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Fool's Gold

Chapter 90

A/N: In this chapter there is going to be some strong content. Maybe not by everyone's standards but if you do have an issue with it I wanted to be able to say that I warned you. It's about 2/3 of the chapter. I will mark it (****) so you know where it begins but it is actually so important to the story I think. It's not just filler.

I dialed Enola quickly. I missed hearing her voice. It'd only been a week since I'd seen her last but our phone calls had been getting cut short or I was just unable to call her. I knew it was probably risky, calling her at the time of day it was but I needed to hear her voice. I tapped my finger on the table quietly. I could see Louis looking at me out of the corner of his eye.
"What?" I mouthed, still waiting for Enola to answer.
Louis whispered harshly, "What are you doing? You know that Charles is home now. It's after eight there."
"It'll be fine. She said he's been working late. And I miss her, so piss off." I snapped at him. Louis rolled his eyes and went back to playing video games with Liam. Finally, Enola answered her phone. "Hey baby." I smiled a little when she said hello.
"Hey Bear." She spoke softly and like she was nervous.
"Everything okay?" I inquired not liking her tone.
She sighed quietly, "Charles is in a mood. He came home to eat dinner with me then he grunted that he was going to the bar with some friends. He's being a dick tonight." I frowned. I hated when she said that. I knew that the night was only going to get worse for her when she hung up. I wanted to stay on the phone with her forever. "I'm happy you called though. I miss you." Enola spoke sweetly to me.
"I miss you too. I'm sorry things have been crazy lately. We have a crazier schedule than normal because of where we are. I wish I could've had more time to talk to you this week." I kept my tone gentle and loving.
"I know, baby. I'm not mad or anything. I've actually gotten a lot done work wise." Enola giggled quietly.
"Are you saying I'm a distraction?" I chuckled quietly.
Enola laughed loudly, "You're the biggest one ever!" I couldn't help but laugh myself. I loved when she laughed at me, whether I meant for her to or not. Her voice dropped as she said, "But you're also my muse so...you're distraction is welcomed. If we didn't do so much together I'd probably never know what to create next, ya know?"
"I get it." I blushed and bit my lip. "So, what are you working on, now?"
"I'm developing all of the photos I took when we were down at the beach and I'm finishing the prints of the shoot I did with you." Her voice held a small smirk. I blushed even more as I just hummed in response. I knew that if I actually spoke, my voice would break and the boys would all look at me. "Are you thinking about that night?" Enola snickered.
"Yeah. It was...I don't want to say fun. Fun is the wrong word but I...enjoyed it, very much." I nearly whispered into the phone.
"I know you did. I did too." I could hear her chewing on her bottom lip.
"Stop that." I mumbled into the phone. Enola giggled again. "You are terrible. I am on the bus." I informed her.
"Ah, I've never been one for phone sex anyway. I just like teasing you so when we're alone again..." She trailed off.
"I'm stopping this conversation." I laughed quietly when I noticed that Louis and Liam were staring at me with curious expressions. I looked over to see my reflection in the bus window; I was bright red and it almost looked as though I were sweating. I stood from the seat I was in and made my way to the upstairs lounge. I didn't want to be in the bunk area, Niall and Zayn were both trying to sleep.
"What are you up to, baby?" Enola asked with a genuine curiosity.
"Nothing really. On our way to the next city. We've done four shows in four days. And like five interviews a day. I'm exhausted and I miss you." I answered. I flopped onto the sofa in the second lounge.
"Tell me about your shows." Enola demanded happily. I chuckled and started to tell her about each individual show. Enola listened with an honest curiosity. She laughed at my stories and was taken by the intensity of the crowds I spoke of. "I wish I could've seen it. They sound amazing. That's one thing I just loved about going on tour with you for that week. I love your fans. They are amazing people. Though, a lot of the girls kept staring at me like I was out of place while I was there." Enola laughed softly.
"I'm sure that's not what it was. You always sat in the family section and no one has ever seen you in my life before so that was probably all it was. They were just trying to figure out who you were with. Especially on the nights when you were with Eleanor and Sophia."
"Why is that?" She inquired curiously.
"Well, all of the fans know Zayn's girlfriend and of course they know Eleanor and Sophia. They were probably trying to figure out if you were with me or with Niall." I explained plainly.
"I think it may be kind of obvious that I am with you. In my opinion." Enola responded sweetly.
"And why is that?" I was intrigued by her statement. What made us an obvious match to her?
"Well, " She began. "You move. I move. Even when you were on stage. I feel like our eyes give away everything when we're looking at each other and you made eye contact with me a lot." I grunted in agreement. She was right about that. It was always evident how much I loved her with the way I gazed at her. "And I feel like even our looks make us an obvious pair. My blonde hair, your dark hair. How you're so tall and lean and handsome. I'm shorter and fit and...pretty in my own way I guess."
"Enola, you're are absolutely beautiful. Knock it off." I chuckled hearing her less than enthusiastic comment.
