sluts and the actual girls people like. Bianca, Shelly, and Nicole are the schools sluts. Stay away.” He says sternly and I nod. “Now to the girls people genially like.. Which are over there actually, there on the soccer (football for some countries) team.” He says pointing to a pair of girls on the field practicing. One of them is the girl… Holy shit. Niall continues “That one is Zoe and she is Zayn’s.”

I look over at Zayn and he waves at me.

“Now who’s that girl?” I ask while pointing to the girl from my home room who is next to Zoe.

“Hold on I’m getting there.” Niall whines, “That right there is Brenna. Nicest person you’ll ever meet, I swear. She’s beautiful and a great personality. Its hard for a guy not to like her.” He says.

My fists tighten. “Do you like Brenna?” I ask.

“Nah. Shes an amazing friend though.” He says.

So that’s her name…



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