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Fool's Gold

Chapter 6

Harry's body gave out on top of mine. He was shuddering. I held him tightly as he panted against my chest. I worked my fingers through his hair, massaging his scalp gently.
"Harry, are you alright? You're shaking." I was concerned for him. I'd never seen him tremble so much before. He nodded and closed his eyes tightly. I kept massaging his scalp, hoping his body would settle soon. "Harry, talk to me. You're making me worry." I begged.
"I...it's been...a while." He struggled to get the words out. I placed my lips against his forehead and let my fingers dance across the skin of his back. I wanted him calm. He turned his face up to me, resting his cheek on my breast. I stroked his hair away from his face. He gazed into my eyes and his dimples showed. I bit my lip and tried not to laugh. I laid my hand on his bicep and gently stroked his skin with my thumb. I twined his hair around my opposite fingers. "I missed this too." Harry mumbled.
"Wait...what's your name again?" I teased. He pursed his lips trying not to laugh. "Oh right, Henry." I smirked. Harry laughed loudly and lifted himself above me. HE pressed his forehead to mine. "I think everyone on the countryside is quite sure of what your name is." I began teasing again. Harry smiled then fell to the bed beside me. I turned on my side to face him. He laid on his back staring up, out the window.
"I like this ceiling." Harry stated quietly. His eyes roaming over every inch of the sky that we could see. I laid my hand on his chest over his heart. I could feel that it was still racing. I began to lightly trace the tattoos on his chest. Harry's eyes slid shut and he hummed. I watched as his face soften and seemed to show contentment. I loved how he was such a simple man. Just the smallest of carresses made him happy. "And I like lying here with you." He murmured. I moved a little closer to him, draping one of my legs over his. He rested his hand on my thigh. "Can we just stay right here, just like this for the rest of the holiday?"
I giggled, "Harry, you made plans for tomorrow. We're going to dinner remember?"
"Fuck it. We'll stay here like we did tonight." Harry grunted. I laughed and ran my hand through his hair. He sighed again. I pulled my fingers from his hair after a moment. "Hey, don't stop doing that. I like that."I laughed and started massaging his scalp again. "I also liked it when you washed my hair that one day." Harry said turning his eyes up to mine. I laughed as he kept talking, "Oh, God, that feeling was amazing."
"Alright. Tomorrow, I will wash your hair for you." I said quietly. Harry smiled cheekily at me. "You are so strange." I chuckled.
"I am not." Harry laughed. I laid my head down on his shoulder. Harry carefully tucked his arm underneath my torso, holding my body against his. He rested his opposite hand on my thigh again. He pulled my hair back, away from my face. "You're beautiful."
"As are you." I smiled cupping his cheek much like I did in the kitchen. I stroked his stubbly face tenderly. Harry closed his eyes and his breathing became more shallow. "Harry?" I whispered softly seeing if he was still awake.
He hummed, "Yes love?" He looked at me curiously. "Enola, what's the matter?" Harry asked lifting his head from the pillows a bit to look at me more directly.
"Why are we on this holiday together? I mean, Ireland was...it was Ireland, but here in Italy?" I inquired. Harry smiled and returned his head to the pillows. He began to carress my thigh slowly. I exhaled lowly. He knew how much I loved it when he stroked my thighs. There wasn't a sexual component to it. I just loved the way his fingers moved across my skin there. It was always the same, slow, back and forth motion with his fingertips.
"I like being graced with your presence. Things have been a bit tense lately and I feel like every move I make, every word I say with you is natural. There's no front I have to put up when we're together. I mean, in three days with you I felt like I was a regular guy. It's nice to have that every once in a while." Harry explained. I nodded and put my arm around his waist. "Why do you want to know? Isn't the thought of me wanting to spend my time with you enough?" I could see the hurt in his eyes.
I smiled, "It is. I enjoying being around you as well. I was just curious because we spent three days together, that was all. We didn't really get to know eachother."
Harry kissed my nose, "Maybe, I want to get to know you." My stomach dropped a little. I couldn't help but scold myself for asking. Harry wanted more. At least that's what his answers were hinting at. Could I do that? Could I change the way I was living for him? Could I face the truth with him? "Noli, why do you look so upset right now?" HArry seemed worried again.
I knew that I was pushing it with the less than real smile on my face as I replied, "I'm not." Harry looked at me like he didn't believe me. "I was just thinking." Harry urged me to continue speaking with his intense green eyes. "About Ireland. How things had a flow. Our flow is different this time."
"We'll get it back. It was a little off that first night as well. WE're just getting reaquianted." Harry was trying his hardest to ease my inner tension. He pressed his forehead to mine, "I feel like we've gotten in back already."
"How's that?" I inquired smoothing my fingers over his side.
"You're in my arms and not across the bed." Harry touched his lips to mine the smirked, "You're naked in my arms." I shook my head. Still the humor and cockiness of a young man. "We're talking like we did in Ireland. I feel content just as we are right now." I nodded. I accepted his answer because he was right. I did feel content in his arms. Things seemed to be as they were in that little apartment. "You worry too much, Noli." Harry whispered. I gazed at him curiously. How did he know I was asking out of concern. "Go to sleep. We have nothing to do tomorrow." Harry laughed at his own joke. I snuggled a bit closer to HArry then closed my eyes. I tried to relax enough to drift off to sleep. Still feeling that I was a bit tense Harry began to hum softly. I recognized the song instantly. Lovesong. The same song we heard in the kitchen while making dinner. After only a few minutes of Harry humming, I fell asleep, completely intertwined with him.



Thank you for loving it so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

God, this must be one of my favourite stories ever! Thank you for putting so much hard work in to write it :)


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