"Well, I was trying not to be conceited." She snickered. I just shook my head as I listened to the rest of her explanation. "And our involvement and love of the arts. I don't know. I just think that we're a pair that the gods would've made."
"Yeah." I felt elation as the words came out of her mouth. I felt the same way. I felt that we were made for each other. All of our insecurities and strengths. Every little piece of her fit with every little piece of me. We were supposed to be together, as sappy as it sounded. I then heard a door in the background on Enola's end of the phone conversation. ****
"Hold on a minute, Bear." Enola nearly whispered into the phone. I stayed quiet as I heard her moving around the room. "Hey Charlie." Enola's voice was almost shocked.
"Hi." His voice was rough and he sounded drunk. I didn't hear anything for a moment.
"Whoa. Whoa. Whoa." Enola's voice sounded a bit muffled. What was going on? I didn't like this. "How much have you had to drink?" Enola asked Charles with a concerned voice.
"Not enough to stop me from getting it up." Charles' voice was now laced with desire. Oh fuck no.
"Honey. It's getting late and you have to work tomorrow. You should really just go to sleep." Enola spoke with a cautious tone. I didn't hear Charles respond, just Enola squeal. He better get his lips off of her. "Charlie! I have a buyer on hold! I can't do this." She grunted. It sounded as though she was trying to push him away.
Charles growled, "Hurry up."
"Harry?" Enola had a business tone as she said my name.
My heart felt as though it was in my throat, "Yeah?"
"I have to go. Maybe we could talk about this more tomorrow? I think you should sleep on it." Enola spoke to me as though I were an actual buyer.
"Noli, please." I whimpered.
"Enola, I'm going to the bathroom for a minute." Charles grumbled in the background. Enola didn't respond so I could hear.
"Harry. I have to go, baby. I will call you in the morning. I promise." She sounded so guilty and sad.
"Please. Please don't hang up. I don't...please don't hang up." I pleaded trying not to let my tears get the best of me.
"Harry. He...I have to hang up." Enola sounded more anxious than I had ever heard her.
"No. Don't. Please don't. I'll stay silent. I'll put my end on mute. Just don't hang up." I begged. I knew it was crazy and even fucked up but I didn't want to let her off the line.
"Harry, I don't like what you're saying. You do know what he wants, right?" Enola's voice wavered and she was...what could almost be taken as scared.
"I do. Just please...I...I have to..." I tried to find the words to describe what I was feeling but I just couldn't. "Please. Don't hang up. I'll be silent, I swear." As the promise left my lips, I heard a door open and slam on Enola's end again.
"You done, Kitten?" Charles asked in a mencing tone. Enola sighed and all I heard was the phone being set down. I quickly muted my phone so I could hear them but they couldn't hear me. What the fuck was I doing? I knew that I should've hung up but my curiosity and jealousy had gotten the better of me. I heard Charles growl lowly at Enola. She yelped and nearly whimpered. What had her done to her? Did he hurt her? Or was it the kind of whimper I got from her? The kind that told me she wanted me, wanted more of what I was giving to her? I wasn't sure.
"Ouch, Charlie. Too tight." Enola gasped after a moment of only hearing him kiss on her. I felt sick to my stomach already. What was I doing?
"Oh stop it. No it's not." Charles snapped at her. The hell was his problem? How dare he say that to her! Whether he thought it was or not didn't matter. She said it hurt. Enola whimpered again. He was hurting her. I balled my hand into a fist. I didn't know what to do. What could I do? I could hang up. I pulled the phone from my ear. And just as I was about to press the end call button. I heard something that broke my heart and made my furious.
"Charlie! Too tight!" Enola sounded like she was near crying. My fist tightened around itself. "You are too drunk for this." She grumbled at him.
"No. I'm not." He was. Charles speech was slurred. I relaxed into the sofa and tried to breathe normally. It seemed as though I was going to be sitting alone for a while. I needed to breathe. I needed to hang up. I couldn't though. There was something inside of me that pushed me to stay on the line.
Enola grunted quietly, "Charlie."
"What? Are you telling me no all of a sudden?" He sounded angry with her. What the fuck was it with this guy? Had he never touched a woman before he married Enola?
"No. That is not what I said. I said don't grab me like that. It hurts." Enola stated. I frowned a little. She could say no. Saying no would probably be better. But as I listened to Charles berate her for being too sensitive all of a sudden, I realized no wasn't really an option. Not when he had been drinking anyway. "Stop it or I'm going to say no. And you and your hand can do this." Enola snapped at him. That's my girl! Put him in his place!
I gripped the edge of the seat when I heard Enola make that sound. The first thrust in whimper. Although, I felt a sense of pride. She was always louder with me. With me it was a moan that reverberated through out the entire hotel suite. I chewed on the inside of my cheek as I listened. What the fuck am I doing? I asked myself yet again. I shoved the thought to the back of my mind. I knew it was fucked up but I really felt like I couldn't stop myself. I leaned back and tried to relax. It was a horrible thing to try and do but sitting on the edge of the sofa wasn't going to help me get through it.
