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Fool's Gold

Chapter 77

I sat on the sofa watching Harry pace around the room as did Liam, Niall and Zayn. We were all worried about his well-being as he burned a hole in the carpet of the dressing room. I checked my watch. He'd been pacing for about an hour. All of this because he was trying to call Enola and she wasn't answering.
"Harry, she could be sleeping or unpacking or working. You shouldn't be so worried." Niall said trying to ease his nerves. Harry kept staring at his phone. "Harry, come on. She'd never not answer you on purpose and you know that." Niall tried to assure Harry.
Harry sighed heavily, "But I've been trying for a few hours. What if something happened?" I hated the worry in his tone. Was this going to be his life? Worrying about when Enola would call? Worrying when she didn't answer? Worrying that her husband's temper had taken a turn for the worst? I felt bad for him. I knew that they were so madly in love. I saw it. I believed in Enola's feelings for Harry but I wondered how long she planned on leaving my best mate hanging. Harry rang her one more time. He tapped his foot nervously as we all heard it ringing. Once again, he had no luck reaching her. He cursed under his breath.
"Harry, we've got an interview." Liam announced. Harry gazed up at Liam with pleading eyes.
"Maybe she'll be able to answer you when we're done." Zayn suggested, attempting to get Harry out of the dressing room. Harry agreed quietly. Listening to us on the fact that she could be busy or sleeping.
"Louis, Niall, will you guys keep trying her while I'm gone. I'm just worried 'cos it's her first day back with Charles. I need to know how she is doing." Harry begged us. I looked at Niall, looking for an answer. Niall gave a single shrug.
"We will. Just go to the promo please." I answered with a small smile. Harry beamed at Niall and I before running out of the dressing room behind Liam and Zayn. "We're really going to call her?" I asked Niall.
Niall nodded, "Of course we are. It'll make Harry feel better and..." HE huffed quietly. "I talk to Enola a lot. I'm worried about her too. She always answers Harry. Even before we all knew that she was married. She ALWAYS answers." Niall's concern was apparent.
"Since when did the two of you become such good friends?" I snipped at Niall as I dug my phone out of my pocket.
"Since you, Liam and Zayn started treating her differently. I like her. She's everything Harry says she is. You should give her more of a chance. You know she loves him. Just because you don't like what's going on doesn't mean you need to be a jerk to her." Niall snapped back at me.
I rolled my eyes, "I've been getting better."
"Yeah, when you heard how big of a dick her husband was. Louis, she loves him. She doesn't want to hurt him. She told me that she tried to walk away. She tried to tell Harry that she was going to go back to LA and not be around until she filed for divorce. Harry begged her to stay. The lad is head over heels in love with her and can't see straight. She's trying to keep a level head but he makes it difficult. You know he is a big five year old sometimes." Niall explained. I sighed and nodded. He was right. Sometimes there was no reasoning with Harry. HE would get what he wanted. I lifted my phone and dialed Enola. This time, she answered.
"Hello Louis." Her voice wasn't as bright as usual and she sounded as though she'd been crying.
"Hey E. Niall here too." Niall spoke with the happiest of tones while he gazed at me with worried eyes. I shrugged.
"Is everything okay, E? Harry's been trying to get you all morning." I informed her. She was silent for a long while. I could hear her inhaling deeply. I knew that sound. I knew what she was doing.
"Yeah, I just saw that. Sorry. I've been working all morning." She exhaled as she spoke. She was lying. I could tell that she was lying.
"Enola, are you high?" I nearly shrieked at her. Did Harry know about this?
"Yes. I am." She replied flatly.
"E, what's going on? Is everything alright?" Niall's concerned increased the longer we were on the phone.
"Yeah. I'm fine." She sounded completely uninterested. Probably a side effect of the weed.
"Enola, what's going on? Why are you high?" I wanted answers. She better have a really good reason to make my best mate worry the way he was.
"E, did you talk to Charles yet today?" Niall asked. And with that tiniest of questions, Enola burst into tears. A sob wracked her body. The sound of her crying broke my heart. Something had happened. That was why she wasn't answering Harry. "E, what happened?" Niall seemed ready to cry himself.
"I can't go there, Ni. I can't." Enola sobbed.
