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Fool's Gold

Chapter 78

Just keep breathing. Just keep breathing. I repeated the command to myself over and over. Charles was due home at any time and I didn't know how to act. I had just gotten off the phone with Harry. I was elated to hear his voice. He knew that I wasn't doing so well when he heard my voice. I had gotten away with telling that Charles had only been rude and condescending. I was thankful I didn't have to have the same conversation I had with Louis and Niall. I felt bad laying all of the drama on them but I couldn't hold it in. After ten days of being with the most loving, affectionate, kind hearted person on the planet, the words my husband spoke felt like daggers.
I glanced around the dining room. The table was set the way it always had to be, the way I set it for the boys while we were in Italy. Then I had chalked it up to my mother's parenting when in reality it was my husband's overbearing nature and need for perfection. I jumped a bit when I heard the front door slam shut. Charles was home. I raced out to the entry way. Charles had just dropped his bag on the floor. His eyes moved up to my face when he heard my feet on the hardwood flooring.
"Hey." I smiled at him. Charles grumbled a hello. The usual. I helped him out of his suit jacket. He was crazy about the lines in the jackets. He never wanted to see a single one that didn't belong. "I'm still working on dinner. Waiting on the meat. Do you want a drink? I can make you something?" I asked with a caring tone. I'd become accustom to waiting on him hand and foot when he was home. The tone just came naturally now.
Charles shook his head, "No. I can wait until dinner. What are you making?"
"Well, the market didn't have any of the steak that you like so I went with chicken tonight. I'll go back tomorrow to get you the steak. But since there wasn't any steak, I made asparagus for you." I smiled weakly, waiting to be yelled at for something that wasn't my fault.
Charles lifted his eyebrow, "But you're allergic to it."
I shrugged, "Well, I'm not going to eat it and I washed my hands a lot while I was cooking. I should be fine." Charles kept a curious eye on me. "You said you wanted steak and I couldn't get it. It was something you said you wanted so I figured why not. I mean, I've been gone for nearly two weeks. You've probably been eating the same take out this whole time." I giggled quietly. Charles gave a tired nod. Then I heard the timer go off in the kitchen. "That's the chicken. Go sit down at the table. I'll be in with dinner in a minute." I kissed his strong cheek gently. I hated that Charles had a bit of a beard now. I liked how Harry was almost always clean shaven. And if he wasn't, it was cute. Charles just reminded me of a beast.Charles stalked away with exhausted feet as I hung up his coat. When I saw him go into the kitchen, I shuddered. I hated the way I had to act around him. Five years of being a person I hated had begun to take its toll on me.

I sat at the table next to Charles, both of us eating quietly. He always insisted that I sit next to him instead of across from him. Harry was the same way. But the difference was that Harry just wanted to be close to me while Charles wanted me close so I could basically wait on him.
"How was your day after I left? You looked a bit annoyed when I got there." I asked gently. I didn't want to make him angry at all.
"Seeing you was the best part of my day. Too many people were acting like fucking morons today. I don't want to do anyone's job but my own but there I was trying to do four other tasks. I am the CEO of that company but I still have to do things for accounting and acquisitions?" Charles complained.
"That's why your father left you in charge. You have the know-how and you set an example for how the work should be done." I said trying to take the sting out of his day.
"I guess so. I hate feeling like I can't trust anyone to do their jobs. It's a 'well I guess I'll just do it myself' feeling."
"I know but think of it this way, the new clients you've taken on because of your intervention will feel better about investing with you because they feel like you take a personal interest in their account. And with accounting...at least you know what is going on and you know that it's been done the correct way. You know you'll never be missing money." I stated. I tried to make the best of the situation for him.
Charles looked at me with a genuine smile, "You know, you're right. I never looked at it that way. Thanks kitten."
I gave a single nod, "It's my job, darling." Charles leaned over and placed a soft, sweet kiss on my lips. I stared at him in shock. He'd never done that. Not in the five years we were married had he ever done that. What was going on with this man? He'd been lukewarm and cold since I crawled into bed with him the night before. What was happening to the man I married?

I sat next to Charles on the sofa in our living room. Charles was adamant that I sat curled into his side. We were watching a stupid movie that he really loved. I preferred watching films with Harry. We watched gripping documentaries or super sad love stories. My favorite was when Harry would turn on the old black and white movies I loved so much. Harry knew I had a weakness for Clark Gable.
"Hey, are you okay, kitten?" Charles asked, shaking me lightly.
I nodded, "I'm just tired, Charlie. I'm ready for bed." He frowned a bit. "I'm sorry. I know you want me to stay up but I got up at my normal time with jetlag and all. I'll stay down here with you but I may fall asleep on you."
Charles shook his head, "No. You go on up to bed. I'm going to have another drink and finish this movie." He kissed me softly once again. What was he doing? This wasn't normal for him. I wasn't going to argue with him though. If tonight I got to go to bed without dealing with his raging hormones I was going for it. I nodded in understanding then kissed his cheek.

I laid in my bed texting Harry. It was early morning for him. He was just waking up and getting ready to go to an interview. I wanted to call and hear his voice again but it was a bad idea with Charles being in the living room. I relaxed into the bed a bit more.
I miss you. This bed doesn't feel right without you in it. I typed quickly. I waited for a moment before my phone vibrated again.
I know what you mean. Half of my bed is freezing because you're not here. Harry replied. I frowned when I read his next text message. Does he hold you while you sleep?
Not really. He'll sleep a bit closer to me sometimes but he's not that kind of guy.
I answered honestly. I left the events of the previous night out. It was a fluke and it probably wouldn't happen again. Where are you doing your interview? I'll look it up when I get up in the morning.
You don't have to do that baby. You've probably got work to do.
I want to. I listening to you speak about your music. I liked watching the way you get on with the boys in those situations. I want to watch it.
Harry then sent me the details of the interview so I could watch it when I woke up. Just then I heard heavy footsteps on the stairs leading to my bedroom. Hey Bear. I have to go. Charles is on his way up to bed. I promise I'll call after I watch your interview. I love you. I hope you have a good day.
I love you. Goodnight Noli.
I turned off my phone then threw it into the drawer of my nightstand. I turned over in the bed and pulled the blanket up over my shoulder. I closed my eyes and tried to fall asleep. I was stopped by the sound of Charles coming into the room. I turned to look at him. His eyes were barely open and he was dragging his feet. "Charlie, is everything okay?" I asked in a gentle tone. I wasn't looking to start a fight. He nodded as he sat down on his side of the bed. Charles shifted into the bed, under the blankets with me. Once he got comfortable, I placed my hand on his bicep and shut my eyes again. It was how we always slept. It made him feel comforted without us being all over each other. I liked it that way. Even more now that I finally found my heart. "Night Charlie." I whispered to him.
"Night Kitten." He replied within a yawn. First day, not so bad. I could've lived without having sex in Charles' office but still it could've been much worse that what it was.


Sorry this one was so boring. :( Mostly trying to move the story.



Thank you for loving it so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

God, this must be one of my favourite stories ever! Thank you for putting so much hard work in to write it :)


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