"Charlie." Enola gasped. MY stomach flopped hearing her say someone else's name in that tone. That tone was for me. My eyes welled with tears. I covered m face and tried to keep my breathing even. But even as upset as I was that she was feeling that wave of pleasure with Charles, my body didn't seem to care. I grunted softly feeling the change in tension in my jeans. I shifted on the sofa to relax again. I heard another whimper slip from Enola's lips, but this time the whimper wasn't a good one. And I knew relaxing wasn't an option. "Ah, Charlie. Too hard." Enola panted. I could hear the speed and strength behind his thrusts. I gripped the edge of the sofa again. "Seriously, Charlie." Enola sounded as though she was going to start crying. He grumbled something at her. His voice was too low and his speech was too slurred for me to understand him. I heard her gasp and moan again. My heart was pounding in my chest.
My heartbeat moved into my face. I knew my face was bright red and I could feel my ears throbbing. I was almost to the point of embarrassed listening to what I was. I knew it was a horrible mistake but I couldn't end the call. I listened to Charles aggressively thrust into Enola; he was grunting and she was panting and whining. But she didn't sound the way she did with me. Not even close. There was something about the way she was with me that made the love we shared audible. Listening to her being rammed by Charles, I knew that the chemistry between them was completely carnal. If there even was chemistry between them. Anyone could get a good fuck and not have any kind of connection. I knew it was true. That's all I was hearing. She loved me. She didn't want to be in bed with him.
I felt my insides churn when I heard Enola asking for Charles to stop. Her voice was coming out in broken breaths. I gripped my hair tightly as a way to calm myself. I wished that I could look at her so I knew what was really going on. I wanted to know that she was okay. Within the next moment of Enola asking for him to let up, he was moving faster and harder. I could hear flesh hitting flesh. I winced hearing what sounded like him slapping her, multiple times. She yelped loudly. For a moment I couldn't hear her at all. All that was filling my ear was Charles' grunts and disgusting words to Enola. Suddenly, I heard her gasp and not like she was enjoy her feelings but like she had just been granted air for the first time. What was he doing to my girl? A fire lit within me when I heard her gagging. I was seeing red and it only got worse hearing Charles' menacing command to shut up. What in the hell? Who would say that? It was his fault she was making that noise.
"Hey, Harry." My head shot up. I glared at the doorway seeing Louis in front of me. My brows furrowed and I let my emotions fill my eyes. I was enraged, jealous and even though I didn't want it, I was full of lust. Louis stopped dead in his tracks and his face was consumed with fear and concern. On the other end of the phone I concentrated on the sound of Enola's breathing: fast and hard. She was going to reach her climax. She was struggling to breathe but her body was telling her it was only arousal. I felt my length grow within my jeans, hearing her pants of pleasure and need.
"GET OUT." I spoke through gritted teeth. Louis nodded and quickly bolted out of the room. I dropped my head into my hand and focused on Enola. On what I was going to say to make her feel better. On what would counteract all of the things Charles was saying to her.
I felt wrenching in my stomach when I heard Charles start name calling. I frowned and chewed on my bottom lip. Enola and I were all about talking dirty to each other when the occasion was right but he took it to a whole other level. He was borderline grotesque in the words he chose and the tone he used with her.
"You like being fucked like the whore you are?" He asked her through grunts. It sounded like an awful hardcore porno. It got worse with the strings of curses falling out of Enola's mouth; only twice had I ever heard such fowl words come from her. "Shut up, bitch. Don't make another fucking sound." He sneered at her. "I fucking hate the way you sound." Enola whimpered then all I heard was her almost choking again. "I said shut up." He was seething with anger. I wondered how she ever felt like getting out of bed when he was this way. But on the other hand I'd seen what he could do to her. I hated it. Charles then groaned loudly, calling out for Enola. Enola moaned in that reverberating, lusty way she did when she was hitting her release. After a moment I heard a soft slap.
"I'm going to shower." Charles grunted at Enola. She didn't reply verbally, or at least not so I could hear her. I quickly un-muted my phone. Was she going to speak to me?
"Harry?" Enola whispered into the phone.
"Enola." A sob flew out of my mouth startling me. I covered my mouth and tried to gain control of myself. I heard Enola start crying. "Baby." I murmured. She didn't say a word. "Noli." I pleaded. She hung up. All I heard was silence.
I stood from the sofa and stared at my phone. She hung up on me. She never hung up on me. I knew why she did though. I couldn't blame her. I'd be mad at me too. Hell, I was mad at myself. I made an already degrading and painful situation even more so. I deserved to be hung up on. I deserved the silent treatment. But as I thought more about it the angrier I got. Not at Enola. But with myself and with Charles. I stared down at my phone for a moment longer, then lost my cool. I threw my phone at the wall as hard as I could. The screen smashed to bits as it hit the wall and then the floor. WHY DIDN'T I DO SOMETHING?!


Peace&Love Always


Thank you for loving it so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

God, this must be one of my favourite stories ever! Thank you for putting so much hard work in to write it :)


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