"Enola, just tell us what happened. We won't say anything. Just tell us." I pleaded. She was scaring me. Though we weren't close, the intensity of her sobs and her labored breathing was making me fear for her safety.
"He hurt me." She cried quietly. I frowned as my fist clenched. "I had to go to his office." She informed Niall and I. "He started out sweet. He just said he missed me. Which was obviously a fucking lie." Her voice held rage. "I didn't want it, Louis. I didn't. I tried to get out of it. I tried." She began to cry even harder. My heart sank. She was beating herself up for sleeping with her own husband and not Harry."The things he says to me." She took broken breaths. Her being high wasn't helping her. I looked at Niall who seemed just about as broken as Enola.
"Tell me what he said to you." I instructed her.
"Louis." Enola sounded annoyed and ashamed. I wanted to know. I was the one keeping a clear head in this whole mess between her and Harry. I felt like I needed to know.
"Just tell me. It won't leave the three of us." I spoke sweetly and softly to her, almost the way Harry would.
She took a deep breath before saying, "He called me a whore. Which isn't anything new but the rest of it..." I hated that she trailed off.
"What else was there?" I asked. Her voice was shaky as she repeated things about how no one would ever love her if they knew what Charles did. How no one would love her because of the way she wanted him to touch her. That no one wanted a woman like her, that she was worthless.
"E, there isn't anything wrong with you. Harry loves you so much and that lad knows everything about you." Niall tried to comfort her.
"No." She cried. "He doesn't know about this. If he knew about this...Charles is right. If Harry ever knew about the things Charles does to me, he wouldn't love me anymore." Enola's breathing was ragged and her voice so filled with hurt.
"No way, E. That boy is going to love you until the last star burns out. There isn't anything about you he'd ever not love. Charles is an asshole." I stated with vehemence. As much as I hated the situation they were in, it was the truth. Her husband was an asshole. Harry would never look at her any differently. Suddenly, the dressing room door opened. I quickly took Enola off speaker. "E, everything is going to be okay. Harry is coming in. Do you want to talk to him?" I asked quietly so nobody but Niall and her could hear.
"No no no no. I can't, Louis. I can't. Not after...I can't. Please don't tell him. Don't tell him anything." Enola pleaded, her breathing becoming rapid.
"I won't, E. I won't. What should I say? He is worried." I replied quickly.
"Tell him I'm working. That I've been cutting things together and that I had a meeting. He'll understand that. Please don't tell him about Charles. Tell him I'll call after the show." Enola asked of Niall and I.
"Alright. We will." I stated. Enola sighed in relief. "E?" I spoke a bit nervously.
"What, Louis?" She sounded on edge as well.
"Don't hesitate to call Niall or me if you need help. Harry isn't the only one who cares about you." I kept my voice gentle. Enola agreed within a tear filled voice. "We have to go. The other boys are back."
"Bye Louis." She said swiftly then hung up.
"Don't tell Harry anything." I warned Niall. Niall nodded without a second thought.

Harry ran over to Niall and me, "Did you get a hold of her?" Niall and I nodded. I hated hiding what she said from him but he didn't need to know. He really didn't need to know. "What did she say? Is she alright?" Harry was nearly shouting.
I smiled a bit, "She's fine, Harry. She had a meeting today. She said she's been cutting things together. When I called she said she just saw all of your calls and messages. She wasn't ignoring you. She was just engrossed. Everything is fine."
"We weren't sure how long you'd be so she said that she'd call a bit later on." Niall stated to ease Harry's furrowed brow.
"Did she say how it went with Charles? Was he an ass?" Harry seemed a bit nervous to ask us.
I shrugged, "I don't know. She didn't say but she sounded happy. She wasn't upset or anything. Just tired." I hated lying to him. I looked over to see the discomfort in Niall's eyes as well.
Harry sighed in relief, "Hopefully she calls before he gets home." I smiled nervously and nodded. It was a strange sentence to hear from him. This isn't what their relationship should be like. They both knew it but they couldn't let each other go. I had a feeling it was going to be a long few months.



Thank you for loving it so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

God, this must be one of my favourite stories ever! Thank you for putting so much hard work in to write it :)


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